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  1. I completely agree with you that Ben is at his best when a play breaks down and I will agree with you that I can NOT see Haskins having anywhere NEAR that ability on any level even proximate to Ben. I do think Haskins will easily avoid rushers in a similar way as he's got more quicks than speed certainly. But I think Haskins has shown the ability to read the defense and field and come to his first, second, third or fourth options BEFORE a play breaks down in college in a way that even seems to surpass what Ben does now as a pro. I can't say that with certainty, but Ben seems to lock in to an early option, then kind of freeze, then escape and then create magic. I don't see a **** ton of highlights were you see Ben being surgical, looking people off, coming off reads quickly and cleanly, etc. I'm sure he DOES do that, but that's not an area I associate with his game. It's CLEARLY what Haskins is best at now. He gets the ball and QUICKLY does the right read with it. HOW quickly in the NFL will determine his ultimate level as without Ben's improve he will not be that good if that mental acumen is a hair too slow to keep defenses at bay. That mental aspect is what made Manning, Brady and Brees so good. It's how the Colts had the greatest offensive line for years allowing 9 sacks a year or something, then Manning gets hurt, they have the same line, and they are the worst in football. Manning simply read and threw the ball before he had to create magic. THAT is where Haskins has to be to be great in this league as THAT is the type of player he is. There aren't many Ben's. There aren't many Mannings. Wouldn't it be great if Haskins was, more likely, the latter, than the former :). To be clear, it's also quite possible he is Leftwich. Very unlikely he's Jamarcus. How quickly he processes will determine his future. He can throw. Can he think quickly enough to make the right read. Cousins is pretty good at that which is why he was good statistically. But he had ZERO magic in him or ability to carry or make the throw that is improbable to even contemplate as possible as a Brady or someone who lives on mental quicks more than feet.
  2. Marino, Bledsoe are apt I think. Stationary, good arms. Marino had a better release. Bledsoe a better arm. Peyton Manning from a mobility standpoint, but better arm. It's all about how good Haskins is mentally to know if he'll overcome the physical athletic differences frankly. Manning and Brady and Brees are so quick making decisions and the ball comes out. If that's Haskins, it won't matter if he plays like Big Ben. If that's not Haskins, well, there's always the Clemson kid in 2 years :).
  3. For clarity I said I think Haskins attacks a defense in a lot of the ways Brady does. Which is to say he takes what's open. Almost always. I recall when we were in New England and Gregg Williams put his safeties 30-yards-back on a windy day in Foxborough and Sonny said, "You watch, Brady is going to play his 11 on our 9 all game." And he did. And he shredded us. And he never went deep. At Ohio State, the book on them is take away the deep ball and you can stop them. Haskins actually spread the offense sideline to sideline and found the right matchup quite often. In that, he's more like Brady than Ben. No one perceives Ben as a tactician. Though I suspect he's much more so than we credit him. Yes, Haskins has more in common with how Ben plays than he does with Smith in that they both are generally stationary players who play almost exclusively from the pocket and have good arms to attack more areas of the field with regularity than Smith has. Smith's game is much more movement oriented. Ben has that magic Haskins almost certainly won't have as no one other than Ben and Russell really have it in the NFL. My point is Ben's traits, while great, aren't the only traits to make a winner. Haskins has a LOT of traits that could make him a far better pro than Ben ever was, without having any of Ben's. And, of course, he could be terrible :). Which Ben clearly hasn't been.
  4. A bit, yeah. A very bit, yeah.
  5. Morrison. I think I'd merely ask you to reflect a moment. You clearly have an opinion best described as singular in nature. It's one not shared by anyone, anywhere. It's a comparison no one has even contemplated on any level from fan to front office to analyst. Every single person in response is begging you to think about what you're doing. Yes, you're right, Ben is a more natural gunslinger with a game that throws deep a ton than most people in football history. I'll go into this in a moment, but, while accurate that Haskins doesn't either throw the ball deep as often as Ben does as a pro, and Ben's excellence is his magic play extension, the fact remains Haskins has much more in common with Ben's remaining skills than he does Alex Smith's mindset or skillset. That does not mean he projects to be like Ben as he does not. But he WAY does not project out to Smith. I think you mistake Haskins deep throw numbers for a timid guy in an offense he shredded people with against defenses designed to take the deep ball away leaving openings elsewhere and he effectively picked the right guy a ton. That said, on deep throws, Ben is great. Last year Alex Smith had 3.9 deep ball attempts per game and averaged 8.3 yards averaged in ball travel distance, or ball depth stats, which means yards the ball traveled in the air. Ben had 5.3 deep ball attempts per game which was third in the league, but averaged only 8.1 yards averaged in ball travel distance. LESS than Smith. He was, overall, the No. 1 player in the total yards in this category, but his attempts were less than Smith, who doesn't take chances. The point of this is Ben is a LOT more like Haskins, AND Smith, than you seem to think. He LIVES off short passes with deep balls thrown in to OPEN up the short game. And the fact he needed 42.2 pass attempts a game to average 5.2 deep passes a game, while Smith was 1.3 deep passes attempted per game behind him on just 32.8 (9.6 fewer) passes attempted per game may suggest perception is not always the rule even there. Ben is a great player. Haskins doesn't have his mentality. Ben's mentality is NOT the only mentality to make a winner. Tom Brady has ZERO of Ben's traits. And is a far superior player. Haskins has a lot of those traits in how he attacks a team. And we PRAY he has a smidge of Brady's decision making and smarts to make that matter :).
  6. I think you're saying something interesting and utilizing hindsight as to what Ben has become more than what Ben was leaving college and what Haskins was leaving college. They are very similarly ranked prospects with the edge going to Haskins as far as I can tell. Ben had minimal big football experience so his numbers, while inflated, were nothing in comparison to Haskins. Ben was more willing to throw into tight windows, and probably remains so, which is why he threw and throws more interceptions than Haskins did throw or projects to throw. However, someone posted this earlier and I would ask you to watch all of it, especially the second throw: Very clearly Haskins knew he risked an int throwing into one window and threw into another. Perhaps Haskins is just smarter than Ben was coming out. Ben does have moxie and grit. He's a wonderful player as he's shown over many, many years. But while one could suggest Haskins lacks all of the traits Ben has that has proven to help Ben be a great player, he certainly has traits that would lend to being a great player potentially. He could also fail. I don't know. I know you don't know. The only difference is you seem to suggest it's a conclusion already reached as if you know something no one else does. Let's also say this, for a QB who "doesn't throw deep", Haskins had a superior yards per attempt to Ben in college even though Ben was throwing against kids. That accuracy allowing YAC is no joke on Haskins right? Montana didn't have Ben's traits but he was also great and was so perfectly accurate. I wonder if accuracy is a trait that could lead to greatness then? Also, if Haskins stayed at OSU another year and did ANYTHING like he did this year, he's the No. 1 or No. 2 pick in next year's draft and the downside of his relative lack of experience is shed. Again, I don't love Haskins and am not sold on Haskins. But it's impossible to suggest his future is already written when there are MORE signs it has some positive aspect than the signs it has a negative aspect based on his body of work to this point as a player.
  7. Can't align on this. Alex Smith was the Top Pick in the draft who got there on his athletic ability and he ran a ton. Like over 10 times a game ton. Haskins has a better arm than Smith coming out or now. Haskins ran 79 times in 14 games. Like Ben who ran 67 times in 14 games in his final year. Haskins is much more like Ben in terms of play style than he is like Smith. Ben is taller and thicker though and more athletic though at this point probably not :). You are not wrong to say that Haskins is not as polished as Ben was coming out of school under pressure situations. Ben had 38 games and 1304 pass attempts in college. Haskins had 590 pass attempts and 22 games. Ben had more experience in college developing that which is why people do say you should maybe let Haskins spend a bit of time continuing his development on the bench where Ben was a ready-made starter. I will say this though, Haskins got better and better as his experience developed to the point he ENDED his year with three games against ranked opponents where he played the best football of his career. Maybe he's on the upswing :).
  8. Dude, I copied it at the spot I wanted watched didn't I :). I can't help it if you guys need a Brozilian.
  9. Well, most people would worry about his play, not his insane dislike of the owner. HOW DID HASKINS PERFORM? Right. A panic move is NOT taking who many people considered the best QB in the draft on a team in need of a QB while sitting still and doing nothing. You get that don't ya? Hush. You clearly don't know much. Jay doesn't like guys that can move. He dumped RGIII for Cousins because he likes guys, LIKE DALTON, who stand in the pocket and pass. Idiots keep saying Jay likes a QB he's NEVER HAD. Jay LOVES Colt McCoy. He's not looking for a mover. He's looking for a guy who can sling it and move ENOUGH. How can you NOT know this by now.
  10. Ok, so the criteria is not against pressure he faced against teams he faced, but pressure he faced against teams he didn't. Yes, I agree then he can not meet your criteria, as it doesn't exist. Of course, when he played the best defensive in college football, how'd he look? No, he can't run. Announcers said he's under pressure. Probably wasn't though. My GOSH SO SLOW. Why is he RUNNING?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Filthy pocket. ****ty throw. HE BLOWS. Get the Clemson kid, eh? Why is he even TRYING to avoid a clean up the middle pressure and make yards on the ground. HE IS TOO SLOW. Sheesh. Why would you move an immobile player? I only put this one in as it's a Mark Rypien play. Roll one way, throw back the other. I had fond memories, this isn't exactly on point though. More ****ty pocket and finding a guy. Oh, and the play before this he AGAIN throws perfectly. I wonder if the YAC is because he throws so well? Probably not. Terrible snap, dodges pressure, runs, again. He can't run though. But he keeps running though. Maybe you've never seen him play, or, maybe you're right. Guess where I'm thinking? Look, the man is flawed, or that arm and accuracy would make him generational. NO ONE is saying he's perfect. But you are stone nuts if you think there isn't a reason to add THAT guy to THIS team. And, note, my posts are filled with data, not simple rambling. Your reply will have the same, or, a quiet departure to a safe space is acceptable.
  11. The super smart move would have been to lose every game until we could draft the kid from Clemson No. 1, right? I mean, why take a guy many analysts had as the best player at his position in this draft when you can lose 32 games and get a guy who will be rated as highly as any player at his position in history, who, upon getting him, will NEVER have thrown a pass in the NFL on a team that is 0-32. Your premise that waiting until next year whittles down the competition for a QB is silly. If Matt Ryan gets hurt, there's a team. Green Bay. Dallas, when Prescott ****s the bed :). Jacksonville when they realize they have Nick Foles. The Cards when they realize their QB is out for the year again. The Jets or Bills when they realize they also have Josh Rosen and need to give up on that guy. ETC. There will always be teams looking for QB. Haskins will be inexpensive. If he doesn't work out you can still draft a QB in 2021. How long did it take for RGIII to flame out exactly? You're not stuck with a guy because you drafted a guy. But if he's good, maybe you don't need anyone next year or the year after or even for a while after that. YOU KNOW, if you get no one, you WILL need to find SOME ONE then. We still may. Or we may not. Which is different, right? And bad, how? Say we go 1-15 and Gruden is gone and the new coach is the head coach from Oklahoma. You don't think he could get Tua as his guy at No. 1 next year and trade Haskins for a song? Didn't Arizona just do that with Rosen (I mean, when they trade him for a song at least). You lose almost nothing giving yourself the OPTION of filling the most important position on the field with a guy who could fill it. You lose a SEASON by NOT even trying. Why not try when the guy you like and others like falls to your lap? Oh, and I don't even LIKE Haskins. But it's stone stupid not to take him when he's there at No. 15. I can't even talk my way out of that.
  12. Never seen him move out of the way and make a play. Oh, wait, yes I have. Want more? I can find dozens.
  13. Fair enough. Just keep it in mind if you are going to quote me, actually do it. Don't pull one line out of context and demand I answer your misunderstanding. Either grasp it, or don't reply as it annoys to be misquoted and then asked to respond to that instead of what was actually said. But, I join you in celebrating our hope for Haskins in spite of any reasonable concerns we may share or have. As I already answered, I think Haskins will have a better career because he has the body size to survive the NFL and seems to have the mental ability to not abjectly suck. Murray will probably have a better year next year in that he'll start Day 1 and be breathtaking some. And hurt the rest. Dan's loved white and hispanic heritage players as well, sure. Sanchez was his dream man as an example, and he had none of the added benefits Haskins has, though by all measures was considered a superior NFL prospect leaving college. But, the reality is DC is nicknamed Chocolate City (and, yeah, I know diversity is inbound on this). If the team can have a great black QB, especially one who has local ties, it creates a heroic presence (IF HE CAN PLAY) that is a perfect fit for the area. It's a dream scenario for a team with dwindling fan interest and anger against. If he can play. Obviously, even a skinny white boy who could play would be fine for the fans, certainly, but Haskins is legend in the making IF HE CAN PLAY given where we are as an organization. A bit like RGIII. Joe Gibbs loved Jason Campbell. Gregg Williams LOVED Adam Archuleta. Coaches are kinda dumb :).
  14. Ahh. I see we may have difficulty communicating as you appear to have some difficulty processing words presented to you that others would quickly and more clearly grasp. Here is what I said. "But there are a lot of people who had Haskins as the No. 1 QB on their board early, middle, late and LAST NIGHT in the draft process. It is laughable to suggest there was a clear No. 1. There wasn't. If the Cards pick a different coach, there's every chance Haskins goes before Murray." When you quote, you should quote contextually as you'll understand better. I did not say, "In that, Haskins is THE best QB in the draft, by significant margin," in a vacuum. The IMMEDIATE sentence to that, which was the context of "In that," in what you quoted, was, "I do prefer a smart pocket QB who makes quick decisions to a guy who lives on athleticism." I did not say Haskins was the top QB in the draft. I said your claim there WAS a top QB in the draft was not accurate. I happen to dislike all QBs in this draft, but, sure, I do tend to prefer Haskins as I perceive he will have a longer career due to body size if nothing else, but NO ONE IN THIS draft is all that highly rated as a draft prospect, and no one in this draft was clearly ranked in any even MAJORITY way as the best player there as many have openly stated Haskins was the best player at that position in this draft. Yes, I very clearly stand behind my actual statement that Haskins is CLEARLY the best pocket QB in this draft who does not make his living on athleticism. Murray has strengths too. He's the most athletic player at that position, BY FAR. That may equate to his success. I merely said your position he was even a near consensus top player at his spot was not at all accurate as the grade for both was so close by even those who did feel he was superior to Haskins overall.
  15. I have no clue if Haskins will be a better pro than Murray or not. No one does. And the NFL grade for both suggests you could be right thinking either will be superior to the other. I will say Murray is EXCEPTIONALLY slight. Wilson has and can carry 20 to 30 pounds more and remain an acceptable athlete. Murray will never weigh more than 205 and remain anything worth having. That lack of thickness suggests to me that like RGIII who while bigger, thicker and stronger, but who lacked the frame for the NFL grind, that Murray will have some exceptional moments, but ultimately be a disappointing professional. Haskins, for his athletic flaws, has the body thickness to survive in the NFL and if he has the brain to shine he has, in my view, more potential to have a successful long-term career than Murray by some margin. In any case, I'm not totally on board with your statement you lack the energy or time to respond. You had the energy and time to spew some significantly flawed thoughts. You should create similar to discuss such, but, I will accept your polite walk back as doing something equally wise and less stressful so on that good on ya.
  16. I will give Finlay some credit. He actually does appear to have sources who have badge access to Redskins Park. And, yeah, after hearing Sheehan scream about how Gruden wanted Rosen all morning, this doesn't seem to jibe, does it? I mean, a better rated prospect who has a better arm, is thicker, is more accurate, played at a better program, who had better numbers, who didn't turn the ball over a ton, who is a lot like Dalton and Cousins in style, couldn't possibly have been a Gruden-desired-player. Everyone knows the Grudens like athletes. Like Brad Johnson.
  17. I've seen him in coverage some, but mostly hand down. And his biggest and best plays are when the hand is down. I tend to dislike taking guys who seem better at DE and making them be OLB. But this guy is athletic enough to maybe make it happen as I expect that's his future.
  18. Yeah. This is right, thoughtful and not totally beholden to abjectly fictional leaks that there was any abnormal dissension within the team regarding draft path. Reasonable people within the Redskins organization felt we could get better trading for Rosen and using our picks differently. Maybe on Sweat. Reasonable people felt Haskins wasn't a slam dunk and we could get better maybe moving down and stockpiling. Reasonable people felt Haskins was too good a value at the most important position of need on any team that has UTTERLY NO POSSIBLE FUTURE and to take him when he fell. No one is going to rush him out on Week 1 unless he's breathtakingly ahead of all competitors and EVEN THEN he will start on the bench, and we'll watch Keenam spike himself three times before we shout loud enough to get him out there. But people want to believe Snyder loves him SOOOOOOOOO UTTERLLLLLY MUUUUUUCH he DID NOT TRADE UP FOR HIM but WILL START HIM AT ALL COSTS, all because someone with ZERO contacts within the organization fictionally predicted and reported it. People be dumb.
  19. Nope. Dan didn't make the pick. Dan does like the pick as he should. Black kid in a black town with local ties who knows his kid who falls inside the team's desire for big-time programs for big-time picks. Unless Haskins is CLEARLY before ALL of our eyes the best player in the preseason he will not open the season as the starter. And he might not then in any case. It's likely he'll start quickly if the team sucks early certainly. But there's very little chance he opens as No. 1. He CAN take No. 1 given he's more talented than Case or Colt though but if he does that we'll all see it and know it's because he's clearly better. This you can save and bring back later. If he is outplayed by Case or Colt he won't be our starter Week 1.
  20. Amusing. Riddick was here with Gibbs during our most stable stretch as it was Gibbs who promoted him from regular scout. And, NO, he was not one of our more knowledgeable football guys. He's GREAT on TV though. Legit great. So I get you like him, but, no, he's not close to good enough to be working in the NFL. That's why he's on TV. He's also great on TV not really getting anything right. Kiper nails stuff. Riddick can totally blow a call, like when he thought Philly traded up for a CB and they went OL, and do it with style. He's good on TV, even when he couldn't name a single player he thought they'd go with and had to say, "Yeah," when others threw names in. I don't really get how he can be that good when he rarely adds value, but he is. I give him that.
  21. This guy has pretty exciting measurables AND pretty exiting production and looks good on film. The downside for us is because he hasn't been a standup edge player which he'll have to be with us (though we'll chat on that in a minute) he will be lost in space in any coverage situation and after YEARS of seeing Kerrigan and Smith picked apart on the edge, this is NOT ideal. Assuming the obvious that they intend to use him as a standup, this will be something to watch for, but he'll certainly be no worse than Smith in this area just given he can run a bit, and even if he dies on the field due to the heart condition, he'll roughly match Smith's impact on the play he dies on. Now, here's a shot in the dark. Actually play the defensive end AT defensive end. He is UNDERSIZED for a 3/4 hand-on-the-ground every down end. But the league passes a lot. Anderson is behind him in this scenario. You have Payne inside with Allen on the other side, so you can shade to help him in run situations you worry about him getting pushed back. Anderson is slightly ok in coverage -- or at least an upgrade to Smith or Sweat in such an area (at least next year while Sweat learns it). But I'd love to see him play his natural position. And, of course, for us to immediately go to a 4-3. :).
  22. I guarantee you didn't trust him when he worked here as a scout.
  23. Except this is untrue. Haskins is, actually, arguably the No. 1 prospect. Kyler Murray is not a slam dunk prospect. Murray is a 6.25 ranking on Haskins is a 6.20. There's not much separating them. All of Murray's negatives are Haskins positives. All of Haskins negatives are Murray's positives. But there are a lot of people who had Haskins as the No. 1 QB on their board early, middle, late and LAST NIGHT in the draft process. It is laughable to suggest there was a clear No. 1. There wasn't. If the Cards pick a different coach, there's every chance Haskins goes before Murray. It is fair to say the reasonable thing that NO QB in this draft enters the league as an "elite" draft prospect based on grade. No one is ANY WHERE CLOSE to RGIII for example as an NFL draft prospect by grade. I do not love Haskins. I do prefer a smart pocket QB who makes quick decisions to a guy who lives on athleticism. In that, Haskins is THE best QB in this draft, by significant margin. And that happens to be PRECISELY what Gruden wants in a QB. Haskins is a bigger, stronger, more accurate, better-armed Kirk Cousins, who fit beautifully in Gruden's scheme. Think Andy Dalton under Gruden. Haskins is the prototype for what Jay Gruden desires in a QB in terms of what he brings to the table. Time will tell if he has the mental element of the game to process quickly enough to be any good, but the kid played better against top competition than any other player in college football a year ago. He played on a very good team. He thinks he's the best player at his position in the draft. NOT being upset about being taken after two guys you think you're better than and ONE EVERYONE ELSE agrees you are would be a troubling thing. Any spin that his reaction to "falling" to No. 15 is in ANY way negative makes the person suggesting that the owner of imbecilic thoughts.
  24. Writing on Twitter to get attention. But, he is the ultimate one-year prove it type out there isn't he? For a team not swimming in receiver talent, after the draft, if he's still posting on Twitter, I wonder if he will be for long :).