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  1. Cutting him this year would have crippled the team entirely. The current benefit to having him still is we could add Collins and play with the cap a bit. Cutting him would have accelerated things so far it would have brutalized our roster. He has also proven to be quite a good mentor and sounding board for young, coming QBs. I suspect he won't get worse at that for Haskins than he was for Mahomes and Kaep.
  2. Art

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Kyle set our board. Bruce had ZERO to do with it. ZERO. Bruce's role was to honor the board and fight for the integrity of it when there was a challenge as there ALWAYS is in a draft room when someone else loves a guy more. Where there is a disagreement Bruce makes the ultimate decision. Not even Snyder, who used to have that role, as Cooke did, where he'd famously side with Beathard or Gibbs with a caustic, "You'd better be right." Gibbs told that story with a cackle a lot. Gibbs was often right, so it worked out :). Gibbs won in the era you could win with different, non-elite QBs. That's not really where we are now. A team can flash without a top level QB with something else great -- like the Ravens -- or a QB who's playing out of his head suddenly -- like the Eagles -- but consistent winning in the NFL is the domain of teams with Top 10 QBs. Even they will have a fall off, though usually be competitive and average. Until the Redskins get it right and have a Top 10 QB we won't consistently win. No one else will either.
  3. Art

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Shanahan owns the team's record when Shanahan ran all aspects of the team. So Bruce took over in 2014. I'm willing to forgive a rookie coach in a transition year and throw out that 4-12. So we've basically been 31-32-1 since he has effectively run the organization. I think the Ernie Grunfeld comparison is somewhat apt. Moves tend to make sense, but it never totally comes together. But we've not been a disaster with Bruce running things and we seem to have a very clear organizational strategy we are following that seems to be building. Our coaching, specifically defensive coaching, has been the weakest part of this team since Bruce took over, and, sadly, he can't fix that as that's under Gruden's contractual control. Bruce has made mistakes and he's done some good things. He has even said the team needs to win more than it has so he realizes his 31-32-1 leadership isn't good enough, but it's not exactly the dismal, laughing stock some of you can't get yourselves away from, is it?
  4. Except, uh, nope. We easily beat the Cardinals, Packers, Giants and Bucs. We had the Cowboys handled, though a late thing made that seem closer than the than the game actually was. And we pretty much handled Carolina, though they made a late push. In fact we were EASILY 6-3, but no better, as we were blown out three times. Had the injuries not come in those numbers we're 10-6 and all looking forward to this year. We all seem to forget while we were not a great team at 6-3 and our style of play was NOT going to be a championship quality team, we were actually solid and competitive and even tough. Until two dozen guys disappeared.
  5. Art

    Starting QB 2019???

    If it looks like last year and we're 6-3 before the injuries just devastated us you think we'll make a change? Of course you don't, but I do find it intriguing you only remember how we sucked when all our players were hurt but not how we were doing ok when that wasn't the case. No team could overcome what we've had the last two years from an injury standpoint. And we finished 7-9. If we had HALF as many injuries last year we finish 10-6. This team is flawed and is not deep, but while true the way we have ended the last two seasons with dozens of players out has been terrible, we've not been, on the whole, terrible, for a reason. That reason is it's not as bad as it looks until everyone's gone and it's terrible. I think Gruden wants Colt to start, and he gives us the best chance at a good start while we're healthy to start the year because he knows the system best. I do see Keenum coming in when Colt sputters and the two going back and forth a bit for as long as we're reasonably competitive. I do not see Haskins coming in at all next year because he won't win the competition early when we are as good as we'll be, and we won't risk him when the team looks like it did when we put Josh out there.
  6. Art

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    I will agree with you the totality of the Smith deal was pretty dumb. We should NOT have given up Fuller. Period. And I would not have extended him as far as we did. Obviously this is made somewhat better in that a three year would have been harder to absorb than a four. I actually DO think had Smith not been hurt we'd have drafted Haskins though. Best case for us Smith was a starter for three years before handing off to someone else. Haskins is a growth project. Having Smith would have been a great way to ease in.
  7. Art

    2019 NFL Draft discussion thread

    I see we signed Chidi Okeke, who I don't know much about other than he started for LSU before moving to Tennesee State. And since he was at LSU, it reminds me of that funny line Kitchens said on ESPN today when he was interviewed about having so many LSU players on his team. He said, "Hey, if they were better in high school they could have played at Alabama." That's funny right there.
  8. Might be closer to truth than you know. The Redskins were quite leaky back in the day, but have significantly tightened in recent years. There are a lot of planned leaks. And most of the leaks you see, like stuff from Russini, are fiction. You know they are fiction at birth. Hell, the team even had personnel separated during the draft so leaks couldn't occur, with leadership, middle management and coaches in different rooms. They did that for a very simple reason. No information coming out of the room making the choices was leaking and anything else was fiction. And they are fine with people not realizing that.
  9. Art

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    I have not followed this thread closely and thought it was a Bruce as a GM discussion, not a body of work discussion. But, yeah, glad we agree, he seems damn good on the personnel side, which, you know, is pretty much all that ultimately matters.
  10. Art

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Except he hasn't had any real sins in terms of drafting, has he? Shanahan ran the team and draft when Allen started here. Allen is clean on all Shanahan's idiocy, right? So 2014 was his first year presumably running that and that was the Murphy, Moses, Long, Breeland, Grant draft. That's damn solid. All of them are starting pros. The 2015 draft was McCloughan, with Scherff, Crowder and Smith who are starting NFL players. The 2016 draft was McCloughan, and that's the Doctson draft, which kind of sucked. Fuller is a stud and Ioannidis is our best player from it. So, Allen then took back over in 2017, 2018 and 2019 where he's run the table on clean, professional, responsible drafts, right? You can't argue that can you? So, what are Allen's sins, precisely, from a personnel standpoint in your eyes? For me, I HATE the effort to maximize supplemental picks. But that's a Bruce strategy as much as I hate it I can forgive him as a lot of teams are doing that. Not resigning Cousins seems fairly genius right? I mean, Cousins leaves here, goes to the odds on Super Bowl favorite and does what exactly? Right. Oh, and we have Keenum, Smith, Colt AND Haskins at a lower cap hit than Cousins. Or right around that. Pretty slick dude. Cousins isn't worth that hit. Few are. I know some blame him there for sure, but that's one of his biggest smart moves don't you agree? One of the greatest tributes to just how good Allen has been is the Round 4 thread where Love was taken and a fan who knows better bitterly complained because three players he liked better were available. Turns out we got two of them he specifically mentioned and the third has a bad knee. Trust me, Allen's smarter than us. He's even proved it. You'd be wise to understand that.
  11. I've watched his stuff. I'm not overly concerned with his 40 time but he doesn't appear AT ALL QUICK to me. A lot like Doctson who's faster in a straight line, but seems to have ZERO quickness. This guy is a bit bigger and can be a solid player for us. I just don't know that I've ever seen a No. 1 receiver taken this low. Can anyone think of a legit No. 1 wideout out of the sixth round other than Antonio Brown, who is elite quick? Hey, I'm not knocking him. He's a good player with great production. Super happy to have him. I just can't see what I've seen of his skill set being a legit No. 1 receiver in the NFL. But I hope in three years that's the dumbest thing I've ever said :).
  12. Some of you are a little enthusiastic, which is good to see. He's a sixth rounder. If he's on the roster in two years it's an ok pick. I think No. 1 material is a bit much :). But I ain't going to tell you to put down the kool aid. I hope you're right :).
  13. His size means he's NOT an every down back. He's not replacing Thompson. He's functional in the role of Thompson, if he can catch, and is a good change of pace back.
  14. Hamilton is normal speed, not slow. He's just not "fast". And we're adding "fast".
  15. Say what you want to say, but NO ONE can say the Redskins didn't realize, as an organization, they were super slow on the field. Ignore the offensive linemen and Haskins who don't HAVE to be fast. The team clearly weighed "speed" relative to the position as an immense benefit in this draft. Speed, relative to the position, is the key thing you are seeing here for us for sure. This guy is an inside backer who is way too small, like Hamilton, but unlike Hamilton, has high level speed and burst at the position. The Redskins realize they lack team speed and are doing their best effort to increase that with each pick it seems.
  16. Oh, good. A draft without Alabama doesn't exist. I'm ok with any Alabama player the Skins want to add. Now we have a couple of guys, very different in nature, who can play guard or center for us. One is super strong but sluggish. This guy is a bit lighter on his feet, but isn't strong. All we need is one not to suck :).
  17. Art

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    The Redskins defense has plenty of talent but there are a couple of reasons why Top 10 is a difficult thing for me to envision. They SHOULD be there, mind you, but we remain a team that has two crucial flaws. One, the main one, is Manusky. It isn't even that he's not innovative. It's that almost every game we looked like we had NO IDEA what the other team was going to do. We got caught without prep so many times which means other staffs evaluated what we liked to do on defense and changed what they do on offense to surprise us. Not vice versa. This was seriously troubling. Atlanta was the start of it and it was brutal to watch. I'd be SHOCKED if Manusky can lead a perfectly healthy defense into the Top 10. Rob Ryan has had disaster defenses, but that's because he wants to go all aggressive even when his teams don't have talent to play that way. I'd much prefer him calling our plays as with this team we'd be a Top 10 for sure with that. Importantly, but less so, is we remain a team that has a weakness on linebacker level in any sort of coverage. Kerrigan is horrific, but can KIND of play zone. Sweat is an athlete and can't be worse than Smith, but I don't imagine he's going to be great this year. Anderson I'm much more confident in. Reuben Foster helps our interior quickness but Mason Foster remains a plod horse there. Hamilton really is a better fit for coverage needs here as he can go a bit more to the side and help with some hope of tight end coverage up the gut. Given there is always a clear way to attack us it puts stress on us for sure UNLESS we play uber aggressive, which Manusky doesn't do. Montae is good enough as a free safety in coverage that I don't suspect that's a weakness there. And I think if Dunbar actually returns fully healthy -- something I worry about with nerve issues -- he's a wonderful, top level corner no one knows about. But if he's at all limited we are going to have coverage issues we will get bitten by more than a Top 10 defense can prove out to be.
  18. I was wrong in the Love thread thinking we'd get a lineman or two today but likely ones with vast upside rather than kind of known ability. This guy is kind of known. Immensely strong and I think the second most reps on the bench at the combine. Considering we tend to get overwhelmed with fatties on the inside having that strength is probably an ok thing. This is a TRUE ass guard and I think given Roullier is not that mobile this guy's lack of mobility really leans us toward a zone blocking scheme as we are not that flexible on pulls if this guy gets in. Of course we do have Flowers and Cooper to have that I suppose. Pretty standard fourth rounder. Hope he doesn't suck.
  19. The Redskins offensive line has four guys who were picked in the Top 10 of the NFL draft. Flowers is not inspiring and Cooper may not be, though Cooper actually looked damn good before he got hurt last year. Moses, Roullier, Scherff and Williams are dead locks to start. There is one spot open for any sort of fourth, fifth, sixth or seventh rounder competing against two Top 10 picks, one of which ACTUALLY looked less than ****ty. Christian was drafted in the third round a year ago as a bit weak, bit underweight swing tackle with upside. He should actually be more NFL ready than last year where you could tell he hadn't beefed or strengthed up enough. Bergstrom is acceptable depth on the inside with Roullier, assuming Cooper and/or Flowers don't **** the bed. I join you in wishing we had a lock in guy at that spot and probably would have gone offensive line in the first round for that spot had I had my druthers. But at this point it seriously doesn't matter if we draft an offensive lineman or not as he's not starting this year and we'd HATE to even see him play this year. And I am reasonably confident we'll add one or two more offensive linemen with picks we have left hoping one can be developed. But, do grasp anyone we pick up here out will have an odd draft grade as this is when the Redskins like to draft on guys who have upside, which also means guys with serious downside :).
  20. Apparently this is a first rounder dropped to fourth by staying in school and getting hurt. I think this is now goodbye to Perine and supports Thompson role in the offense as that's so crucial for Gruden in his matchups.
  21. This is very much right. Both Murray and Haskins were graded relatively low because they are relatively light on experience. Both would have been higher if they played another year in college and put up similar numbers. In that case they would have improved in the areas inexperience has hurt them in the grading process. Sam Darnold was a 7.0 draft grade on having a slightly worse year in 2017 compared to 2016. If Haskins had repeated that at OSU, having a slightly worse year, he enters next year's draft with above a 7.0 grade and is the No. 1 or No. 2 pick in the draft. Obviously we take the burden of getting him experience now while not setting him back which is likely the thing that will help determine how well he ultimately does. But he is a guy with upside if he can get that experience without the setbacks of taking a huge beating and changing him as a player. I still don't love him, but here are his negatives as a prospect related to inexperience: Small list of successful QBs with so few career starts Lacks in-game adversity challenges for an early round pick Still learning to attack zone coverage Baited into bad decisions on high-low reads Needs to expedite his process in the face of pressure All those largely go away with another season of seasoning under his belt. Tua will come in with more game experience AND the athleticism to make him a very highly rated prospect obviously. But Haskins would remove many of his flaws with more time and have been a much more highly rated player for it. I can only hope he does develop on the positive path as that would make the next 10 years a lot less frustrating :).
  22. Good measurables and seems like a solid work ethic. We suck on special teams so if he can ONLY make that a little better it won't be a bad pick. I like giving Haskins a guy he knows too. Seems like a very good pick at this spot. Probably not the value of the first two picks given draft grade and where selected, but a player you can like having on your team who seems pretty thick and does the dirty little things we don't always excel at :).
  23. Hey, his 40 time is ****ty. I agree. I suspect he's probably a couple tenths faster but simply had a bad day and some cramps. In any case, those on the negative side seem to think his 40 time essentially means he's an oak tree. He is not going to win games with his feet. But he is big enough and mobile enough to get around enough. Tom Brady, the Mannings, Brees, etc are in the 4.8 to 5.2 range. QBs don't have to run a 4.4 to be ok. I promise. The difference between Haskins in the 40 and Russell Wilson in the 40 is roughly 4 yards. Really, it's ok.
  24. Name the QB Jay's ever had that fits the criteria you seem to think he prefers. We know not Brad Johnson. We know not Andy Dalton. We know not Kirk Cousins. RGIII was that, but he got rid of him for not being the QB he wanted. And all the QBs he's had, including Colt, are pretty much what Haskins is. So, again, show ONE hint of data supporting your thought Jay wants anything OTHER than what Haskins is. Just one would be great. Do you really think Haskins can't hand the ball off and do play action? Is that really a thing with you? You know OSU ran the RPO a lot right? The R in RPO means "run". Do you think Haskins couldn't get outside? I swear, some people do not value the benefit of silence and how it can assist the way others view them.
  25. Smith does not progress at all well man. Even in KC two years ago when he was the game's best deep ball thrower, his game was deep to dump. He is NOT good at reading the field. He's GOOD at seeing his primary is covered and knowing where his safe is. He's good at understanding pressure and finding his hot/safe. Haskins showed almost none of that at Ohio State. Haskins actually read progressions. Again, here are two plays that illustrate that amazingly well he spoke about. Confirm you watch this: I'm sure every QB can talk about that. But there are things here that are excellent. He didn't take the easy, first, right throw on that second play. Why? Because he knew the down and distance. They didn't tell him. He told the analyst. He REMEMBERED that play. You know how you see Lebron and other greats and McVay tick off EVERYTHING that happened from a sequence or a game a year ago? That was impressive. He knew that play. He KNEW why he did that. The first play where he knew he was going backside to one of two guys he did exactly as coached. That second play where he threw into the second window instead of the first? That's a play where Ben thinks the play is covered and pulls out after the first window is closed, then does something wonderful off it. Haskins just low key did wonderful. Haskins appears to read across progression, NOT from first to safe. Yes, he had dumps. MOST of Ben's throws are dumps. But the progression is obvious. He reads through multiple options. There's a video that has an eval of the triangle concept against Nebraska which was a simple, easy throw, but not a safe. And it is only open if he makes that read. That is what is encouraging about him mentally. His physical limitations are enormous. But his progression game seems NOTHING like Smith's. Smith is read primary then dump. Cousins is read primary then dump. That's why Gruden never connected deeply with him. He wanted Cousins to progress and let a play live a bit longer. Haskins will let a play live a bit longer and read through and across in a way Smith still doesn't and way didn't at Utah. I think this is our greatest hope for him. In an NFL where athletes who are also smart are the kings, he has to be the smartest of the rest to be any good. It is obvious more likely than not he'll not be that good. Maybe Smith good if anything. Middle of the road. And that'd be an exceptionally good pick really. But his game has no similarity to Smith or Cousins beyond he is a pocket passer. So is Ben.