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    Press Release: #REDSKINS QUOTES

    I have never liked you :). I like Lewis a lot less than I like Rivera.
  2. Yeah. A laughing stock that is landing the most in demand coach available who would have four jobs in 10 minutes. Weird. Maybe you're wrong.
  3. You can look it up. Haskins had a higher draft grade last year than Mayfield. And all his negatives were from having one year in college. If you think Burrow, who wasn't good enough to beat out Haskins at Ohio State would have out performed Haskins this year if had stayed, given Haskins had quite similar numbers last year to Burrow this year, you're fooling yourself. Haskins would be behind a healthy Tua in this draft. And no one else.
  4. Assumes facts not in evidence. But, yes, Snyder would be a total dip**** if he hired a new general manager who walked in and said, "I want to restart from scratch and blow everything out, including Haskins, McLaurin, Guice, Sims, etc." The attractiveness of coaching here is those players and the POSSIBILITY they are good. It doesn't mean you are locked in to any of them more than a year or two. But it means you start there and go from there.
  5. Art

    Press Release: #REDSKINS QUOTES

    I propose you are not allowed to post any more press releases until it's the Rivera is hired release.
  6. It is generally my thought quoting and agreeing with pretty much anything I write makes you smarter. So good on ya :). Today is a good day because we are setting a new direction and have a reasonable hope the future could be better soon. And for that, I'm simply glad as it was getting pretty dim to be a Skins fan.
  7. I think this is unfair. I do not think Norman played to his contract value, but for a couple years he was a pretty good player. This year he seriously tailed off. But here is why we should appreciate him. When this year went under and he was basically thrown under the bus by Manusky, he didn't come back at it hard. He didn't become a problem child. Manusky has people rumbling against him on that side of the ball all the time, especially in private. But Normal gracefully handled his situation and never made it blow. He deserves some respect for that. I do not see him returning, but, if Rivera wants him to, and he wants to, you have to be ok with it because he never was an ass while here.
  8. So, Bruce owns precisely ZERO part of the record under Shanny, who was in full and total control of all aspects of the team. Bruce does, however, OWN the team's personnel since he brought in Gruden. He doesn't actually get a win/loss record, but he hired the guy who has the win/loss record so that's on him. Bruce has owned total personnel control the last three years after Scot, then two years before Scot. I am fully fine with it being time for a change. it is time for a change. Absolutely. But the plain and simple fact is Rivera has options. Including a place with a better stadium, a GM he has worked with before, an elite runner, a bigger market, a young QB on a rookie deal and he is entirely blowing them off. That's because the personnel has typically been the least of our concern -- obviously until 20+ players land on IR every year. Most football people see the personnel and think they could make it go. Rivera thinks he can make it go. Maybe he'll be wrong and the true death of Allen's reputation can be complete. Maybe he'll be right, and you'll help fund the statue in Allen's honor :). Yes, it can be both especially from the perspective he has had his time. Allen is a bit like Grunfeld was with the Wizards. Each thing kind of worked for the most part in and of itself but none of it worked together. And while Allen is not responsible for a coaching staff who refused to mildly adjust to the realities of the players they had, he IS responsible for hiring coaches who did that, so that's his fault. it was and is time for him to go. However, I suspect if we win in the next couple of years with these players, we'll remember him far better than we think. And I certainly hope that's the case. Because if we win a lot next year and the year after and the year after I'll be GRATEFUL to thank him for putting us in that position. I imagine you will be to.
  9. Uh. This doesn't matter one iota. Either Allen is to blame for the state of the franchise or he's to be credited. We don't get to give Allen the bad but give Kyle Smith the good. Allen's stamp on the organization since taking over everything from Scot was a priority on big school players with winning backgrounds. If that works out, it was Allen who put that in place. I am happy to have Kyle and Schaffer here as both are great for us. But we know, right now, the state of the team to highly respected, in-demand football guys. Rivera is here, not in New York with his GM buddy a great running back and an equally young QB. Here. That's because of the correction Bruce was able to bring in three years in full control after Scot. And even if his bet fails, as it is LIKELY to since most picks are failures ultimately, he deserves praise for having us positioned to be a primo spot for football people to land. That isn't to say Bruce was perfect. But he put us where anyone who matters would want to come. Rivera is by no means the greatest coach who ever lived. But he'd be offered four jobs later today if he wanted them. It means something he doesn't.
  10. We are getting Rivera because of the players Bruce has put on the team in his three years in full control since Scot's run left us with precisely one good draft pick before he went nuts. The article is actually right. The core has enough promise that Bruce is to be thanked for finding players in one offseason to turn us from a really bad place to land to a preferred place. This time a year ago we would NEVER have been close to getting a guy with the reputation of Rivera. Haskins, Guice, McLaurin on rookie deals make this an attractive option because even if they suck, no one will blame the next coach, as that all goes to Allen.
  11. Art

    Who was the worse GM? Vinnie or Bruce?

    Bruce has the team in position to land a coach who would receive four other job offers if he stayed on the market because of the people he has brought in the last three years since taking over for Scot. I know a lot of you will hate this thought, but the ONLY way the Bruce hatred makes ANY sense is if the Alabama Wall, Sweat, Haskins, McLaurin and Guice (and ok, sure, throw a bit of Sims in too) fail so badly that the team needs to be entirely remade in two or three years. Then, sure, Bruce will be the worst ever. However, if we are remotely competitive or even any good in the next three years, it's because of what Bruce left. And a lot of you will owe thanks. If by any stretch we win a Super Bowl with this core you will all need to pitch in to help build the statue to Bruce as our greatest personnel man since Beathard :).
  12. Haskins carried a higher prospect grade than Mayfield and all of Haskins' negatives were around his minimal play time, meaning vast upside with time. Mayfield had physical negatives you can't fix. Haskins would be a Top 5 pick this year with more time and a similar year at Ohio State.
  13. Art

    On The State of ES and This Fanbase

    I think at least one of them starts with B. Or something.
  14. These tweets are good and all, but, for the record, the Panthers were the No. 1 offense by points and 11th by yards in 2015. And when they've been good, they've had good offenses. I would not say Rivera has stamped his team as a defense only or even necessarily a defense led group. Cam has been a good pro :).
  15. Art

    Welcome to the Redskins Chase Young DE Ohio State

    Just exactly how rare a prospect is Young exactly? Peppers, Clowney, Garrett, one of the Bosa brothers? Better, worse, where? I'm not a huge draft guy and don't start tuning in for it until February really, but this guy seems to have buzz regardless of the fact we are in the running for him. I know Shannon Sharpe felt Young got dominated by the Clemson right tackle. Which would be worrisome. But the Big Ten has good offensive linemen generally so it's not like he went up against slouches. Regardless, I really only want him if we're actually running a 4-3. Then go nuts :). But if you make him a stand up linebacker I'm gonna be pissy.
  16. Art

    On The State of ES and This Fanbase

    Oh, I'll be back in five years when my baby is out of the house. My kids make it quite impossible for me to enjoy anything BUT them. I still visit in spurts though. While I do understand the impulse to prevent a moron from posting, "Haskins sucks and is not the future of the team," in a thread by itself, I do think the mega threads are a hindrance to conversation and to people wanting to visit. Let the moron post that in his own thread. You'll know if it should be here or not by how active it is. Meaning, if the posters have the self-control to leave it be, it's off the front page in five minutes and no one will see it. If it stays up top it's an active, hot conversation that draws people back. Obviously, I'm not around for how people post in this very bleak period of time so perhaps I'm still from the optimistic past where conversations of value would just keep rising and those no one cared about would go away. But as a Twitch user and subscriber I will say this. I watch a streamer who has to answer the same question 50 times in a stream. The streamer just answers it each time as if it was the first. Never gets annoyed. Never points to a pinned message. I kind of think a message board should be like that. Even if 50 threads say the same thing, for the person starting it, he probably hadn't seen the other stuff and just wanted to see who wanted to have a conversation with him at that time about that thing. So let it happen. If I were still here more than 5 minutes a month I'd push harder for that, but will just leave that as my advice :). <mod edit rule violating content>
  17. Your assessment on the media is dead on. It is a fact the players love Snyder. You rarely hear what he does for them, but when you do it's always the same. He's there for them and NOT just for the big time stars. He is a fan, like us, so like us, he's a bit of a jock sniffer. The fact that Raheem Morris and Marvin Lewis even came up on the process, two guys who were here and might be willing to come back, tells you a ton. The fact our top pick for a head coach has us as his top pick WHILE having a coach on his staff we fired tells you a ton. Snyder's image issue is the media doesn't get the time of day from him. All you need to know about the stupidity of the media, and the fans who follow, is when you see the media write about Louis Riddick possibly being a GM for us and the fans saying how great that would be. That's PURE media creation. Riddick is in the media. He's one of them. They want him in an NFL office. But he's wholly unqualified. He wasn't good HERE. He has done less in his career than Vinny had before going into the media and while he is FAR better as a media guy than Vinny ever was, he's simply not a guy you'd want to take a chance on until he's had that job somewhere else and done acceptably well. Snyder has flaws. People on the business side are usually total ****s, because in business Snyder is a total ****. He's an elitist who holds himself out of reach not just from the media but from anyone. But as an owner for his players and football people he's exactly what they want because he won't ever tell them no. He just won't hold their hands if he says yes and it was stupid. :).
  18. As mentioned by Mike, zone is good if you have pressure up front. If we happened to have Young, Sweat, Kerrigan (unlikely) at defensive end, Allen, Matty I. and Payne on the inside, if you can't generate pressure you never will. And if you are, with a zone behind it, you start making plays. Now, like you, I prefer picking a man and covering that man and being done with it, but the zone doesn't scare me as much if we have four guys like that up front in positions they should be and, importantly, if Sweat and Kerrigan NEVER, ever, ever, ever, ever cover anyone ever again. Linebacker is interesting. I'm not a huge fan of Bostic. Foster may not be ready and wasn't exactly great at weakside. Still, you have potential here with Foster in the middle and Holcomb/Anderson at SSLB and Hamilton at weakside (or a draft pick). In any case, you have at least 6 players in your front 7 in their best positions just by moving to the 4-3. Right now you have precisely 0. And you go from VERY slow to very fast simply by having defensive ends with those traits and Allen goes from a sluggish end to a quick tackle. ETC.
  19. Actually, I'm not overly optimistic. But Haskins showed enough clear growth as he got more comfortable to have a chance to be an answer. He may not be. Guice showed enough pop and promise to be an answer. He may not be. McLaurin showed frighteningly good route skills, ball skills and maturity but he also might not be a good pro. The point is the Redskins, unlike pretty much any other team, has the POSSIBILITY that all three key offensive spots are filled by players on their rookie deals who COULD be an answer. If they are, the person with the job wins a lot in the next few years. If they are not, they are not and the person won't get demolished for it as they are inherited. It's attractive all around. As for rebuilding the offensive line, I'm not sure I agree. We have to bring our best lineman back, Flowers. We probably will re-sign Scherff. And don't be surprised with Bruce gone Trent comes back. And defensive personnel is quite interesting for a 4-3, with or without Young. So, I have a few old contacts, many gone from the team, but many who were there when Norv was there and who are friends with Norv and have relayed to me Rivera has asked Norv's view and Norv flatly said Snyder is a good owner in that he'll give what he's asked. But he isn't that wonderful if he does that and it doesn't work out. Which is pretty much an exact quote from Gibbs and Beathard with Cooke who Snyder continues to try to model himself after. Look up Gibbs cackling about Cooke telling him, "You better be right." As for the job being attractive, no, it wasn't an instant thing. A year ago at this time it was an atrocious job. Smith was an albatross. The team wanted Manusky gone, but couldn't force Gruden to make him gone, because Gruden was, sadly, the best option to coach the team in that condition. Simply acquiring the draft picks didn't make it an attractive job either. It became more and more attractive as Haskins went from complete dolt to clearly promising. And as McLaurin built on what he had. And when Guice showed so much pop. Suddenly a team devoid in the skill positions had people who could be there. Based on what they showed. It became better largely when Haskins clearly started to not suck. Not to say he won't still suck, but he did stop sucking a bit :). It became very attractive because of those three largely and Sims sneaking in maybe. And the defense, for a defensive coach, is 10 to 15 spots better just by them calling the plays. No, and it won't be and I agree. I really want KOC to stay to keep the growth with Haskins. Right. People are funny. People think Rivera who has TONS of options didn't both look out at all of them before him AND internally to his friends on his staff to determine if he wanted to consider Washington. The very fact Norv was here and was with Rivera there and Rivera is coming here speaks volumes. Not that those who don't get that will ever notice though :).
  20. Because, maybe, JUST MAYBE, this is, outside of Houston which is not available, the best job in the NFL to take over as a coach looking to win and not having the obligation of a complete rebuild. Why would he want to go to a place that doesn't have a potential QB, RB, WR1, WR2 all on rookie deals? Obviously none of those players could work out, but this is the most attractive personnel out there given the contracts and potential. Snyder will pay better than others. AND Rivera has Norv Turner on his staff who he went to and asked and Norv told him, "You won't lack for anything you ask for. But he'll **** you if you're not right most of the time." It's a very attractive job.
  21. Not only is Rivera respected. But Rivera's offensive coordinator was fired by and worked for Dan Snyder. Anyone think he asked Norv his view on this organization and Snyder? And anyone surprised he still has this as his top job? I'm not. But I know a lot of folks here likely would be given that.
  22. Back when Murf was here for the Vikings game, before Rivera was available, he asked me what I thought would happen and who I predicted would be our next coach. Snyder, as much of a bitter dimwit as he is, has to know the fans are tired of the way this organization feels and has to want something splashy. So, I say, "Cowher. With Dungy as his DC." Something huge. Something seriously moving. When Rivera came available he entered a list of coaches I wouldn't have minded seeing here. Harbaugh was No. 1. I love me some Jim Harbaugh. Dabo Swinney was No. 2 in that he's the "ultimate" culture guy and college transition be damned. Rivera would have been third. Obviously if Cowher was kind of available he'd have been on that list. I'd probably conduct sexual favors if we could get Tomlin, but I wouldn't give a draft pick for him :). Meyer doesn't excite me in that he seems totally a college guy and he has tumors that get aggravated when the grind is hard, which it is in the pros. Rivera is not a "great" innovator. He hasn't produced consistent teams. His side of the ball hasn't been dominating all that often and has been bad somewhat often. But he has produced acceptably well, has good experience, a great reputation, and is a respectable get in this world if he's ours. He's won NFL coach of the year MORE than once. I like that he runs a 4-3. He has won games in the playoffs even. I will consider it nearly perfect if he keeps KOC and gives Haskins and the offense time to gel while he puts the bad 3-4 pieces into a 4-3. This isn't a splashy move. But it is an interesting one in that Rivera will be in demand. If he doesn't come here the Giants would take him. The Cowboys would probably look his way. Cleveland would be all up on him. The man has options. He doesn't have to come here. And we often here how here is the worst place on earth. But is it? Haskins, Guice, McLaurin and now Sims give you the basis of a potential big three, on rookie deals, that you build a team around in the near future. They all could suck. But they are possible. No team has ALL three spots on offense filled in such a way. Toss in the No. 2 pick, young players on defense you can put into position and this is an attractive landing spot. IF it works out Rivera is also old enough that KOC is kind of the heir apparent. I don't LOVE the pick. I like it fine and will like it more if we keep KOC. I do think the defense is 12 to 15 spots higher JUST from being coached competently. I do think the offense may have something to be interesting, especially if you talk Trent into coming back should Bruce be gone. Bruce probably can't be in the building and survive Trent walking by in the lunch room though :).
  23. So, I think when you see me say I like Scherff you should believe I like him. I can fairly say I am not in your place where I LOVE him the way you appear to and that's fine. When I say he lacks the ability to pull and get to the second level well that doesn't mean he NEVER does it. He does pull. He is just not overwhelming at it. His game is almost exclusively based on strength. And a player who is based so strongly on strength is AWESOME when he's totally healthy. But if his knee is a little balky, or his shoulder is a little tweaked, he can't dig as well and gets beaten. That has happened to Scherff the last couple of years. He's "young" but his game makes him seem older, to me. And when he gets a bit worn down his game falters more greatly because his "elite" level is his strength, which falls off when he's dealing with injuries to his base or his arms. Now, when you compare him this year to Flowers, the better player, by a significant margin, was Flowers. But, if you compare Scherff as a second-year player to Flowers this year, I'd say Scherff was a bit better. However, considering Flowers has the size and athletic ability of a left tackle -- a position he was awful at -- if he progresses at guard it may be the case he could be a legit awesome there as he has MORE available in his game with size, strength and mobility, than Scherff does. That also doesn't mean I'm paying Flowers like he's an All Pro. But I could see that happening in a couple years IF he builds on what he did this year. Scherff is a true asset to our team. I am just not going to go bonkers on salary to keep him UNLESS we ARE losing both Williams and Moses in which case it is wise to keep the inside stable. I agree with you that we have a good bit of money available whether we restructure as you outline or not. And I agree you can overpay for a guard and not get eaten by the cap where you can't do that for QB. I am not going to complain if we bring him back at No. 1 guard money beyond saying it's too much for a player who's not THAT good. He's a good player though. He's just not the league's best guard. Hell, he can't clearly be said to be our team's best guard. In fact Martin was better on the field in his game against the Eagles than Scherff is with his injuries. Which is a good sign since Martin is very much in the mold of Scherff in that his game is based on strength. Though he's even less athletic :).
  24. I didn't mean it as a crack. I like Scherff. But the plain and simple fact is he's been a good player for us, but he's NOT been a dominant player for us. His game is based on strength so unless he runs into a monster in front of him he can hold up. But he has minimal second level ability and he can't be used to pull. He just lacks the athleticism to be dominant at the position. But that doesn't mean I don't like him or that I don't want him back. He's a very good player. I'd love to keep him. I'd just prefer to keep him at a price that makes sense versus a price that doesn't, though as mentioned, at guard, a price that doesn't isn't as destructive so you may be right he'll get way too much from us. I do not know that I agree with you that you could have signed him for "less" this past offseason. We had some cap constraints and though we had money toward the end to sign him we DID offer him a big contract and he said no. We didn't have enough to offer him a bigger contract until THIS offseason as we have a lot more fluff if we prioritize him. And I think we ONLY do if Trent is entirely gone.