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  1. Art

    Show Yourselves II

    You're all just about fully clothed in that picture. What a let down .
  2. Art

    Show Yourselves II

    She came with batteries, but no frame, I swear.
  3. Art

    Show Yourselves II

    I'd post my bar and downstairs Redskins haven too, but the photos are too damn big .
  4. Art

    Show Yourselves II

    I've got no pictures of me on the web. But I do of my wife . Well, kind of. It's her head shot for work. But, it'll have to do . She will not be attending this week's game with me as I've banished her to tend my mother and sister. Punishment like you wouldn't believe. Makes me seem all the more engaging afterward. There is a plan I tell you.
  5. Art

    Show Yourselves II

    EL, I bet you got horizontal . Fuji, I may be going to the Bears game this year. If so, let me know where you guys are sitting.