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  1. Offensive Summary: -Not our strongest performance on getting the ball down the field. We took what we had to and completed the passes in big spots that we had to... But we struggled putting the ball in the air for good yardage. Smith has had a pretty bad habit this season though... He gets pressured and tries to get rid of the ball when he's already in the grasp and doesn't see a defender dropping right into the zone. He's got to stop doing that. He is so safe with the ball in almost every other situation but then he is so careless while he is getting hit and trying to make something happ
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  2. I haven't been in the Tailgate in quite a while, or Extremeskins for that matter. After reading some of the comments ? I am truly saddened by what it has devolved into. Those of you that were Democrats 15-20 years ago, have now turned into something that I don't even recognize. Even though I have met a lot of you, some of the comments on here are just straight hateful. It really angers me that Americans will vote against a sitting President, basically just because they "don't like him"? (Save the fact that he DID everything he said he would do, once he became President) . GREAT! Vote i
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  3. man, for me this was a very unexpected and pleasant surprise i've been lower on the football-wise and other---than i ever have before and it's been a very long time since i've actually enjoyed a whole game let alone a win like this---sweeping dalllas (i'm old so i really still have that rivalry) and winning in their fancy house on t-day it's the same type of long-term behavioral conditioning that leads to a gambling addiction fortunately i have no money
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  4. I don't recalls too many opposing fans being sympathetic when Jay's teams were starting guys they literally signed off the street that week.
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