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    1. Our best players are all past their prime. Trent Williams is icing his knees in between plays. Not sure he can play at a high level anymore for 16 games. Kerrigan is done. Adrian Peterson is way past done. Alex Smith, well, hes Alex Smith. I love CT but who thinks he can finish the season with Captain Checkdown feeding him 15 passes every game? 2. Josh Doctson will be out of football in 2 years. Weve seen enough 3. "Club Jay" is a real thing Team got outworked, out coached, and was completely unprepared for Sunday. The Colts had a transparent gameplan with both tackles out. Run the ball up the middle, and quick passes and slants. Absolutely no answer from the Redskins D. Pathetic. There is no accountability, no hard work, and no fear among the players. None. 4. Andy Reid, once again, sold the Redskins a used Chrysler. Congratulations to him. 5. Bruce Allens ego sent Cousins to the Vikings. There is no coming back from that move, not any time soon. We have no QB plan for the next 7 years. Snyder will not allow a rebuild, so forget about getting one in the draft, unless we trade 2 number 1s again. 6. Dan Snyder is an incompetent idiot. Petty, tyrannical, immature, impatient, and most of all, he is dumb. He will never build a winner. We have all seen enough 7. Team has invested two straight first rounders and two straight second rounders on the defensive front 7 and a RB. our defensive front 7 sucks, and our running game is awful. Enjoy
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    Stupid, stupid move. He was one of our best defensive players. I get that he was crossing the line calling out coaches, but if you really want him gone with only one game left in the season, make him inactive for the last game with a paid one game suspension for conduct detrimental to the team. That will send your message. It also allows the the team to retain his rights and trade him during the off-season. With the way he was playing and the affordable contract, we could've gotten a midround pick for him. Just plain stupid.
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    First of all, I really wanted to expand my vocabulary in the title, but thought better of it. Secondly, one of my biggest pet peeves in my 20+ years of message-boarding (that sounds sad) is fans calling out other fans and/or questioning fandom. I do not like when I hear the more disgruntled fans say the more optimistic fans and/or fans that go to games and buy merch are part of the problem. I hate that actually. Conversely, I also do not like when the more optimistic crowd gets mad at the mor disgruntled crowd and claims they are lesser fans because they aren’t as willing to support them with their presence or dollars. After 25 years, the pessimism is earned. The negativity is legitimate. The skepticism is warranted. But what really irks me? What really annoys the heck out of me? The self loathing. The whining. Ugh, I’d like to see that go away. No one wants to hang out with whiny guy. I mean if you are at a movie and it’s pretty good, but your buddy keeps leaning over to say “yeah, but the ending is gonna suck.” Even if he’s right, it’s sort of like “hey man, can you just pipe down and let the movie ruin itself for me?” It’s almost as if some are disappointed when we win because the doom and gloom is temporarily lifted and they feel obligated to remind you that it can come back REAL fast. As if any Redskin fan can possibly forget that we’ve sucked for 25 years. I have enough reminders of that in my own memory bank. I don’t need another reminder during a brief snippet of happiness or optimism. For me, it’s not optimism or homerism, it’s how I cope. It’s how I stay invested. Just worry about RIGHT NOW. Does THIS game THIS week matter? I fully understsnd that if I get hyped for this game that it is entirely possible, if not likely, that I will come out of it disappointed. I fully understand that whether we win or lose that we can still ultimately completely blow the season. I fully understand that the Redskins haven’t accomplished anything of sognifance yet or anything we haven’t seen many times before. But my feeling is that this cycle will end when it ends. And it will likely not be at a time we see it coming. I mean what if we kind of grind through this year like we’ve grinded these first five games... what if we get some bounces and catch teams at good times? What if we wind up 10-6 and in the playoffs? Even if we do it less than convincingly. Would it not be fun to be in the playoffs? Again, I understand that at 3-2 it is more likely we finish 7-9 than 10-6. I don’t dispute that. But it hasn’t happened yet. And my thought is, why start crying about it until we have real reason to cry about it. The Snyder thing is just a dead horse to me. Unless he dies it’s all wasted breath. I don’t mean that to be crass and I am absolutely not wishing for that. But at this point it just is what it is and for me I have made the conscious choice to roll with it and hope it one days just luckily lines up for us. My love of the Redskins trumps my hatred for anyone or anything else related to them. The Redskins are MY thing. Like I’ve always said, I will never let the Redskins ruin the Redskins for me. So here is the deal. We are 3-2. Dallas is 3-3. Philly looks kind of meh and certainly a few steps behind where they were last year. RIGHT NOW, this game REALLY matters. I’m really looking forward to it. And not because I am delusional about the outcome or what it might bring. I simply choose to not allow my fear of what MIGHT happen to affect the enjoyment and anticipation of what MIGHT happen. I understand that in this relationship I am Charlie Brown and the Redskins are Lucy. I know that sneaky little hussy is likely going to snatch the ball away from me and I’ll land on my arse yet again. And all the other kids will laugh. I get it. But I’m still charging hard... because one of these days she’s going wait too long to pull it and I’m gonna kick that mofo to the moon. And I’d hate to be on the sidelines crying when that day finally comes. I hope no one takes this the wrong way...I am not calling out anyone’s fandom. I view it as a rallying cry of sorts. Cowboys fans don’t have much more to cheer about than we do over the same period. Hell, we’ve actually won one more playoff game than they have over the past 20 years. So it’s not like they have way more reason to pack our stadium than we do. As a Skins fan, this should be a fun week for you. A week to get excited about. Will it end with a nut punch? Yeah, maybe. But I’m not even wearing a cup. I’m not letting those Cowboys #£!? see me sweat like that. Screw them and their Star and their stadium and their owner and their city. A lot of crap has happened prior to this and there may be more crap after this. But right now it’s Redskins-Cowboys and I’m making damn sure everyone knows which side I’m on. Take that weak self-loathing pity elsewhere. Screw Dallas Hail to the Redskins
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    Redskins have a garbage fan base. If you boo your team, you're an asshole. The ****ing browns got more respect from their fans in a winless season than the division leading skins do during a victory.
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    No, no...Dan, not the house. The TEAM, sell the TEAM. Â Â
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    Mason Foster says **** this team and the Redskins get his back. Swearenger calls out the coach and he gets cut. Redskins get a guy on waiver wire who is allegedly a woman beater. This team is all over the ****ing place and has no clue wtf to do.
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    I think I'm on Norman's side here. So far, every time this season I enter ES after a victory it feels like a loss. There's nothing but ****ing and complaining. There's almost not a shred of happiness. It's all handwringing and focus on the bad. The negativism and determination to "keep it real" is insane. There's a segment of the fan base determined to be miserable and poke holes in every half full glass. If I didn't watch the games and know the standings, I'd swear we were a one win team this year based on the tenor and nonstop misery. Sure, fans have had a tough history with this team. My faith that the Redskins will continue succeeding is about as fragile as crepe paper during a tsunami, but we're 6-3, finally have a defense that is not losing every lead, and an offense that is letting the other team make the fatal mistake! I don't know that we should feel good about this team. I don't know that we should be leading parades, but I do think we should be high fiving and sharing a beer instead of crying into them. Right now, the fanbase sucks. It's the teams fault, but our fanbase deserves a round of boos.
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    They would have arrested HaHa as well, but every time he swung he took a bad angle and missed.
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    Bad luck. Trading for McNabb only to go back to the same source where you failed the first time and trade for Alex Smith while signing them both to extensions. Bad luck Ignoring the rest of ownership and summarily getting fined 36 mil in cap space. Bad luck. Trading the farm and getting a supremely talented QB with a terrible attitude; then allowing your owner and head coach run him into the ground. Bad luck. Getting a serviceable QB in the same draft and escorting him out of town through sheer ignorance. Bad luck. 4 major attempts to solve the QB position with multiple draft picks and a ton of cash involved only to be behind square one and in cap Hell. Bad luck. Hiring a drunk to manage your draft and see him keep drinking and then scape-goating him so you can fire him. Bad luck. Consistently signing and drafting players cheap because most of them are injury prone/have an injury history and having 2 straight years of being the most injured team in the NFL. Bad luck. Winning off the field. Bad luck. ”Kurt” Cousins. Bad luck. Harvest Fest and Homecoming. Bad luck. Richmond. Bad luck. Having your head coach call out players and being candid about when they whine about practice while cutting a player for doing the same thing. Bad luck. Making a Redskins legend be your mouth piece and watch him fumble the ball multiple times in interviews. Bad luck. Hiring a highly reputable PR firm and then an NFL PR guru and clashing with both just to send them away. Bad luck. Poor Dan and Bruce. Just a ton of bad luck. I would’ve dissected more, but I came up with this many off the top of my head. I figured this was sufficient.
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    I know a few of you differ from the mindset I’m talking about here, but the majority of you will be in the same boat. For me, as a sports fan I’ve always found it a necessary survival mechanism to separate what I THINK will happen from what I HOPE will happen. Meaning, if I spent my sports fan-life only really being interested when I had a deep belief there was gold at the end of the rainbow, well, maybe I’d be more stable, but I’d also be far more bored. So for me it’s all about the technical possibility. In 1992 I had very, very little hope we could beat the Cowboys in a potential NFC Championship game in Dallas... I am quite sure we would have gotten slaughtered in that game. However, that didn’t matter to me— I was (and remain) crushed we didn’t get the opportunity when we fumbled away the 49ers game. In the Norv years I knew the odds of wining in the playoffs wer gonna be REALLY slim, but I still wanted to get there... You get my point. So here we sit at 5-3 at the midway point of the season. First place in division. And I think the WORST grade you could give the Redskins for the first half is a solid B. And that’s the WORST grade you give give them. In other words, we’ve played half a season and the results have been quite positive. Now, the path they’ve taken to get to 5-3 is far from pretty... but I’ve seen 3-5 enough to know that 5-3 is ALWAYS better, period. And now the crushing news about the crazy injuries and signing half an OL off the street. It’s really frustrating and deflating. Of course my head is telling me we are in big trouble and our first place status won’t last much longer. But here’s the deal. As long as the games matter when they kickoff, they will still matter to me. Consider this: let’s say we hit rock bottom and this one game losing streak turns into a four game losing streak. Yep, let’s say we lose to Tampa, Houston, and Dallas. And let’s say the Eagles WIN two out of three... The reality is that our game on MNF in Philly would STILL be for first place in the division that night. Yeah sure, if we do lose four in a row to fall to 5-6 will there be a feeling of impending doom heading to Philly? Yeah, no doubt. But at the same time I’m a Redskins fan. And if the Redskins are playing a game in December for first place in the division I am GOING to care no matter how much my brain tells me not to. And understand I’ve laid out what is likely the worst case scenario (this is also assuming Dallas isn’t running the table at the same time). In other words, there is really no escaping this season as a fan at this point. It’s probably going to take a five game losing streak to do that. Especially when you consider things are setting up much more likely this year that at least one 9-7 team gets in the NFC playoffs. So, while it might be nice to say “eh, we’re screwed” and check out for the year, I certainly can’t do that. The whole “well we’d be one and done in playoffs anyway” mentality has always been crap to me. Always felt those dudes must be a blast at parties. So here we sit in an odd position as Redskins fans: The Curse of First Place.
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    I couldn't resist. With the Eagles losing, by virtue of a bye the Redskins are all alone in 1st place in the NFC East. Who would have seen this coming? I think it's time to print up some t-shirts and hang some damn banners. We need to carbonate our beers 'til they bubble like champagne. The Redskins have dethroned the Eagles and are better than the Eagles and Giants. Take that Sports Illustrated! Take that ESPN! Take that Sporting News and Bleacher Report! All hail the first quarter season division winning Washington Redskins! :allhail: Okay, obviously I don't think it'll last or stay this way throughout the season, but celebrate damn you celebrate! On a serious note, I noticed a hell of a lot of drops on the televised games today. Almost makes me wonder if we are too hard on our receivers.
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    A nickname? Great. There goes his season.
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    Yaaaay let's cut a productive player and keep trash like Bruce Allen and Jay Gruden around. #wehail
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    Dear Mr President, Please nominate Bruce Allen for your chief of staff. He has been hailed as a successful politician by a former employee, he has a family member accused of racism - disgraced by something he got caught saying on tape, and he loves to talk about winning even though he seldom does. He would be the perfect fit for your administration.
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    Me as the game was about to start... Me after watching one half of Mark "I know the coaches so it's ok" Sanchez... Me after the game ended....
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    I know I haven’t posted in a while. Not to get into why too much and make this about me, but just in case anyone was wondering my mother fell critically ill towards the end of July and then passed away on August 8th. It was very unexpected and sudden, so tough to take, hence the absence. I want to say thank you to everyone who reached out and asked about my whereabouts, you guys know who you are and I certainly know now who I consider true friends on here. But enough of that. I wanted to break my silence here because I absolutely love this move! At least with what I know as of now, which is not much more than Ha Ha is considered elite by PFF, lol. This is what those of us who’ve been clamoring for better from Bruce Allen, who is essentially the Alex Smith of football executives, were looking for. If you’re going to make a trade for a 34 year old vet QB, give up what we gave up, then pay him what we paid, YOU SHOULD BE ALL IN AND SUPER AGGRESSIVE. That’s the time to strike. Yes, have the basic overarching philosophy of building through the draft and being frugal in FA (to a degree), but wisdom is about knowing when to do things, not just what to do. Is there risk here? Absolutely. You risk affecting the chemistry Swearinger has built with Nicholson. You risk alienating Nicholson and discouraging his growth and development. You risk a 2019 4th rounder that we’ve actually been pretty decent at picking players with the last few years. But the reward? You might have the best Safety play in the league from here on out. You answer the moves from your division rivals to bolster their receiving corps’. You add another presence in the secondary that can force the QB to hold onto the ball that much longer, allowing our very good pass rush more time. And you signal to everyone in the locker room that we’re all in and they need to be, too. Now, I don’t know how much of this was actually Bruce or not, but until I find out otherwise I’m happy that he either made the move or allowed someone to make it. This is a step forward for an FO that consistently puts too much on its coaches/players to overcome, plays it way too safe in the team-building department, and/or has historically focused on the wrong positions. And although the absolutely horrendous resource management at the QB position might limit this team for years to come, these type of moves help mitigate it. Hopefully it works out, but I think it shows forward thinking and the right mindset at the highest levels. Good stuff!
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    Josh Norman's reputation FAR outweighs his production. Does anyone really think otherwise? He came to us with the rep of being one of,, if not THE best corner in the game. Do you see that? He collected a huge payday. Have you seen a return on that investment like expected? did anyone hear last week when in the pregame talk-up Charles Davis said Qbs were AFRAID to throw at him? This is Davis who comes here and reads the press points and thinks they are accurate, and Norman's reputation says 'best corner". Have you EVER seen a game in which a QB could be said to be afraid to throw at him? He never fails to bite on a double move. he hasn't got very good make up speed... he goes for strips rather than tackles. I won't rank him against our other corners, but he certainly is not what his rep says he is. Interceptions? They don't exist. PDs barely happen. Passes get completed, though. Sometimes when a guy with a big rep has no picks or PDs it IS because Qbs avoid them. Not Josh. They don't avoid him. I guess some folks would rather be told everything is sugar plums,, even though you watch him trailing a WR with the ball too often for his supposed shut down status. If they traded him for a decent parcel of picks, i wouldn't mind. Cash in on that overblown rep. ~Bang
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    This is AMAZING And yes, language. LANGUAGE. But so good.
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    My dream would be Snyder gets caught up in something that forces him to sell the team or the NFL to take it.
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    Probably more trouble than it's worth but makes for a good YouTube vid.
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    (A perennial favorite...) Strength coach Mike Woicik Moe Szylak, owner of Moe's Tavern
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    Last night I was very emotional. Today I feel the exact same way.  To start:  Jay Gruden benched Josh Norman for performance. You know what? That would go over very, very well...  If you benched the two players who were worse than Josh Norman yesterday in Montae Nicholson and Alex Smith. You want respect? Carry out the actions that earn respect with the entire team. Benching Norman was a headline grabbing move, intentional or not, to show he's not going to put up with poor performance. Meanwhile, the quarterback is on the other side of the ball doing a Patrick Ramsey terrified he;s going to get crushed impersonation, while channeling his inner Mark Brunell with the check downs, ad then performing worse than Danny Wuerffel in his accuracy game. Oh, and the quarterback led to not one... but two of our best players (Peterson and Thompson) getting injured. This really frustrated the hell out of me. Oh hey, great, you benched Norman who I said we should have traded in the offseason because of poor play... But man, let's let the two players who are playing worse than him stay in the game. Genius.  Speaking of genius. Thompson up the middle. Am I right?  Our inside backers can go sideline to sideline with the best of em... but if they need to cover or penetrate they can still go side line to side line with the best of them. That's all I'm going to say on that front.  Paul Richardson is a decent receiving target. One of our better receivers in recent memory. That catch was a thing of beauty. If Alex Smith could put the ball anywhere near our receivers we might have scored six more points sometime in that game.  Kapri Bibbs should have made this team from day one. I still don't understand why the team kept Rob Kelley over him. But the whole "bench Norman, let Nicholson and Smith play" mantra shows that our coaches play favorites with who they sit and who they don't. Again, I'm not arguing Norman didn't deserve it. But if you drop the hammer... drop the ****ing hammer.  Brandon Scherff has been off the last few weeks as well. Just not playing to his level. Hoping he's dealing with some nagging injuries.  But speaking of the offensive line... I've said it more than once and I'll continue to say it. Moving Roullier to LG and letting Bergstrom play C is one of the worst decisions I've seen. It's just so bad. Instead of replacing one player, you replaced two. That screws with chemistry on an offensive line so damn much it's unreal. And if you are going to make that switch, why wouldn't you make it to put your best five available linemen on the field? Bergstrom has been terrible. If you're going to get cute why not put Nsheke at LT, Williams at LG, Roullier at C, Scherff at RG and Moses at RT? Why make that move?  I don't know. I'm not totally down on this team. We all know they show up one week and are totally absent the next. It's the Redskin mantra. But I don't think this team is going to do much of anything.  It's been 27 seasons since this team has won 11 games. 1991. Seriously. 27 years.  And how the hell does this team lay an egg on MNF EVERY.DAMN.TIME? Doesn't matter the coach. Doesn't matter the players. It's EVERY.DAMN.MONDAY.  Congrats to the Saints. This whole post has been about how bad the Skins were. But the Saints were excellent. Congrats to Drew Brees, too. Deserved awards.  To the Redskins...  what the ****?
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    Need this win today. Need to maintain a lead in the division and put NY down. A third win in a row would be a rare treat. Flying the flag in Idaho
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