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    I see your opinion on this subject is moot then. Hilary Clinton was not a great candidate, nor did she run a great campaign. However she was at the bare minimum, more than qualified. She lost the election due to a myriad of things, including gerrymandered districts, Russian troll farms, Russian voting booths, disappearing voter-rolls, vote suppression, and a media that was so focused on making money off the spectacle that was Donald Trump, that it spent 90% of the race doing nothing but ignoring policy and focusing on the next stupid thing he says or does while trying to give his word some sort of validity. They thought he had no chance to win, and so decided to profit off it all; completely ignoring the moves being made behind the curtain. There is no one person at fault here. There were alot of elements at play. But lets get back to this ridiculous comment. You are telling me that with Clinton as president we would have: 1. nominated an AG that had sued the EPA 14 separate times to become the leading EPA chief 2. nominated a billionaire heiress who has spent much of her career siding with corporations over students, educators, and and student loan borrowers to the Secretary of Education 3. nominated a brain surgeon with no experience whatsoever in housing to the secretary of housing 4. bailed out of a nuclear deal with Iran that took decades to achieve. 5. lost billions within 2 years on tarriffs 6. invited neo-nazi facist groups into the whitehouse 7. created concentration camps at our borders 8. partnered with every dictator at the table 9. ignored and almost praised the torture and murder of an American citizen by a foreign regime 10. praised a dictatorship for killing its own people to have control. 11. had more than 20 different sexual assault and rape accusations thrown at her 12. made hundreds of millions by spending 50% of his time on his own golf courses 13. removed sanctions on Russia and North Korea 14. attempted to build a wall with russian steel along the border for a non-existent threat 15. single handedly destroyed the soy market 16. sided with foreign countries over our own FBI, CIA, and Allied Intelligence agencies. 17. Held secret meetings with foreign dictators without representation. 18. Pardoned convicted war criminals 19. Authorized illegal raids on immigrant families with intentions to throw them into concentration camps 20. Praised neo-nazi voilence against peaceful protestors etc. The fact that you could stand here and proudly state how you think that somehow the world would be just as bad with Hilary is incredulous.
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    *He says as he mounts his trusty soap box* *He says during his self-righteous tirade*
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    Yes. Let’s make fun of her instead of the kids. I’ll start. What the hell is wrong with that ****’s ovaries to produce such ugly ass kids?
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    Hi. Knock off all the off colour jokes about dead babies and child sex and keep the conversation about the topic of the thread. And I get the topic of the thread IS child sex but lets keep the conversation clean - we have a family audience here. Sanctions will be handed out of the conversation veres off into this territory again.
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    You might want to change your handle from Bacon to something more fitting. Perhaps, Celery?
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    Is this a bit where the two of you represent the bickering factions in the House?
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    Wait for it.... you know it's coming.... wait for it.........
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    When you’ve given the best years of your life to a political movement that produced Trump as its champion and you’re left ashamed and aimless, without purpose or grace or wit...you can always begin your day by putting a fine spit-shine on the scrotum of the Golden Troll-God Idol you worship. You might even even catch a glimpse of your own reflection if you really put your back into it...
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    And because we’ve learned nothing from the past, twa’s typically nonsense article alleges that Ilhan Omar committed immigration fraud and married her brother: both baseless rumors coming from an obscure right wing blog that were then picked up by other more mainstream right wingers and blown up. Literally no proof and just another smear accusation against a minority elected official. https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/ilhan-omar-marry-brother/ How shocking that the party of birtherism is at it again. Typically shameful behavior, nakedly racist and really kind of gross tbh. twa is kind of like the loony bin punching bag around here, but every now and then you get to see the really vile stuff people like him engage in, which has real world consequences and makes you utterly sad about the state of this country.
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    I’m just going to be in my room listening to my Will Smith CD. Let me know when you guys are done.
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    There is only one face we need to see in the White House.
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    Kinda like Doc's ankles aren't really ankles....
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    True story. If you google Dunning Kruger effect, this is the first image result. Checkmate libtards.
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    Maybe Trump will tweet out tomorrow that he wants a blanket ban on a group people of people entering the US simply centered on their religious beliefs. Or maybe stir controversy about the legitimacy of America’s first colored President. Maybe he’ll even accuse a political opponents family of assassinating a US President. Maybe he’ll be caught on tape talking about sexually assaulting women. Now THAT will prove that he’s a rotten person. ——- We’ve known he’s a ****bag for years now and everyone who voted for him did so in complete endorsement of it. Sexual assault, racism, bigotry, it was all deemed acceptable. Nothing today changes that and anyone who says that people who voted for him aren’t endorsing his behavior and deeming it acceptable are very dumb people.
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    Scherff would just grab the bull by the horns, and toss him out of the arena.
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    Adults shouldn’t be mocking children online like that, that’s ****ty. Read the thread, they’re making fun of the way those little girls look on social media where everyone can see it. This is bullying and it’s gross.
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    How can you guys be so obtuse? Right now we don’t even know if he’ll ever be able to walk again.
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    Sounds like every lesbian's worst nightmare.... I am sorry...having an adolescent Monday...
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    Ethan is having a very good summer, Univ. Akron Men's Soccer camp this weekend. Ethan was selected as the starting GK for the All-Star team and named as the Most Valuable Goalkeeper for the camp out of 24 goalkeepers. We had some more very good conversations with the coaches. For those who may not know Akron, they have won their conference championship every year since 2002, they've had several NCAA tourney Final Fours and a National Championship, in short they are a men's college soccer powerhouse. We were talking with the head coach and he said that Ethan was the fan favorite among the coaches. This was the 2nd All Star team he's been named to at NCAA Division 1 teams this summer.
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    I finally saw the Han Solo movie. I really liked it. One of the above sentences is a lie.
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