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    Dont worry about us..we're close....maybe next year
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    Joining Zimmerman as Mr. National. 11, 31, and 37 will never be worn again.
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    Option 3: Win the division, win the Super Bowl, Allen gets fired or he retires anyways, we are given the #1 overall pick because the league feels bad for the franchise for having to deal with Bruce Allen for so long. Any other answer is wrong.
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    My 50th birthday was Black Friday. Been back-and-forth on a guy about a guitar since before that. Happy Birthday to me.
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    So people really think Haskins was faking his injury? Get the **** outta here. Says a lot more about you than it does Haskins.
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    Cooleyfan and bakedtater miscommunicating is top tier ES schtick except it's real.
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    Because we need to get Peterson lots of touches so he can develop as a RB.
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    I have Eagles having to go 1-2-1 at best. Im not following all the tie breakers but im basing this on the espn playoff generator. Having said all that - Here is how i see it Cowboys are CLEARLY not winning any more games . Eagles - They beat cowboys (See above) obliviously we beat them . This leaves 2 against Giants but with Eli back and having something to prove - No problem. We beat the Eagles and cowboys (See above) Giants - We can take em. Also - if we reach the playoffs on a 6 game winning streak we will be unstoppable. So - In my unbiased, clear as day, view - Which can really not be disputed by anyone -The only thing standing the way between the Redskins to win a super bowl after starting 1-9 is the Packers this Sunday! My logic is solid.
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    Sticking with what I said, if bruce returns I'm out. Not doing this **** anymore.
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    I've said for the last week plus that I believe Allen would be gone, but by "retirement" to avoid a firing or 'mutually parting ways" but it's highly doubtful that Allen would "retire" this week. Nobody knows for sure except that there's no way Snyder can justify Allen's employment anymore. His organization is ruined. His business is gushing blood. The NFL is not happy. The minority owners are not happy. The fan and customer base absolutely loathes everything associated with Allen and Snyder. It's time. Friendships and name legacies be damned. Do the right thing, Dan. Do the thing you should have done a long time ago.
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    I’ve been around here for quite some time. Hope this doesn’t get taken the wrong way since I’m not a 1k plus poster but... The hate for this man (Haskins) by some of our “own” fans/media is unreal. Some of us deserve the **** show Snyder/Allen has created. The man had no quit in him today. He was hurt and showed some guts but to assume he was faking/milking is unreal. Damn.... I get the frustration about his play, I want the guy to get better too. I’m ok with his progression thus far especially with the current state of this franchise. I liked his toughness today. Also paying with young skill position players, it will take some time. But please guys and gals let’s not be that fan base doubting this man injury. Hail to our REDSKINS... And Snyder if you’re reading this, get Bruce the **** out of here already!
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    So you’re saying we poorly manage our resources, it’s totally on the owner and his top exec in charge of that, and they set up every one else for failure in the process as they essentially have to coach, scout and play with that handicap against the rest of the league? No one has thought about this or discussed this the past how many years and you’re crazy for suggesting it!
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    Ensign Joshua Kaleb Watson, Student, Naval Aviation Schools Command, 23, from Coffee, Alabama Airman Mohammed Sameh Haitham, Student, Naval Aviation Schools Command, 19, from St. Petersburg, Florida Airman Apprentice Cameron Scott Walters, Student, Naval Aviation Schools Command, 21, from Richmond Hill, Georgia Thank you for your service. Lets not lose sight of the victims as we rush to blame a group before the investigation happens.
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    next year dwyane will be on another team for whatever they can get for him cuz dan's gonna pony up tens of millions in cash to bring brady to the 'skins
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    Don't worry guys. Order will be restored soon. The defense's strategy for stopping the Packers is to make Aaron Rodgers beat them.
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    Only my ex-girlfriend, she deserves an oscar for who she pretended to be.
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    Same. I’ve really enjoyed watching some of our young talent compete the last few weeks.
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    Gonna be quick hitter style today: -Haskins seemed beat up sometimes, and not others. We all saw him get rolled up on, so I am NOT questioning the injury (stay away, white knights!), I am, however, pointing out that he carried out fakes, scrambled and planted and threw well on a large percentage of plays and the issue seemed to flare between plays, on the sidelines and just some of the plays. -Regardless of point 1, he deserves credit for gutting it out. -Regardless of the first two points, I don't think he's the guy moving forward. I don't advocate cutting ties yet, he can develop as a project, but he sure as **** can't be the starter next year (or the planned starter, if he wins it he wins it, but he can't be the only plan. -Callahan and KOC are not great offensive play callers. They left Haskins out to dry with some of those predictable calls and not allowing him to find a rhythm. -The defense needs to figure out how to not give up easy points in the beginning parts of games. -The D played well for a good portion of the game. Part of that was Packer miscues, but the D has been playing much better football lately. -Peterson runs like a man. -McLaurin is an absolute stud. -I didn't hear news ahead of time, and I didn't see an injury report, but was Quinn hurt or benched? Sims played a lot in the slot. (And well). -Hopkins is a good kicker. He's not the best kicker in the league, and he misses some stuff that makes you say, "what?!", but he's good enough to keep around (until we find someone more consistent, but kickers are not easy to find in this league). -Tress Way is an absolute animal. -Matt Ioan is probably the defensive MVP so far. The only other two candidates at the moment are Daron Payne and Landon Collins, in my opinion. Collins is probably third. Ioan and Payne should sumo wrestle for it. -Linebackers aren't great sideline to sideline. -Sweat is improving every single week. I am enjoying watching his development. He's going to be a good one. -Landon Collins looks great in coverage sometimes, and sometimes he's a total liability. Overall, though, I'm quite happy with him at the SS spot. -The team desperately needs a starting FS. Nicholson/Apke are fine as the depth guy. We just need a starter. -Guice's durability remains a concern moving forward. He's one of the most talented backs this team has had in a very, very long time. But he can't stay on the field. This is a concern. The Skins can't go into next season relying on Peterson, Love and Guice. Only one of the three has a history of health, and he's aging (though still a stud). Keep in mind, Thompson is a free agent this offseason. Studs: Terry McLaurin - *** Matty Ioan - ** Adrian Peterson - * Duds: O'Connell - Callahan - Bruce Allen - Season Totals: Terry McLaurin - 21x* Tress Way - 7x* Adrian Peterson - 7x* Ioan - 5x* Daron Payne - 5x* Derrius Guice - 5x* Steven Simms - 5x* Quinton Dunbar - 2x* Fabian Moreau - 2x* Nate Orchard - 2x* Inside LBs - 2x* Jonathan Allen - 2x* Paul Richardson - 2x* Ryan Kerrigan - 1x* Kelvin Harmon - 1x* Vernon Davis, fans who left - 1x* Case Keenum - Push KOC 1x Jeremy Sprinkle - 2x Injuries - 2x Nicholson - 2x Special Teams - 3x Right Side of OL - 3x Dwayne Haskins - 4x :( Greg Manusky - 7x Jay Gruden -8x Bill Callahan - 11x Josh Norman - 11x Bruce Allen -25x
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    Nah, I'm the same way, but for the moment I can get excited at the possibility of no longer seeing Allen's stupid face
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    You realize how close I live to Montana?
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