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    Weird that Haskins’ WRs went from undraftable playing with JT Barrett, an OSU legend, to becoming high draft picks in 2019 (the production of each WR pretty much doubled), yet Haskins is “not that guy” that can make everybody around him better.
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    But then only criminals would have them.
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    The troll is strong in you. Tailgate isn't the place for you.
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    Zion looks like the dragon from how to train your dragon
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    Or Ted has been running the show the entire time.. Leonsis is Grunfeld Grunfeld is Leonsis
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    Last night was the last damn straw, I’m so over this crap!! I may be 30+ years old, but I can still throw these hands, and can still handle my own, in a fight!! So you cowards think you're bad ass, because 4 of you came at me & started crap with me AGAIN?? 4 of you....REALLY??? So now it takes 4 of you to come at me??? I still handled my own, I left one of you laying on the ground, flopping around..and slapped the crap out of one of you, and left your blood everywhere, the last two of you, got scared and got away. I just came out of my house & there you were, waiting for me, ON MY OWN PROPERTY I might add!!!. You're all lucky I don't have any marks on my face!!! I have some on my arms, legs ...& my neck, but no big deal!! Bet you weren't expecting me to fight back, .. huh? I'm too damn old for this kind of crap. and I'm not gonna lie, I wanted to turn and run, but i kept on coming at you, and I made sure you got yours too.. all I have to say is you attacked me not only once..but many times on my own property, you're a bunch of cowards!! And as soon as I got the best of 2 of you.. the other 2 took off like your butts were on fire, coming to my house and trying to jump me was a big mistake, because This time I was ready for ya!! What goes around comes around, and you get what you deserve. I swear, I HATE all you Damn Mosquitoes!!!
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    More ridiculousness. Who needs sovereignty anyway? Why call ourselves a nation at all? America the puppet. GOP Morons: We gots ta git voter ID cards to make sure no illegals **** up our elections! GOP Morons: But foreign governments can play in them all they want so long as they back our guy, and they will back our guy because we are treasonous ****ing snakes willing and ready to sell our country out. You people are ****ing traitors. Hope one day this country treats you as such. Up against the wall and ~Bang
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    the cynic in me thinks Ted drafted to get an influx of Asian dollars
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    Once upon a time, a poster named @MEANDWARF started a thread titled “Happy Sunday People”. It was a thread to spread the gospel through bible verses. Now, I could go into a thread that MEANDWARF started and talk about how much of a sham religion is and how there is no God and that people who follow him are brainwashed. But that would have been a total dick move, and I don’t often like being a dick. Stop being a dick MEANDWARF.
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    People that sympathize with that view are voting for Trump no matter who the Dems nominate. Everyone else, well, doesn't hold those views.
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    And If people like nonniey are liking your posts, you’re doing something wrong
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    There are lots of things I don't like about Gruden but his ability to get the most out of a quarterbacks skills, at least for me isn't one of them. Dalton in cinci, cousins here and then even after the debacle here last year what Johnson was doing, I thought was incredibly impressive. To bring a guy in off the street mid season who's totally green to your system and have it even function at all much less show periods off success, I think most of that was on Gruden. Just my opinion and I could be way off but I've always thought Gruden was excellent with quarterbacks and I wonder what he could do with a true blue chipper.
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    Full disclosure here - I did not want Haskins. I did not want any QB this last draft. But now that we have him, I am warming up to him. I have been watching more and more film of him. I see all the things others do in terms of footwork, pressure, how he operates outside the lines. But I have stated all this before. My response to the scouts was that I felt they appeared biased or at least exaggerated. And nothing you said is anything I have not said or that I disagreed with in their analysis outside of severity. Again, I think their analysis was exaggerated. In direct response to your comments: His air yards - the number you were looking for was - actually 10.3 yds not 7.9. His yds/att was 8th highest for 2019 at 9.1yds/att. I added both those numbers for the exact reason of pointing out he did not just throw a bunch of panicked under routes. Not saying this to be snide, but maybe you didn't read to the bottom? That's where I put the numbers. I keep seeing people say that he was behind an "elite" Oline. That is just not true. Per Football Outsiders - not perfect but at least some kind of consistent measure, here are the Ohio State Pass Blocking Rankings: Not exactly the stuff elite olines are made of. The only top 10 ranking they have is sacks on passing downs - which can be helped by a good QB who gets rid of the ball. So he was in fact behind a mediocre oline. Having said that, I have been advocating he sit for a season myself. If he is rushed out there it may not the best idea but I am actually warming up to that too. Let's find out. So he takes a few bumps. Gets a bit frustrated. That is going to happen sooner or later. Let's find out now if he has the capacity to get through it. From all I am reading about the guy and his work habits, his desire to do the best he can and his mental toughness makes me think more and more, WTF, give him a go. Don't get me wrong. I would also totally get letting Case start the season and play it out if he has some success. It would not hurt Haskins to sit. I am just not sure it would be as detrimental or as big a disaster as some are making it out to be if he started immediately. Last but not least, you get better by experience. If he is going to improve how he reacts to pressure up the middle, he needs more looks, more time playing time, not less. You don't learn that by sitting on a the bench. In the end I hope Jay plays the guy that best for the team. If tha'ts Case, go for it. If it's Haskins, go with him. What I do nto want is like what we had with Robert and have Haskins annointed the starter jsut becasue he is a 1st rd draft pick. He needs to earn it in training camp.
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    Who knows. But my guess is even if the Redskins don't oblige to what Trent wants -- he ends up playing anyway. It's one thing to miss minicamp. It's another to miss a weekly paycheck of almost a million dollars.
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    This is pretty crazy: https://www.nbcsports.com/washington/video/bradley-beal-jayson-tatum-trade-possible I can't figure out why they would do it, but If the Celtics are willing to build an offer around Jayson Tatum, then you say Hell Yes. That is the best potential haul I've seen so far. **** I would even consider Beal for Tatum straight up if the Celtics had the cap space. If we got a pick(s) out of it too, nobody is beating that.
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    THIS is your standard Trump voter. No coherent positions, simply antagonizing for the sake of being the voice of dissent. They’re the ****ing douchebag hipsters of the political world. Probably can’t even articulate why he thinks Hillary should be in jail.
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    This might be the dumbest thing I’ve heard an owner say. Ted is ****ing incompetent.
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