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    NEW BANG CARTOON! "Giant Shoes" The New York Giants have drafted a new QB, and Eli is going to show him how to be a pro And for the picky, the Redskins make an appearance. Have fun! Share and subscribe. ~Bang
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    Remember when Trent Williams had the audacity to go out and buy a necklace after he was drafted? We all knew he was a bust right then and there.
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    RG3 didnt fail here because he had a logo and Cousins didnt succeed because he drove his grandmas van. Yall are conflating things that frankly dont make any ****ing sense. Its like saying your last girlfriend cheated on you and she had a vagina so no more chicks with vaginas cause it gives you PTSD. Only chicks with dicks from now on!!! I think this is the only appropriate response to be honest.
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    You might want to check this out: http://www.haskinsandhaskins.com/ His family company does branding among other things for the last 25 years. He comes from a family of wealth and is the CEO of this company. Yeah that should set off whole bunch of alarms...lol I don't understand why people hate or dislike when a player buys stuff. Who cares, not everyone is stupid or becomes stupid when they land on whole bunch of money. I will say this: Good for Dwayne. He went in the 1st round based on some talent he has and not on the fact that he has a clothing line business. If he fails that is on him and not on what kind of car he bought for himself and his mom.
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    Not directed at you as I know you are just posting the video. This is complete bull****. Haskins just got an $8.5M signing bonus! He got his mom and himself a car! Who is this clown to judge Haskins. Sorry I hate this kind of garbage. They also whined about Cousins driving a van - he was being fake. Good grief these guys just need to STFU sometimes! Just like when Dan bought a $M boat. He has the money he wants to spend it so he spent it. They need to worry about their money and let Haskins worry about his. Ok rant over. Exactly!! People are trying so hard to find some little bull**** they can drill these guys on. It's nauseating.
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    That's a great article. Back right before the draft or right after, I was having this conversation with SIP about how in or how out Jay was. The beat guys were giving the statement that Jay wasn't in on Haskins so if we drafted him (and traded up) it was a Dan and Bruce decision. But I always wondered what that meant. I have a quote somewhere in this thread where I directly ask that question. First, this is almost a direct opposite statement to what Cooley is saying, that OSU's offense is too simple. This article goes further than any other beat reporter has done because we have direct quotes from Gruden, and I really wonder how long he's been working on this piece because he's talking about stuff from back in March. Did Breer know he'd likely write this (possibly, if all went well) back then or was this put together since the draft? I love the direct quotes and the direct opinion from Gruden on Haskins. It really gives me some comfort in the relationship. I mean, I don't really care about the comparison but I like that last part of the quote. That's what I want to hear from my coach about his QB. Hopefully this continues to develop.
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    Sandor yelling "****ing die already" at Gregor while jamming a sword into his neck really sums this season up.
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    Now that the WW's turned out to be nothing, it's not an interesting story any more.
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    Haskins is saying all the right things and he means it. I like his attitude and demeanor from his interviews, especially post draft. The day of the draft I think he was overwhelmed a little by the draft night spectacle. I do believe Jay knows how to work well with qb’s and get them to maximize their skills, I have no doubt. Bottomline: I believe if a QB has the goods, by goods I mean a top 12 QB. A qb that gives you a chance to win your division every year, consistently make the playoffs and maybe make a super bowl run. He shows you that talent and those flashes from day one even in the worst of situations. The talent shines through. Whether he starts day 1 or game 1 of his second season. I don’t believe that giving him time to sit or throwing him into the fire will affect whether he ultimately succeeds in the league as a top 12 QB. If he’s got it we’ll know sooner than later. And that takes us back to the young man that looks ready to play the part. He seems adept in the film room, seems very coachable, wants to be great, and has earned everything he’s achieved till now. He’s got a lot going for him, it’s gonna be a fun ride to see if he’s the one.
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    I'm not sure what Marvin Harrison has to do with my post lol... But we shouldn't confuse catch rate with drop rate. According to this-- https://www.foxsports.com/nfl/stats?season=2018&week=100&category=RECEIVING&opp=0&sort=11&qualified=1&sortOrder=0&page=1 --Dotson had 3 drops in 78 targets last year for a 3.8% drop rate. You'll notice a lot of talented WRs on that list with a higher drop rate. I also remember a stat tweeted a year ago or so about something like 45% of the passes thrown Doctson's way in 2017 were accurate, and that he was the only WR in the NFL with an accurate pass percentage below 50%.
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    Some of yall should stop whatever it is you are doing and be scouts.
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    Bruce has been poking his head out in the media lately after a very strong draft and getting praise for it. They'd be smart to ride that wave and a roster full of young interesting talents and let the Hard Knocks buzz bump them a bit more. They need a popularity and more importantly likability bump if they want that new stadium, after all.
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    So what I learned from this thread is that Haskins buying a car and having a brand means he must be RG3. By the way, you guys should see this sweet alarm clock I bought. When it goes off in the morning, it makes the sun come up. I swear every time that alarm clock goes off, I see the sun start to come up. Y’all are lucky I bought this thing because otherwise the sun would never come up in the morning. Seriously, that’s what some of these arguments sound like on the last few pages.
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    4.5 years ago, the mods allowed me to make a few completely unrelated posts when my oldest had a great interview at VCU dental, and an elated update when she was accepted. Proud Daddy moments just make you want to bust if you can't share. I appreciate the indulgences very much. ....so with all that said, Today she became a Doctor. Carry on, just had to have my Daddy moment #proud daddy
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    "But what about white chicks!?!?" Every time lol
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    What are you going to do when Jamie and Cersei crawl out from under a trash dumpster next episode?
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    Giants are out. That leaves us, Raiders, & Lions... I hope we get picked. I love Hard Knocks and it would be awesome to get that inside look at the team!
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    I'm telling you guys Washington with your draft will be one of the most improved teams in the league.
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    ***Language Warning*** Lucky Number Slevin. Nobody in the thread seemed to believe it was possible... but the Giants have taken ineptitude to levels even Washington doesn’t dare dream of.
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    Yeah ideally he'll keep driving the 30 year old Honda accord his grandmother gave him so the fans will think he's humble and that will somehow translate into guaranteed success on the field.
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    I think you're covered in shadows brother. You trust the narrative, spun by the media, that Jay didn't want the guy, but you don't trust the narrative, spun by the media, that he does. These things are almost always more complex than any author knows or can convey. I think people worrying about whether or not he was Jay's guy are just giving themselves a headache unnecessarily. Whether it was Dan/Bruce/Kyle/Jay/O'Connell or whoever doesn't matter much. It's all conjecture. And there's tons of spin.
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