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    I have only one demand from the team as far as the lineup goes: Case Keenum and Adrian Peterson on the field together, *****slapping the Vikings on Minnesota's home turf.
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    Chad Grimm played LB at Virginia Tech for 4 years. Then immediately became an NFL assistant coach, which he has been for 10 years.
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    Hyped to see what Settle can do this year. Along with getting into better shape, another main goal for Settle is to improve on watching game film. Settle doesn’t just want to be able to get better at watching and evaluating game tape, rather he wants to become a master of it. “This year I want to focus on knowing how to break down tape by myself, and breakdown everything by myself,” Settle said. “I’m going to get to the point where you can’t tell me anything about tape, I’m going to be on it. Coming up, I didn’t know how to study film and study football.” Settle’s biggest motivator for getting better at watching tape and improving in all areas is defensive line coach Jim Tomsula. “Jim [Tomsula] knows how to push,” Settle said. “He pushes and I appreciate him so much for that. Without him, I don’t know how I would have handled this year. He’s not going to let up on you, he doesn’t care if you’re tired, if you’re mad, he’s not going to let up on you. He’s like that because he knows how much potential these players have and what we can do. When you’ve got someone like that who’s on your side, backing you up, you’re ready to go to war for anybody.” https://www.redskins.com/news/after-learning-the-nfl-ropes-tim-settle-is-taking-advantage-of-the-offseason
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    I really like that youtube video...but good lord, DiNardo really needs to learn about the concept of personal space. He was practically sitting on Dwayne's lap.
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    Gonna ask, and I have a sinking feeling I'm going to regret this: Why, exactly, do we care what Haskins spends his money on... Why do we care if he goes broke? Why do we care if he stays rich the rest of his life? It is a total non-factor for us. As fans I believe we should care about a few things: On field play, his character, and the number one rule: him not being a dick. If you're a hater, lover, neutraler, apologist, Hiram of Haskins, Keen for Keenum, Cult of Colt... It frankly doesn't matter in the least, to literally any of us. I go through life working a regular job, making less in my entire LIFE than Haskins will on his actual contract. Him buying a Bentley, or a 70's shaggin' wagon is of absolutely no consequence to any of us. So... why do we care what he spends his money on, and why are we offering him financial advice or posting articles about players going broke?
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    This thread is full of amazing financial advice, rules for how much money you're allowed to spend on car after signing any contracts. I think ES needs to collaborate and send Dwayne a grocery list of what he is and isn't allowed to buy. First off, cereal: Buying Lucky Charms is a big red flag, that's .0000002% of his contract, that's way too much. His financial advisor should put his foot down and limit it to Great Value brand only.
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    Now that the WW's turned out to be nothing, it's not an interesting story any more.
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    Oh my God. My mouth literally dropped open as I read that Ernie made more than 4 million a year. All this time I just assumed he kept the job because he worked dirt cheap. PLEASE let me have this job Ted. I will work for just two million a year and I promise you I will get two draft picks right every five years instead of one.
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    You're in ****ing Wisconsin, what did you expect, palm trees? Move somewhere below the Arctic circle and you won't have these problems
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    What business is it of any of us what type car or how he spends HIS money. As long as it gets his butt to practice on time I don't care. Once I got my first steady paycheck I went out and bought a car also. It wasn't a Bentley but if I made his kind of cash it very well might have been. From what I understand, cash has never been a problem for his family. Work hard young man and enjoy the ride (in your new Bentley).
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    NEW BANG CARTOON! "Giant Shoes" The New York Giants have drafted a new QB, and Eli is going to show him how to be a pro And for the picky, the Redskins make an appearance. Have fun! Share and subscribe. ~Bang
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    ERNIE GOT 16 MOTHER****ING YEARS TED, give a rising star a 5 year deal. Goodness gracious.
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    As probably the only person discussing abortion to actually having one and subsquently giving birth to my daughter years later, I will tell of my experience. My first pregnancy, I was on birth control pills and they failed. The man didn't wear a condom exercising his bodily autonomy. Neither of us wanted a child at that point. We weren't in a committed relationship and weren't in a financial position to support a child. We each paid half of the price. My best GF came with me, and that was the end of that relationship. I was happy to have the choice to exercise my bodily autonomy. And I have never forgotten that I was pregnant and I have never forgotten how grateful that I didn't have to continue to be pregnant. My second pregnancy occurred when I wasn't using birth control due to medical issues and the father didn't use condoms ever because he didn't like them. When I realized I was pregnant at four months, it was too late for a legal abortion. So I decided to keep my daughter. During this time, when I told the father I was pregnant, he informed me that he had gotten married the previous year and his wife was pregnant too. So I never got support from him because he lived in another state, and at that time there wasn't reciprocal child support between states. He later killed himself when she was three, so never any support. I don't accept sympathy because I was able to support her myself very well. Plus I was able to live my Lesbian life without interference. My life would have been much different had I been forced to carry the first pregnancy to term, even if I had signed up for adoption. I had a problem pregnancy the second time. Ultimately, it was my life that counted and not a collection of cells. I want every female to have the same rights of her body as I did, the choice to complete pregnancy or to terminate it. It's no one's decision but her's.
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    Bruce needs to get on the phone with Gase ASAP. The time is now to capitalize. You just know there’s a good player or two there Gase doesn’t like for some reason and will sell low. Or he’s just overwhelmed and can get bamboozled. Whatever, just capitalize. I’m only half kidding here. Actually, screw that, I’m not kidding at all. That being said Santos and co. haven’t necessarily been good at pro personnel (or Bruce isn’t listening), so I don’t know if we’d actually nab the right guy from them, lol. Still, I hope they try.
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    Whoever wins the nomination - hold your nose and vote for them. Four more years of this **** show does not bear thinking about - and the damage already done will long outlast Trump even now.
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    If we can win a game with Josh Johnson after being shredded by injuries all over the place, we can win games with a rookie QB.
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    I don't really analyze schedules. Every year sees teams that were good the previous year disappoint and teams that disappointed last season be impressive. It's a schedule. Where games of football will be played. From just a broad view, it looks like if the Skins make the playoffs they're going to earn it. To keep the thread on topic: I don't think that should matter in whether Haskins plays or not. If he wins the job, he should start.
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    "But what about white chicks!?!?" Every time lol
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