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    I liked it. Am grateful that I lived to see the end. Outstanding TV series over 10 years. I am happy with the ending. I think it's because I watched and didn't project my own storytelling into it. A little more about me. Since my stroke, I haven't read nearly as much as I used to. So TV and movies are the most meaningful now. I loved this show.
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    On watching film and the whole 'first in last out' thing. There is no doubt that work ethic and 'putting in the time' is crucial for an NFL QB. Crucial. The mental requirements of mastering your own offense AND the defensive looks you will be seeing AND the adjustments based on those looks just demands it. But its 2019 people. Film can be broken down by the analysis team and sent in clips as required to an ipad/tablet - you want to see every third and 7 look from an opposing defense, here you go. Want to see how they defended every single 1st down this season when they were against 21 personnel, here you are. Want to see isolation on a specific corner and how he plays a specific route or route combination, not a problem. Watching 'film' is now much easier, much more productive - and can be done literally anywhere. The back seat of a Bentley for example ... Spending time in the facility and watching some of this with coaches and other QBs is important. But (metaphorically) sleeping on a fold up bed in the training room is not a measure of anything really.
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    OTs have easier assignments than they used to because of how shotgun heavy offenses are now. They're overvalued by the league, and their cost is a market inefficiency that the smart teams like the Patriots exploit. They traded sixth round positioning for Trent Brown and used him as the LT for an elite OL. The season ends and now Oakland is paying 16 million a year for him. You don't have to be fast any more to play OT. You just have to be big and able to handle power counters reasonably well. You can get all of the help you need from six man protections when you get matched up with Von Miller. OGs are undervalued. B Gap rush has become the premium rusher position in the era of shotgun spreads and Aaron Donald and you can't scheme in help for a guard with your Y. Nor can you abandon your Y to handle the edge rush by comboing the B gap. These are individual match ups that your guards have to win. You need two great interior linemen to handle interior pressure. Losing Scherff would be a massive blow.
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    Chad Grimm played LB at Virginia Tech for 4 years. Then immediately became an NFL assistant coach, which he has been for 10 years.
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    Hyped to see what Settle can do this year. Along with getting into better shape, another main goal for Settle is to improve on watching game film. Settle doesn’t just want to be able to get better at watching and evaluating game tape, rather he wants to become a master of it. “This year I want to focus on knowing how to break down tape by myself, and breakdown everything by myself,” Settle said. “I’m going to get to the point where you can’t tell me anything about tape, I’m going to be on it. Coming up, I didn’t know how to study film and study football.” Settle’s biggest motivator for getting better at watching tape and improving in all areas is defensive line coach Jim Tomsula. “Jim [Tomsula] knows how to push,” Settle said. “He pushes and I appreciate him so much for that. Without him, I don’t know how I would have handled this year. He’s not going to let up on you, he doesn’t care if you’re tired, if you’re mad, he’s not going to let up on you. He’s like that because he knows how much potential these players have and what we can do. When you’ve got someone like that who’s on your side, backing you up, you’re ready to go to war for anybody.” https://www.redskins.com/news/after-learning-the-nfl-ropes-tim-settle-is-taking-advantage-of-the-offseason
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    Full conscience stream for the final episode, written as I watched. It's a long and rambling mess, so click at your own risk. You shouldn't.
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    I really like that youtube video...but good lord, DiNardo really needs to learn about the concept of personal space. He was practically sitting on Dwayne's lap.
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    Gonna ask, and I have a sinking feeling I'm going to regret this: Why, exactly, do we care what Haskins spends his money on... Why do we care if he goes broke? Why do we care if he stays rich the rest of his life? It is a total non-factor for us. As fans I believe we should care about a few things: On field play, his character, and the number one rule: him not being a dick. If you're a hater, lover, neutraler, apologist, Hiram of Haskins, Keen for Keenum, Cult of Colt... It frankly doesn't matter in the least, to literally any of us. I go through life working a regular job, making less in my entire LIFE than Haskins will on his actual contract. Him buying a Bentley, or a 70's shaggin' wagon is of absolutely no consequence to any of us. So... why do we care what he spends his money on, and why are we offering him financial advice or posting articles about players going broke?
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    This thread is full of amazing financial advice, rules for how much money you're allowed to spend on car after signing any contracts. I think ES needs to collaborate and send Dwayne a grocery list of what he is and isn't allowed to buy. First off, cereal: Buying Lucky Charms is a big red flag, that's .0000002% of his contract, that's way too much. His financial advisor should put his foot down and limit it to Great Value brand only.
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    So I have to say, everyone here has probably seen multiple posts from me with my theory that Sam was going to wind up winning in the end. I even tied it to Roman history, for ****s sake. After Sansa shot her uncle down and Sam stood up, I thought I had it nailed. I thought he was going to launch into a passionate speech and they would turn around and make him king. I had my fingers ready to go with a post gloating how much smarter I was than the rest of you. Then they laughed at him. I was crushed. So here's my re-write of the last episode. Everything happens the exact same way it did up until the point where the lords laugh at Sam. The screen cuts to black for a few seconds. Next scene, Sam is walking out of the gates of KL, and everything and everyone is on fire again. He smirks to himself as he walks off, and in the distance, you can see a flaming wheelchair with a burning skeleton rolling down a street. End scene.
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    Anyone else think Jon petting ghost was just recently added
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    Oh my God. My mouth literally dropped open as I read that Ernie made more than 4 million a year. All this time I just assumed he kept the job because he worked dirt cheap. PLEASE let me have this job Ted. I will work for just two million a year and I promise you I will get two draft picks right every five years instead of one.
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    You're in ****ing Wisconsin, what did you expect, palm trees? Move somewhere below the Arctic circle and you won't have these problems
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    ERNIE GOT 16 MOTHER****ING YEARS TED, give a rising star a 5 year deal. Goodness gracious.
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    You know the car thing was brought up strictly to get people talking about the Junkies, right? I prefer to ignore them. The car thing is stupid.
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    Whoever wins the nomination - hold your nose and vote for them. Four more years of this **** show does not bear thinking about - and the damage already done will long outlast Trump even now.
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