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    Yeah you're right we should all make fun and talk **** about a guy that has heart. A guy that also bust his butt for this team. Chris is a class act and maybe you should try to learn something from him.
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    Executive Vice President of Nostalgia
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    Score 35 points in 2nd quarters.
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    This thread deserves a super special award. Probably the worst thing I've read in a while. Lordy.
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    Not every idea has to be a thread
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    Man, I think I just accidentally cornball brotha'd the gas station attendant. Stanley'd the dude. He and I are the only two people of color in the entire crowed gas station. Had my skins lanyard on, he was an eagles fan. Just made football small talk while he scanned my stuff and I used the debit terminal. When I left he said to take it easy, and i replied "you too, brotha." He made a little crinkle face immediately after I said it. I didn't mean it like "soul brotha," i call everyone brother. All the RTT homies know that. But he doesn't know that.
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    Not really sure but according to BA, his time card has a lot of hours on it.....
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    I posted this story over on the Nats subreddit and I wanted to share it here too because we're a family here at ES and you guys have known me for years, but it's lengthy and has a lot of personal stuff in it, so I'm going to spoiler tag it so it doesn't break up all the fun:
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    Josh Rosen Alfred E. Neuman Andrew Van Ginkel LB Officer Trudy Platt - Chicago Fire
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    Alex Ovechkin and Ryan Zimmerman, D.C.'s two longest-tenured active athletes by a couple of years, shared a moment on the Nationals Park field before Game 4 of the NLDS on Monday. Ovechkin, who began his 15th NHL season with the Capitals earlier this month, was on hand to throw the ceremonial first pitch, and looking to avoid tossing the ball to the backstop as he did from the same mound last year. Zimmerman, the Nationals’ first draft pick back in 2005, was hoping to help his team stave off elimination against the Dodgers and force a deciding Game 5 on Wednesday in Los Angeles. ... https://www.washingtonpost.com/sports/2019/10/08/ovechkin-zimmerman-dc-longest-running-bromance-stole-show-nats-park/ I know many here don't care about hockey and some don't care about baseball, but we really should be appreciative of these two athletes and how they've represented the city for the past decade and a half. A TON of community service for both, great memories including the first championship in 26 years, the walk-off to open Nationals Park, the HR last night to save the season etc. And perhaps what's really cool is neither has ever held their franchise hostage in terms of contract negotiations and threatening to leave. They both wanted to be here for their careers and hopefully Zimm can cap his with (knock on wood) a you know what. That is so rare in today's sports landscape. Hats off to Zimm and The Great 8.
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