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    The biggest mistake Gruden ever made — and he’s made a bunch — was not hiding Wade Phillips.
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    Thank you Donald Penn, The Redskins have gone through two weeks in this 2019 season and have lost both games..but the offense has been able to score points..our quarterback Case Keenum is playing..good?...I think..and that's because of the job you are doing.. it makes me want to say Trent Williams who? But I have more respect for the Silverback than that. Thank you for your services Donald Penn!
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    Yikes. The Good: Tress Way - Bailed the team out more than once. Terry McLaurin - Kid is a stud. So far they aren't really using him for much besides digs and fades, but I have a feeling as his route repertoire grows, so will he. He is probably our best offensive player at the moment and he is an absolute breath of fresh air thus far this season. Flowers/Penn - We were all worried about the left side of our line. And while they aren't exactly writing the next chapter in the book, "Hogs: Ass Kicking 101," they are more than holding their own. Penn has made the loss of Williams negligible (trade him...) and Flowers has looked pretty damn good at left guard. Daron Payne - Dude might be my favorite Skin at this point. He is a problem for opposing offenses. A lot of people are higher on Allen (who has tremendous upside, to be clear), but with Allen's injury concerns Payne has been the guy that's been holding down the fort in his absence. I am a very, very big fan of what Payne brings to this team. He's aggressive, he's nasty and he doesn't care about stats. He does his job and does it well. Landon Collins - I'm not sure he belongs in good... I am putting the entire rest of the secondary in the bad, though, so I just wanted to separate him a little The meh: Seemed like they were either good or bad today. Wouldn't say there was a ton of meh. The Bad: Scherff/Moses - Yikes. What a dumpster fire. These two have combined to look almost as bad as our replacement lines the last few years. Scherff... I could buy the argument that playing next to Moses is hurting him, but both guys just seem to be regressing. Scherff is playing with a high pad level on the plays that I've watched (I'd need to watch the All-22 to get a better idea) and not using leverage. He might be having a case of trying to dotoomuchitis, but the combo of these two has been putrid through two weeks. Penalties, missed assignments. These guys are holding back a mediocre offense. But there's a guy I think who may be more to blame than them: Bill Callahan - Genius as it comes to teaching techniques. The guy is a wizard. But when it comes to implementing schemes for the run game he has, so far, been not so great. He likes complex schemes and with our injury concerns and continuity on the front I feel that is a very, very bad move. I can't get on him too much considering I don't know what happens in the meeting room, but I do know that his lines have been highly penalized and abused the last few years and its time people start looking towards Callahan a little bit. The entire secondary - Holy crap guys. Did you have a meeting the last two weeks to decide not to cover the other team's fast receivers deep? On the trips look with the out/corner/post combo that Norman is getting blamed for it looked like Nicholson was in a 1 high robber look. It looked to me that he was reading Prescott's eyes and broke on the corner route, but Dak was looking at the fade/post route. Norman was in a trail technique, so Prescott just had to throw the ball over the top and the Skins couldn't make a play on it. I'm not sure where the fault was on this... That's a coaching/film thing. But what I do know is there was a serious issue with the coverage here. And beyond that, we keep letting opposing receivers get open over the top, and it typically happens when Nicholson is playing the high safety role. Teams have keyed on something there. Fix it. Please. Manusky - soft shells. Very few blitzes/stunts/pressure packages. Poor communication around the defense. Star of the Game - Daron Payne *** Second Star - Terry McLaurin ** Third Star - Tress Way * Dud of the Game - Greg Manusky Second Dud - Right Side of the Line & Callahan - Third Dud - Secondary (minus Collins) Yes, all three dud contenders got 3 sad faces this week. Season Totals: Terry McLaurin - 5x* Daron Payne - 3x* Inside LBs - 2x* Vernon Davis, Keenum, Way - 1x* Bruce Allen - Jay Gruden - 3x Right Side of OL/Callahan - 3x Secondary (Minus Collins) - 3x Greg Manusky - 5x
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    As everyone knows, the erosion of this fanbase began long before this season started. This has been brewing for a while, when you factor in the stadium (bottom 5), the front office (bottom 3, could be the worst currently), and the coaching staff (bottom tier at best). It's not just that the stadium continues to be overrun with opposing fans at every home game that the front office should be worried about. They should also be worried about the ratings, and whose watching this team week in and week out. One disturbing trend that began to take place last year was that ratings for Redskins games locally were starting to nosedive. It became so bad that games that aired locally involving other teams (Cowboys, Eagles Giants, etc), were actually outperforming Redskins games by a decent margin. Now take a look at the ratings for the Redskins game according to Sports Media Watch. The have the ratings of each game in their metropolitan areas: — New Orleans: 51.6 (Saints-Rams)— Milwaukee: 43.7 (Vikings-Packers)— Kansas City: 39.6 (Chiefs-Raiders)— Buffalo: 36.4 (Bills-Giants)— Pittsburgh: 36.0 (Seahawks-Steelers)— Minneapolis-St. Paul: 35.2 (Vikings-Packers)— Denver: 33.1 (Bears-Broncos)— Boston: 33.0 (Patriots-Dolphins)— Philadelphia: 32.6 (Eagles-Falcons)— Dallas-Ft. Worth: 30.7 (Dallas-Washington)— Seattle: 30.0 (Seahawks-Steelers)— Chicago: 26.6 (Bears-Broncos)— Providence, R.I.: 26.3 (Patriots-Dolphins)— Baltimore: 25.9 (Cardinals-Ravens)— Nashville: 25.2 (Colts-Titans)— Cincinnati: 23.0 (49ers-Bengals)— Atlanta: 22.3 (Eagles-Falcons)— New Orleans: 19.6 (Eagles-Falcons)— Phoenix: 19.2 (Cardinals-Ravens)— Washington, D.C.: 18.3 (Dallas-Washington)— Los Angeles: 16.0 (Saints-Rams)— Milwaukee: 15.4 (Eagles-Falcons)— Bay Area: 15.0 (49ers-Bengals) As you can see, the Washington DC area averaged only an 18 rating for the Cowboys-Redskins game, which is almost unthinkable. This alarming trend continues to amplify the fact that the Redskins are in serious jeopardy of losing not just the current fanbase, but any future fanbase that you would need to sustain viability.
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    I've already decided that, God willing, I'll be the 105-year old being interviewed before Super Bowl 114 who has stuck with his Redskins since before the turn of the century, when they last won a title in 1991!! I'll be oblivious to what's going on and my great grandson will be answering questions while I weakly pump my fists and drool on national TV.
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    It brings my folks and I together each time the skins play..if it means more time with my parents while there still with me I'll continue to watch.
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    Dont think im gonna watch MNF. I watched maybe half of the games last year and half the year before that. Eventually you want to spend the little bit of time you actually have, doing stuff you enjoy.
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    Haskins to McLaurin is a small future ray of sunshine to look forward to.
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    Two division games, both losses. The defense has surrendered over 30 points and 400 yards of total offense in each game. We can't even blame the offense for putting them in bad situations, because the offense has yet to turn the ball over. The defense just hasn't been able to get stops consistently enough. Defensive coordinators seat should be on fire by now. These results are inexcusable.
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    Because sadly nobody else wants the job.
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    Easy solution: Replace them all, and Allen, and let whoever is hired as GM run the team free of interference per NFL mandate. no one wake me up.
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    The only way I can explain Witten at this point is the T-Rex theory from Jurasic Park. I.E. The vision of NFL defenders is based on movement. Witten is so slow, they simply can't see him... Until it is too late.
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    Gameday here in the UK and Redskins have chance to make this one of the best sporting weeknds of my life. My "soccer" team, Norwich City went toe to toe with Manchester City. Difference of around $600 million in the starting line up and they brought on another $250 million worth of substitutes.... Norwich's whole team cost about $12 million total and we had 11 players out with injury..... and we BEAT them. Not lucky, not having to play negatively, we just went out there and played straight up better than them.... What's that got to do with the Redskins I hear you cry? Well, for me it shows that despite how putrid our second half vs the Eagles was. Despite the fact Guice has already gone down and Trent Williams is holding out. Despite the fact we have Ereck Flowers as a starting OL, despite the fact we've had 20 years of Dan screwing things up and more lately Bruce screwing things up. Despite the fact Jon Allen is out against the Cow****es, our corners are dropping like flies and our WR corps have about 7 NFL games between them. .... Despite ALL of that.... ANY. GIVEN. SUNDAY. **** Dallas. HTTR
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    Danny Trevathan Mom from Good Times Prine Amukumara Slimer GhostBusters
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    To me it's not about the losses. It's about the how... In my opinion, we are scheming very poorly defensively, not taking advantage of all that we can offensively, and committing entirely too many penalties. Losing is one thing. Losing with so much slop is another altogether.
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    There's been an Owen sighting.... Owen Two.... 0-2
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    I'd like to know why Manusky thought it was necessary to give a 37 year old Witten 5 yards of cushion off the line? If you are not confident in a linebacker or corner or safety to able to cover a geriatric tight end without pull off coverage, you either need to bench some players, or resign as a coordinator.
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    Question, if Gruden decides to go to a store, but when he gets there and pulls on the door he discovers the store is closed, does he just keep pulling on the door unable to alter his plan? Asking for a friend.
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