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    When you’ve spent your entire life voting for criminals...likely because you’re a gullible moron...you’re always quick to let everyone know that all “politicians are criminals”. Liz Warren is no criminal. Neither is Bernie Sanders. Neither is Barack Obama. Neither was John McCain. I’ve met Tim Kaine on several occasions and the dude is the salt of the earth. Take your “both sides” Russian propaganda nihilism and go drink some bleach. The adults are trying to save the country now.
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    I mean, his QB's did miss him deep for wide open TD's three times in the Giants game (once Haskins and twice Keenum). We'd have a different perception if those were caught for TD's. Can hardly blame him for that.
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    i dunno, am I even allowed to criticize the thread/comment (there's more rules here than a stripclub). this thread topic is idiotic. Even if it were true that Quinn "is terrible" the play of Tre Quinn ranks around 534th on my list of problems with the Redskins. The Redskins are the Titanic, there is a gigantic gaping hole in the ship, it's going down, and you're in the dining hall of the ship complaining to anyone around you that there's a fly in your soup. Who gives a flying F about that minor problem that I'm not even sure is as bad as you describe it.
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    We all know what we have to improve on as a football team. Which is pretty damning right across the board through the first 6 weeks of the 2019 season. And there are not many changes a new HC/ OC, the main staff changes last week, can implement through their first 7 days in those respective gigs, Not least when that change comes during a season. But, to their credit, there were some very noticeable swings in their first outing yesterday in Miami that they've both made a point of highlighting as major issues to address from the get-go this past week. And what will go a LONG way to setting the identity and turning around the losing culture here IMHO the more they are practised and built upon. So, moving away from the (natural) constant negatives with this team right now, let's focus on a few standout positives ..... The O-line/ Run game. Commitment to being a hard-nosed, smash-mouth football team still has a place in the NFL of 2019. Who knew? Now we can flippantly dismiss the Dolphins as being historically bad and the worst run defence presently in the league. Along with their pass rush ranking in the basement. And you have to caveat each individual game with game script/ how it plays out and what the opposition gives you et al. But the BIG swing in committing to the run on first/ second down yesterday from the first 5 games of the season was STARK and it can't be ignored the major improvement it lead to ultimately winning the game. Let's look at a few stats- Over the first 5 games, here are our numbers on the ratio of runs/ passes on 1st/ 2nd down. And what they've lead to on the position we've placed ourselves in on third downs- Week 1. @ Eagles. L 27-32. !st Down- R 10/ P 16. 2nd Down- R 4/ P 19. 3rd Down situations- 15 third downs through the game, of which 10 were on the wrong side of where you want to be as to what's manageable. 5 or more yards. 2/ 8/ 7/ 6/ 7/ 3/ 3/ 4/ 14/ 20/ 10/ 10/ 15/ 7/ 12. Week 2. Cowboys. L 21-31. 1st Down- R 11/ P 14. 2nd Down- R 6/ P 14. 3rd Down situations- 10 third downs through the game, of which 4 were in the negative 5 or more yards. 14/ 8/ 8/ 2/ 11/ 3/ 1/ 10/ 3/ 4. Week 3. Bears. L 15-31. 1st Down- R 15/ P 19. 2nd Down- R 3/ P 24. 3rd Down situations- 11 third downs. 6 of which were for longer than 5 yards or more. 9/ 22/ 6/ 10/ 5/ 9/ 2/ 1/ 2/ 1/ 1. Week 4. @ Giants. L 3-24. 1st Down- R 10/ P 13. 2nd Down- R 6/ P 9. 3rd Down situations- 12 third downs. Of which 9 were for 5 yards or longer. 5/ 6/ 11/ 8/ 10/ 6/ 3/ 3/ 5/ 10/ 5/ 4. Week 5. Patriots. L 7-33. 1st Down- R 11/ P 14. 2nd Down- R 8/ P 13. 3rd Down situations- 12 third downs. 10 of which were for 5 yards or more. 9/ 17/ 2/ 2/ 9/ 15/ 13/ 8/ 13/ 19/ 5/ 10. So prior to yesterday, going totally against common misconception, in 2019 we.ve actually passed more over the season on first and second down. (First Down- 76 P/ 57 R. Second Down- 79 P/ 27 R.). And out of 60 third-down situations on the year, an absolutely abysmal 39 were in third and long situations. Now, converse that to yesterday after the pin-pointed focus from Coaches Callahan and O'Connell on both a commitment to the run game aiding the passing attack (off Play Action etc), and a concerted effort to get into far more manageable 3rd distance situations- Week 6. @ Miami. W 17-16. 1st Down- R 23/ P 5. 2nd Down- R 9/ P 8. 3rd Down situations- 11 third downs, of which 4 were third and longs. With none over 3rd and 7. 5/ 2/ 7/ 3/ 1/ 2/ 3/ 3/ 6/ 3/ 5. Quite the swing huh? In all facets. Yesterday, we also ran the football 5 more times than any other game this season (33 times. Eagles- 28/ Cowboys 17/ Bears 21/ Giants 17/ Patriots 20.). Which yielded the joint-most run yards on the season at 145. (Eagles- 13/ Cowboys 47/ Bears 69/ Giants 55/ Patriots 145.). For the second-highest yards per rush attempt on the season at 4.4. (Eagles 2.2/ Cowboys 2.8/ Bears 3.3/ Giants 3.2/ Patriots 7.3.). Along with putting up the joint most first downs running the football on the season at 5. (Eagles 0/ Cowboys 4/ Bears 2/ Giants 2/ Patriots 5.). With the fewest tackles for a loss # running the football on the season at 1 for a 1-yard loss. Tell me again this is NO different to Gruden's scheme/ play-calling and running the rock doesn't fly in the modern NFL? Which in turn leads on to the BIG improvement yesterday in the offensive front. Not only was that the best running output, from most every standpoint, on the year, but it was the first time all year they kept the QB upright without a single sack conceded. (Prior to yesterday, we'd given up 15 sacks through the first 5 games for 135 yards.). But even more remarkable, considering they've had a mere 3 practices to work on this with the players were the following that jumped right off the screen to me- Offensive Penalties. Prior to yesterday, we'd been penalised on offense (either accepted or declined penalty's), THIRTY-FIVE times though 5 games. The breakdown of which was- Holding- 19. False Start- 8. Illegal Use of Hands- 2. Illegal Formation- 2. Delay of Game- 2. Illegal Shift- 1. Chip Block- 1. Yesterday, after making the switch last week to really emphasise practice penalties by both bringing in local officiating crews to the practices and having a daily score of what mental/ fundamental mistakes the players were making to incur those penalties (absolute madness to me how this wasn't standard here! Along with going 1-on-1 at full game speed in practice. Practice how you play- It's not rocket science!), along with having a season joint low 6 penalties as a team, we were penalised ZERO times on offence. Which is a bloody miraculous turnaround in discipline regardless of who the opposition were! Again, we all know of the many other ills that currently beset this group. In all three phases. But in Week 1 of an interim veteran HC trying to, at the very least, change the culture here to a disciplined, hard-working, professional football team who will have a hard-nosed, smash-mouth identity that you KNOW you've been in a game against us EVERY time you set foot on the field to play the Redskins, all of the above are some MAJORLY positive building blocks to lay the foundations to that end. They may seem small and incremental, but we're both starting from rock bottom and have to start rectifying things somewhere before we expand to fixing others. It's all a process that will take FULL, day in, day out commitment to seeing through. And they'll be FAR harder challenges ahead than the Dolphins and a lot of natural dips along the way in terms of results. But the signs yesterday down in Miami, at least in the noted areas, were very positive indeed from what went before. Hail.
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    We're getting absolutely smoked. Bruce and Danny will be handed what they deserve next week.
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    I'm not a scout. As a fan, it's pretty hard to tell how bad someone is when they have garbage throwing them the football
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    I'm happy a player like McLaurin saw his 2 TD performance go towards a win...first time in his career he actually goes home with a W. I'll worry about the draft after the season is over.
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    Plane today at the stadium in FL (I believe) was flying a banner saying some variation of Fire Bruce Allen. We need more of this Here it is. Awesome.
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    If all of this brings down Huckabee also. Great. He's a complete con-artist pretending to be this ah shucks folksy Pastor/Republican
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    Ereck Flowers is playing alot better than most everyone including my self was saying he would play. That's all I got...on to the 49ers.
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    They hired a new GM and coach the same year, and it took them just 2 years to turn it around. Amazing how this becomes so difficult for Snyder to figure out.
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    This board has major short term memory issues. Just the other day this board recognized that the FO is the problem. Now a #1 pick will fix this?
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