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    Hello, Dum dums. I don't post as much these days. because come on. Talking about a terrible team on 1998 web tech makes my already sad existence all the worse. But this Guice thing has momentarily allowed me to shake the ennui and state a few things. I would say that for nearly all of Snyder's tenure - but especially during the Allen Era - we have tried to out-clever the league. We absolutely love signing other teams #1 picks who have flamed out. We love drafting dudes with an injury history who can be all-pros if they can just stay healthy. Way back in time, Vinny Cerrato's favorite thing to do was draft players "graded as a first round talent" in the third round - without ever seemingly asking why someone with that grade fell to the third round in the first place. Guice is an all-world talent. But he slipped to late in the second round because he was hurt his junior year and because he was apparently seen as "extremely sketch" as the kids probably never said. Then he got hurt. Now he's hurt again. At this point, his entire life since his junior year in college is question of "can he stay healthy?" and "can he stay out of trouble?" I think a team can take chances with one of those two questions. The Skins take chances on both of those questions constantly - often in tandem. Do I think the medical staff is bad? Yes. Why? Because everything on the Skins is broken. Snyder has created a Synergy of Suck. We take extremely risky players. And then put them in the worst possible environment with the least support possible. I don't really want to rehash the RGIII saga, but it really lays this out beautifully, and it explains how nothing ever truly changes. RGIII was legitimately a once in a generation NFL talent. But our head coach at the time probably never really wanted him. He made that pretty clear by drafting another young QB in the same draft even with the organization sacrificing a ton of its future draft capital to get RGIII in the first place. Then he had that year. That year was probably a bit of smoke and mirrors thanks to a really bizarre and likely unsustainable offense. But regardless. That year. Anyway, the coach was always unsure on him, but the owner adored him. This happens over and over and over again here by the way. RGIII gets hurt, and our sketchy medical staff throws him back on the sketchy field because our sketchy grounds crew can't keep our sketchy stadium functioning. And our sketchy coach doesn't really protect him. And he gets really hurt. Since the Skins are a marketing company disguised as a football team, RGIII's rehab is turned into a reality show. And guess what? it totally doesn't work. Who saw that coming? And he leaves here in the ugliest manner possible which triggers into Shanahan leaving in the ugliest manner possible which eventually leads to us hiring a really sketchy guy as a GM who is incredible as long as he's not drunk. Lo and behold, he's drunk. Who could have seen that coming? I'm not going to rehash Snyder's catalogue of horrors. But everything bad here elevates all the other bad stuff. Maybe we could take headcases and injury-prone dudes if our coaches, front office, and medical staff worked in perfect tandem. Maybe we wouldn't have knee injuries galore if our facilities weren't 25 years behind the times. Maybe our coaches and medical team could make better decisions if the owner didn't constantly buddy up to players and empower them to make decisions that may not necessarily be in their or the team's best interest. As I said, it's a synergy of suck. And we live in the middle of it. If I was Om (memba him?), this is where I hit my signature sign-off of Hail. But I already have a signature intro that none of you even know is my signature intro. Because I don't write much. Because you don't deserve me. Anyway, beat the Cowboys.
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    The biggest mistake Gruden ever made — and he’s made a bunch — was not hiding Wade Phillips.
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    Thank you Donald Penn, The Redskins have gone through two weeks in this 2019 season and have lost both games..but the offense has been able to score points..our quarterback Case Keenum is playing..good?...I think..and that's because of the job you are doing.. it makes me want to say Trent Williams who? But I have more respect for the Silverback than that. Thank you for your services Donald Penn!
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    Yawn. Another “we suck the training staff sucks wah wah wah” post....tell us something new and “i dont write much because you don’t deserve me”? Who doesn’t? Us ES people? Or the team?
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    Two division games, both losses. The defense has surrendered over 30 points and 400 yards of total offense in each game. We can't even blame the offense for putting them in bad situations, because the offense has yet to turn the ball over. The defense just hasn't been able to get stops consistently enough. Defensive coordinators seat should be on fire by now. These results are inexcusable.
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    Because sadly nobody else wants the job.
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    Man...just had my going away luncheon. 38 people showed up to say farewell to a brotha. Some folks that had retired and others that had moved onto other agencies came out to wish me well. The love was real. It quite literally was standing room only to bid farewell to Chewdy. They asked for a speech, and I may....may have leaked a bit of awesome. And I don't drink anymore. Like....it's been years. But they managed to talk me into having 3 margaritas. I was chatty as hell, posing for pictures, and they got me to pose with a teddy bear downtown I've been at my current job since 2013, and it's just now really hitting me that I'm outta here. I'm the only one not teleworking tomorrow, so it'll be an empty office. Going to be a legit Fresh Prince finale type moment A lot more responsibility at my next job, but I think my dick's big enough to **** all of it.
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    Easy solution: Replace them all, and Allen, and let whoever is hired as GM run the team free of interference per NFL mandate. no one wake me up.
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    The only way I can explain Witten at this point is the T-Rex theory from Jurasic Park. I.E. The vision of NFL defenders is based on movement. Witten is so slow, they simply can't see him... Until it is too late.
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    Gameday here in the UK and Redskins have chance to make this one of the best sporting weeknds of my life. My "soccer" team, Norwich City went toe to toe with Manchester City. Difference of around $600 million in the starting line up and they brought on another $250 million worth of substitutes.... Norwich's whole team cost about $12 million total and we had 11 players out with injury..... and we BEAT them. Not lucky, not having to play negatively, we just went out there and played straight up better than them.... What's that got to do with the Redskins I hear you cry? Well, for me it shows that despite how putrid our second half vs the Eagles was. Despite the fact Guice has already gone down and Trent Williams is holding out. Despite the fact we have Ereck Flowers as a starting OL, despite the fact we've had 20 years of Dan screwing things up and more lately Bruce screwing things up. Despite the fact Jon Allen is out against the Cow****es, our corners are dropping like flies and our WR corps have about 7 NFL games between them. .... Despite ALL of that.... ANY. GIVEN. SUNDAY. **** Dallas. HTTR
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    One thing I noticed today, I think this kind of sums up...well, something... I was taking photos on the Cowboys sideline for most of the first half. As the first half closed out, most of them ran off the field. Dak sprinted ahead of his teammates, making sure he was out towards the locker room first. They were upbeat, positive. The Redskins, in a game they were still very much in...looked like they were walking into a funeral home. They couldn't have walked into the tunnel any slower. They looked defeated already. They looked withdrawn.
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    I'd like to know why Manusky thought it was necessary to give a 37 year old Witten 5 yards of cushion off the line? If you are not confident in a linebacker or corner or safety to able to cover a geriatric tight end without pull off coverage, you either need to bench some players, or resign as a coordinator.
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    Question, if Gruden decides to go to a store, but when he gets there and pulls on the door he discovers the store is closed, does he just keep pulling on the door unable to alter his plan? Asking for a friend.
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    I'll be sober 6 months on the 24th, and I can honestly say I haven't felt this good in decades. I'm almost glad I got sick.
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    Please please stop whining about the refs. They missed two calls on the Prescott run. Other than that it’s been a pretty decently officiated game. The Skins are committing some blatant penalties. Dallas has had some, but they’re better at disguising. Good teams find ways to do it and our guys are blatant.
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    Fitzpatrick was my main man crush, tied with James, that draft. He can play corner, slot, FS. He's a Swiss army knife Smart. Leader. Wonder if Trent could be used as a bait even if not to the Dolphins directly but in a three way type of deal. Judging by last Sunday's game our secondary is overrated. It seems like the FO doesn't like dealing Trent for future picks. OK, if its all about win now, then Fitzpatrick can help you win now.
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    Finished this painting of Venice tonight.
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