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    I feel like I should get a medal for reading that whole thing.
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    Turn the clocks back to the 2002 NFL Draft, when Jack Del Rio was part of the defensive staff in Carolina that took Julius Peppers with the second overall pick. No matter where Del Rio has been, he’s been a stalwart defensive-minded coach that knows how to get his defenses working at a high level, and sometimes an elite level. He’s seemingly always had a premier pass rusher, as well, including Von Miller during his time in Denver and Khalil Mack in Oakland. We now move to present day, where Jack Del Rio is the new defensive coordinator for the Washington Redskins. It’s his turn to try and turn the Redskins into an elite defense, and he’s got an opportunity to build that defense around the best player in the 2020 NFL Draft, Chase Young. Oddly enough, they’ll be using the second overall pick to tab Young as their edge rusher, thanks to Cincinnati nearly certainly selecting Joe Burrow. If the Redskins trade back or take another player not named Chase Young, it would be one of the more shocking moments in draft history. It’s no secret that Chase Young has been the best player in college football. In fact, it goes all the way back to his high school days at DeMatha Catholic in Hyattsville, Maryland. According to 24/7 Sports, he was a 5-star recruit and was the seventh-best player in the country. Clearly, he’s been a dominant player on just about any football field he walks on. None of that is going to change as moves on to the NFL. The reason for that isn’t just his 6’5″ and 265-pound frame or his 16.5 sack total from the 2019 season. In fact, it’s pretty simple — Chase Young has the most premier pass rush plan we’ve seen for an edge rusher in quite some time, possibly ever. Let’s jump into some film and see why he’s just so dominant on the gridiron. Explosive First Step Followed by the Rip Move Every football game you watch, there will be some type of defensive lineman trying to jump the snap count. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. For Chase Young, his explosive first step gives him the advantage on just about every offensive tackle he faces. Add in his plethora of pass rush moves, and what you see is what you get..... https://www.cover1.net/chase-young-the-premier-pass-rush-plan/
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    I dont blame Olsen for choosing a legitimate contender.
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    We can realistically expect a ton of ****ing, moaning, and complaining, coupled with a ****load of hype, optimism, and gallons of Koolaid being passed around. As for the team, no clue.
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    So i just composed a new cheer we can all learn and use. T is for Totally Corrupt! R is for Ridiculously Corrupt! U is for Unbelievably Corrupt! M is for Mother****ing Corrupt! P is for Positively Corrupt! yay!!! Oh, and here's one more T is for Traitor who is selling us all out R is for Rigging; our elections no doubt U is for Undermining our nation and laws M is for Morons flapping their jaws P is for Piss, which i wouldn't throw on a Republican if they were on fire. Yay!! (OK< i know the last line doesn't rhyme, but i couldn't fit "i hope you all die in a fire" in there either.) ~Bang
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    I'll be right there with you. If anyone can exorcise the Haynesworth demons out of that number, he can.
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    Olsen made no sense to me other than having ties to RR. He has been old and injury prone for years now. It would just be more of what we had.
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    Berniebro is a mindset. It's like "OK boomer" being directed at people who aren't baby boomers. There are female Berniebros. The wild Berniebro's natural habitat is an expensive coastal city. They are primarily encountered in Brooklyn. Berniebros are herbivores who consume leafy green vegetables and drugs, though there is a reminder before each meal that there is no ethical consumption under capitalism. Berniebros typically do not reproduce because the planet will be dead by 2030. Those with children don't check under the bed for monsters, but for CIA tracking devices. The Berniebro knows you can't trust the lying fake news mainstream media ("MSM"). Instead his information comes exclusively from dip****s on YouTube like Jimmy Dore or Kyle Kulinski, two guys who really know what they're talking about. He does not support Donald Trump, he swears, but sees little to no difference between Trump and the real enemy, the evil neoliberal Establishment Democrat. You have to hand it to Trump, he's right about the lying MSM, the rigged elections, and the rigged polls. The Berniebro knows that the United States is basically a third world hellscape. He enjoys being part of a working class movement that focuses on working class issues like student loan debt and rent control in some of the world's most expensive cities. Though about 5% of people work 2 jobs, he is certain that almost everyone except Jeff Bezos works 2-3 jobs to eke out an existence.
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    is there ANY chance that russian money wasn't laundered through the trump organization somewhere from 1995 through 2016? any chance at all?? Trump organization was famously pegged "king of debt" (by none other than Donald Trump) and then defaulted on ALL of their debtors, until nobody would lend to them ....EXCEPT... ... suddenly deutsche bank started lending massive amounts to the Trump organizaion again, even though the trump organization had defaulted on ALL previous deutsche bank loans ,,, and in the last couple of years deutsche bank has been found guilty of laundering massive amounts of dirty russian money during that time period. ( and deutsche bank was the only bank that would lend to the Trumps during that time period) AND throw in the fact that in 2009 ALL overly leveraged companies were ripped to shreds by not being able to obtain or roll over debt during the financial crisis (all of them) but.... suddenly an organization that had ALWAYS relied on debt, and had declared bankruptcy on numerous occasions (which involves the courts tearing out all equity value to distribute to defaulted debt obligations) was suddenly flush with internal equity infusions from undisclosed sources??? is there ANY chance that there isn't laundered Russian money in the Trump organization? really ...even a 1% chance?
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    I thought he was such a ****ing gump when I saw him just walking around or whatever, but the way he plays... He's got a Jay Cutler comp. for me when it comes to face-punchability
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    Which is interesting, since he can't see his own in a mirror.
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    I love that FB stuff. FBs and TEs back DC football? Yes please. Add bad ass defense and if our ball carriers can stay healthy, look out.
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    Not all thoughts should be posts let alone threads. Locked as an act of mercy.
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