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    My wife posted this on facebook/twitter today and I wanted to bring it here also. The support from this community @pez @Huly Dale (I can't believe I don't know your ES name), the people in the RTT crew that helped get me through the first 6 months, and anyone else that I am forgetting, thank you! On the 14th, we were celebrating Zac's 2nd birthday at breakfast. By 2pm that day, I had taken Abby to a neurologist and then for an MRI that found a large mass in her brain. By the 15th, she was having a 5 hr brain surgery. 2 weeks later, they told us it was cancer. I have never felt so helpless, vulnerable, and lost. Our lives stopped, and we lived that year in an unknown world. We lived around appts, radiation masks, chemo meds, surgeries, hospital stays, fevers, and stem cell transplants. You can never go back to the way it was before this diagnosis. The comfort and security you once had is gone. PTSD, depression, scanxiety, and survivor guilt are all very real things. They just hit at different times. So although Abby's fight is over, and we can celebrate over 2 years of remission, the effects of what she went through are not. Abby has her next follow up MRI on January 28th. I truly believe what got us through all of this was the love, support, and strength of all of those around us. Friends, neighbors, family, strangers....every act of kindness made it easier, which is why we created Abby's Army. I know this is a long 22 minute video of Abby's year from diagnosis through remission, but I will post it every year on this day to remind us of just how strong and brave this little girl is. Video Link
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    Disclosure: I love Andy reid and I am rooting for Chiefs to win it all but damn...
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    I've always translated "What does it take to be a man" to "What does it take to be a mensch?" The latter hasn't changed much and probably never will. To be a mensch, you put others before you, you help out, you understand your responsibilities and duties to family and community. You do good works. You stand up when it is time to be counted. You stand for others who lack the strength to stand for themselves. You protect those abused, threatened, or endangered. You risk scorn. To be a mensch is not measured in stuff or money. It is not an accumulation of wealth or status. It is an accumulation of works and deeds, sometimes/often at cost. To be a mensch is not measured in stoicism or strength or toughness. It is a depth of effort and compassion. To be a mensch means you are not guided self-interest, greed, apathy, and ambition, but by the needs of those you love and those around you.
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    So we are officially at the point where the goalposts have been moved to: “Collusion between the campaign and the Russian government may have happened, but the doofus running the campaign had no idea. Also he just happens to be a Putin stooge for unrelated reasons, the GOP changed its platform on Russia/Ukraine/Sanctions for no nefarious reasons”. Traitors. Every single one of them and those who continue to support them.
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    Hes a traitor and you all know it. Hes just going to lie to everyone - again. Like hes has done from day one. Its not petty to stop him from doing that when he has shut down the government. If anything its patriotic.
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    As we predicted, they were just asking 4 different potential defensive coordinators for their opinion about what they thought of the Redskins defense, that's it. Manusky was their man all along. I bet Bruce has already given Manusky a hug in case there was any misunderstanding. Keim kicks in here sooooo cynical. And they wonder why Bruce doesn't like talking? The team just told everyone that they never really had any real interest in a new defensive coordinator -- and geez that pesky Keim challenges them anyway. And Keim is typically the easy one and least cynical reporter who covers the team.
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    Aquaman cosplay is very hot right now.
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    Reddit: “400 lbs of greasy disgusting fat. Also a table full of fast food”
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    From learning the Redskin are interviewing for a new DC to hearing Manusky is freakin' returning... From thinking there will be change to hearing everything will stay the same... Where's my damn bottle.......of bourbon. ****!!!
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    If you grew up with various leadership training as a youth (various positions in scouts, school organizations, captain of a sports team, etc - all of these are basically leadership training for you to use later in life) this entire thing, and in general the entire presidency of trump, is just laughable to sit back and watch once you get out of the usual political stuff. The only leadership quality he has seems to be that he is able to rally support - even if that is a bewildering accomplishment when you realize it’s done using obvious lies and petulance. He otherwise is the antithesis of posessing leadership qualities. What pains me is knowing the people who guided me through those things don’t see this situation the same ways. Parents, scout leaders that guided me to eagle and running two different troops, coaches that made me captain.... all who lectured me at one point in time (most, many points in time) on “what it means to be a leader.” I know they know better. I *know* they know better. It’s not a question. zooming out to 1000 feet, the longer this administration goes on the more I’m convinced the core of this situation is a serious brainwashing over decades has taken place. (And no, I don’t think trump supporters are the only group, but they’re the most easily-brainwashed of them all) i know these people (that I’m specifically referring to) aren’t racist (the most often referenced LCD of the group that gets mentioned). Much like I know they know better. They have to be brainwashed. I don’t have another explanation. The people that guided me to leading dozens of teenagers to do and produce the things they did, not seeing this as a complete and utter failure of leadership, I just don’t see a better explanation.
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    The dude is a Russian spy who really gives a **** I mean get a grip Yall really think people are gonna look back and be like "THAT was the day everything changed in Russ - The United States" Lol
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    The other thing is, when dealing with a bully you have to stand tough. If you give in initially that bully is going to get worse and worse. Pelosi is in the infancy of her Speakership. She can't afford to be spineless. She has to stand up to him. If she doesn't he will get more and more monstrous. We've already seen his trespasses grow worse with each month in part because the GOP majority is unwilling to stand up to him on any issue.
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    Not sure how others feel about it, but I think Pelosi's move to disinvite Trump from giving the State of the Union was an inspired move. Hit him where it hurts... His ego. Trump craves attention.
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    the above lines of thought also raise the troubling question of do we want the kind of guy who would be willing to take a job like this and work for dan i mean that guy must make the kind of life judgments you hear at your first rehab meetings which reminds me i need a drink hey, that right there would qualify me for a top exec position at the park
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    Gregg Williams is going to mess around and end up the head coach here.
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    Being a real man means having strong and durable ankles...
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