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    My wife posted this on facebook/twitter today and I wanted to bring it here also. The support from this community @pez @Huly Dale (I can't believe I don't know your ES name), the people in the RTT crew that helped get me through the first 6 months, and anyone else that I am forgetting, thank you! On the 14th, we were celebrating Zac's 2nd birthday at breakfast. By 2pm that day, I had taken Abby to a neurologist and then for an MRI that found a large mass in her brain. By the 15th, she was having a 5 hr brain surgery. 2 weeks later, they told us it was cancer. I have never felt so helpless, vulnerable, and lost. Our lives stopped, and we lived that year in an unknown world. We lived around appts, radiation masks, chemo meds, surgeries, hospital stays, fevers, and stem cell transplants. You can never go back to the way it was before this diagnosis. The comfort and security you once had is gone. PTSD, depression, scanxiety, and survivor guilt are all very real things. They just hit at different times. So although Abby's fight is over, and we can celebrate over 2 years of remission, the effects of what she went through are not. Abby has her next follow up MRI on January 28th. I truly believe what got us through all of this was the love, support, and strength of all of those around us. Friends, neighbors, family, strangers....every act of kindness made it easier, which is why we created Abby's Army. I know this is a long 22 minute video of Abby's year from diagnosis through remission, but I will post it every year on this day to remind us of just how strong and brave this little girl is. Video Link
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    Time out. I gotta set some of this **** straight. When Gibbs retired, Gregg, like any other candidate had to interview for the HC job. Where Gregg went wrong in the interview was he talked about what he had done. He didn't touch on what he would do for the future. That's it right there in a nutshell as to why Gregg didn't get the gig, no vision for the future, just qualifications from the past. Dan are cool, there's no beef. Doug only talked to Bowles because they knew he was headed to Tampa. Though personally with the D that Chicago has, he shoulda talked to Da Bears. Wilkes didn't even come in. They talked on the phone. While Jay may have some input on coaches- ie DC - It's Bruce that's hiring them with final say. That said, I can see Gregg wanting his own guys on the Defensive side.
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    Suck a fat one, eagales fans. You're all terrible people.
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    Hey, I’m twa. I’m incapable of making basic inferences from incomplete data when the clear outcome would be damaging to the tribe that does all of my thinking for me. Who’s that guy on the far right in this picture??? There’s a 2% Gaussian blur so really, it could be anyone. Is it even a person? It’s orange and it’s round... could be a pumpkin. Looks kinda like a basketball. Obama plays basketball. It’s Hillary Clinton.
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    Ya know who loves Dan Snyder and Bruce Allen right now ? Kendall Fuller
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    The staggering thing to me is how much faster every other team is. I don't just mean they have faster players, they play at a faster rhythm. They get plays in quicker, the tempo and overall flow is quicker, just everything. We play and coach at such a sluggish pace.
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    itch and beal said it was in tribute to your sex life
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    I've always translated "What does it take to be a man" to "What does it take to be a mensch?" The latter hasn't changed much and probably never will. To be a mensch, you put others before you, you help out, you understand your responsibilities and duties to family and community. You do good works. You stand up when it is time to be counted. You stand for others who lack the strength to stand for themselves. You protect those abused, threatened, or endangered. You risk scorn. To be a mensch is not measured in stuff or money. It is not an accumulation of wealth or status. It is an accumulation of works and deeds, sometimes/often at cost. To be a mensch is not measured in stoicism or strength or toughness. It is a depth of effort and compassion. To be a mensch means you are not guided self-interest, greed, apathy, and ambition, but by the needs of those you love and those around you.
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    There needs to be a reckoning of the American Right. Of their political leaders and their voters. The constant gaslighting. The whataboutism and moral relativism. The embrace of blatant corruption and the erosion of sacred democratic institutions, whose health are protected by norms and good faith governance rather than code and law. The ugly nativism and fear-mongering. The open support for white supremacy. The embrace of authoritarianism. The utter lack of patriotism. Hell, the explicit support for treason. The American Right is guilty of each and every one of those things and they're killing our political culture and our democracy. This includes their voters. They gleefully feed the cancer that's killing us.
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    Threads on Cowboyszone.com, before the game: Garrett has built this team for playoff success Sunday will teach everybody age matters in coaching Best Defense Dallas has ever had The embarrassing tag is gone! Threads on Cowboyszone.com, after the game: Our Defense are frauds Jeff Heath sucks 10 more yrs of Garrett to look forward to Fire Linehan Now Too early for a Jerry excuse thread? Do not resign Dak
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    Reddit: “400 lbs of greasy disgusting fat. Also a table full of fast food”
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    I am on the record for the 2019 mega-tank. Give Sanchez the wheel!!
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    From Reddit's NFL subreddit "Cool Brees Enough to Shrivel Nicks Big Dick"
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    This is exactly why I am not on board with all the smart-home stuff. I'll take a dumb-home, thank you.
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    Spring 2000?...When the hell was this thread started? lol...
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    Being a real man means having strong and durable ankles...
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    Torrian Gray was supposedly let go, but he might be still with us. Ben Kotwicka left us. Jim Tomsula and Joe Callahan want to leave, and they might be gone. Or they might be still under contract. Greg Manusky is likely back, but we're interviewing people who could take his place. Or we might be interviewing them to replace Jay Gruden. OR it could be that one of them is being interviewed to take Torrian Gray's spot, who takes Manusky's spot. Or we're going to have exactly the same staff, minus Kotwicka. I don't know how anyone could be confused by any of that lol
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    See, I would've guessed you were a lot older. Or are you cruisin' for chicks...
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    Your misunderstanding and underestimating, much like Snyder has done. The hashtags arent for Dan, people know he doesnt care. They are for everyone else. Most importantly, they are meant to be seen by the media and politicians. Because the more the media piles on, the more embarassing it gets outside of the organization, the more likely 1 important even fails to unfold for the Redskins. And thats a new stadium. And THAT will be the nail in the coffin, the thing to make Snyder stand up and take notice, because if politicians see the constant negative coverage, how much the fans all hate Snyder, then politicians will do what politicians do:pander to the people for votes. If he cant get new land for a new stadium, it will be the biggest blow possible for Snyder and Allen both, and delivered courtesy of the fans who had the backbone to do something, even if something small. Because for Snyder, nothing is more important to a team than its stadium. It IS the biggest asset on the books, and effects valuation unlike any other asset. And for Allen, if the politician gladhanding business type cant get a stadium for Snyder, then hes messed up at job numero uno.
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