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    Dream scenario: Snyder sells the team. Nightmare scenario: Snyder sells the team to Bruce Allen.
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    My only regret is making you so angry, it prompted you to come out of the shadows to bless us with your takes - that ebb and flows whichever direction that could lead you to believe you've 'won' an argument. While I disagree with some posters here, they at least own their positions. You, on the other hand, will waffle, twist words, cherry pick, revision history, and stop at no bounds to 'win' an argument in your own mind. And then have the audacity to be snarky and frame it to where your opposition is the one concerned with 'being right'. I've been over it time and time again, but being right about the organizational ineptitude of the Redskins doesn't scratch any itches for me. I'd much prefer to be watching inspiring football. What you fail to grasp about me and those that view the organization the same way I do, is that we can and do separate the Redskins from Dan and Bruce. For whatever reason you conflate Dan and Bruce with the Redskins. For example, the 'Sell the Team' beer - that's not a shot at Trent Williams, or Jon Allen, or Daron Payne. That's a direct shot to the owner. The owner that has chosen to run his business in a way that negatively impacts the 'Redskins' I think of like the coaches and players I do like. What I also find incredibly hypocritical, is that I've been labeled a Jay guy or a Kirk lover or whatever else in the past. But I was sticking up for and defending those guys when they were actually Redskins! While many of the more homerific fans here were taking a dump all over them. Everyone here chooses their targets when it comes to the team failing. Some target everybody that breathes, some target coaches, some target coaches and players, some target Dan and Bruce, some target the fans (). But the bottom line is, every fan here has targets for their ire when it comes to the team not being very good. For whatever reason, I'm the bad guy because I choose to blame the two men that directly impact everyone below them that have to eat **** for their bosses ineptitude.
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    This is classic https://sports.yahoo.com/dc-area-brewery-takes-shot-at-dan-snyder-with-new-sell-the-team-ipa-190253273.html A brewery in Virginia has had enough of Washington owner Dan Snyder. With Washington sitting at 1-8, Harpers Ferry Brewing is sending a clear message to Snyder with its new “Sell The Team” IPA. [Watch live NFL games on the Yahoo Sports app, here's how] Harpers Ferry Brewing is pulling no punches with the beer, which the company describes as “bitter and slightly disappointing like a trip to fedex [sic] field” 91 people are talking about this While drinking a beer described as “slightly disappointing” may not appeal to everyone, you won’t need to consume many before you no longer care. At 9.5 percent alcohol by volume, one or two “Sell The Team” IPA will be enough to make you forget about another horrific Washington loss. Fans of the team have a right to be angry. Washington is set to miss the playoffs for its fourth straight season. The team hasn’t advanced past the wild-card game since 2005. On top of that, Snyder routinely ranks high on various “worst owners in sports” lists. Angering local sports fans is always a risky proposition. The fact that Harpers Ferry Brewing believes it can make a profit on this beer says a lot about how Washington fans feel about the team right now.
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    I wonder if Trents two suspensions for substance abuse was putting the team first.
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    People who out jurors, incite harassment, and actually harass need to be criminally prosecuted and put in prison.
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    It's November 5th and we're still World Series champs. The peasants always hate the ones at the top of the mountain.
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    Or maybe, just maybe.........TW should play out the ****ing contract he signed and not act like a little ****? I'd have been fine with trading him to Houston or Cleveland or New England, etc., but, I also don't blame the team for standing firm. Players need to quit acting like ****es and getting everything they want.
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    This team is now giving dumpster fires a bad name.
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    The problem isn't losing. After all, look how the Cubs fans stuck with their team or the Browns or any number of other teams. It could be that this area has options, but I don't think that's really it either. I think that the erosion of the fan base is due to the culture. There's a nastiness that permeates this team's narrative. Too often, players and coaches don't leave without someone trying to destroy them or without them trying to burn bridges behind them. Why do we have to be made to hate Shanny or Jay? Couldn't it be they just failed to get it done? Why do we need videos of drunken infidelity? The Redskins seem like they have to make anyone who leaves a villain. I'm overgeneralizing, but it's still an effect that wears on fans. We want to like the team. We want to like the players. There seems to be an element that things it's good if we hate and blame, too. I don't know if that's all Bruce, but I think he's a common thread. As much as we should have hated Deion Sanders for how he played Snyder and ran off with the Redskins' money... that didn't happen. Snyder actually tried pretty hard to keep that road smooth. It was just a marriage that didn't work out. So, it's not Snyder. That narrative is not part of his style. Snyder falls out of love as quickly as he develops a crush, but he doesn't go around bad mouthing his exes... and I think that's a major component of why this team is harder for the younger generation to embrace. We're not fun. We're not overachieving bumblers. We're not lovable. We could be. Most of our players are good citizens. They should be easy to root for. Of course, winning would solve most of it, but I think you also have to do more than win to have people root for you. You have to get them to buy in. You have to get them to like you. And that's probably the biggest failing of the Bruce Allen decade.
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    I'm involved in an anti-gerrymandering group in Texas. Everywhere in the country, if you draw the maps fairly, it benefits Democrats (with the possible exception of California). So, there is no need to gerrymander in Virginia. Draw the maps fairly, and the Democratic majority should increase. I also look at the big picture. Gerrymandering is killing Democrats in Texas, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina. And it's probably costing us at least one seat in Alabama. So, any benefit that would come out of rigging the map in Virginia doesn't pay off elsewhere. Assuming the blue takeover of Virginia is complete, it's really time to put resources in North Carolina, Georgia, and - yes - Texas.
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    Remember remember the fifth of November, the gunpowder, treason and plot. **** Trump. **** Trump. **** Trump a whole ****ing lot.
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    Waiting for one of these witnesses to name Graham as someone who knew about this the whole time, etc etc.
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    Absolutely. But that's not where the issue starts. The issue starts after last season, when they kept Gruden on as head coach. I'm not blaming Gruden necessarily, but when they didn't hit the reset button there, it set the tone for a lot of this stuff to happen. Drafting Haskins, who Gruden didn't want in that spot because Gruden, as he told the media, knew if he didn't win he was gone... That's the next issue there. Gruden had zero reason to play Haskins in the beginning of the season. He was coaching for his job, and we all see Haskins is raw. Playing him would have meant he was gone, it was just a matter of when. By not playing Haskins he gave himself a puncher's chance of survival. A developmental QB for a must-win coach is not a great combination of assets. Combine that with Bruce Allen and Trent Williams' situation and you have a recipe for disaster. The way you win is that people are able to put aside their own egos/extra money/extra touches/selfish tendencies for the betterment of the franchise. Bruce Allen isn't capable of doing that. And that trickles down. Keeping Gruden was asking for this issue. And we got it.
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    This pic is getting a lot of mileage on the Vikings forums. You’d think they’d be more appreciative.
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