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    i give this one an 84---it's got a good beat and it's easy to dance to you just didn't read far enough banhammered hog (tso is known as the silent assassin on the staff) you weren't really singled out, my bubbly-brained politico, you have company...if you were the only one making spazzing nutter posts we'd party like it's 1999 but i'm curious as to how you know my morning routine so well...have to sweep hq for bugs again btw, someone should have informed you extremeskins is not a blog, it's what the kids call a "website"
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    Larry was bigger friend to ES then 99% of you will ever know. And I understand the hate for "TV Larry". It's a shame you didnt get to see/know "Actual Larry" like @NewCliche21 @KDawg & some others here did.
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    that is quite possibly the whiniest wet panties statement i have ever seen in my entire life. so..... congratulations?
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    This is one of those rare trifectas that just exude magnificence in its artistic expression of suicide by mod. Truly beautiful. Guy first starts with a rule 11 violation by quoting a large section of text, then immediately follows it with a rule 18 violation going directly against a mod directive by posting in this thread in the first place, but wait, that’s not all! He makes sure the content of the post is filled with rule 5 violations.
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    I think that this has shown me that people are way too invested in a sports team and tie far too much of their identity around the teams they choose to root for.
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    good morning vietnam--wow, a lot of activity here of course and imv the majority of the posting is great (not saying that based solely on whether you're pro or anti change) but first, on the other side of that coin: dear @THE HAMMER'IN HOG your most recent post in here will be your last screed (post) in this thread--this is your curtain call so excuse yourself from the thread...maybe soon there will be a new name thread and you can try that now the rest of this is long and was mainly written yesterday and much of the thread dialogue has moved on from in-depth discussion on what it goes into length on, so you should skip reading this if length or "the way i write" (any of the 'ways', as there's more than one) is an issue for you i was kinda surprised on gmfb today to see nate literally applaud the change saying it was long overdue, and kyle brandt really went to to town on the matter and expressed amazement that some were so resistant and how he couldn't see any good argument from anyone for keeping in the name (he was emphatic and detailed) first, i think anyone hanging their hats heavily on 'these two polls' as major points of support (<---note wording) for 'either side'...you should stop it...you come off as under-informed in such matters and biased on the topic to people who really understand using valid research (which includes amount and nature of type available) properly in forming a conclusion in social science or 'hard' science (i won't be replying to any reply posts defending doing it) a reminder: i said in an earlier post that for most of my life i made all the classic arguments for keeping the name/imagery (which i loved and meant a lot to me, emo-wise) when the matter arose, until this last decade when it began "weakening" objectively, though emo-wise i was still loving/celebrating it all with good intentions (yeah, a tricky phrase) some people, understandably, keep talking about "how many does it take" in terms of native americans objecting to it for it to carry enough water with name-keepers well, rather than focusing on a non-existent body of sufficiently broad, valid, and substantive research of "how many favor it vs not" let frame the matter another way: if you're in the "i'm extremely upset over this and wish we were fighting to keep the name" camp, consider the following anecdotal comments and information in relation to your views though i've had close enough personal involvement with a fair share of indigenous peoples and their cultures growing up in ak and living in the pac nw, it was my work in my later life that took me deeper into several tribes and found me, as i sated in that earlier post, meeting more and more n/a people who either did not like our usages or were just "resigned" to them as it was often a comparatively small thing compared to other issues they face and there are so many of those other issues and there were still a few that liked it too (not unlike our own kosher ham, if i got his take right), but it was a notable minority, and to be clear the topic only came up maybe 80-100 times in that ten-year stint of mine...but while large on one hand, this is still a comparatively small regional pool of a very diverse demographic once you explore tribal diffs/identities vs. their greater unity when it comes to dealing with "us" (white people running things) so as a matter of self exploration, ask how/if it would affect you if you personally talked with a few dozen different n/a people over an extended course of time and in different locales who were decent, fine, enjoyable folk and they told you with sincerity and in reasonable manner how it did hurt/offend/bother them to see the usage even if many "mean well" by using it and those using it as such have a "positive attitude" towards native americans would it "count" and how much vs your reasons for wanting to keep the name? would you still turn to 'polls' to defend? would those face-to-face talks be "outvoted" and "dismissed" as less decisive in your analysis if you talked to other n/as who liked it?...is it numbers that the 'principle' in question for the defense of keeping based on numbers to a large extent? that's just one place to begin, if interested most of these interactions i refer to included those folks believing that most redskins fans didn't mean ill by it, and such fans did indeed "like stuff" about n/a people...but it was still an ignorant, superficial, self-serving kind of 'like' and mainly comprised of white people's imaginings of cookie-cutter warring figures made alluring so we could claim some shared identification that puffed us up in our own heads...underdog noble fighters, and here i speak for myself, too, as a kid especially...just like cowboys and raiders and vikings do their 'imagined glory' thing, imagery/role wise but all that fan 'celebration of n/a culture' appears as just a really narrow sliver of romanticized focus and really just for the appropriation---a good word for this---of we fans (cue endless pics white guys dressed, often in caricatured manner and acting like fools, as 'indians'....maybe that's another version of blackface) how many 'cultural-adoring' fans actually invest anything of their time or energy to real n/a issues let alone actively advocate for them, or even just bother to look into such...how much of that has been any part of being a redskins fan who "loves and celebrates" native americans for how many fans? i suggest that for the vast majority of us it's simply the 'coolness' of the imagined courageous and noble and brave, oft underdog, warrior role we love and want to see in ourselves and our team and that's the beginning/end and 99% of the journey in-between...and we fluff the imagery up in our heads with all kinds of self-identity desires to those who insist (sometimes screaming it) it's all about principle and what is and isn't fair/right ...that's mostly self-delusional bull****, even given that some claims in opposition to the name usage are indeed false or weak in some manner, or that many of the people picking up the anti-name banner are supercritical themselves in their embrace of this issue...and i'll give you just one 'for instance' in support of my 'bs that it's principle' remark: the tailgate is always populated with serious topics that involves all the 'principles' you could think of, yet some who are rarely or never seen on all the other very big issues post in quite animated (even frothy) manner, and repeatedly on this one...so the observable realty is that some are not so moved to share impassioned takes on all those other serious matters involving principles, but when it comes to the 'branding' of their football team they are very activated to go big, go hard, and go often there is indeed some principle involved with most everyone's serious takes, but there's a lot of other things too
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    To answer the question of the thread, I will continue to wear my Redskins gear proudly. I am and always will be a proud Redskins fan. I know now I just have to take much better care of it, because I will be unable to replenish my supply. Okay, with that out of the way, I do feel the need to share that I will not be joining most of you in rooting for the new Washington football team. I know I don't have many posts on this forum, but I have lived and died by this team since the early 70s. I grew up on the West Coast in a city without an NFL franchise. As a young kid, it always stuck in my craw that Dallas called itself "America's Team". I can remember commenting to my father that shouldn't America's Team be from the Nation's Capital? My father, who had grown up an LA Rams fan and who idolized George Allen, told me about the Redskins. How they not only represented DC, but were also the blood rivals of the team I hated most of all. He bought me a Redskins pennant and I was hooked. It hasn't been easy following this team from afar. They were rarely on TV where I lived, perhaps 2-3 times a season at best. I was the only person I knew who loved the Skins. I grew up a lone fan. I have gone to great lengths to support this team. When I was in college on a trip in In 1988, I travelled from Sydney to Canberra to watch the Skins beat the Broncos at the American Embassy (it was the only place showing the SB). After college, I moved to DC. In 1992, I partied on M Street with tens of thousands of other fans. I charged the field and hugged every fan close to me after our last game at RFK (beating the Cowboys). I have pieces of that RFK turf in a jar on a shelf to this day. When my name came off the waitlist with the opening of The Big Jack in 1996, I happy bought four season tickets, which I held until today. I kept them even after I moved from DC, passing them along to friends and always flying in for the Cowboys game. In 2008, I flew from my current town to DC and then roadtripped to Canton with buddies, so I could be there to see #28 and #81 receive their well-deserved gold jackets. Jim Vance said it best. In a town built on division--Democrat and Republican, black and white, Maryland and Virginia, North and South--the Redskins were the one thing that bound us all together. It was a common bond that stretched across all divides. I have endured almost two decades of incompetent ownership because I love this team so much. Any time we get something good going, The Danny finds a way to ruin it. The game experience went from one of the greatest in pro sports to leaving me feeling like a chump. Well, the capitulation and refusal to defend our proud name and heritage was the final straw for me. I'm in my early 50s. My fandom won't be missed. I understand I am easily replaced. I also understand that many fans will think leaving over a name change is silly. I can live with holding a minority viewpoint. Today is the day my Redskins died. I don't think I can transfer my love to another team, so I'm probably saying goodbye to the NFL as well. Thankfully, I have enough wonderful memories to last me the rest of my life. I will always be a Washington Redskins fan. However, my team is dead. RIP, 1937-2020. Thank you to the Burgundy & Gold for all the joy you have given me. Your passing leaves a massive void in my life. I wish all of you well.
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    Ten years ago, I probably would have been against a name change. Not because I would have seen it as capitulating to some agenda but because I likely would've seen it as unnecessary. But recently, I spent some time working and living in northern Arizona on the south rim of the Grand Canyon. Large Native American population up there since the Navajo Nation encompasses the eastern half of the state. And all I can tell you is that I haven't uttered the team name in about a year. So I welcome the change. Glad it's happening. But honestly, none of this is really about me or what I think. Or what most of the people who post here think. It's simply about doing what's right.
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    If Dan does get fired, I don't know of any coach who will be feared more than Ron Rivera. 2 owners notched on his pistol, not many coaches can manage that.
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    A lot of folks whining about the name change are even whiner then the folks they are whining about. Enough irony to make a metal spoon out of.
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    My name is Jim Onefeather and as a Native American living here on the res in New Mexico I have the following heart felt response as a REDSKIN MAN ! First they take our way of life ! Second they round us all up and put us on a res and tell us to deal w/ it ! Third, for a hell of a long time we could not vote ! I respect everyones right of free speech and to say how they feel but it seems to me { a REDSKIN MAN } that non of the non native Americans really care how we feel ! You can visit any reservation in the nation and you will see that the Washington Redskins are really the only team we care for because it is all that is left that we feel represents us in the publics eye and now the sponsors and those that are threatening to pull funding feel they have the right to force this name change !!! Have any of them or you bothered to ask how we feel !? Oh that's right , we are not the sponsors so who cares how we feel .... The powers that be have always made choices for us without asking so why would I think anything has changed in this world today !!! I AM REALLY ANGRY ABOUT THIS !!! We actually are the ones responsible for the name redskins....we gave that name to ourselves out of pride !!! So for those of you who are not a native redskin please stop trying to tell others what is right thing is or is not when it comes to us redskins ! Thank you all....ALL LIVES MATTER Jim Onefeather aka Dino575
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    Hot take: people care waaaay too much about a team name I just wanna watch Chase Young and see if Haskins sucks or not. I watch sports cause I enjoy watching sports. I don't watch them cause a team name makes me gushy. And I follow the local teams cause this is my home. Washington is what matters, not Redskins. But that's just me
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    What’s the difference between a chickpea and a garbanzo bean? Donald Trump has never paid to have a garbanzo bean on his face.
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    For all the people skeptical of the name change because they're concerned that real things could be done to help Native people, they'll be happy to hear that today the Supreme Court backed the federal legal standing of an old treaty and declared large portions of Oklahoma to be Native reservation land, even though the state of Oklahoma argued that there are just too many white people unaware that they are living on Native land currently residing there, for a change to be fair. Big legal victory for Native people and an important precedent.
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    On the eve of a potentially franchise-shaking investigative piece releasing, we the fans are working ourselves up into a lather in excitement and glee that it might be SO damn bad that things actually go well for us after. We are truly ****ed in the head and ruined by our fandom for this team lol, myself included. And you know what? It's in a twisted way the closest we've all felt as fans in this community in years, unless I'm alone in that. Sports fandom is so weird. The bond we all share as strangers who have suffered a shared (but self-inflicted every season and by choice!) trauma together is a truly unique and bizarre lovechild of sports and the internet. Cheers, everyone.
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    Red tails seems like it will once again over complicates things with potential entanglements. Pick a animal, doesn’t even have to be a real one, and move on. We need to be done with these sorts of discussions surrounding the name forever. Slap a dragon on the helmet for all I care, just make it look cool, and let’s try to win some damn games.
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    40 years ago I was a fan..god willing I will be one for another 40, whatever name they choose. #plschooseredwolves Edit..still laugh at the generic Skins colored jacket my folks got me. I remember my Mom not knowing and tried to put me in a Cowboys jacket and me throwing it (the Boys one) on the ground.
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    dude (and ya know i love ya), why do intelligent people like yourself keep stating this as a fact when it's an unknown (obviously) over and over again--and if you say "surveys", or (as i noted in my case) you're using "what I've run into", um, no the survey(s) noted would be simply a minuscule move to compiling useful data on the matter that would support any pro or con claim, and those done are of debatable efficacy either way and it's not even enough to argue over (intelligently) as "proof" for anyone we not only do not even remotely know via polling how the pro-con tally shakes out in reality in that population, we also don't know--or discuss much---how much change there's been in the large broad n/a population's attitudes towards it in the last, 30, 20, 10, 5 years (it's not just about those group-slurred as "white sjw's" ) like i said in my 'reboot' post, there was a time when "many fine decent" white people thought some terms and imagery for blacks were not offensive even after they accepted the n-word was bad, and they kept using them... and many (def not all) genuinely thought they were benign or even affectionate terms and images...and then later that take changed and today we mostly see those images and go wtf, how did they think that was ok? and to many, even the more outrageous exaggerations and over-the-top caricatures specifically were 'celebratory' (see some white entertainment/performers of the day) things change, and yeah, a lot of white people were really bothered back then (some even recently) that such imagery was 'all of sudden' no longer ok...though they didn't use the phrases like "we've had our freedom stifled by the pc mob" back in the day, they said much the same kind of thing...plenty of records on this stuff in writings of the day and just in newspapers' back-issue libraries...do ya wanna go back and lobby for the use of "gay" and fags" as pejoratives or slurs because they also had "humorous" uses for others and that it's not about "being against homosexuals"? ya wanna go back to when i got here and posting "tony homo' was a winningly clever move? and that was fairly recent, right? this is all just stuff worth considering per the topic imv
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    If this involves cocaine, cheerleaders and the tropics you will not see me pointing any fingers at anyone.
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    When they finally have a press conference revealing new name and branding, what are the odds they have a typo in the name or something? 90%? Redwovles
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    very long--you're all warned i'm reminded that i am a long-distance fan and have been since i "officially" designated myself a redskins fan...i was 7 and as many regs here know, i grew up in ak and have resided in various locations in the pac nw since then...i was almost always the only redskins fan in any circle i traveled for many years (no social media) hell, when i was a kid we had three tv stations only (abc/nbc/cbs) and i'd have to wait for the one to two week tape-delay of shipping hard copy tapes of the games to anchorage for broadcast....also, in what may seem a little surprising given some of my posting on the name change, while there were players/coaches and other aspects of the team that drew me in, it was really the name and mainly-ignorant but positive/admiring white kid associations i made with "american indians" and perhaps some larger "supporter of the underdog/oppressed" tendencies i showed in childhood and still hold and i lsupported the name in the typical manner and with most of the same arguments for all of that time, though not obsessively or vitriolically cuz i've never seen that kind or level of response as showing much maturity or intelligence (even in my youth) or even being healthy in such a context that type of reaction seemed, and still does usually, unacceptably self-indulgent at an immature level ...and anyone, male in particular, who bristles at such a charge in general should get real...the reality is adult males often present adolescent level responses/behaviors to all sorts of things on a routine basis...think about it, think about it in yourself but in the last decade i had newer and increased interactions with tribes of wa and ore ....mainly profession-driven, but several close social connections, too, primarily to three different regional tribes...and i'd noticed some seemingly different trends (to me) in my interactions when this topic would arise one, there was rarely any open and easy positive reaction to the name or my being a fan if it arose...it would happen, but rarely and not as often as in my alaska days (for those into nuance, this gets even more complicated when you factor in that indigenous alaskan peoples, inc. those called "indians" like the tlingit, differentiate themselves) what was more the norm was a change of topic after a few neutral or somewhat uninterested or dismissive but not hostile comments, and moving on but no interest in extending the dialogue....and the other thing just more actual dislike for its use on several levels--inc. logos/symbols though usually it was fairly low-key and was often about "reductionism" and "misrepresentation" (my terms)...and that started to become a little more assertive with younger folk of the tribes, but i can't say with any factual authority what percentages of these tribes felt which way of course still, i am mindful of those experiences as i make my own choices of change as an analogy to making such change for anyone...look at how the dem and gop parties have changed what their brand means in the last century...more in connection to our topic, and going beyond the n-word, think of how certain 'outdated' but still well-known imagery and terms for black people---specifically pic******* and porch****** (my asterisks) were considered fine and even positive (said to be "affectionate"), and that was even among much of 'civilized' society and supporters of emancipation back in the day...now it's startling to many of us to think of those terms being ok with the same people for whom the n-word had become taboo things not only change, the change is often simply fitting and appropriate to the broader and more informed understandings of the times in play...like marrying 13 year olds, a matter considered not only socially ok or even desirable by many 'decent' people here and in societies across the globe for centuries, but also argued then as perfectly logical biologically, for another example and that brings me to the close of this (i can hear the jabs forming in some minds )...."choice"...keep in mind that even under some powerful emotional drivers you still have another part of your cognitive response that supports your choosing how much you're actually '"ruled" by that emotion....there's the alternative of managing it and even detaching from it to more thoroughly assess a situation with less controlling influence from those feelings but it's an active choice needing to be consciously made in many instances...analysis and choice don't get a chance to play their best roles unless some work is applied
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