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    Back from the doctor...liver function has dramatically improved, kidneys are good, blood cell counts are normal. It's a good day.
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    Looks like a bad Photoshop...no wonder the Clintons had him killed.
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    If I were the owner and we ended up with two first round picks, I would seriously consider cleaning house at the executive and coaching level. It would be the perfect opportunity to start anew. Hand your new GM and coach two first rounders.
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    Some personal news: Kiddo #2 expected in January.
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    Drive died when we decided to hand it off to Samaje “-1” Perine twice in a row.
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    Losses are wins if a SB is the ultimate goal. We aren’t a contender, we need elite talent, we need to lose. Tom Brady wouldn’t take this team anywhere, DH won’t, Case won’t, Colt won’t. If we can protect DH, the experience is what gets us a step closer to a SB ... we will know if he’s got a chance, or not, only with experience. He can only gain meaningful experience if he’s healthy. The game can’t slow down while you’re getting hit - the guy can’t learn from the film if he’s hit before the routes develop. If we can’t protect him, he has to sit, imo. If he’s not ready, he needs to sit, obviously. But, the best thing that could happen for our Skins would be ... DH playing a healthy 12-16 games, getting a top 3 draft pick, and heading into 2020 with a year for DH to work on his weaknesses (which he will obsess over, Peyton style). If DH can get through his rookie year, with enough positives to have the staff believing in him ... and Then you get him a #1 WR target like Jeudy ... and add Bryce Love to the backfield... suddenly the game is infinitely easier in year 2 than it was in year one & we see if DH can take the next step before we need to make any decision on him. You give DH experience on a team that has 1/8th of its cap on the IR, with no legitimate #1 or #2 WRs, experience getting plenty of snaps with the young guys like TM, an off-season to grow, and then add a guy like Jeudy ....then ... year 2 has a chance to be pretty special. TM takes the next step along with DH, and we have 2 starting WRs & a QB on rookie contracts headed into Smiths final year....get a first for Trent, move on from that money, & we start to see huge potential, to compete for a title, in 2021. That’s the most realistic timeline for Washington.... I think it would be plenty exciting, even with the losses, if DH is able to prove enough to keep that path open to us. ——— Excellent article, Sip. Match up the feet to the play concept - the struggle, imo, are the feet when the concept is interrupted.
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    We don't need a new GM. We need to promote the one we have and get rid of the cancerous lesion we currently have.
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    Eff Tom Steyer If we were to have ten debaters again, I’d split it between two nights again and have five people for two hours. Let’s have a real conversation and not the made for TV garbage.
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    And here's where that plan falls short: 1) Another year on Williams. Playing or not, he's older. Decline in value 2) Injuries may have healed, but a year off leads to some rust. Decline in value. 3) Waiting means less leverage for the Skins in negotiations and likely a smaller return. Decline in value. 4) Holding him ransom doesn't help the Redskins Front Office reputation. Decline in organizational value from an already low point. If we moved him now we'd get more in return, eliminate locker room opinion divide, put ourselves in "need a replacement" mode, and get a little good PR for not holding the guy ransom. Now is the time. Pull the damn band-aid off.
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    Can't believe all the penalties by the Bengals. Must be the crowd noise getting to them...
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    When's the last time this asshole has spoke to his protestors?
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    Is anyone else tired of the title of this thread being "New Development: ..."? If there was ever an example of a topic that needed a title of "No Development: ...", this is it. Seriously, wouldn't it be great if the OP would change the title to include the date if/when there are real developments? The Rook
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    We may have a problem then. Cam Sims Craig Reynolds Deion Harris Dustin Hopkins Dwayne Haskins Ereck Flowers Garrett Sickels Jeremy Reaves Josh Harvey-Clemons Landon Collins Marquis Flowers Matt Ioannidis Morgan Moses Robert Davis Steven Sims Timon Parris Vernon Davis
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    I have learned from Kiddo #1 that rational arguments, even if ironclad, do not work with small children and so I usually resort to spraying them with the hose.
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    Name change to Church of the Celestial Second to be announced shortly.
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    next years draft is ridiculously stacked... give me the extra first and some change...
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    The best OL coach in the country chief among those things ncst fans were able to enjoy. Got some suddenness to him:
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    Flat Earther’s Homemade Rocket Grounded Due to Bad Craigslist Water Heater I can’t believe that headline is real. “Mad” Mike Hughes, the Flat Earther who planned to launch a rocket high enough to prove Earth is flat, saw his launch fail due to a bad water heater he bought on Craigslist. We have covered Hughes several times over the past few years, including when the stuntman/limo driver responded to my inquiries with a stern, “GO **** YOURSELF.” I contacted him for a comment on this story, but no luck. The Wile E. Coyote of Flat Earthers has been thwarted by local governments and bad planning in the past, but this time his nemesis was a bad water heater. According to Space.com: Click on the link for more
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    The overhyping of Clowney is still a thing, I see. The man has never had double-digit sacks, yet we’re supposed to be happy giving up a top 3 LT for him? I understand he’s a great run defender, but it’s a passing league. Take the picks or wait it out.
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    I'd much rather Houston's first round pick next year than clowney. First off we need to rebuild the offensive line and two first round picks can get that accomplished, and secondly we don't need his contract on the books. The best teams get talent through the draft and make very selective decisions on who to pay and who to let walk not signing players to huge contracts when their cheap rookie contract is up. We just did that with Collins and we just can't afford to do it again.
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