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    If Obama had done this the Republicans would have lost their damned minds. But now that they are supporting this blatant end-round they simply prove that they don't give a **** about our laws, our country, or our Constitutionally established government systems. They just want their way and they give zero ****s about destroying any credibility they may have once had. Mitch is fully Trump's **** now. Lindsey Graham is Trump's slut. The Republican voters are his little dumbass lemmings. **** 'em all.
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    He's almost as brittle as McCoy.
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    Wonder if Bruce really believes they are close but nonetheless he likely had to sell to Dan that they are close to keep his job. After all the time he's been here tough sell to go to Dan hey we will take a step back next year but hang in there with me. That's my guess at least. And yeah I do think its possible that Bruce believes it because I don't think the dude is competent. But to your point, yeah I agree the front office will likely make mistakes and fail to ever rebuild properly if they always play things like they are close when they aren't. Maybe they'd be close if they had a QB. But like Cooley likes to say, the QB isn't just some player, he's the prime driver of your whole offense -- and if you don't have that then good luck.
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    With the aid of fentanyl and an incomplete education.
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    It will not surprise me if her base turns on her. Either way, it’s good news.
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    i'm under the weather in more than one way so this is a drive-by....but i'd never seen "bricky" before (and don't watch daily show though i see clips here and there and noah & co seems fine) , but thought this was worth the effort...the good stuff for me starts about 3 mins in, but the build up is fine too i like bricky...i like his (snl claymation star) mr.bill-like noises
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    Trump basically admitting it isn't a national emergency, which means he is also admitting to abusing the national emergency process. Now, I will freely admit I don't know the history of using national emergency status. I wouldn't be surprised if it has been abused in the past by either/or party. The only thing I can say for certainty is that in my lifetime I can't remember a President making theatrics out of it like this or using it as a political issue.
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    Will be lobbying the next POTUS to declare a national emergency to build a transgender bathroom in Matt Gaetz' kitchen.
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    I will now point out that I'm absolutely certain that almost all of them pay taxes right now. (I base this opinion on the fact that the person who employs illegals must either pretend that his employees are legal (which means paying taxes), or create a paper trail that proves that he was knowingly employing illegals.)
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    January 21, 2021. Republicans are declared a National Emergency. America is saved.
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    I heard excerpts of Liz Clarke who was on the radio yesterday. Her take was: A. Her sense (but she doesn't know for sure) that is Maryland isn't playing games -- they are likely sincerely out. But they kept the door slightly ajar just in case B. They are gun shy standing toe to toe with Dan with his popularity not being that hot She went on to more or less say that the Redskins stock right now is at a low point considering they got a front office person who would be booed if Redskins fans had a chance to do it and with a team without really any marquee stars to market or idea that they are poised to be big winners. And that probably pervades over this stadium effort. That point to me seems ridiculously obvious to me. The bigger question is does it seem obvious to Dan. My take about all of this is this team is in a weird spot at least from the perspective of a fan like me who doesn't want an owner who interferes. We got Bruce and Jay very likely (judging by their public comments) selling Dan that all is right with the world and don't listen to anyone who tells you otherwise. And I don't blame either one for selling this because I think anyone of us would do the same if our job security was on the line. So Dan is likely sold this narrative of optimism while chaos is around him -- fans going nuts on social media, leaving messages at Redskins Park. The stadium quest not going well. Seeing articles that purport that some of his colleagues around the league think he and Bruce are a joke. Heck Mike Lombardi who worked with Bruce in Oakland is now freely making fun of him at every turn on twitter. And I'd put money that their attempt to procure season ticket holders isn't going to go well. So among Dan's issues according to some is he's an emotional high strung dude who makes rash decisions which aren't very good. So do we want that dude to surface? Part of me says yes, part of me says no. The no part of me is stronger -- I don't like to set any precedent for Dan to interfere. But at the same time, I can't stand the smugness of Bruce's sell (while understand why he's doing it) that they are close and hey the fans are just passionate and he shares that passion. And I'd love to see that crash because I see that as BS. I do think this team is the Titanic headed to the iceberg. And its probably better in the long run for it to just crash. Darkest before the dawn. The over the top overweight person not changing until they have a heart attack, etc. The off season is young and if they get lucky they might be able to save it. But if they do same old same old off season -- I think we are headed for a crash. I also think they underestimate the lack of star power dynamic with the team. Heck Finlay talked about it today about why they might not be a good candidate for Hard Knocks and Liz Clark mentioned it even in the context of the stadium. The lack of star power to me I think encapsulates for me when Jay talked up hey we liked Calais Campbell but we ended up instead with 2 guys, McGee and McClain. And i like Jay but that wasn't one of his finest moments selling that point. Vinny was at one extreme of the spectrum on selling excitement but the pendulum has swung IMO way too far the other way with Bruce. And I do think among other things they are paying a price for it. I think the point they miss is 7-9 isn't the end of the world but if they do 7-9 and they are boring too. That takes a toll. Not from people like us but the more casual fan which they need to sell tickets.
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    Few would refer to Dan Marino as a guy, some as the best QB in nfl history, but few meet your standards. Tommy? 16 tds to 6ints? That’s filthy, bud. Two of the top 5 to ever do it aren’t good enough for my pal, peregrine. Yikes. Yes, maybe without Green, Gio, Mixon, Eifert and Boyd he can let loose.
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    Markieff Morris signed with the OKC. They are solid.
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    game 6 of the western conference finals against OKC was magical. Klay saved the season.
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    I imagine so, but that may not be enough to preclude us from taking bold action. #WeAre The Redskins.
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    Some people around the NFL world have us Redskins going after Foles, which would mean we would be spending 40m on QB'S in 2019, personally I would rather we just paid Smith off and go with McCoy, then draft a QB with our first round pick in 2020. HTTR
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    Fortunately, you only had to have half the dread. Sean Lee was usually on injured reserve for the 2nd half of every season anyway. If we dump a bunch of our higher contracts, I want us to go all in on paying it to Bridgewater, Lee, and hopefully some other guy who's always injured too. Make them long term contracts too. Age isn't a problem, if 70 year old assistant coaches can walk up and down the sidelines with headsets, Lee and Bridgewater can do just as well in street clothes.
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