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    I still think it's a great draft to trade away our first, for one next year. Pick up a second this year and have ammo to slide up next year in a QB heavy draft. This year finish your defense and strengthen the line and TE to get ready for the new QB.
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    I don't understand why people advocate spot targeting. And further, I can't understand why anyone would say we need to stay away from D in this draft. The defensive side of this draft is freakin' loaded with talent. Absolute monsters. Beyond that, our defense last year was offensive. The FO has relied on injury plagued players, on both sides of the ball, for far too long. Most teams, but especially the Redskins, don't have the luxury of picking and choosing which side of the ball to address. You pick the best player. Maybe that's TJ Hockenson. Maybe that's Montez Sweat. Maybe that's Dwayne Haskins. But forcing your pick to be on one side of the ball or the other, or one position versus another is how you wind up with duds.
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    first round ahead and i can't wait to find out if we start out of the gate getting a really really really tall wr with knee and ankle "concerns" that "could" be serious, or we make a dynamite blockbuster deal trading the next three years away for another qb plus, another year of bruce and dan i may resume social crack smoking
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    I agree with most of your post but this--this is a bit of a hyperbole. A. Calling someone a potential HOF after his rookie year is Colin Cowherd/Skip Bayless level overreaction. After 1 year, RGIII was better than Luck and a superstar. B. You make it sound like Payne sucked. I really like Deron Payne and think, with a better DC, he is an absolute stud.
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    The switch to Thursday night still bugs me. I used to love Sat/Sun weekend in college. Food delivery, beer, a TV and a computer. The rest of the world was useless (well, except the delivery guy). Miss those days.
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    just to break up the monotony lol...
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    As long as it's for a 1st next year and a 2nd this year I wouldnt be upset.
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    Good, because duct tape was the next step.
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    It’s so refreshing to hear that Dan Snyder is taking control of the war room in the first round. I mean, it’s obvious to anyone who knows anything about anything, that this is bound to end very very well for the Skins!!!
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    Folks killing Keim? Wow. He is the best beat guy by a mile and a total class act. Not interested in putting BS out there for clicks.
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    I find this hysterical lol... First it was... "Redskins in disagreement over top pick in draft" Then it was... Redskins draft: Infighting over Daniel Jones, Dwayne Haskins, per report (Sportsnaut) Real Sports Talk‏ @RealSportsTaIk Now it's... Redskins | Chaos rules in Washington? https://studsanddudsfantasynews.com/redskins-chaos-rules-in-washington/ … Studs and Duds Fantasy News‏ @StudsAndDudsFN I fully expect the next tweet "report" about the Redskins to be that Snyder shot and killed a scout during a brawl over whether or not to draft Haskins lol...
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    Got a short video of Jay Gruden on his way to the war room:
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    I think it is obvious who will get the throne, Tormand's speech last week was foreshadowing the next King... Robin Arryn!!! Remember the little 10 year old freak that was still breastfeeding. Well, m theory is that after his mom was thrown out the moon door, he sent the nights of the vale north of the wall to get a female giant. Robin has been doing nothing but sucking giant breastmilk for several years. He is going to walk into Kings Landing, toss the Mountain aside with one hand, and take his throne. It is so obvious if you look at all the clues.
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    I love the way OP's misery thread got derailed into a Glory days one. We have had enough misery who wants to wallow in it , not me. HTTR !
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    This thread has gotten amazing the past week or so. With the addition of a clown in a gimp suit, I'd say we've got it all.
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    Me and Mrs Skinsfan. Not sure when, late 80's maybe? Those were the days to be a Skins fan.
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    I hope the cameras are fixed on our warroom when we are on the board, so we can witness the chaos in it's 11th and most desperate hour, with a DanTheGMCam in a PIP. #FlipFlop.
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    I can play the Volsmet Dwayen Haskins GIF game myself. He so gloriously posts gifs of when Haskins is under pressure and he struggles. Just like every other QB in the world does.You dont throw 50TD's and 8 INT's in a season if you suck. No matter how many gifs you post. Here are some gifs where Haskins dices a defense up like swiss cheese. It is very easy to boost YOUR OWN AGENDA with selected gifs. And I will do that right here myself. Look. I like Haskins A LOT. And I think he is the best QB in this draft. His mid range accuracy is ridiculously good. But I am NOT in favor of trading away the future to draft the guy. BronzeImpossibleBighorn.webm EagerGrizzledGeese1.webm EsteemedElementaryCaterpillar.webm HandmadeBlaringDutchshepherddog.webm QueasyFlawedArthropods.webm See the field. Read the Defense and deliver a dime under pressure: https://giant.gfycat.com/CraftyTornDeer.webm But the guy has no athleticism and he cant run? https://giant.gfycat.com/TerribleEssentialBonobo.webm
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    Of course he's involved. It's his team. Durrr. The extent he's involved in is simply Bruce it's your ass on the line, what's the plan.
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