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    For Immediate Release October 16, 2019 LANDON COLLINS NAMED NFC DEFENSIVE PLAYER OF THE WEEK LOUDOUN COUNTY, Va. – The National Football League announced today that Washington Redskins safety Landon Collins has been named the NFC Defensive Player of the Week for his performance in the team’s Week 6 win against the Miami Dolphins. The honor is the fourth of Collins’ career and his first as a member of the Redskins. It is his first selection since Week 11 of the 2017 season. He is the 37th Redskin to receive the NFC Defensive Player of the Week honor since the award’s inception in 1984. Collins becomes the first Redskin to be selected since linebacker Keenan Robinson in Week 7 of the 2014 season, and he is the first Redskins safety to receive the honor since LaRon Landry did so in Week 5 of the 2010 season. Collins finished the Week 6 contest against the Miami Dolphins with 12 tackles (10 solo), including one for a loss, one sack, one forced fumble and two passes defensed. Collins finished tied for second in the NFC in total tackles and was tied for first in the NFC in solo tackles. He was one-of-two players to record a forced fumble and multiple passes defensed in Week 6 and was the only player in the NFC to register a sack, a pass defensed and a forced fumble. It was Collins’ first sack since the 2016 season, and it was his sixth-career game with multiple passes defensed. Collins was one-of-12 players in the NFC this week to register multiple passes defensed, and the forced fumble was the fourth of Collins’ career. Through six games this season, Collins has registered 55 tackles (39 solo), including four for loss, one sack, one forced fumble, two passes defensed and one quarterback hit. He has started in all six games this season and has led the team in tackles twice this season. Collins is the first Redskin this season to receive NFC Player of the Week honors. He entered 2019 having earned NFC Defensive Player of the Week honors three times in his career. He earned the award in Week 7 and Week 9 of the 2016 season and in Week 11 of the 2017 season as a member of the New York Giants.
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    1. Brian's Song 2. Rocky 3. Field of Dreams 4. Hoosiers 5. Slap Shot
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    Good for him, Redskins need him to step up and play like a veteran leader
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    One benefit of being a Redskins season ticket holder. The eight Sundays a year I spend at Fed ex keep me young.
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    Really, it’s a fine lineup of nominees. Several are well-deserving...but listen...none of these bands could ever match the glory of Judas Priest circa 1976. Heavy Metal was invented. Priest forever.
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    I think this is Breer in a new interview but mostly repeating his tweet.
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    Cleveland is certainly interested in Williams, Dorsey made that clear without naming him. At 2-4, his team is underperforming against expectations, and star second-year QB Baker Mayfield has been sacked 16 times in six games. Dorsey knows he needs to bolster the Browns offensive line. "It’s a hard position to acquire, especially at this time of year. We’ll make a million phone calls. We’ll constantly work the phones," Dorsey said. "If nothing happens, we’ll move onto the next project. If we think we can improve the position, we’ll make a move if it’s right for this organization." Compensation will be key as the Williams situation unfolds... The calls will keep coming to Ashburn asking about WIlliams. The question will be if Allen will pick them up. https://www.nbcsports.com/washington/redskins/browns-gm-admits-trade-talks-redskins-bruce-allen-takes-two-tango
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    He had a monster game and justly deserves the award. Well done, sir! The Rook
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    Wait you don't have the Skins going to the SB every year? Please turn in your fan card as you leave ES. How is it you think I am not for real and not a true follower? I have been following football since I got interested in it while in high school. That was back in 1984. Is there a fan rule book that says one is not supposed to wish, regardless of how absurd or unattainable it might be, that their team goes up instead of down? Why do people root for failure for a better draft pick? Is it guaranteed that if they do they will win the SB the very next year? You might have a problem with the hard ending. I have no issue with how the season ends. If it ends up better then expected. GREAT. If not, oh well, next year. Life goes on. I live for any given Sunday, for about 3 hours. Then I live rest of my life by spending time with my kids and wife and of course work. As for Snyder comment, you don't have to buy ****. I don't go to the games (FedEx field sucks), plus I have a better view on my TV while my wife brings me food (who wouldn't want that...lol). Your dream will never happen if you don't dream.
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    See breaking news section about Skins fan who paid for the banner to Fire Allen at the stadium in Florida yesterday. He is a hero to this exhausted and disappointed fan base. I am sure someone told Snyder about the banner even if he did not see it himself. Hopefully his wife told him. Allen probably made sure the Danny never went outside at all. Just got into the limo and headed for the airport.
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