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    Max ****ing battled tonight man. Performances like this are almost as memorable as the dominating gems. he clearly didn't have his best location, only had 1 clean inning I think, but he ****ing battled when the Astros threatened the most. Love that guy man
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    Rainey will redeem himself later in this series, i have no doubt loved Davey bringing in Hudson when he did. he has a pretty good track record of stranding runners, even though he let one in
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    Soto admitting to being nervous in his first AB then proceeds to legendary **** after my firstborn will be named Juan or Juanita
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    TWA will be reciting it in 48 hours.
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    A accurate representation of the 9th inning in my life /\/\/\/\/\/\__________________________________/\/\/\/\
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    Im starting to think Juan Soto will have at least 1 building built in DC in his honor. Perhaps it also will be a laboratory? Whatever he wants.
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    96 WS Braves went up 2-0 in NY and then went back home and proceeded to lose series 4-2 so never say it’s over until it’s over!!!!
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    This ain’t 2012 or 2017. Please stop with the doom & gloom posts. Even if it’s for the reverse jinx lolol
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    Not to get too far ahead of ourselves, but the Astros went 107-55 this season, which is a .660 winning percentage. You have to go 4-2, .667, to win this one ****es!!! I prefer to think they don't have that extra .007 in them
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    We have an asset that will become increasingly less unique as the market becomes increasingly saturated with options.
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    Do not tempt Vegas. They build huge casinos by being eight more thean being wrong.
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    Awe man. That is some bad JuJu! Yeah. It can happen. But I dont think it will to this team. Lets just get the win tomorrow night and worry about it then.
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    I am not going to live through this series if my number is called, I'll do everything in my powers beyond life to deliver the title
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