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    The impeachment hearings in a nutshell:
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    That's sort of been the underlining theme to Everything GOP for a while now. If they're waving their arms and yelling about something, there's a near 100% chance that the people they're accusing of wrong doing haven't actually done anything wrong and instead it's the Republicans that have either already done said wrongdoing or are planning to do it shortly. They're quickly becoming a group that needs to be put on a terrorist watch list. They're dangerous for this country and democracy. I do not take making either of those statements lightly. They appear to be only interested in destroying our democracy at this point, either outright via their actions or by simply spreading misinformation to make our people uninformed and/or angry. I'm pretty convinced that the list of options, at this point, does not include anything that involves saving/fixing these people. They are a danger and immediate threat to our democracy and it's about time we start treating them as such. I think it's worth considering the long term ramifications of allowing this situation to continue. This situation being: A sizable portion of this country is being methodically and constantly (and successfully) turned against the institutions that define and protect this country/democracy.
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    The absolute funniest thing about “Trump and Giuliani the corruption fighters” skit is that one of the guys they were getting bogus conspiracies from is a Ukranian oligarch hiding in Austria to prevent US extradition for charges of corruption. We are truly living in the dumbest era in American history.
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    not a realistic one that's easy, and not a pragmatic one that fits my sentiment and wishes for human advancement (as opposed to retardation) but the short answer is if you don't like what trump/gop is doing you're gonna have to not only give what you can in time and money to any state and national candidates/issues that are relevant but also get out into your community FOR REAL and volunteer with time, money, effort to mobilize, assist etc. ...if this isn't worth real work and effort to the people who detest what the right has become in this nation, then trumpworld is winning ( i say that as a guy who longs for the day where i can devote proper energy to the many serious criticisms the dems routinely deserve )
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    i liked your post because of its base point as i saw it---not to be quick to fall into making skin color equivalent to a form of behavior however, in any matter, ruling out the idea that composition might not be revealing or reflective of some basic nature is quite open to challenge and as i always say about most everything, context matters if in a society with all the diverse demographics as this one has, many of which have significant numbers, and given it has two primary political parties to cover all, one could quite logically infer that when there is such a dramatic difference in inclusion and support between the two, such as we see in this case, i'd say it's fair to note the sheer white maleness in an objective analysis as hard data and neutral observation, and to wonder how this can be so, that this party so hugely dominated by white/male leadership from small town to big city be "healthy" and representative in any democratic sense if you go into a club with a quite large membership in any sizeable diverse community and 85% of their membership is white, and 95% of the club leaders are white males, it is intellectually valid to at least wonder/question/examine if some "cultural" issues re: inclusivity exist and what that lack might indicate
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    at this point, almost any goper who isn't anti-trump to the point where they'll seriously lean towards voting for any dem other than a member of "the squad" over another 4 years of this is likely a waste of space.....especially those who still spend their time defending their cesspool of a party cuz "me likz cunsurvativ pollysees" or "cuz dems still be all wrong and evil" might as well tell me they're a proud member of nambla the still proud republican who's planning on voting trump in 2020, including the ones who say they don't "like" this or that, or even "a lot of things", about him, are more than a little sick in the head afaic....their party has nurtured the vast majority of racists, homophobes, conspiracy nuts, religious nuts, gun freaks (i like guns), science-deniers (we're talking way more than climate), and more ugly forms of humanity and used them and now they own the party and have also taken russian propaganda to their heart and spread it happily...and ala certain playbooks, have certainly taken all forms of distortion, deflection, and deception (especially self) and basic hypocrisy to new heights and made them their core approach to "discussion" like i said before, no easy, pragmatic, realistic, response (particularly the ones i sometimes think are most appropriate) other than to do all one can do to beat down the right in all its forms as currently manifest in every way possible, as much as possible, for as long as possible, and devoting maximum effort as deadpool would say
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    I'm not known for being an emotional, empathic type of guy, but sometimes I just feel like giving you a hug, lol.
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    Let me guide you... When you create a new thread in the title bar you need to put the source and the headline from that source since you are are referencing a news story. So the title should have said: PFT: Clinton Portis, nine other ex-NFL players charged with health care fraud Then in the body of the new thread you copy and paste the first few paragraph of the story like this: The United States Department of Justice has charged 10 former NFL players with defrauding a health care program for retired players. Former Washington and Denver running back Clinton Portis is among those who have been charged. He is joined by Carlos Rogers, Robert McCune, John Eubanks, Tamarick Vanover, Ceandris Brown, James Butler, Frederick Bennett, Correll Buckhalter and Etric Pruitt. Former NFL wideouts Joe Horn and Reche Caldwell are also expected to be charged with conspiracy to commit health care fraud. More at the link below. Discuss. Then you put the link from your browser, you know where it says www.whatever.com or in this case this: https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2019/12/12/clinton-portis-nine-other-ex-nfl-players-charged-with-health-care-fraud/ This is how you make a new thread from a news article posted on the interwebs.
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    We've got 3 Division games left. Bruce is 3 games short of having 100 losses on his record here. If/when we drop 3 straight Division games to end the season, firing Bruce's ass should be Dan's instant satisfaction reflex move.
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    To add to what @tshilesaid above, my experience with attempting to debate Trump supporters also more or less mirrors my past attempts to debate full-bore conspiracy theorists. Any evidence you present to them that is counter to their narrative is automatically deemed to be from a "suspect" source, regardless of the actual source itself. That source is then automatically made to be part of the conspiracy ("they got to them") and dismissed. It then not only doesn't persuade them that their conspiracy theory is wrong, it actually reinforces it by "showing" them what they already believed...that the conspiracy is so strong it can get to almost anyone so it must be even that much more sinister than before. Trump supporters basically follow this exact same pattern. I don't think it's a coincidence that Trump has attracted conspiracy nutters from all walks of life and political persuasions.
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    Yes which is really the core of the problem here. i just spent a few days with someone and have learned a bit about the trump supporters. they’re brainwashed. They think that anything that refutes their points comes from an untrustworthy source. Everyone is out to get them - trump and his supporters. While we were laughing at trump complaining about a witch hunt, they were being indoctrinated. And they’re full on in now. they believe the fbi is not to be trusted. The intelligence community. Anything foreign can’t be trusted - media, politicians, even results of things just can’t be trusted. they’ve been turned against America’s institutions. The things the keep our society together. There is no trust. There is no authority. that’s why they’re ok with arguing that people are liberals going after trump, even if 2 weeks before they were lauding that persons credentials when they were announced for the task/position. or that the Ukraine stuff doesn’t matter because the Biden’s need to be investigated or that the gop can literally present no factual evidence, but that the side that only presented factual evidence can’t be trusted. the executive privilege nonsense could go to scotus, which is stacked for the R’s, and rule against trump, and they’d find a way to blame scotus for bias and still support and agree with trump This isn’t a stupidity problem anymore. It’s a cult problem. logical arguments and evidence are not going to work.
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    Rewatched Andrew Thomas against Notre Dame and it's excellent work by Thomas. I have criticized him hard for some of his games this year, but credit where it's due, he was dominant against NFL caliber competition. Such clean, easy-looking sets. Got tons of movement in the run game, showed physicality with the Notre Dame line and linebackers. They were down two of their best OLs for most of the day (they have ungodly depth) and thus Swift ran behind Thomas a lot. Thomas cleaned out big old cutback lanes for him and got push at the point of attack and at the second level. Good day in pass protection too. Very minimal amounts of pressure surrendered. Didn't get fooled very much and was able to recover well when it happened. His punch is consistent and he can stun you from time to time. He plays backwards as well as any 6'6 tackle you'll see. He's got tremendous natural power and can fairly easily catch rushers, anchor, and then reestablish a ton of space in the pocket for Fromm. The only weakness in Pass Pro I can see is that he plays a little high and he will play on his heels at the point of contact at times. He's tall and he's not super flexible like a smaller player such as Penei Sewell. He does some leaning and lunging and it's why he falls off blocks. One interesting footnote of that game was that Georgia's second touchdown shouldn't have counted. The LG #74 was lined up too deep on that snap. The officials missed it. He's not a perfect prospect. There are some frustrating moments. But he's really damn good and his ceiling is HUGE. His pass protections are frequently awesome, he's going to be a rookie starter at LT. I am very interested to see what a coach like Bill Callahan can do with him, both in terms of teaching and in creative schematic usage. This guy is going to be our pick if he's available. I've made peace with it. It'd be a graceful way to rebound from losing Trent. I want to keep Scherff, I want to get Thomas, I want to get Najee Harris in a later round. And then next year I want to get Penei Sewell somehow. Play him at LG next to Thomas or at RT next to Scherff. Use a power running game with Harris, Guice, and Love behind a line with three of the best OLs in the NFL. That'd create ideal conditions for Haskins to develop.
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    The difference between him and Griffin is that he is elusive in the open field. Griffin was just straight line fast. Vick had wiggle but not like Lamar He won’t do this every season but long as he stays healthy, he’s the most dangerous weapon in the league
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    So this changes my opinion of Trent completely. What a ****ing POS. Still believe the team screwed him but this has nothing to do with that. Not sure why people refuse to take try ownership of being a pet owner. Hope he is gone for good soon, good player or not.
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    Reassigned would be as bad as stays. Any perceived issues and they'd do another McCloughan/LaFemina throw him under the bus I'm you're savior move. No thanks. Retire/resign/fired. I don't care how, but it's time for a clean break.
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    Keim just on, said a lot of smoke swirling around Bruce. but he also said sometimes you hear things and it doesn't pan out so he wouldn't per se bank on Bruce removed. But it feels to him that they will make a change. Sheehan tried to nail him as a percentage on whether it happens, Keim was reluctant to do it. He ranked the chances this way when boxed in by Sheehan A. He leaves completely 40% B. He stays 35% C. He is reassigned 25% Sheehan ranked it for himself as 65% chance Bruce is out. 25% reassigned, 10% that he stays. Once Sheehan laid out his odds, then Keim changed his mind and said Sheehan is probably closer to right and said there is a lot of smoke. As for coaches, Keim doesn't think it will be Callahan. He thinks they might go for a discipline and strong leader type guy. There are people in that building who realize they need that. They seem to favor a 2nd time head coach versus a new head coach so someone like a Marvin Lewis type. He said he's hearing Rivera and McCarthy are likely headed elsewhere. He said he's learned some coaches have no interest in this job with this power structure. He did mentioned Bieniemy (even though he doesn't fit that profile) but he doesn't know how high he's ranked to them. As for Alex Smith, he thinks he's focused on playing. He thinks it's a leap that Alex would be a GM. He's a family guy who likes having spare time. So he seemed skeptical that he'd angle for GM. I see Laconfora was mentioned here as for saying it was going down with Bruce. Not really. He sort of did but hedged. He doubled down in both interviews I listened to from him that he won't believe it until it happens. So Laconfora if anything has some cynicism about it. Standig ditto -- said he's hearing rumblings about Bruce but won't believe it until Dan pulls the trigger.
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    I don’t understand how conservative candidates keep winning worldwide. Has the whole world gone mad?
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    Because like most bullies, he's really a coward and afraid to face tough questions about the impeachment and all his lies.
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    The frustration I have at this point is I don’t know how to talk to these people My education went through the sciences. My job involves working with systems based on logic. they are the political equivalent of living in a world where the laws of physics don’t apply. How do you relate to that to be able to have a conversation where there’s an avenue for progress back towards reality?
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