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    Just don't let the outside internet decide his nickname. You'll either end up with "Receiver McReceiverface" or something about Hitler.
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    How many "If you didn't already think Trump was unfit for office," moments have we had during this Presidency? It's been, at least, a monthly occurrence.
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    Y'all didn't know about it cause it was secret. Checkmate, liberals.
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    Top 10 comedies of the 2000’s 1.) Superbad 2.) Anchorman 3.) Pineapple Express 4.) Step Brothers 5.) The 40 Year Old Virgin 6.) Wedding Crashers 7.) How High 8.) Old School 9.) Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle 10.) The Hangover BOOM
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    Agreed. The Senate trial will be a sham. It'll be the equivalent of the follow up "investigation" that the DoJ did of Kavanaugh. Mitch basically gets to make the rules for the impeachment trial so he'll likely do everything in his power to make it super short, allow as little evidence as possible, limit the House managers (prosecutors) as much ass possible, and try to keep as much of it from the public as possible. As you said, we already have a Republican Senator literally calling for a "loyalty pledge" before POTUS is even impeached. Shouldn't that be grounds for some sort of recusal? Even Susan "I have a back piece that says 'I'M VERY CONCERNED' in Comic Sans font" Collins has basically said "whatever" about impeachment. The only ways I see anything changing is 1) Trump's base turns on him. Won't ever happen. Ever. He could literally take a dump on the Statue of Liberty and wipe his ass with the Constitution while having sex with an underage boy who's also an illegal alien and they'd still cheer him. 2) Enough of the non hardcore-Trump-Supporter electorate continues to sour on him to the point where 20 Senators from more moderate states get together in private and agree to vote against him. That's still super far fetched but certainly more likely than #1. There's already a majority of the country that not only wants Trump impeached but also removed from office. As long as the revelations keep coming, the Dems can just milk it. Though it honestly isn't even just "milking it" IMO, because it seems like every day a new possible article of impeachment comes up. At this rate it could take them a couple months just to WRITE the thing before they vote on it. The public wasn't anywhere near as favorable about impeachment after the Mueller report came out. I don't think it ever got above 35% in favor. Now it's over 50% in pretty much every recent poll, not just in favor of impeachment, but impeachment and removal. This thing has legs, whether you like it or not. (Sorry @No Excuses) Trump is such a nutcase that he's probably more pissed about Mulvaney getting so much media attention than the fact that he literally just admitted to exactly what they've been saying never happened for weeks.
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    Not me. I hope he lights up this trashcan of a team and the Vikings put up 50. Anything and everything to embarrass Snyder enough to fire Brucie is what I'm rooting for.
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    The best seats are in the owners box, unfortunately the going rates for those are your soul.
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    Agreed Smith hardly did anything to win games 10 tds in 9 games is nothing to look up if we were down more than 7 points there was little hope smith could bring us back, the embarrassing loss on monday night was the actual team we had in the wins we got lucky, had mccoy not gotten hurt he coulda easily done what smith did and we would have a 50/50 chance to win games maybe make the playoffs and get smoked in em
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    It’s a personal ranking. When it comes to comedies who cares about historical top 5’s because at one point My Big Fat Greek Wedding was the most talked about comedy of the year and that **** wasn’t funny at all to me. Corny.
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    Probably to try to sneak by copyright infringement bots.
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    Abstained for about 45 days to make sure my new job doesn't drug test. They don't. Edibles are kicking in. Woooooah Nellie.
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    If we lose the World Series, it will be because we faced a terrific 100+ win AL team with homefield advantage, not because we were too well-rested.
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    As I was walking to the liquor store, an obviously-lit older gentleman was on his way out and singing this song loudly. I sang the chorus in unison. I should have been a singer, but I chose to sit back and hit drums because I'm an idiot.
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    Birdman was great. Some movies have more depth than Money Train. Sorry.
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    Dude was successful both before and after here. I’ve also never heard or seen him ‘act’ like he did such great things here. And I’m sure the Falcons fans are really enjoying their crap offense since he left. When he was there, they went to the freaking Super Bowl. Kyle is not perfect for sure, but to act as if this dude wasn’t successful both before and after he was here is BS. Straight up BS, it’s not even debatable.
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    Why did you waste 10 minutes of my life? Allow me to Schiffesquely recreate the conversation. twa: Judges Sacks: Unqualified ideologues in the pockets of lobbyists? twa: Have you seen the dem candidates potential judges? Sacks: No twa: Me neither. Here’s a link to an article that doesn’t say anything. Now we’re not talking about how full of **** I am, how I don’t believe in anything, and how I will mindlessly comply to my master’s commands 100% of the time... probably as a way of subconsciously fulfilling my suppressed fantasies of BDSM homoeroticism.
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    When someone creates a list like that & has the sense of humor to make Olive Garden an option, my world makes sense again. A great woman once asked, do you know how hard it is to get laid when you smell like cabbage. I like to think we’ve all wondered the same.
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    Page nine of the employee handbook. Doesn't seem too hard ~Bang
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    It is worse than that. The “missing DNC server” is a dumb conspiracy popular in QAnon circles. Somehow a completely insane fringe theory got picked up by Rudy and now Trump is getting impeached because he’s a fwd:fwd:fwd grandpa email come to life.
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    *I* would like to see Manusky send the house EVERY Down..screw the score and lay wood on Kirk for 45 minutes. Make sure he is hit every play.
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    Why would you want to go to a Jets homegame?
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    LeBron’s whack. I watched the first episode of The Shop and it literally was a circle jerk of everyone telling Bron what a visionary king he is. Man’s a raging narcissist, the charity and social activism can’t hide the emptiness of his persona. On full display now.
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