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    You never know what will happen this far out. He could get hurt. He could stay in school. He could measure really short/short-armed and not go as high as projected. So on and so forth. I don't want another god-awful season. I don't like the idea of having consecutive terrible seasons. Guys get used to losing, bad habits set in, talent gets wasted, and it is so hard to get that kind of culture of rot turned around. We see that to be the case with Cleveland. I want Rivera to hit the ground running to secure his future here, and I want Haskins to play meaningful, winning football next year. I want him to get a taste for winning at the NFL level so that it becomes something that is expected each week. Winning and playing good football fast-tracks QB development, we've seen it happen recently with Watson and Jackson and Mahomes whereas Mayfield stagnated in year two. And more than anything, I'm getting a little worried about the defense. That unit massively underachieved last season and I am worried that bad habits have already taken hold. If we get Chase Young, then I want that group taking a huge step forward under Del Rio and playing up to their capability. I want them to be an aggressive, swaggering group who execute with consistency and who knows they are elite. That's how we establish a winning culture and get this organization turned around.
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    Well dang, i was thinking this might be for cars. I was going to order my Batmobile. Atomic batteries to power! Turbines to speed! ~BatBang
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    Redskins trade the 2nd overall pick to the Dolphins, Panthers, or Chargers for a haul. Bengals miss out on Burrow. Their GM is fired and never allowed to work in the NFL again. That was a fun thought experiment.
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    I just watched 2 games of Sullivan. He's a hard dude to get a handle on because they don't throw to him much. If they can get him in the 6th round or something, he's an interesting project, he has talent. He looks fast for his size. They line him inside some and in the two games I watched he played outside a lot. When he played outside it was mostly a decoy to either set up a run or throw it inside to Jefferson or someone else. The fact though that a TE has the speed and elusiveness to occupy a CB is a good sign. And he does occupy the CB in those cases. He got open a bunch of times where Burrow didn't throw it his way. So I get the narrative that he was bound to put up small numbers relatively speaking in that offense -- LSU has a killer outside and inside receiver so there are so many balls in play. I think he's OK as blocker. I often look at a draft geek type scouting report after I watch a player to see what meshes what I see and what doesn't. I see some see him as an overgrown receiver who doesn't block well. To me that's yes and no. He does move like an overgrown receiver, reminds me in that way like a taller and less polished Hunter Bryant. But unlike Hunter, I think Sullivan has the frame (especially if he puts some upper body muscle on) to be a well rounded TE. Like Hunter, Sullivan is a willing blocker and I'd rate Sullivan as a better blocker than Hunter. But neither dude blocks with an attitude/mean streak like a Trautman or Kmet. The play below is an example of a thing he does I like. He will get physical on the inside to get open. He doesn't give up on plays. Also, if Burrow is scrambling around, Sullivan will keep working to break free from whomever is on him nonstop. sullivan.mp4
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    Getting Trent to come back and play and sign a long term extension is the best outcome. It's certainly preferable to trading him for a pick that we'll turn around and spend on a project tackle who will, realistically, never be as good as him. Having great LT play for like the next four years, critical years in Hasksins's development, would be extremely important. But there are two big problems with this scenario: 1 - This dispute with him got personal and he swore he wouldn't play for us again. Is that really supposed to go away just from firing Allen? I have my doubts about that. He doesn't seem like the type to give up on a matter of principle. 2 - He burned us already, how can we trust him again? Fool me twice, shame on me. I don't love the idea of keeping ourselves in a position of reliance upon him. He's already shown that he'll quit on us over a grudge. If I were in charge, I'd cut my losses with him and move on. But more than anything, I hate the idea of going into the final year of his contract with no extension. We need to either get a new deal done over the next few months, or trade him. And like you, I like the idea of dealing him for 2021 picks. That should be a very strong draft class too, particularly at WR and OT.
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    Stephen Sullivan, TE, LSU Sullivan legit came out of nowhere. I mean, on most prolific passing offense in college football history this season, he had 12 catches for 130 yards. But after the week he had in Mobile, Sullivan will convince many his pedestrian production was simply due to the talent around him. At 6-foot-5 and 245 pounds with an absolutely ridiculous wingspan just over 85 inches, Sullivan ran away from just about everybody down the seam, and his huge catch radius allowed him to make grabs well outside his frame. He was a rock in blitz-pickup drills too. And per Zebra Technology, the company that tracked the movements of all players at the Senior Bowl, Sullivan hit 19.9 mph on the first day of practices. That's wide receiver speed. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/draft/news/senior-bowl-2020-nebraskas-lamar-jackson-lsus-stephen-sullivan-among-draft-sleepers-who-shined-in-mobile/
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    Depends on where we trade down to, but I do agree that Simmons is a great talent. And the "we have enough on our DL" or "we've already been drafting DL" argument to me only holds water if you're not looking at a once in a decade prospect sitting in your lap on draft day at possibly the second most important position in football (I know that's debatable, but there's a reason that elite edge rushers in the NFL are second only to QBs in their salaries). That's like saying you'd pass on Calvin Johnson because you already had some pretty decent receivers you'd drafted recently. A guy like Chase is a game changer and I don't think you pass on that.
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    The clown show continues. Pompeo couldn't even come up with a more believable lie.
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    Weird to insist that Harmon got the nod over Cam due to Cam being an UDFA when you look at how Steven Sims made an impact down the stretch...as an UDFA. The last coaching staff liked Harmon better. Maybe this one won't, but that doesn't mean Harmon's 6th round draft pedigree (lol) was the reason he played over Cam. They exposed Cam to waivers and got him back on the PS at least once, so the rest of the league agreed at the time. I am rooting for him to grow into a starter as well, why wouldn't I? But the logic here is silly.
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    Fowler Jr., Tremaine Edmunds, Hassan Reddick, Tim Williams etc. All these linebackers were hyped up with having speed, but none labeled as generational. You draft Young and take your chances. If he busts, so be it. Let someone else draft Simmons and more power to them if he succeeds.
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    So my reason for not wanting to get Chase is we are put too many resources towards the offensive line. I want Isiah Simmons who could anchor our LB for the next decade.
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    If no team thinks we won’t select Burrow and doesn't offer us a haul, then I think we should draft him to call their bluffs. Then watch the ‘real’ offers come in. If we still don’t get the “king’s ransom” then keep Burrow and start working the phones to see what offers We can get for Haskins.
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    Yeah the Lions would be absolutely giddy if we were stupid and they ended up with Chase sitting there for them. They'd be up at the podium faster than you could blink. Their pass rush is abysmal.
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    Been saying... abandoning nuclear technology due to fears and some expected setbacks early on will end up dooming our civilization. We could have been carbon free decades ago. Nuclear HAS to be part of the path forward.
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    Which is why I have been saying this whole thing doesn't matter. Those that will vote Trump aren't affected and everyone else already knows he is guilty as hell.
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    You're right, there is a difference. I've never been against the Right to Life movement.. to each their own, and they have the right to march and protest and try o change laws they disagree with,, this is the American way. i am 'against' it in that i am pro choice. (AND, i will go one further to say I would not do it. I never had the "problem" come up when i was too young to handle it, and the birth of my son cemented in me the undeniable fact that i could not.) You don't see me in those debates, just as you don't (often) see me in religious discussions on this site. A lot of people i respect here believe things i disagree with, and I try to stay out of those discussions that in my experience only lead to conflict. I'm not changing my mind, and neither are they. (Granted, occasionally i get disgusted and refer to it as a Sky Fairy and other assorted nastiness,, but I'm human, i guess.) I don't have to agree with them to recognize the rights of people to protest. But when Trump gets involved, it instantly poisons it due to the unbelievable level of hypocrisy it takes to accept him, and ESPECIALLY in this area. (sorry, i keep adding to this.) I am disgusted by politicians lack of spine in confronting him, in toadying up to him, the complete compromising of the republican party,, and the burial of actual conservative thought. But it makes me absolutely sick to see it out of evangelicals. No shame. None. I can't believe that if the God does exisxt, that these people haven't got the slightest bit of awareness of what they are doing and saying in His name. i cannot understand how the people of faith in this country have not risen up to reject this. Like i said, i think it's all a load of ****, but if you look at every single description of the Devil.. every warning they ever gave us as to how to see him.. well, there he is. And he's taken control. ~Bang
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    The only reason Giants fans are talking about Manning's Hall of Fame credentials is because Tuck, JPP, Osi Umenyiora, and Strahan harassing Brady endlessly.
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    Jo Jo Rabbit - Great movie I can see why it was nominated for an Academy Award. Right now it would be a toss up between 1917 and this movie if I was voting (I haven't seen many of the other nominated movies though). For some reason this didn't play in my town during its first release so was happy they released it again.
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