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    OTs have easier assignments than they used to because of how shotgun heavy offenses are now. They're overvalued by the league, and their cost is a market inefficiency that the smart teams like the Patriots exploit. They traded sixth round positioning for Trent Brown and used him as the LT for an elite OL. The season ends and now Oakland is paying 16 million a year for him. You don't have to be fast any more to play OT. You just have to be big and able to handle power counters reasonably well. You can get all of the help you need from six man protections when you get matched up with Von Miller. OGs are undervalued. B Gap rush has become the premium rusher position in the era of shotgun spreads and Aaron Donald and you can't scheme in help for a guard with your Y. Nor can you abandon your Y to handle the edge rush by comboing the B gap. These are individual match ups that your guards have to win. You need two great interior linemen to handle interior pressure. Losing Scherff would be a massive blow.
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    Dame Lillard Round 1: 33.0 ppg, .453 fg% Round 2: 25.1 ppg, .396 fg% Round 3: 20.3 ppg, .326 fg% Lillard redefining the fade away.
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    We've been craving ribs, and Harris Teeter had baby backs on sale. I prefer St. Louis style, but these Re a nice change of pace. I'm sticking some chipotle red beans under the rack while she smokes.
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    Joe Maddon is the smartest guy in baseball. Don’t believe it, just ask him. He’ll tell you.
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    He tested poorly, but his film is pretty good. I only checked out 2018, but my hunch is that center is his best position. He's clean, very smooth move blocker. I saw a nice first step and no problems reaching his blocks. I agree that he lacks power, but he wins with his feet and he showed an anchor against A gap rushers without guard help. He can get shocked by real powerful and physical handfighting but you don't see him ever panic. He has a really calm and confident presence in the line. He's also more of a wide body than I expected. His size is solid for a center. Not like the kids from Miss St and A&M, but he has better bulk and a better frame than the kid from NC State who went in the first round. He's more than the sum of his parts and his film is a nice watch. I could see him sticking on our roster and working his way into a starting job down the line. He's trustworthy and the job isn't too big for him. of all the picks we made outside of the first round, I could see Martin and Pierschbacher being the two that stick around long term.
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    Draymond was sandbagging all season
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    This was my bedtime story last night. Not sure if y’all are interested but a few might be.
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    D&D should have taken notes
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    Wilder comes at you like a 230 lb Thomas Hearns. He’s a monster.
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    I don't either, but that reminded me of Rocky 4 when Drago is training and they're measuring the force of his punches. I bet he's on par with Drago.
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    Everything they say we are... we are. **** this ****ing fat ****. ~Bang
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    I suspect that this conversation will be entirely academic because I think we are going to pick between 13 and 17 next year. Our defense looks too good and there is no way we lose every QB on the roster again. I actually feel better about interior OL than tackle. Brandon Scherff had a freak injury. He never misses time and it isn't an injury that should cause long term issues. Roullier has been healthy/durable. I am really keeping my fingers crossed for Wes Martin. He's powerful and has more lower body explosion than you might think with a 28 inch vertical, which isn't bad for a 310 pound OG. Allowed very few sacks. At tackle, we could have big problems. Moses might not miss a lot of time, but he is always hurting. Trent misses time every year and has at least one more surgery every year. Father time is going to catch up. Maaaaybe Geron Christian has a chance to be a starter, but I thought he was a reach and he looks more like a quality career backup. We are going to need two starters sooner than later. It would be so huge for us if Bill Callahan could turn Ereck Flowers into a starting caliber RT. We'd be filling another upcoming need at a steal of a price. In any case, if we are top 5, I wouldn't pass on Jerry Jeudy if he's available. The talent is too good there. Haskins, Jeudy, Guice and Love could be a really good skill position core. That being said, in my heart of hearts, I want defense. Is it too much to want to add to the defense every year until we are a generational unit? We are so close to being so good. It's hard not wanting to see the defensive unit completed, even if I know that balancing the defense that we have with a better offense would probably bring more wins. I still don't think that we are yet to the the point of receiving decreasing returns on defensive investment. Not until we are better in the secondary and at LB. This play is crazy good. You have to watch the replay to fully appreciate it though. In the replay, you can better appreciate his balance as he almost falls down coming out of his cut, keeps his feet, explosively accelerates by the corner and then has to wait for the ball but is still able to jump over the corner and high point the football. The acceleration coming out of his break reminds me of DK Metcalf's acceleration blowing by the corner after he beats the press for the long completion against Alabama. Edit: It's depressing that we are still talking about Doctson and even more so that Richardson is our next best option. Paul Richardson is a 5 year vet, and in his best year caught 44 balls. In his second best year, he caught 29 balls. Last year wasn't an outlier. It was Richardson's normal. Here is a hot take, Doctson is better than Richardson. Look at their stats and consider the QB's and offensive units they played with and tell me that isn't so. http://www.nfl.com/player/paulrichardson/2543491/careerstats https://www.pro-football-reference.com/players/D/DoctJo00.htm Our WR unit sucks. Despite adding McLaurin and Harmon, we still need huge investment here, whether through the draft or FA.
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    He further to the right than even Hillary. Biden dismisses that stuff. He was VP to the first Black President. So many crazy questions... and I don't think people even care about it.
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    That I also agree with. When you look at all things considered Josh has to play with more confidence and in his more recent game tape you can see that he was playing more aggressive. He's not going to get separation, as that's not what he has ever done. Rather, he runs his routes and is supposed to win 50/50 balls. Alex Smith never threw him a 50/50 ball more that was remotely catchable. Mainly because that's not Alex's game. Now, Case will definitely throw him 50/50's. Not sure about Haskins.
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    It's interesting that use that video as support, considering it's saying that Quinton Nelson is a key to Luck's improvement. Because of this stat about the other OL we drafted ; Martin. In 2017, among the 298 major college offensive guards to start at least five games, only the Hoosier Martin and Notre Dame's Quenton Nelson did not allow their quarterback to get sacked. Martin accomplished that feat while being on the field for 569 pass snaps. Nelson only appeared in 352 aerial plays.
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    This and other comments like this is the hight of false concern or passive aggressive malfeasance. At the very least, you honestly think this is a thing; (here is an early holiday present) It is not. Please stop this. If you are a skins fan, please appreciate that we got, at draft pick @ 15, what many in the industry think is the best QB in this year's draft. Knowing the above, DH had to wait until the 15th pick to hear his name called. If the best you can do is cherry pick his multiple videos/interviews from draft night so that you can misrepresent his disappointment and subsequent chip on his shoulder as problematic, .. then god help you become a better person. DH may be a bust, he may not. But for me, I'm going to enjoy what we have based on college tape untill the 16 pro game tapes tell me otherwise.
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    Https:// www.nbcsports.com/washington/redskins/redskins-depth-chart-only-argument-defensive-line-who-best Tim Settle, a second-year pro out of Virginia Tech, got to spend the last year in an NFL weight program. He's looked much stronger when spotted walking the halls in Ashburn, and that could get him on the field more this fall. Ask some of the Redskins defensive coaches, and they'll talk at length about third-year man Caleb Brantley. An early season addition last year, Brantley didn't play much for Washington in 2018, though he showed promise in Cleveland as a rookie. Settle and Brantley got drafted later than many expected, and with the time invested in the weight room and tutelage from defensive line coach Jim Tomsula, it wouldn't be crazy to see development on the same scale as Ioannidis. He went from a late round rookie to a significant contributor, and inside the walls at Redskins Park, folks think the same could happen with Brantley or Settle. Maybe both.
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    My take away from this game is that I wish the Nuggets had won game seven. These Portland bums are scared of the Warriors. So far the clippers have given the warriors the most trouble. lol
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    It's easier to run the ball and do play action from Under Center. If you want a versatile offense, you need to sprinkle in a bit of everything. Some "under center" plays aren't even normal plays (quick step and throw immediate screen, or throw the ball away) but from the pre-snap alignment it counts. Under Center and varied number of steps per dropback help keep Edge rushers on their toes. The offensive tackles can block differently knowing they have ample room to guide the Edge guy around behind the QB. Or they can entice the inside move and just bury them as they try and cross your face (Trent Williams specialty) because you know the QB is going to be further back. If all you do is play from gun, and the other team is doing a great job of slowing your offense down. Where do you go from there? I like the idea of giving the defense more to think about. Also, calling the same play from Gun and from Under Center can yield different results, or a similar successful result the defense can't key in on because "they saw it on the previous drive".
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