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    Guys...guys....guys.... Guys. Guys. Hey guys. We are in the World Series.
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    I think this deal is legit. In fact, I’ve been tracking Redskins One in hopes of seeing it turn up in Cleveland. Turns out I was wrong and Bruce and Dan are driving to Cleveland to sign off on the deal.
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    Stras & Parra as dance partners in the clubhouse is the best thing ever.
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    Opened this thread praying there was audio (I don’t really need it tbh, I can hear it in my head), but I’ve never been so disappointed in a misleading title. I vote for a lifetime ban.
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    Strasburg went out there and found a personality, unlocking the last level of his dominance the Skins needs to keep their stank away from this team just sit in the corner and be quiet
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    That's for all the Washington Senators fans who had awful teams and then watched them leave town twice before waiting over 30 years to get a team again.....then another 14 years for the chance at a championship. #stayinthefight
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    If, by some miracle, Bruce accomplishes something close to this rumor, I will have to remove 2 pins from my Bruce Allen voodoo doll.
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    This is legitimately the most excited I’ve been all offseason and season (ok, outside of the 1st half against Philly)... how lame is that?
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    I would be ecstatic if we pulled that off. Come on Bruce, get it done!
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    The beat reporters aren't going to get anything on this if Bruce is the main guy doing the deals, and he is...he hates them. They get zero scoops from him, and we all know Bruce could make this deal without ever bringing in Doug, Kyle, Callahan, or anyone else but Snyder. That's basically how the Alex Smith trade happened and because of that there was not a single rumor about it leading up to it, it just happened. If it has been leaked, the fact it's come from non-local guys is no surprise, they're more likely to get the scoop from someone on the Browns end. Or if this guy who knows Allen is legit, that also makes sense.
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    In the cage past midnight with Kevin Long last night. Just your typical 20 yr old behavior.
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    This is going to end in the biggest case of football blue balls ever, I just know it.
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    i dunno, am I even allowed to criticize the thread/comment (there's more rules here than a stripclub). this thread topic is idiotic. Even if it were true that Quinn "is terrible" the play of Tre Quinn ranks around 534th on my list of problems with the Redskins. The Redskins are the Titanic, there is a gigantic gaping hole in the ship, it's going down, and you're in the dining hall of the ship complaining to anyone around you that there's a fly in your soup. Who gives a flying F about that minor problem that I'm not even sure is as bad as you describe it.
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    The analytics boom. NFL GMs have forever valued high draft picks like they would a star player. Deeper studies into the validity of that thought have brought context to the conversation. “I have my guy run the value of each pick based on trends, say, the last seven years,” said one AFC GM. “The No. 1 pick has created this type of player—Pro Bowls, All-Pros. Then the No. 2 pick is this, and so on. You can see it by color shading on a chart. You get down to, maybe 22 to 35, there’s not a lot of difference. There’s a dropoff in Round 1 over time, and that’s where I’d go back and say a Jalen Ramsey, a Khalil Mack, guys picked in top five, merit the price. “If you feel like this player helps get you in the playoffs‚ and your pick is 21 or below, you can justify dealing that 1, and you get a known commodity.” In other words, if the hit rate on a pick like the one the Cowboys gave up for Cooper or the first one the Bears yielded for Mack is closer to 50 percent than it is to 100, a lot of teams are thinking they simply have a better shot with the established star. Dallas, took it another step and studied the kind of receiver it would get in the 20s, and figured Cooper was a safer play than Hollywood Brown or N’Keal Harry or Deebo Samuel. And in general, that illustrates how teams have gotten smarter about valuing those assets. https://www.si.com/nfl/2019/09/19/trade-market-jalen-ramsey-minkah-fitzpatrick-laremy-tunsil-antonio-brown
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    I think you guys are misunderstanding me. I am happy about the trade and it’s something I’ve been talking about for years philosophically. My sadness is about the fact that a guy like Trent views our organization in this way. It breaks my heart. And there’s no doubt in my mind many other players do, as well, he’s just the one who did something about it. He’s too influential within that locker room to think otherwise. Dan and Bruce are a complete disaster. And I’d add Larry Hess to that. I think you have to.
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    I can't cut and paste on ES. Twitter poster Browns County is saying that a deal will be done by Wed. night and the details are this: Skins get Cleveland's 2020 1st and 3rd and 2021 6th round pick plus WR Higgins and TE Njoku. Cleveland gets TW and our 2020 5th round pick.
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    my favorite nationals player is changing every 15 minutes Max is about to be on with SVP on sportscenter
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    Really puts things into perspective:
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