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    Like Trump cares whether his people get confirmed. He probably doesn't even remember who he promised which job to. Or what the job does. Little slow, are you?
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    This is off topic, but let's settle this once and for all. The 1991 Redskins were one of the best teams in the history of the NFL. They are most definitely the most underrated team in the Super Bowl era. They didn't have much flash. They didn't have a lot of sizzle. They just went out and dominated football games. They had 3 shutouts the first 5 weeks of the season. They didn't give up a point at home until week 7, which was a 42-17 beat down of the Browns. Their QB Mark Rypien, who was not very mobile, was sacked 7 times all year. That's not a typo. Only 7 sacks all year. They just crushed teams all year. You asked about the Lions. They were pretty good that year. In fact, they made it to the NFC Championship game where the Redskins easily disposed of them. In the two games the Redskins played the Lions that year, they outscored them by a combined 86-10. Their other NFC playoff opponent was the Falcons. They played them twice as well. They beat them by a combined 80-24. And of course in the Super Bowl, they shutdown the Bills until garbage time. The Bills were the most explosive offense in the league that year. Also, these are the QBs they beat that year with that dominant defense: Troy Aikman, Boomer Esiason, Randall Cunningham, Bernie Kosar, Jeff Hostetler and Phil Simms (The Giants started a different QB in the 2 games and the Redskins beat both SB winning QBs), Warren Moon, Jim Everett, and lastly Jim Kelly in the SB. If you don't recognize those names, that is the who's who of QBs in that era. They were truly one of the best teams in the history of the NFL. They were the best Redskins team ever. And before you ask, they were the better than any Packers team ever. Start to finish they were one of the most dominating teams ever. It's a shame they are so overlooked, but that's just a reflection how efficiently they beat teams. They made it easy and so no one remembers them.
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    Owners of replica of Noah’s Ark sue insurers for rain damage: https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.courier-journal.com/amp/1220627001
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    Wirfs will be a first rounder, imo. He is likely to grade out better than any OT from the 2019 class, this OL class is loaded with huge nasty humans. This freakin guy — feet, hands, size & attitude, he’s a potential top 10 pick.
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    Just finished watching this breakdown. This might be the best one I've seen so far. Love how willing he is to show Haskins' negative plays, while still giving him a lot of praise for his good ones. Something new I learned from this video was how much Haskins needs to improve on identifying and reacting to corner blitzes. I never really noticed that before when I watched him play, nor have I seen it mentioned anywhere else. Luckily, this is something that can be improved with experience. The guy who made the breakdown is a huge Redskins fan by the way, but this video was made long before the draft.
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    Agree 100% with the underlined, bolded and text in "red"
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    So I'm back from Venice and Rome. Simply amazing places. Full of good people, great food, great wine, fantastic history, and at least 1 ugly american. Ah Venice. View from the top of the Spanish Steps in Roma. Grappa - Italian jet fuel. The painted fishermen's houses on the island of Burano (near Venice).
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    I have turned pro-reparations over the years, but I think the bigger issue right now is really the institutional racism issues that prevent the climbing of the ladder in the first place. It doesn't hurt me any for descendants of slaves to receive a check for $16,200, but that also isn't going to work as some kind of cure-all.
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    Nice breakdowns. I like that Wyatt focused on that Iowa game where someone opined that he didn't play well, addressed the concept and not the commenter. Iowa's O line is no joke, WE draft outta there, right? And correct me if I'm wrong, but Wirfs? Haven't I been hearing that name mentioned as a top prospect for next year? But yeah, it's hard to watch college play and prognosticate on how it translates in the pros. One thing I keep seeing is that Sweat stays aware of the play, I see him breaking off a block to pop a RB, stagger step on PA to follow the ball, that kind of situational awareness where he isn't just intent on being driven around the play by being too tunnel-vision about the man in front of him. Wyatt makes a good point vis-a-vis the way his play allows teammates to get there, as opposed to the fantasy football tards that only see the individual stats and then want to regale others with their prescience.
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    I meant on defense, but, you are correct. I actually disagree with this. Sweat doesn’t have a lot of refined hand moves and counters, but he is going to overwhelm at times with his length and speed and power. He put Tytus Howard on his butt in the Senior Bowl, and did the same thing to Dalton’s Risner. When you are pancaking high draft picks with power and are also super long and run a 1.5 second 10 yard split and a 4.41 fourty, you’re a lot harder to defend than someone who doesn’t yet have much power, like Brian Burns. I think Sweat collects at least 8 sacks this year and looks good doing it.
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    The corner blitz v Purdue is a miscommunication at the line, the read is Campbell but they needed an automatic that had PC stay at the kind for a quick toss, that was likely a broken play DH stuck with, but he saw it & that’s where you go with it. How well the Buckeyes RBs block is unbelievable. You notice OSU rarely protects with fewer than 6, and often 7. We need to do the same. Haskins has a long way to go & he can’t get there without time to set himself & read what’s in front of him... that’s difficult already, particularly with only 14 starts on the youngsters resume. I love that video httr, though I disagree with most of what the gentleman says, it opens great discussion.... few things better than breaking down plays, particularly from the perspective of the QB. On the flat footed out DH hit v PSU, it showed a ton of talent, but his read on that is the RB. Little things, but his talent won’t get that ball there in the NFL. OSU runs complicated assignments & reads with ty their backs, they have a lot of responsibility, especially compared to nearly any other college.
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    Why is trial by wombat not a thing?
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    I wouldn't expect anything less from that piece of trash "news" organization.
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    He ruined one of the things I used to care about most. I am totally apathetic at this point thanks to his managerial and sexual impotence. **** you Dan!!
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    If it has, you wouldn’t know about that it via public outrage. The point isn’t whether this particular kids show has touched on the subject of marriage, the point is it’s not something kids are typically sheltered from. Only gay marriage gets tied in with exposure kids aren’t ready for.
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    So if Martin starts, does everyone realize that would mean all 5 OL were drafted by the skins, as well as our 3 interior DL and both of our edges? Wow.
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