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    “If you run into an asshole in the morning, you ran into an asshole. If you run into assholes all day, you're the asshole.” ― Raylan Givens Justified
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    It says an awful lot about this organization that every year, a handful of opponents circle the Redskins game on their calendar for no other reason than they feel like the team has simply ****ed him over. Usually you have to be good to get this type of rage out of an NFL opponent. We do it while being historically bad. It's honestly impressive. I'm impressed. We just got through Kyle Shanahan engaging in some bizarre "In the Name of the Father" revenge fantasy - to the point that he gave the game ball of the worst football game ever played to his father who has multiple Super Bowl rings....and it seemed to mean something. I honestly didn't even realize that we played the goddamn Vikings on Thursday until I looked at the schedule this morning. Super. Another dude who dreams at night of pooping on Dan Snyder's face on the 50 yard line during halftime as the band plays Hail to the Redskins. I mean, I guess we need to hope that Jay Gruden goes to work for his brother so we limit that "Path of Rage" to just one game. I can only hope Snyder is thinking about taking away Rob Ryan's parking space.
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    Bernie has said he will pay for it with a tax increase that will be offset by us not paying copays and premiums. That Koch Industries funded study said it would be cheaper than our current healthcare system. Warren won’t say it will raise taxes because she doesn’t want to be a GOP soundbite.
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    No. It’s like our culture. It may be broken but it’s still great.
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    You could have negotiated..."Baby, are you offering me something I've never gotten before? Because the Nats are offering me something I've never gotten before"
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    If anyone is looking for a good deal on NBA League Pass, it seems like the $28.99 monthly subscription through NBA.com is the best deal. League starts 10/22/19 and ends 4/15/19, so 6 months. Which is cheaper ($173.94) than paying for a one year subscription of $199.99 through cable/satellite providers or NBA.com.
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    Didn’t Buttigueg call out Warren for providing no details about how to pay for her BIGGEST campaign promise? And all she had was crickets? Doesnt the fact that neither of the candidates who are pushing MFA are willing to explain how it’s gonna work, bother you?
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    I feel like the ES is in on an April fools plan that is nearly as elaborate as it is belated on our friend @stevemcqueen1
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    Guys that don't have interest in sports are ****ing weird. I'm not saying you gotta watch them, but if you don't watch AND don't play...something ain't right.
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    I live in Trump land. I'm the only liberal in my entire family tree. I know exactly what we're dealing with. I'm not saying that you're wrong. I'm saying that if the insanity of the past four years isn't enough to get Dems out in record number to vote against this dude, then we're never going back anyway. I don't think it's hyperbole to say that our country as we know it will not survive a second term.
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    No one did it better than my man Jeff Fischer, with the Coin Toss of Doom
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    How does that compare to arrogant, entitled jerks who are terrible at their jobs?
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    Anyone else have a crazy week in their leagues? 3 teams went over 100 points, out of the other 7 teams, I was the only one to break 70 points. ( i still have Brady and Bell tonight). I also made maybe the dumbest mistake I've ever made in FF. I dropped Edmunds right before the games started and picked up....Agholor. I was worried about Cooper missing the game, and needed a late night player just in case.
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    The fact that Morgan Moses was just on the radio saying how great their team is and that they are playing well, after being shut out, tells me that the delusion that they are close has trickled down from the top. This team is completely ****ed for a while. Just once I'd like to hear players pissed off and hear about them breaking **** in the locker room after these losses. Not hear about how great they think they are, after not winning a game at home IN OVER A YEAR. We're just a team of losers with loser mentality.
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    I can tell you what one of my bosses once told me/our offensive staff (I was the DC, but also OL coach)... "You're paid to have a gameplan in place despite the conditions, right?" "Ya." "Okay. Then get to work." "Will do. Thank you."
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    Lets go full circus Head Coach : Rex Ryan Defensive Cord : Bill Cower Offensive Coordinator : Norv Turner Special Teams Coach : B - Mitch GM : Joe Theismann
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    Yes. Strongly. A player would not have been punished for tweeting "Fight for Freedom, Stand with Hong Kong." What he said isn't the least bit inflammatory in the US, where the NBA makes the vast majority of it's money. Virtually no one disagrees with that tweet here. Players have gone much further with their political statements than that and have rightly not been punished for it. A player that tweeted out those six words would also be protected by the same situation dynamics that are shielding Morey. Any action against Morey is an action against a US employee, voicing a basic US ideal, and it would be in defense of China's terrible government. They'd spark a political firestorm at home if they did that. It would be even worse if they did that to a player.
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    Even without injury, the $16M would have become fully guaranteed unless we cut Smith before March 2019, leaving us having paid $55M for one year of Alex Smith. 55M for one year vs vs $71M for three years... both of those are terrible contracts to give an Alex Smith. You can definitely disagree over whether Kirk is worth $84M/3, certainly there are NFL GMs who would not pay him that much. But if you forced them to choose between Alex Smith at $71M vs Kirk Cousins at $84M, I think the majority, including all the smart ones, would go with Kirk.
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    The problem is that he turned right around and gave freaking Alex Smith $71M guaranteed for 3 years. Bruce is using the broken leg as an excuse, and saying we were 6-3 with a healthy Alex Smith, but the fact is that Alex Smith sucked, and we were one of the worst 6-3 teams anyone has ever seen. If Smith was still healthy, we'd be 2-4 right now at best, probably still 1-5, and tied to him through the rest of this year and next year.
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    I agree in the sense that it works out better for Bruce to really look bad, sooner than later. Which as fans gives us better odds that he will get fired sooner than later. But from a straight football standpoint, I don't know how anyone can say with a straight face that this team is better off without him and his contract. Since his departure they have more money and draft assets designated to the QB position, and the offense in general, than they ever had with him or would have with his current contract. The narrative for letting Kirk walk was to utilize the money he was getting or soon to get to build a better team with those savings. They haven't built a better team with those savings. They've spent those savings + some to be worse off. As I said above, Kirk Cousins certainly isn't the difference maker to the point he would make this team a contender. He is without a doubt paid more than what he brings to the table. He has not shed his reputation for not being able to beat teams with ferocious D lines. But he is undoubtedly better than anything the Redskins have put out there since he left.
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