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    We were mostly winning close games against bad or struggling teams and the three Ls were blowouts. The schedule was getting tougher and the luck was running out. We weren't going anywhere last year. The Smith injury just gave people the excuse to perpetuate a fantasy about the team and/or Smith being better than they were.
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    Nope. Not into that narrative at all. Jay signed an extension here. He had had plenty of time to see the incompetence here. In fact, we were in the middle of the ridiculous disfunction of the Cousins and McLovin episodes at the time. I get the there are only 32 of these jobs and it was a good amount of money, but he had gotten a big 5 year deal to start with and the extension was only 2 more years. Imagine what it would have meant for his reputation, and future job prospects if he had just said no to a new deal, let it expire and walk. He didn't really have to say anything just "differences of opinion on how to move forward as a team" or whatever. Everyone would have known he was bailing on Dan and Bruce, everyone would have understood, everyone would have respected him for it, and he would have been given a virtual free pass on whatever his record was here. But he chose to sign on for more of it. So no, if he's "trying to get himself fired" then he's basically violating the spirit of the contract he signed. And he deserves no sympathy, no "feel bad for Jay" campaigns, none of it. He had an out. One that would have done him a world of good, and been one of the few things that might have given us Skins fans some hope of this nightmare ending. Instead, he chose a bit of extra money on a two year extension. He made his bed, he should lie in it. And if he's really trying to get himself fired, so he collect the money from that deal while getting out of half the work, then he's just a dirtbag.
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    Thank you Donald Penn, The Redskins have gone through two weeks in this 2019 season and have lost both games..but the offense has been able to score points..our quarterback Case Keenum is playing..good?...I think..and that's because of the job you are doing.. it makes me want to say Trent Williams who? But I have more respect for the Silverback than that. Thank you for your services Donald Penn!
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    I watched my first start to finish WNBA game tonight. I wasn’t feeling it at first, but my daughter needed to see her old man supporting women in sports. She gets really excited to see the “girls” on tv getting cheered on. She talks pretty good for a six year old too “they’re sort of like the wizards, but they win, so they’re better.” Im very proud. I was rewarded with a tight finish that was highly entertaining. Worth watching imo.
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    Alex “Jesus, how do you sit up here and watch this crap every week?” Dan “zzzzzzzzzzzz....snore....zzzzzzzzzzz”
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    He's going to continue to cash his check every week just like he is doing now. And the quality of this roster will suffer from it.
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    The funny thing is that a properly fitted suit would make him look taller. As it is, in that picture he looks like a 12-year-old wearing his dad's suit to a school function.
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    We're going to still suck as an organization. The End.
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    You guys are literally watching this situation play out with Williams and you’re still baffled that the organization can do stubborn and stupid things?
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    Danny Trevathan Mom from Good Times Prine Amukumara Slimer GhostBusters
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    Was that you I saw selling MRGA shirts on the corner of Constitution Ave? How are the sales doing on your “6-3 NEVER FORGET” garden flags?
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    The guy sitting behind Snyder in that pic looks like Desperate Dan.
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    If he can play special teams then he’ll be active.
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    Vikes are playing the long game, keep Doctson fresh, on IR, until the December playoff push.
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    I saw the Lombardi quote but he's clearly just guessing. I'd trust Sheehan and Russell more because they intimated they heard it from someone close to Jay. They suggested Jay is in a WTF, nothing to lose mood. Who knows. But I don't take Lombardi's line that seriously. I take Lombardi more seriously when he talks about Bruce because he's recounting things that actually happened (at least from his perspective) in Oakland. I don't feel sorry for Jay, give me 30 million and I'd take as much crap as people can dish out. The problem though is if this team wants to attract another coach who is highly touted, that dude could likely get 30 million too without the same headache. So that's the next challenge. The impression I get listening from those who cover the team is that Jay is dead man walking. I am not as convinced as others that the next coach might be the elixir. Your point seems to imply (correct me if I am wrong) that ANY coach deserves whatever miserable time comes their way because they should have known better and they decided to take the money. I actually agree at this point in time. Not so much when Jay took the job because the context then wasn't that carte blanche. I'd put money that Bruce told Jay those stories about Dan are nonsense and regardless he has his back or whatever. Bruce and the Grudens go way back. I doubt Dan, Bruce or whomever just takes it on the chin and say yeah what you've read about us is true. I bet they do the whole media conspiracy narrative and go on about how this and that story is wrong. Heck this whole thread is littered at times with a defense of the FO from some of our own fans. I've gotten into some really feisty and hot debates with FO defenders here who make a long case about how the stories about Dan-Bruce are questionable and how this FO has a lot more cooking than we give them credit for. And that's from Redskins fans. Can you imagine how Bruce-Dan have their rap down? I do agree with an aspect of this point though. That is, now the sample size is big enough. Jay might have been the last straw. Plenty took the FO-Dan side against Shanny. That battle wasn't one sided as for public perception. In late 2013 there were plenty of narratives including by the media that Shanny was the problem not the FO. In retrospect, when RG3 bombed as a player among other things Shanny ended up looking better. But in the throes of the Shanny departure plenty sided against Shanny. But if you disagree, cool, I don't care. My point has nothing to do with feeling sorry for Jay. I don't feel sorry for him. I do like Jay as a person from a brief exchange and what I've heard about him, so I hope he gets out of here. But not from the perspective of feeling sorry for the dude but from the perspective of bringing out his best which I think is more likely going to happen elsewhere.
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