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    Or consider an equal possibility. Barkley plays against the Skins in a walking boot or on crutches, and rushes for 112 yards.
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    No six year old should be arrested for misbehaving in school outside of an extreme situation, where a serious crime has occurred and police absolutely must be involved. Something like finding drugs or a weapon on them. Six year olds are practically babies, many of which still write letters to Santa and most of them get excited to hear about the tooth fairy. They do not belong in handcuffs. I think teachers not being able to touch children and liability concerns for schools plays a role in police being called. If a child won’t comply and gets violent they start to panic. It’s shameful that as a society we can’t deal with a six year old freaking the he’ll out without lawsuits, threats of lawsuits, or police.
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    Everything else you said is absolutely spot on this but this came out of nowhere...wtf?
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    We should sticky this post when we come back to you for comment on the next Polar Vortex : ) I'm past asking for the weather to just stay normal, I'm fine with it not killing me at this point
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    Probably not wise to judge another mans marriage, when you really have absolutely no idea what’s going on in their house.
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