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    The corner blitz v Purdue is a miscommunication at the line, the read is Campbell but they needed an automatic that had PC stay at the kind for a quick toss, that was likely a broken play DH stuck with, but he saw it & that’s where you go with it. How well the Buckeyes RBs block is unbelievable. You notice OSU rarely protects with fewer than 6, and often 7. We need to do the same. Haskins has a long way to go & he can’t get there without time to set himself & read what’s in front of him... that’s difficult already, particularly with only 14 starts on the youngsters resume. I love that video httr, though I disagree with most of what the gentleman says, it opens great discussion.... few things better than breaking down plays, particularly from the perspective of the QB. On the flat footed out DH hit v PSU, it showed a ton of talent, but his read on that is the RB. Little things, but his talent won’t get that ball there in the NFL. OSU runs complicated assignments & reads with ty their backs, they have a lot of responsibility, especially compared to nearly any other college.
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    Soto was on his fastball that whole AB. He's really locked in this past week. Looking like his rookie year. Hey look. It's almost as if Doolittle has been overused and his stuff isn't as good as it should be. Weird.
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    Just finished watching this breakdown. This might be the best one I've seen so far. Love how willing he is to show Haskins' negative plays, while still giving him a lot of praise for his good ones. Something new I learned from this video was how much Haskins needs to improve on identifying and reacting to corner blitzes. I never really noticed that before when I watched him play, nor have I seen it mentioned anywhere else. Luckily, this is something that can be improved with experience. The guy who made the breakdown is a huge Redskins fan by the way, but this video was made long before the draft.
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    Owners of replica of Noah’s Ark sue insurers for rain damage: https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.courier-journal.com/amp/1220627001
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    Theres an entire floor in the Native American museum in DC dedicated to all the broken promises and treaties we made to them. Theres no dollar amount that can make up for everything this country has done to everyone. I wouldnt want a red cent as some form of apology. What I want is the funding for public schools matched from one location to the next based on higher value areas using property tax to have better schools. Theres no making up for what was done, the focus needs to be on what's holding back black people today and that's access to quality education so they can join the work force with everyone else. Insist on universal pre-k and FFS stop having so many black kids drinking lead tainted water. The first thing any red state will do is say the repirations are done and feel no reason at all to look out for all their citizens instead of jus some of them. They had slaves building the White House, theres no way to make up for that, imo.
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    None of this should be surprising. To this day, many conservatives still believe Al Gore claimed he invented the internet. The feeble minded do as they are told (by Fox News and other wingnut media sources).
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    I've been so busy at work and with my new baby boy that I haven't posted anything about the finale yet. Just about everything has been covered already. To add my general $.02, I had no problem with the plot points at all for the entire season, except I wouldn't have wasted 2 full episodes on the Night King. But I understand they had to do something to wrap up that plot line, so, whatever. That included the finale. What bothered me is that they rushed through the most important plot point in like 45 minutes of the approximately 78 hours of television they created: Danny losing it. And we don't even really know why, except she lost it. Which is unsatisfying. From the time in episode 5 where she goes crazy and burns the city to the time Jon drives a dagger through her heart is about 45 minutes of total TV time. They had 75 hours to set this up, and just didn't. And that part is somewhat maddening. I liked the finale fine. It was an entertaining hour and a half of television. It was extraordinarily well acted, and it was beautifully shot. My hat goes off to Emelia Clarke and Peter Dinklage who I think did tremendous jobs throughout the episode. For Emelia, at least until she was stabbed through the heart. I loved the opening montage of Tyrian, Jon and Davos walking through the devastation. I thought the whole Danny Speech scene was outstanding. It was almost right out of the WWII era Nazi/USSR films, with the big banners, stoic troops, leader making a grand speech. It was extremely well done. I enjoyed the chats between Tyrian and Jon, Jon and Arya, and even the last scene between Jon and Danny. The first 40 minutes and the last Stark goodbye montage were outstanding. However. There are just so many unforced errors due to "lazy" writing. I actually don't like the term "lazy" but I don't know what a better term is. I rally do believe that the writers and show runners worked very hard at this, I just don't think they did a good job connecting the dots on things which they should have been able to connect the dots on. So here's my list of things that made no sense in universe that they could have explained better if they had just taken the extra few episodes HBO was willing to pay for: - How the hell did Greg Worm go from murdering Lanister soldiers to up the steps waiting for the queen before Jon got there? Did he apperate (Harry Potter?) Transport (Star Trek)? Get running lessons from Gendry? This made no sense. It looked like Jon walked straight from their first meeting to see Danny, and Grey Worm was already there, and looked like he had been there a while. Jon really should have bent the knee to Grey at that moment, or at least asked how the hell he got there so quick. It was jarring, and took me out of the moment. - When Jon goes to talk to Tyrian, he has to be disarmed. When he goes to talk to Danny, he is allowed to be armed. Danny is all alone in the throne room, and Tyrian has like 30 unsullied guards around him. Which is AFTER Danny walked away being escorted by about 10 unsullied. I get they needed Danny to be alone for the vision callback and the Jon killing her, but that was just not really believable. She would have had some guards around her. She's had guards around her every moment we had seen her in the episode up until that point. - How in God's name does anybody find out Jon killed Danny? Nobody sees it. Drogon takes her body away. Nobody's there. Jon walks down the stairs, tells the unsullied who might be lurking somewhere Danny wasn't there, and just walks out of the castle. Unless he told somebody, thee are no witnesses except a dragon which flew away. And I don't think Jon is quite stupid enough to TELL Grey Worm that he killed Danny. Maybe he is. I dunno. And if Jon does tell GW he killed Danny, GW kills him on the spot. Or at least tries to. Jon would die eventually because even if he could best GW, the rest of the magically multiplying unsullied would kill him, most likely. (As an aside, I would have LOVED to see a GW vs. Jon 1:1 fight. Regardless, it would have been nice to SEE how Jon gets captured and made prisoner, because that just seems horribly unlikely. None of this makes any sense. Like no sense. There are a million ways to tell this story by just writing it a bit better. - What happens during the 3 seconds of black screen and 4 inches of Tyrian's beard? How did all the characters get to Kings Landing? Why did they come? Who invited them? What was the purpose of the meeting? How are the Unsullied holding the city? Is there really anybody even left in the city to hold? Where did the Dothraki go? None of this makes sense. Literally, that 3 seconds of black screen and 4 inches of beard growth could have been an entire 48-52 minute episode. And could have been extremely compelling. Imagine a scene with Yara finding out Danny burned down Kings Landing. Sansa finding out Jon had been imprisoned by the unsullied for killing Danny. As a side note, I think if Arya wanted to break Jon out, I actually think she could have pulled that off. Which would have been a cool faceless man type of thing. There was a lot of story to tell there, and I wish we were able to spend that time with the characters. - Now we move to the dragon pit meeting. First, the people who attended (From left to right) Sam - representing house Tarley, which doesn't really exist anymore? Or the Maesters, but he's not wearing robes? This is weird. He's there because he's a named character. Unknown Dude. Edmure Tully. Who has been absent since season 6, and captive since season 3 I think? The best part of the entire sequence is Sansa owning him. Arya - faceless man assassin, youngest daughter of the Starks and resident bad ass. But no real political power Bran - This makes sense in that he's the eldest son and theoretically Lord of Winterfell, though he renounced it to Sansa so maybe it doesn't make sense? Sansa - Lady of Winterfell, this does make sense. Ser Brienne of Tarth - if she's there as a body guard to Sansa (and Arya, though there's no need for that) then it makes sense. If she has a vote, this makes no sense. Ser Davos - As an adviser, this makes sense. Gendry - if he's here to take another swing at Arya, great. Otherwise, he was made Lord by a usurper who burned down King's Landing. That's a tough beat for my guy. 2 more Random Dudes Yara - I guess this makes sense. The newly frocked and formerly mentioned Prince of Dorne (The PoD). Which kindof makes sense except that he says nothing. I'll get to that later. Robin Aryn - Lord of the Vale. Who has grown up a bunch since we previously saw him. Lord Royce - If Robin is here, Royce would not be. Another Random dude First of all, this collection of people as the most powerful people in Westeros is a joke. Second, how the hell does Tyrian, who is in shackles, end up running the meeting? Third, Grey Worm just goes along with the plan? After keeping Jon and Tyrian locked up for at least 4 inches of beard growth, the official time measuring stick of the season? Fourth, I don't get what Sansa is playing at. Her brother, the oldest son of Ned Stark, was just made King of the Seven Kingdoms. Bran is a Northern Lord. He is a Stark. Yet the Starks won't "Bend the knee" to the legitimate Lord of Winterfell? That makes absolutely no sense. The North would not so much be "bending the knee" to a southern ruler, as ruling the whole seven kingdoms. The reason is that they want Sansa as Queen of the North to finish her arc. And as a Sansa fan, I get that. But the setup makes no freaking sense. Fifth, as soon as Sansa secedes the union, my expectation would be the PoD to stand up and say, "Unbowed, Unbent, Unborken MFers, we're out of here." And then Yara to say, "We pledged to Queen Danny, who was unjustly murdered, we're out homies." I guess Sam and Edmure would go along with it. I have no idea what the Vale would do, but they have been very tight with Sansa, so they might go that route. Sixth, Bran does not have a better story than anybody. Which is why he was written off the show for an entire season. Arya might have the best story. Maybe even Sansa. Or Tyran. Or Jon. It just made no bleeding sense. The whole thing was really a tough look for my guys the Double D's who wrote and directed this. Really tough. - Bran is King of the Six Kingdoms. Sansa is Queen of the North. What in the name of everything Stark is stopping either one of them from setting Jon free of his bonds to the Night's Watch the moment Grey Worm sets sail for Naath? The answer: Nothing. Except that they wanted to get Jon back to Tormund and the North. Which might be where he wants to be anyway. But the whole setup made no sense. - Brienne being the head of the Kings Guard makes no sense. She pledged to protect Sansa and Arya. There's almost no chance that she doesn't go back to Winterfell with Sansa to be the head of her Queen's Guard. I like the Brienne writing in the book scene, but I just don't think it's realistic that Brienne stays in Kings Landing when Sansa heads north.
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    I'm strapped in and ready to go. It's been too quiet around here, LETS GET SOME DRAMA GOING!
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    LOL, Riverdale is sort of fun to watch in a MST3K way at this point. (it seems like each season gets more ridiculous and stupid, along with the characters) It is entertaining though.
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    It is an nice breakdown. Regarding Wirfs, Volsmet has been crushing on him for a while and posted vids. I believe he is expected to be a RT. I have seen him go between the mid first round to the third in mocks, so probably the second.
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    Nice breakdowns. I like that Wyatt focused on that Iowa game where someone opined that he didn't play well, addressed the concept and not the commenter. Iowa's O line is no joke, WE draft outta there, right? And correct me if I'm wrong, but Wirfs? Haven't I been hearing that name mentioned as a top prospect for next year? But yeah, it's hard to watch college play and prognosticate on how it translates in the pros. One thing I keep seeing is that Sweat stays aware of the play, I see him breaking off a block to pop a RB, stagger step on PA to follow the ball, that kind of situational awareness where he isn't just intent on being driven around the play by being too tunnel-vision about the man in front of him. Wyatt makes a good point vis-a-vis the way his play allows teammates to get there, as opposed to the fantasy football tards that only see the individual stats and then want to regale others with their prescience.
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    good for him. Alex Smith makes an appearance during the Redskins' third day of OTAs https://www.nbcsports.com/washington/redskins/photos-alex-smith-makes-appearance-during-redskins-third-day-otas
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    It's not just what he says here. It's how he says it. He's not tryin to look cute or act tough. He is cold-blooded, dead serious.
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    Arnold just shrugged this off like it was nothing.
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    So if Martin starts, does everyone realize that would mean all 5 OL were drafted by the skins, as well as our 3 interior DL and both of our edges? Wow.
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