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    Or consider an equal possibility. Barkley plays against the Skins in a walking boot or on crutches, and rushes for 112 yards.
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    We should sticky this post when we come back to you for comment on the next Polar Vortex : ) I'm past asking for the weather to just stay normal, I'm fine with it not killing me at this point
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    I don’t understand folks that think this injury is the result of fragility. Reed was targeted and received a blow known to cause devastating head injuries.
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    Nobody complained about that while Swearinger was here, that spot was taken care of. We chose the clownshoe DC that we now still have to replace, and created a hole that we had to fill with a huge contract. I'll repeat...the cries for safety help here in recent years have been almost entirely focused on a rangy ballhawk FS.
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    Corey Booker I’d say. I think a Warren - Booker ticket could be pretty good.
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    No six year old should be arrested for misbehaving in school outside of an extreme situation, where a serious crime has occurred and police absolutely must be involved. Something like finding drugs or a weapon on them. Six year olds are practically babies, many of which still write letters to Santa and most of them get excited to hear about the tooth fairy. They do not belong in handcuffs. I think teachers not being able to touch children and liability concerns for schools plays a role in police being called. If a child won’t comply and gets violent they start to panic. It’s shameful that as a society we can’t deal with a six year old freaking out without lawsuits, threats of lawsuits, or police.
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    I'm not drunk anymore, but I'm a restless, die hard, insomniac fan. My day got shattered when the Giants won.
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    Personally I don't want Jay Gruden to pervert Dwayne Haskins' development. Start Haskins when Gru is fired after we start 0-8 or something.
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    Jay liking him is a rumor but we don't know if that's true. Jones is more pro ready than Haskins IMO so in a win now season -- I can see why Jones would be the guy. I wasn't enamored with what I saw today. i thought he was good but not great. He was a dink and dunk QB in college. The one thing I'll give him about what I've seen in preseason and his first game today -- the dude's accuracy with the dink and dunk stuff while looked good in college thus far looks absurdly good in the pros. I thought Haskins looked good in the preseason. But he looked sketchy to me in camp at times especially with throws in the flat. Jones can make those throws in the flat in his sleep. In college, he struggled throwing the ball 10 yards plus and also with turnovers (he fumbled more than any other draft eligible QB from what I recall). I didn't see that fixed today at all. He had some nice deep throws but also some poor throws in the mix. And he fumbled. He fumbled in the preseason, too. Tampa's defense looked comically bad. I hope our defense can put up a better fight than that. Tampa sold out at times to stop the run. With Barkley out, we don't have to do that.
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    And your criptic post made me look it up. 174 yards.. to go with 98 and 234. That’s 502 yards in 3 games. That’s a 2,667 pace, that is. You know what the Vikings should have done? Kept Case.
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    Sunny and 72 today. Great day at the park with The Dude and the pups. Opened every window in the house. Think I'm gonna sit out on the back porch tonight, roll one, and get the fire pit going. **edit** Sundays in the fall are so much more pleasant when the skins aren't playing.
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    Have yet to really notice Collins. Our defense may as well alI be replacement level until we get a real DC. I know I'll notice every time Haskins has a pocket to step up into. When did people here complain about SS play (until the Swearinger cut)? Everyone around here wants a rangy ballhawk. We created a hole we had to fill at SS, essentially. And I can't tell the difference.
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    How many games has Collins won the Skins this year? That signing is just about as bad as the Josh Norman deal. I wanted to spend that money on linemen. Not the Skins though, one player and a safety at that. Highest paid safety and CB in the NFL. Both on the Skins and our secondary is garbage.
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    That's so crazy. I know he is a beast when healthy, but he is NEVER health, so it's a moot point. Time to move on, and it appears that we don't have a choice in the matter. For his sake, it is time to move on as well. He has to think about his quality of life moving forward.
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    I am sort of somewhat in between the two points on Collins. I value a RG in today's NFL over a SS. Maybe 5-10 years ago, I'd feel differently about that but the interior O line has become a bigger deal and SS has become less of a big deal IMO with today's game. Love Landon Collins and I thought it was a good signing. Having said that, the Redskins according to a number of NFL observers (who talked to personnel guys, including Schaffer from NFL AM) paid if anything above expected FA market value to lock Collins in -- but in the Redskins defense that's how FA works. If we do that to secure other team's talent and not our own homegrown talent that's not a good message to send. And stories like that has been part of the rap on Dan. Even dudes who love Dan like Portis have echoed this point. Personally, I think the point is overplayed some but there is some merit to some of it. They have kept some of their homegrown talent. I am cool with getting comp picks. but there needs to be a balance on that front. If they let Scherff go then that would be adios to the whole 2015 draft. And that IMO was a good draft. Crowder and Preston have gotten off to a hot start elsewhere this season. That's fine but I don't want to see Scherff make pro bowls elsewhere. I've been reading via some of the Dolphin sports writers that Scherff might be a target in FA if we let him hit it. I get letting some go. But keep some, too. And that goes double for the O line because its the position that arguably is one of the most interdependent-chemistry driven spots. I've heard the hogs talk multiple times about their chemistry building over time where they knew where the other dude would be and how they'd react, etc. That article was from a few days ago and talked about here back then. I dug deeper into that article and unless I missed something the whole thing is driven by Arizona reporters thinking that they should deal for Trent versus it being based on anything they were hearing about Arizona's FO, etc.
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    None of that matters to the GOP and their voters. They are like a pack of spoiled middle school girls. They’ve got a set of rules for everyone else but none apply to them. They can say or do whatever the **** they want.
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    If Jay is overseeing the defensive play calls we see, maybe it's wise for him to make a public spectacle of sorts, to make it appear it's all Manusky's doing. Look mad, and then yell at him. I am so ****ing pissed at AP for not doing more with his 10 carries!1!!!
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    Truck Carrying Gaming Dice Spills Onto Highway, Rolls A Perfect 756,000 On Friday, September 13, a truck bound for the Georgia-based tabletop and video game company Trivium Studios took a turn too sharply, spilling 216,000 gaming dice onto Interstate 75 in Atlanta in what could be the biggest unintentional dice roll ever. While losing a substantial amount of pricey dice isn’t great, Trivium’s representative says the company, which plans to unveil the game associated with all of these dice closer to its planned early 2020 launch, maintains a positive attitude. “Though unfortunate it happened, nobody got hurt and we now own an unofficial world record for the largest dice roll in history!” Considering the average roll of two six-sided dice is around seven, and approximately 216,000 dice were rolled, Trivium estimates the roll totaled 756,000. The truck was undamaged, having made its saving throw. Click on the link for the full article
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    His biggest knock so far is lack of experience. There's only one way to get that. Give the new HC real time tape. Route trees and verbage may change, but he'll have to learn that regardless.
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    Keenum to me has been good enough. He's not the issue. I want Haskins to be groomed the best way the coaches see fit. And if they want him to sit and watch and learn the offense, I am more than cool with that. The only shot the organization has to become a contender is for Haskins to emerge. So in my view, that's all that matters. I don't care if it makes the season more boring or it cost them another loss or whatever. Their best shot to emerge is a good Haskins in 2020.
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    Bangkok woman hospitalised after she falls over and a cucumber ended up inside her A 51 year old Thai woman was recently sent to hospital complaining of vaginal pain because she had a cucumber stuck in her ‘lady parts’. She told hospital staff that she ‘fell’ on the cucumber. She says she fell down in her house and a cucumber just happened to be on the spot she fell and it “simply slipped inside her”. “It was just an accident.” The story was reported on Thai TV by two perfectly straight-faced reporters. Click on the link for the full article
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    Probably not wise to judge another mans marriage, when you really have absolutely no idea what’s going on in their house.
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    Most Florida thing outside of Florida.
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