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    twa will defend whatever the GOP does and repeat their mindless talking points like the good little drone that he is (see: "Obama judges"). And when he can't, he will deflect to "But Obama" or "But Clinton". Total waste of time engaging him on this.
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    Looks like he shortened up his release more than usual feeling the pressure behind him, that’s a ridiculously compact motion to result in that kind of throw to the outside. Impressive.
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    ♫ I was gonna beat your ass, but then I got high...♫
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    I think missing on Rosen was a big mistake, so that likely let more frustration into my posts than I intended, but sometimes criticisms just come off as if they’re personal when I’m just breaking down the reality of what’s on his tape. There is plenty of good — like you eluded to above, I speculated, in the draft thread, that he could have left with an Andrew Luck type of grade if he returned for another year, he’s got the ability to threaten every level of the field, he’s comfortable climbing the pocket, his release is incredibly quick, and I think he had the strongest arm in the draft other than Tyree Jackson. The concerns I had haven’t changed, everything I have pointed out, both positive and negative, are backed up by someone’s analytics... the depth of the analytics has become overwhelming, in a good way, but it’s all easy to see if you watch him play. He is very awkward at times, then he’s picture perfect other times, you just don’t see those awkward moments from many high level QBs, and that’s because most of them are better pure athletes than DH, even Big Ben was incredibly gifted moving at MoO; Haskins will need more from his protection than most, he will depend on coaches & blocking more than most guys, but he can put the ball in places most can’t & he evaluates the field more quickly & naturally than most 5th year seniors which is almost unbelievable. His feel for edge pressure & the way he processes the field makes me bullish on the Bullis prospect, but a lot of what he does will be on Jay & even more will be on the interior of our line. Rosen is a guy I’ve watched handle the least hospitable environment in the nfl, and he’s younger than DH ... I wish we had left the draft with Sweat, Josh & next years #2.... but just as there are reasons DH fell to 15, there are reasons no one offered a #1 for Rosen & reasons we didn’t part with a #2 for him. I also liked the fact that, along with keeping our 2nd, if Rosen wasn’t any good, we would be free to get back in to a very deep 2020 draft class ... if Rosen was that bad, we are probably picking top 5 and we can nab a stud & move on more quickly. Haskins has at least 3 years & he’s been the most well protected QB in the country & had the most yards after the catch ... two things he loses immediately. He has played such a limited amount... it makes him riskier & more intriguing ... he hasn’t begun to put it all together, it’s not possible in under 30 starts... the processing of the field is where he’s different than the rest, I hope we can protect him well enough to allow him to find comfort in scanning his reads... the speed difference in the NFL is absolutely insane, if he gets hit early, it’s going to be very tough for him to prove anything. It’s really hard to believe his 15th - 20th, post high school starts, will be against Dallas, Philly, Chicago ... that’s nuts. Not to mention, his roster has 1/8th of its cap on the IR, that’s tough ... it’s an under appreciated factor we can’t overlook in his first season, he’s got 7/8th of the roster everyone else has & he’s accustomed to having a far superior roster. I love the Skins, not my opinions, I hope Rosen is garbage & that DH is ROY ... in step one of his path to the HOF. httr
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    He had the quickest release in the draft I believe. Agree completely. He’s very natural moving up/sliding/climbing & dipping his shoulder from edge rushers, it’s easy to see he’s dedicated a ton of time to that.
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    Love to see the clear, genuine respect and admiration these two have for each other.
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    Why Jay will enjoy DH — and why Reed May be able to stay healthy, back the safeties up. Protect the kid. Here is where you see a distinction with Kyler: Here are concerns I mentioned over the last 4 months Here is a human that wants Haskins to have a pro bowl left guard Here is why I think Luck will enjoy Parris. Here is why you should never watch ESPN Here is a majestic puffin.
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    You're not directly forcing them to hide but you are contributing to a society that is telling them that they are not normal and they are wrong and thus causing them feel the need to hide.
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    Congress has a Constitutional responsibility for oversight. The "legislative purpose" argument is nonsense pushed (weakly) by Trump's lawyers... which by the way was just called nonsense by a Federal judge. This is probably the first time Congress has had to subpoena tax returns and financial docs because it's the first time we've had a President that hasn't released his tax returns, first time a president has suspect ties to foreign govts, and potential conflicts of interest that would cause him to put his personal financial well-being ahead of the country's. So yeah, pretty unique situation in the history of our country.
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    DWAYNE HASKINS, WASHINGTON REDSKINS The most intriguing part about Haskins’ game at this point might be the unknown. The highest single-season passing grade of every quarterback drafted in the first round since PFF started grading college players is listed below: Only Sam Darnold, Josh Allen and Baker Mayfield didn’t earn their highest passing grade in their last season of college football (although Mayfield earned a 94.5 and we don’t have 2013 data for Winston or Mariota). Mitchell Trubiskyis also the only other quarterback besides Haskins to not throw 100-plus passes in multiple seasons. That means it’s very likely we would have seen even more impressive grading from Haskins had he not declared after his first full season as a starter after his redshirt sophomore season. Every first-round quarterback that’s hit the 87.0-plus grading mark has a pretty solid track record once they’ve gotten to the NFL. Franchise QB Chances: Moderate (needs more seasoning) https://www.profootballfocus.com/news/pro-how-excited-should-you-be-about-your-new-qb
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    I get that people are dissatisfied, but there is no ****ing way the GoT finale was worse than Dexter or even Lost.
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    He was the best most accurate natural passer in the draft. He could be really good. He just needs to work, work, work, on everything. Best part is he knows how to work. It won’t be from lack of work and effort if he doesn’t succeed. When you set your sights on something, a goal, at 9-11 yrs old and you achieve what you set out to do and shine spectacularly doing it, obviously anything’s possible for the kid.
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    I'm sure he could, because from the sound of your post, Ted Ginn and Trey Quinn must have just had a baby together, so I'd sure hope Bostic could outrace a baby.
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    For the Fallout homies -- Inconceivable!
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    By any measure that you would care to use, his ownership of The Washington Redskins has been an unmitigated failure. "You want to win, we want to win, and we’re going to deliver that.” I'm ready. Where are the wins asshole!? It looks to me like Snyder would rather be the center of power on a losing team than a peripheral figure on a winning one. Everything that has happened to this franchise — all the embarrassment, all the losing, all of the turmoil — is the responsibility of Snyder. Please see my sig for the awful truth.
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    Dwayne has the prototype traits you can’t teach - size, arm talent, drive, & mind. He doesn’t have the “get out of jail free” card that Dak, Wilson, Murray, Mahomes, Cam & even Luck have... he can’t rescue a drive when an assignment is blown up front, you will have to scheme nearly every yard he gets... but, with his ability, mentally & physically, you can draw up any throws in the world & he can make them ... easily. He gets the ball up & over defenders in zones, I think his best pass of the year was in the 2nd half v Washington, a time he was struggling a bit & the defensive call should have taken the pass away... it wasn’t a bad read DH forced in, it was just ability that allowed him to make an absurdly difficult throw look routine. Jay should be more eager to work than he’s ever been, this is a young guy you can mold, he can make every pass & he will know what Jay wants to do ... this is the ultimate test & opportunity for our coach/coaches.
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    For Immediate Release May 22, 2019 REDSKINS MAKE ROSTER MOVES LOUDOUN COUNTY, Va. – The Washington Redskins announced today that they have made the following roster moves: The Redskins signed the following free agent: LB Jon Bostic The Redskins placed the following player on their Reserve/Injured list: LB Reuben Foster
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    Simply because lots of people still believe homosexuality is immoral. And that people have a subjective view of what's immoral. What's so hard to comprehend about those facts?
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    - "Roommates" - Dress flamboyantly - Sleep in the same bedroom Do they show Sesame Street in Alabama?
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