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    I will say Chicago, with the qualification that nothing after Terry Kath's death counts. Chicago without Terry Kath was like Bad Company without Paul Rodgers. Sad how a band could go from songs like "25 or 6 to 4" and "Old Days" to putrid nauseating crap like Hard for Me to Say I'm Sorry.
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    Before the season started, I recommended we cut him and Norman, not because there was no talent, but because it was likely a wasted season and the two were unlikely to produce anywhere close to a level worth what they cost. Reed is so talented, top 3 in the NFL in my opinion. But his career is essentially over due to injuries, and we should have cut him in the offseason. Some players bodies were just never meant to handle the NFL. Instead, due to poor forsight by Brucey and Co, we will lose out on $19 million in cap space next year that we would have had.
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    I think he gets away from his cutter too quickly. He gets into trouble with his 2ndard stuff. He has a 3.10 FIP, 10.2 K/9. He has the stuff, just needs to put it together.
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    Can I also add how much I prefer this kind of thread to the endless Trump hate threads.
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    TWA, knowing your lobg term Republican creds, I would be curious to hear your truthful take on this and if you think your opinion would be the same regardless of the party of the president. Is this much ado about nothing existing only in a liberal echo chamber?
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    ND acting like some ****es that fake injury **** gets no respect
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    Sick of Bruce. Sick of Trent. I don't care where Trent is if he isn't at Ashburn Park. All he needs to do is stay healthy and off the weed until he is traded.
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    For modern bands, it’s clearly Arctic Monkeys.
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    Back in the day the Skins used to dominate on Monday Night. Back in the day I had hair. Bears 28-17. Trubby 23-29 325 3TDs.
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    Forget football this guys needs to retire for his long term health. I wish him the very best. And again that would appear to be moving on from football.
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    Can you explain this post?? KC has been a good to great franchise for damn near 10-15 years
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    Well, to be fair to the last two presidents,, the talk of Obama was the usual terrorism by the right wing media, and any talk of W was silly,, for all his faults, one never had any cause to doubt his allegiance to this country. Trump on the other hand has shown nothing but contempt for law, contempt for the constitution and there are very real concerns he is not only a traitor, but an actual puppet installed by an enemy nation through widespread electoral fraud. It won't be funny at all when it happens. But name me a single thing he's done to indicate he won't scream FAKE at any result that doesn't favor him and I will find you plenty of instances where he dropped hints that his status as President should become permanent. ~Bang
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    I consider myself fairly liberal. I think we are suboptimally running a hot economy. We are not taking in immigrants despite needing more labor, a problem with which every industrialized country in the world save Mexico is dealing. We all have aging workforces save Mexico. So in our effort to preserve our current White Anglo dominant culture, we go to great lengths to make our country unappealing. This will hurt us in the medium term. When I look at everything we are doing to stimulate our economy, I think of a car running in the red. We are burning oil, and when our engine starts to overheat, it is going to be bad. The dollar is currently the default world reserve currency which has had a huge benefit stabilizing our economy when we used defecit spending to blunt recessions. It is a situation that has benefited all parties because we were seen as a stable reliable economy. When that perception disappears or another currency replaces the dollar, our recessions will get more severe. Keep in mind the biggest thing preventing this is perception which is reality because so many believe it to be so. This perception is not helped by Trump and trade wars, real and threatened. For right now, our car continues to barrel ahead at 95mph, but a crash or an engine fire at 95mph is a hell of a thing. We might wish we had kept a pit crew instead of deporting them when we finally realize we can't run the whole race alone in the driver's seat with the peddle to the meatle. It might be nice, if others will be there to help us when we need a part for our break down. However, the cost to our pride will be steep if we are left asking for help from those we spit upon now as we deny global warming and our (meaning humanity's) part in causing it, refuse to stand by long alliances, and are seen taking the side of those threatening democracy.
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    Hey, MS-13 is a lot more organized than the Trump administration. Trump pre-positioned his victims in Alabama.
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    Not in my estimation. I'm happy to be wrong and eat crow if he turns good. So far what I see is someone stiff in their hips, slow out the gate, and easy to block. He was drafted primarily for his 40 time/splits and it's not translating to the field. His college tape isn't even very impressive.
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    You know what they say about big feet...
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    Not saying Sweat is going to be JJ Watt - but to add to @mistertim point, it's just two games into his rookie year. talk about 0 patience. See the stat lines below. BTW - JJ Watt had 5.5 sacks his first season. JJ Watts stat lines his first two games. Indy was 2-14 that year. Miami was 6-10. Not exactly power houses. Philly and dallast are projected PO teams. Montez Sweat stat line so far:
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    Less than .500 is not "Mediocrity" to me. It's failure. Bruce Allen is 42-72 since he's been here!!! In what world is that "mediocrity"? Gruden perhaps as a little more of an argument at 35-46-1, but I still don't consider anything under .500 to be "mediocre." We are terrible. Especially at the highest level of "leadership."
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    I dunno. I think that's a pipe dream. You can build the most awesome, fan-friendly building ever made. Each chair can have massage attachments and come with free, unlimited beer. You can eliminate all seat obstruction and provide free zooms, every bell and whistle you can imagine. Hell, you can make the seats hover and be able to move to any height the fan desires or give it the ability to go into intangible, ghost mode and put every stadium seat on the field itself. People still won't go if they don't believe in the team. Ultimately, the on field product is what sells the experience. I mean RFK was as bare bones as you can get. It was always sold out and always a great time.
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