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    it would be so nice to clinch a playoff spot while playing that dude
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    Medical staff has nothing to do with these concussions and going to another team won't stop him from taking hits. Only retiring from football will help him at this point.
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    When a girl tells me she is pansexual.
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    No reason to ruin the rest of your life for this franchise imo
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    K, well if you need someone to watch your back in case he lashes out and tries to beat your candy-ass.... ...find someone else other than me.
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    Before the season started, I recommended we cut him and Norman, not because there was no talent, but because it was likely a wasted season and the two were unlikely to produce anywhere close to a level worth what they cost. Reed is so talented, top 3 in the NFL in my opinion. But his career is essentially over due to injuries, and we should have cut him in the offseason. Some players bodies were just never meant to handle the NFL. Instead, due to poor forsight by Brucey and Co, we will lose out on $19 million in cap space next year that we would have had.
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    We didn't have a TV, and I was only scheduled 6-7 hour shifts, but I was never in a big hurry to clock out at the doggie day care. My boss never minded paying me for an extra half hour if I was playing with the dogs. Looking back on it--very hard work, lots of poop & pee, but lots of love too. (We had one occasional boarder, Katie...she **** all over her kennel overnight, every night. I mean up all 3 walls AND the gate. Danced in it all night or something. Those were the only days I dreaded.) Sorry, Warhead. We know you gave it your best!
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    God I love Sundays. I knock out two shifts while being the only person in the facility for the most part. Get to be methodical and crafty, my window of time to get there and leave is up to me. I freaking get to watch football on the bigscreen while doing work during commercials. Watched Texas/OSU last night at work. My weekends are dominated by work but it's pretty f****** rad.
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    And ursoid creatures will defecate in arboreal regions.
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    Yeah, also interested in the Ravens-Chiefs game, should be a good one, Mahomes has got such a smooth throwing action. Obviously gonna root for Miami (lol), the Lions and Bucs. Will also watch Pittsburgh-San Francisco, are the Niners for real? They've got a good chance to get to 3-0 over the Big Ben-less Steelers, after going 4-12 last year. Can't wait for Monday night even though the time difference is a real killer. Game starts at 1:15 am (Tuesday), so won't finish until gone 4:00 am. I usually can't sleep right after a game, so will get less than two hours. Workmates have been warned not to piss me off until my third cup of coffee, lol.
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    Someone will have the unpleasant and unenviable job of telling him that he shouldn't play anymore.
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    Of course Temple turns around and loses by 16 to a 14 point underdog. Go **** yourself, Temple!
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    Yall should replace McConnel so stands a chance of even going to trial instead of getting ignored
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    I’ve seen nothing that leads me to believe this. Bruce recently made mention of how we were a year off from stadium news. Next year, I’m sure we will hear things are slowly progressing and we’ll be hearing something “soon”. Who knows the validity of the Tony Wylie statements to a random fan last week, but it’s not a stretch to believe. Bruce is entrenched and has Dan right where he wants him, at the bottom of the Crown bottle, mumbling things about being “close”. Given Dan’s inexperience with success in professional football, he may not even know any better, and probably believes that Bruce is unlucky like I’m sure he sees himself. I find it to be incredibly wishful thinking to believe that Bruce is on his last leg for all those reasons and then some.
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    I don't believe Sherff is worth anything close to what Zack Martin is.So if he wants to be payed like him he can find that somewhere else.I'll take 15million in cap and first rounder over Sherff in any rebuilding situation.Sherff has been a good player but to me he still has never lived up to his draft position.I didnt see the value of taking him at 5 and I dont see the value of paying like he is Zack Martin.
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    ARI gets: Trent Williams WAS gets: Brett Toth, 2020 3rd, 2021 2nd and 3rd I'm bored...
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    I feel bad for Reed. He has battled through a terrible string of injuries. The recommendation to get that stem cell injection before fully knowing what was up with his feet was unthinkably stupid. Score another one for the J.D. Power & Associates training staff of the century. Also, if you have a player who has been through what Reed has been through, you play him sparingly in the preseason. There was no reason in the world that he should've still been in there. He's not a rookie who needs to adjust to the speed of the NFL game. Score another one for the HC who has made nothing but superb decisions over the course of 6 years in Ashburn. You don't take concussions lightly. Sure, not having him out there has an adverse effect on our offense, but his health is the #1 concern. If he has to sit 5 weeks or even longer, then so be it.
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    If the Nats go 3-6 in their last 9. Cubs would have to go 6-1.
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    The culture thing will dog Dan until his ownership ends, I doubt he even understands the word. For those who defend him because he spends money. On that point, he doesn't always spend money, on some fronts he's arguably cheap but I'll play along and give him that. Some of the people who worked at Redskins Park have rallied around the fact that the operative words there are fear, impatience, alliances, etc. According to some you need a master's in office politics to succeed there. Fortunately for Bruce is sounds like office politics is his wheel house. That culture from above filters downs. It effects coaching. It effects personnel. It's not just about whether an owner is willing to splash the cash.
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