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    I liked it. Am grateful that I lived to see the end. Outstanding TV series over 10 years. I am happy with the ending. I think it's because I watched and didn't project my own storytelling into it. A little more about me. Since my stroke, I haven't read nearly as much as I used to. So TV and movies are the most meaningful now. I loved this show.
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    Full conscience stream for the final episode, written as I watched. It's a long and rambling mess, so click at your own risk. You shouldn't.
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    The ending was entertaining and ended in a nice spot for most characters. It’s fine if you just go with it but if you think about it, if all falls apart and nothing really makes sense either with the story or the characters and motivations. Which has basically been the show since the end of season 6. For example: sansa: release Jon Snow Grey Worm: no, he killed my queen whom I loved dearly. he must meet justice which is death as a traitor tyrion: well there is no king anymore so lets pick one from all these 10 people 5 of which are either family members or best friends of Jon and the rest are mostly pretty friendly towards him. They will decide his fate. Grey worm: sure that’s fair. What’s that? Oh his brother is now king? Yeah this seems like justice has been assured. I will now sail off into the distance
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    Tyrion really went from hand of the queen to condemned prisoner to hand of the king in 15 minutes
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    This show got me wishing the Night King had won.
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    Jon rode off with the Wildings. We didn't hear him say Nights Watch Oath, that was Tyrion. Besides Jon forgot his oath with Ygrette. Projection: Jon hooks up with another Wilding gal and fathers Targaryan children, one of whom rides down out of the North many years later to fight and become the King/Queen of the Six Kingdoms.
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    My least favorite part of the episode was Dany's response to going completely insane or whatever. Wasn't it the same day? Had any time passed? Why was she thrilled and actually quite smug about her actions? Yeah, she won the battle, but she not only acted on a violent impulse (which would be in character), she was straight up sadistic. And she's just cool with that? No remorse or self-reflection? After 8 seasons, we've learned she's not Cersei, for ****'s sake.She also didn't talk like a crazy person (like, you know, her father, the parallel the show has been desperate to draw), but instead like a fascist tyrant. She's had her moments of that, but I thought anger made her go unhinged, not her ideology? When did she have time to put herself together and write a victory speech? The whole scene reads like 6 months have passed and she's become everything she hates. The woman who locked up her dragons because they killed a child was most certainly not Cersei.
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    Never before agreed with something to such a degree at the start and equally sharply disagreed with everything else, and I was fine w/the Haskins pick at slot (though I would've much preferred to have traded for Rosen). Still, regardless, I'm firmly a supporter of giving your takes, period. We have the ability to avoid reading ones we don't like, or skipping posters we don't enjoy reading. I'm not in favor of muzzling people for dissenting opinions even when it gets to be tiresome.
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    What was funny to me is Sansa is about a head taller than Jon. That girl grew up!
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    I have never seen Belichick touch one of his players, so I don't think so. Clearly Montae will be even better.
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    Alright, so for spinoffs we have: Small Council - sitcom - basically Seinfeld except Kramer is in charge of all the money. West of Westeros - Adventure drama - basically the Odyssey, except with Arya. Anyone remember this thing: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0118414/ A Gone Targaryen - Action Drama - Jon discovers some new evil in the north, and must defeat it. But he can't do it alone...
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    Anyone else think Jon petting ghost was just recently added
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    "You are my queen." Is now code for "i want to break up with you, but dont know how yet".
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    Honestly the only thing I actually liked was Jon leaving to essentially become a Wildling. It’s fit for his character and what he’s actually wanted and felt he belonged. All of his titles and kingships were thrust upon him. I just thought him leaving would be after turning down the throne and leave the world with something better than Kings. That said, I don’t think anything else in this episode was handled well. Why would Bran suddenly want to be king? Two episodes ago he said he doesn’t want anymore. How is he supposed to fulfill whatever the hell importance the 3ER is supposed to have while also being king? And he got picked anyway because he’s a good story? What? Why is the north the only kingdom that gets to be free? Nobody objected to that? Everybody has lost soldiers except for Dorne who lost like 8 people. I can’t believe everyone was ok with this especially Yara who actually had a deal with dany for her independence. Yet the North gets to be special because Starks and that’s why. Bran starting off his rule as King with a heavy dose of nepotism. Daenerys story was so rushed it’s just tragic what could and should have been. And Kings Landing wasn’t enough of a sell we have to make her the Shredder and want to conquer the entire world now too like a Saturday morning cartoon villain lol and then we don’t know what to do with Drogon so he just instinctively understand that the pursuit of the iron throne is what drove his mother mad and ultimately led to her death so he nukes it and just ****s off so nobody has to actually deal with him. And really what's the significance of burning the throne anyway if we are still having Kings? The wheel isn’t broken just because there are no heirs. Powerful houses will still play the game and pursue alliances and votes for power. As violent, angry and loyal to Dany as Grey Worm was shown to be, are we expected to believe he finds out that Jon kills Daenerys and just decides to hold him prisoner for at least a month until a council of the lords of Westeros, of which he has no knowledge or understanding of, can convene and reach a verdict? After all this, I just don’t see how anything in the world is changed for the better. There is no real unity just because this generation of leaders are friends. There is no structure in place to change the world just because there are no heirs allowed. It seems after all this, everything just continues on as normal with a slightly reduced population and a free north. I guess I don’t know what the point of it was. If it had ended on the existential threat like LOTR (scouring of the shire aside) at least you can understand that the world survived and moved on. But the existential threat was an afterthought which means there should be something to hang your hat on st the end of the day. I just never thought I’d get to the end of Game of Thrones and think “what was the point of any of this?”
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    Personally, I think Jay is much closer to the bottom of the league than the middle when it comes to in-game play calling. He's ludicrously predictable, has no killer instinct, seems to coach scared, and appears completely incapable of making adjustments when necessary (otherwise known as "pretty much every game" in the NFL). His whole spiel not long ago about being fine with winning close games and being built that way was a testament to that. Unless he has a truly elite overall level of talent on his team, that kind of coach is going to consistently get you to a 7-9 to 9-7 record with a smattering of a couple more wins or losses, depending mostly on luck and schedule. At least in THIS day's NFL. That sort of thing worked fine in the 80s but not now.
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    I’m somewhat bitter about Jon’s ending, he was pretty much the man for this entire show and then is a prisoner and then just sent back to the Nights watch? I know he didn’t want to be King and all but damn I’m pretty sad about how they treated him at the end
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    I think most people support the idea of late term abortion for significant cause only (health/life of the mother or the baby, rape and incest, although I don't know why those pregnancies would go so long before a decision is made). I don't think very many are for abortion for any reason at all at a very late stage of pregnancy. I don't think life, at least life as we ordinarily mean it, begins at conception. I don't know, much less mourn, the loss of a zygote, though statistically, I assume it may have happened at some point in my marriage. At the same time, if legislature wanted to pass a law ascribing protection against or aggravation for harming a pregnant person, I wouldn't oppose that either. We have two kids. I know from my personal experience that the little ones were nothing close to mere property long before they were due. I assume there's a correct moral line somewhere. Life begins somewhere along those 9 months. Some abortions are abhorrent. Some abortions are the right thing to do. But I also assume that human beings are incapable of accurately drawing that line and we sure as heck can't seem to agree on it. And as far as I can tell, criminalizing abortion has not stopped it anywhere in the world, at any point in human history. As such, I believe this is a moment where law and government has to recognize their limitation and leave the decision up to those actually involved. As for the baby who will never see the light of day, I'd rather humbly bow and pray that God has a solution that is better than creating a dystopian society where we impose majority's view of morality on to the whole to the point of forcing woman to carry and give birth. I believe pro-lifers' energy is better focused on actually reducing the need for abortion. Create a system and societal support that empower those who want to have kids with the means and support to do so. Support sex education and wide availability of birth control so that unplanned and undesired pregnancies are minimized to begin with. I'm sure there are host of things that society can do publicly and privately to help those faced with the difficult choice of terminating a pregnancy. But I dare not make that decision for them.
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