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    Came here from the Monday presser Quotes thread but wanted to post somewhere with more eyes, where the QB talk is more significant. Idk if the statute of limitations on avoiding RG3 chatter is over. Feels like it should be, I think we're all over it and have similar understandings of his shortcomings as a prospect outside the context of everything that happened here. And the excitement/hope Haskins generates here is really only comparable to RG3 in the last few decades, so the comparisons are naturally going to happen. Griffin was a freak of nature (but built like a toothpick, of course) with an effortless rocket arm. Haskens is a more natural thrower of the ball imo in terms of feel in the pocket, ball placement, etc. But that's not what I want to talk about. Just wanted to quickly acknowledge that ignoring raw athleticism, both had/have aspects of their ability as a passer to get excited about, for different reasons. I'm not here to pretend Griffin was a terrible prospect who was basically a RB with an arm...that would be rewriting history, he was an exciting and worthy prospect at the time. What I want to focus on is Haskins' continual pounding home of the point that reading the field, doing the correct thing with his eyes, and knowing the offense like a second language is the most important part of his learning curve...it's so refreshing. Griffin was explosive. He worked hard. I don't want to talk about personalities and hype and that stuff. Griffin obviously, especially as a bright-eyed rookie, tried his hardest to adapt to the NFL. I think we all agree that as a prospect Haskins seems to process things much faster and have a higher floor AND ceiling on the mental side of the game, which is where the true studs at QB shine. It's been a long, long time since I've suspected we might actually have someone that not only has natural QB1 passing traits, but also a high grade defense-dissecting computer processor in his skull. I never felt that way about RG3 and neither did even the most optimistic people here--we just hoped he'd be such a freak and threaten defenses in so many different ways that it wouldn't matter. But Haskins...he's the first QB we've had in my lifetime that I think could be special in the tape breakdown/weekly film prep/field general category. A guy like that who processes things quickly, sees patterns, and has the ability to attack weaknesses and place the ball in the optimal spot can raise the level of the playcalling. I'm not saying he's got Peyton Manning's brain or anything at this point...but that is a guy who, with a dead arm throwing ducks in a boring offense that only gave 15 different looks to a defense, managed to ravage the league with only his damn brain and some accuracy for almost two decades. Obviously he used to have an elite arm as well before the neck injury, but you guys get my point. He made the offense and covered for lots of holes, not with groundbreaking schemes or playcalling, but just by always being one step ahead of opposing defenses and coaches and consistently, frustratingly (for defenses) delivering the ball to the right spot and systematically driving down the field. Brees of course is similar. Facing a human computer like that is just demoralizing to opponents because you can't win by being bigger, faster, stronger. You have to be more well-prepared and that was nearly impossible. Haskins isn't there obviously but he's much closer to that end of the spectrum as a prospect, mentally, than to Griffin. Add that to an arm that can make any throw on the field with touch and a body built to withstand NFL punishment...it's not something we've ever had here in my memory. I know he's a rookie. I'm not getting lost in the hype. I'm just excited to have a guy who isn't only talented physically--mentally, he could be a top guy at the position in the league with the right development.
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