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    I'm not superstitious or anything, but my wifes husband is. Would you mind not jinxing him and modify it to say that you're glad it wasn't John Mara??
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    So you want Marchand's name engraved upon the cup on the same ring as the Capitals, forever dirtying it?
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    When I lay on my back
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    I went to OTAs today, and liked what I saw of Haskins throughout. He seems fully engaged in learning from every bit of instruction he gets after each rep, and he rarely is seen more than a few steps removed from Kevin and/or Jay. During the 11-on-11 portions of practice, he was mostly smooth, decisive and even moved around in the pocket fairly adeptly. When he sets his feet and quickly identifies a target, he releases some absolute lasers that arrive with good touch, location and accuracy. Combine those assets with his mental acumen and poise (poise in general, not yet sure about under pressure), and this staff has some great clay to mold. Just for equal time, he wasn’t perfect when I was watching him. He was slow on a couple of reads, short armed a pass on an out route, and even mishandled a snap that would have been a costly turnover at game speed. However, the good considerably outweighed the bad. As an aside, I really liked the skill sets displayed by both McLaurin and Harmon today. Very complementary of each other. McLaurin caught a rocket from Haskins on a slant and found a crease that he might have taken to the house in an actual game... a gear I haven’t seen since DJax took one of those the distance versus the Cards for us. And Harmon looks like he could be a real chain mover and contested ball beast. Looking forward to seeing this tandem get a chance for some looks in 3/4 wide sets. One last piece of good offensive news too. Haskins has great feel and touch for the screen game, and Chris Thompson should thrive as a result. He looked the healthiest and quickest he’s looked since the opening weeks of 2018. Great seeing him back out there,
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    I mean, how many constant playoff QB's are there in the league? Very few. In your average NFL season, almost half the teams from the previous years playoffs, don't make it again the next year. Prime Rodgers, Russell Wilson, Tom Brady, and Peyton are the only guys I can think of whose teams are almost always in the playoffs. Brees, Newton, Rivers, Ryan, and Roethlisberger are hit and miss. Those teams tend to be in the playoffs for 2-3 years in a row while talent on the roster is high. I think if I had to rank them by arm talent. RG3 > Haskins > Ramsey > Campbell. Not a reflection of overall talent, just arm talent. One thing that RG3 never seemed to have a grasp for was Protections. He could execute some play designs well. Ball hiked > check Defender A > react accordingly. But if another look is shown pre-snap, and Defender B is who he should instead be reading, then struggles happened. Tom Brady has never had great arm talent. He's a system QB, who can execute the system at a consistently high level. He's the definition of why being a "system QB" isn't a bad thing. Haskins is a system QB, who projects as someone who might be able to execute the system at a high level. How consistent? We won't know until seasons from now. It could be a LONG wait. Matt Ryan was a hit or miss QB until 3 seasons ago. He's only become consistently good, since then. I think something clicked with his last year under Shanahan. But that light bulb that went on for Ryan, happened in his 9th season. I don't like the comparison of Byron Leftwich. Good height? Check. Great arm? Check. Pocket QB? Check. Similar slow wind-up delivery? No...this is where the comp falls apart, and I can't get past that. Leftwich's release could be timed with a sundial. I think Haskins compares better to Matt Ryan.
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    Foster out and Brown on another team will take away a ton of speed at the ILB position. Not sure you can recover from that in the age of hybrid tight ends. Mason Foster is OK at one spot due to his run-stopping ability but you need speed, i.e. Vander Esch/Sean Lee/Jaylon Smith
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    I think for Haskins it's all about the O line staying healthy bringing mega value for pass protection and for the run game. If the O line unravels again because of injuries the season falls apart again. This time we don't have Ty to bail out Trent like in previous years. So it could even be worse than in previous years if injuries hit. As for two glimmers of hope heard Sheehan say on his podcast that he heard people in the building are very jazzed about what they've seen from Sweat. But like last year if this team has too many three and outs the defense can wear down and end up just ordinary. Cooley loves Matt Flanagan and thinks he can be the solution at TE. I noticed PFF graded Flanagan well for his last three games. As Sharp makes the case below, keeping the defense fresh (the higher numbers mean on the field less) is huge.
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    It's because Anderson was drafted as an edge rusher when he never had the athletic talent or production to justify that pick. He is slow and lacks short area explosion. He is short, but also not long limbed. You don't draft a player in the second round just to set the edge. They won't see the field. And, that's exactly what's happened. Anderson has two sacks in two years and the team has tried to make use of him in some way by trying him at other positions, like FB. I can't think of a team ever playing a good pass rusher at FB. Also, good pass rushers aren't built like FB's. Settle is a really big and talented player that DOES have the requisite size to play his position and also is extremely explosive when it comes to short area quickness and gap penetration. I missed the second Dallas game, but apparently Settle may have had the best game of any of our DT's all year in that game. He's young. He's worked hard and changed his body. People have every reason to have at least some hope that Settle can become a real impact defender.
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    https://www.saturdaydownsouth.com/mississippi-state-football/montez-sweat-washington-redskins/amp/ By the sounds of it, Montez Sweat has made an immediate impression on his new Washington teammates. The 16th overall selection in the 2019 NFL Draft out of Mississippi State is currently going through his first camp with the Redskins and already he’s being compared to one of the best players in recent NFL history — at least physically. Washington’s veteran linebacker Ryan Kerrigan was a recent guest on the John Keim Report and when asked about Sweat, the longtime Redskin defender could not hide his excitement when discussing how impressed he was when he first met the team’s rookie defender. Here is what Kerrigan had to say when Keim asked him to share his initial impression of Sweat. “Just his size, he’s an imposing dude. I mean, the one person that came to mind – and this isn’t a playing thing, but like, Julius Peppers,” Kerrigan said on the show. “I remember meeting Julius Peppers and seeing how big he was in person. I’m like, ‘Oh my gosh, that dude is big!’ That was kinda my first impression of (Sweat), in terms of size. And then to know how fast and athletic he is too, it’s pretty remarkable. “One thing I respect about him too, he has the production to match. You see a lot of guys that get drafted and you see their clips and you are like, ‘Oh, you only had a couple of sacks in his career? Why is he getting picked so high?’ Montez has the production to match his freakish athletic ability, which I think is key.” Kerrigan has certainly done his homework on the former Bulldog as Sweat was a revelation for the Mississippi State defense in recent seasons. In just two seasons on the field, Sweat registered 30 tackles for loss and 22.5 sacks with 101 overall tackles. If he comes close to matching that level of production early during his first two seasons in Washington, the next rookie sensation coming into the league may get compared to Sweat instead of soon-to-be Hall of Famer Julius Peppers.
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    Chad Grimm played LB at Virginia Tech for 4 years. Then immediately became an NFL assistant coach, which he has been for 10 years.
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