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    Can you explain this post?? KC has been a good to great franchise for damn near 10-15 years
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    Well, to be fair to the last two presidents,, the talk of Obama was the usual terrorism by the right wing media, and any talk of W was silly,, for all his faults, one never had any cause to doubt his allegiance to this country. Trump on the other hand has shown nothing but contempt for law, contempt for the constitution and there are very real concerns he is not only a traitor, but an actual puppet installed by an enemy nation through widespread electoral fraud. It won't be funny at all when it happens. But name me a single thing he's done to indicate he won't scream FAKE at any result that doesn't favor him and I will find you plenty of instances where he dropped hints that his status as President should become permanent. ~Bang
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    Who said Hurricanes aren't exciting? ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ DureX... always a head of the competition...
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    Alright, I'll bite......but with a different take. Maybe the coaches should start doing the opposite of what they'd normally do, a la George Costanza. Opposite Gruden might actually run the ball more frequently, even when down. Might help with the play-action, especially since we've got a killer WR out there now. Opposite Manusky could actually call for some blitzes, stunts, and more exotic looks instead of handing out white bread to the D and giving opposing QBs all damn day to throw the ball. In short, maybe if the team tries to tank by doing the opposite, they actually end up winning.
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    You know what they say about big feet...
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    Halloween decorations at a nursing home: I ordered a BLT with cheese, whoops!
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    Less than .500 is not "Mediocrity" to me. It's failure. Bruce Allen is 42-72 since he's been here!!! In what world is that "mediocrity"? Gruden perhaps as a little more of an argument at 35-46-1, but I still don't consider anything under .500 to be "mediocre." We are terrible. Especially at the highest level of "leadership."
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    Haskins is going to have to be mahomes/Brady/rodgers esque for this team to overcome the bad that Snyder and company continue to hold it under. I don’t know that he’s capable of overcoming their ability to ruin and waste him.
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    I dunno. I think that's a pipe dream. You can build the most awesome, fan-friendly building ever made. Each chair can have massage attachments and come with free, unlimited beer. You can eliminate all seat obstruction and provide free zooms, every bell and whistle you can imagine. Hell, you can make the seats hover and be able to move to any height the fan desires or give it the ability to go into intangible, ghost mode and put every stadium seat on the field itself. People still won't go if they don't believe in the team. Ultimately, the on field product is what sells the experience. I mean RFK was as bare bones as you can get. It was always sold out and always a great time.
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    Replace “these coaches” with “Dan Snyder” & I’ll buy it!
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    Jay just seems really confused about what he wants this team to be. He is a passing guy. That's what he does well. The only thing he does well. Now he wants to construct a team that wins low scoring games. So he implements this confused Gay Jruden run first finesse/mixed bag rushing attack that doesn't really compliment the play action game or his personnel. Then has the D play soft zone behind that so they can keep down the score by shortening the game. Then it all has to be abandoned to throw every down anyway.
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    The media in this town are such *******. Talk a big game on radio and social media, but in the press room? Charmin
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    How anyone could fault Reed for this particular incident after the shot he took is mind-blowing, but I don't know why I'm surprised by anything some people do or say these days. Insane. That hit was BRUTAL. Full speed, helmet to helmet. Whoever said he's doing this to "get out of work" (not even going to dignify by going back and finding the name), I'd love to see you go out there and take a shot like that and even stand up again. Yes, Reed has been very injury prone over the years, but this one is totally out of his control. I feel for the guy. You can't take that many shots in your career and come out of it on the other side without problems. I'd prefer he just retire at this point and save himself more misery down the road.
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    He will just ignore it. Who is going to make him testify? Nobody. That will be the very next republican president. It won't be a reaction to the left. It will be a doubling down on Trump politics. Somebody young, smart, handsome that just debases the position and appeals to the racists and hatred just like Trump did but that isn't quite so openly corrupt.Well, they will be better about hiding their criminal activities and intent. Republicans have seen how to wield power and how far basically not giving a **** about anything will get them,. They've seen that our entire democracy is held together by people acting fairly and in good faith. Trump has exposed every hole in our democracy and they will never stop finding people to exploit it now that it's been brought to light so clearly with 0 repercussions.
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