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    We should sticky this post when we come back to you for comment on the next Polar Vortex : ) I'm past asking for the weather to just stay normal, I'm fine with it not killing me at this point
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    I don’t understand folks that think this injury is the result of fragility. Reed was targeted and received a blow known to cause devastating head injuries.
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    Nobody complained about that while Swearinger was here, that spot was taken care of. We chose the clownshoe DC that we now still have to replace, and created a hole that we had to fill with a huge contract. I'll repeat...the cries for safety help here in recent years have been almost entirely focused on a rangy ballhawk FS.
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    No six year old should be arrested for misbehaving in school outside of an extreme situation, where a serious crime has occurred and police absolutely must be involved. Something like finding drugs or a weapon on them. Six year olds are practically babies, many of which still write letters to Santa and most of them get excited to hear about the tooth fairy. They do not belong in handcuffs. I think teachers not being able to touch children and liability concerns for schools plays a role in police being called. If a child won’t comply and gets violent they start to panic. It’s shameful that as a society we can’t deal with a six year old freaking out without lawsuits, threats of lawsuits, or police.
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    I'm not drunk anymore, but I'm a restless, die hard, insomniac fan. My day got shattered when the Giants won.
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    Personally I don't want Jay Gruden to pervert Dwayne Haskins' development. Start Haskins when Gru is fired after we start 0-8 or something.
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    And your criptic post made me look it up. 174 yards.. to go with 98 and 234. That’s 502 yards in 3 games. That’s a 2,667 pace, that is. You know what the Vikings should have done? Kept Case.
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    Sunny and 72 today. Great day at the park with The Dude and the pups. Opened every window in the house. Think I'm gonna sit out on the back porch tonight, roll one, and get the fire pit going. **edit** Sundays in the fall are so much more pleasant when the skins aren't playing.
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    Have yet to really notice Collins. Our defense may as well alI be replacement level until we get a real DC. I know I'll notice every time Haskins has a pocket to step up into. When did people here complain about SS play (until the Swearinger cut)? Everyone around here wants a rangy ballhawk. We created a hole we had to fill at SS, essentially. And I can't tell the difference.
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    How many games has Collins won the Skins this year? That signing is just about as bad as the Josh Norman deal. I wanted to spend that money on linemen. Not the Skins though, one player and a safety at that. Highest paid safety and CB in the NFL. Both on the Skins and our secondary is garbage.
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    If Bruce goes, the first question we should be asking ourselves is "who's the next Bruce Allen or Vinny Cerrato going to be?" You could rewind it 10 years before he even got here and see the issues. That tells me Bruce isn't the main problem
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    Tulsi is in an even more wacko version of the Hare Krishnas cult.... http://nymag.com/intelligencer/2019/06/tulsi-gabbard-2020-presidential-campaign.html Just a strange candidate all around
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    Somehow ... it feels like we lost today.
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    Those N64 controllers always did turn me on...
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    every last adult in that situation needs a kick in the ass a legitimate kick in the ass
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    It still angers me that he was even playing in that preseason game. People ask why Boy Wonder approaches preseason the way he does; this is one reason. You play guys like Reed sparingly in those worthless games (if at all), and give that time to rookies who need to prove themselves and develop an understanding of the speed and nuance of the pro game.
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    The point is that many of the same folks who never want to pay our own players, love to see us overpay for other teams players. And then lead themselves to believe that the other teams players are so much better and valuable.
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    For 2 years y'all complained that our safeties were trash. They went out and got the best safety available in the FA. Now you all complain that it was a waste of money. God, some of you wont ever be satisfied with anything.
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    God I love Sundays. I knock out two shifts while being the only person in the facility for the most part. Get to be methodical and crafty, my window of time to get there and leave is up to me. I freaking get to watch football on the bigscreen while doing work during commercials. Watched Texas/OSU last night at work. My weekends are dominated by work but it's pretty f****** rad.
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    I dont even want to think about it. The best thing this country could do is not touch the guy, otherwise you open the door to people feeling fully justified killing elected officials they are being programmed to hate because they are a threat to our country. The only thing worse then a smart Trump is killing this one while in office. So not worth it.
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    Our meaningful regular season games stopped before Sept in each of our division winning years. First time in DC team history we’ve had a late September that mattered.
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