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    Trubisky and Jones our next two matchups?!? Its now or never Manusky...STEP IT UP!
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    I am of the opinion that the coach doesn't particularly matter given the way the FO runs the team. Bruce hiring another coach is an exercise in futility. The only advantage to that is it brings optimism to the locker room in the form of a spark. I don't think Gruden is a bad HC. He does some things ridiculously well. His shortcomings could be made up for with assistant coaches given more autonomy. But he is a sitting duck where he is right now. Seems to have very little control and the "same ole Skins" status is strong with him. The Skins likely need a new HC despite my opinion of Gruden. But Bruce doing the hiring is a giant elephant in the room.
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    Im totally not down with the forgiving and forgetting Spicer thing. I would still like to kick his ass.
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    Can we just round up all these flat-earthers, drive them to the rim and push them over?
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    Trents value will never be higher than in the next 2-4 weeks. A huge part of his value is the remaining two years left on deal at a fair price.
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    No to Ramsey. Get rid of Williams. Trade Kerrigan in the offseason. Let Norman walk (his contract is up, correct?) Say goodbye to Jordan Reed (if his contract is up either work a sign and trade or let him go... [we could have traded him before this], if we have him under contract trade him). Accrue draft picks, don't pass them out.
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    He called us mediocre! I've got your seat saved on the bandwagon if you're ready.
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    I also just listened to Jay on rhe Redskins Talk Pod. Summary for defensive issues: lots of new pieces, takes time to gel. Ok. I buy that. I ask you, why In the name of all that is holy are we going into week 3 taking about needing to gel when the NFL Gods and the CBA have provided 4 preseason games to work on things? As I’ve said, I don’t really care about how you prepare the team, but it better work. Whatever they did didn’t work. Again. Jay said we were vanilla against Dallas because we were missing Moreau and Dunny. Weren’t the other DBs on the team (minus 1) in training camp? I just can’t imagin Belichick being like, “damn, we lost 2 DBs, guess the rest don’t know what to do...” Hell no. If you’re on that team you are EXPECTED to know what to do or you’re on the next plane out of there. This is the type of thing which drives me crazy. This is year 6 of Jay’s offensive system, year 3 for Manusky, and even though we’ve had stability, players still don’t know where to go, so you can’t stunt, can’t blitz, etc? The reason you want to have stability is so that players don’t have to learn new things. Nothing here is new and we still have breakdowns. Im as big a supporter of getting Bruce out of here as anybody, but I just don’t feel as though the current roster is being even remotely maximized. Jay even called out the coaching about 6 times in his interview. I’ll give him credit, he’s caught on his coaching staff Is part of the problem. Now he needs to fix it somehow. He also said several times he thinks they have the talent to play with anybody. I’m not sure I agree, and I’m not sure he’s helping his cause by saying it. I’d really like to see what this defense could do under a different DC. I’d also like to see what the team could be if coached by somebody who knows better how to prepare the team. Jay just flat doesn’t know how to do it, or hold his coaches accountable for preparing the players, or else in week 2 of year 3 in the same defense Norman and Nicholson wouldn’t be staring at each other as a reviewer torched them. I will also say in listening to Jay, he seems like a really nice guy and he’s easy to root for. But at this point, he’s proven over and over he just isn’t a good HC. He’s probably a great OC. But there’s a huge difference in responsibility between HC and OC. Hiring a staff being chief among them...
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    We should have targeted a Case Keenum long ago....traded Kirk & left Smith be. Eventually we backed into finding out that these dudes are all the same, just pay the one nobody wants and protect him until you find the special young QB in the draft.
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    I agree...that's why I'd continue to classify these hires as shortcuts. You're trying to impose a culture change from middle management. The change needs to come at the top layers of the organization and then a coach needs to be hired who fits that culture and organizational philosophy. That's how your pro scouting, college scouting, free agency strategy, draft strategy, and coach's decisions all align.
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    IMO Jay has checked out. I believe he knows that he's gone. He's got 6 years of nice paychecks from Snyder plus another year coming after this one. By my count that's about 35 million. I really don't think that he isn't overly invested anymore. The disconnect between him and the front office is obvious. Manusky is terrible. He has be let go because teams convert 3rd downs at a alarming rate.
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    Honestly, this made my day. Awesome. On a more serious note, the Redskins, whether that be GMSM, Bruce, Jay or Dan, or some combination of all of them, were right about Kirk. He is exactly who we they said he was: the best of the good. That said, they still handled the whole thing completely wrong. If they didn’t want him, they should have either just let him walk after 2015 or signed him to a 3 year deal after 2015. This 2 year of franchise tag stuff cost them in every way possible.
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    Scary as hell really! In my dream scenario Bruce is sent packing, Shafer can move to team President, Kyle Smith is promoted to GM, a real GM. He picks the coach and works with the coach on staffing. The chance of that actually happening is zero though. So whatever...................
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    Before Pats signed OT Caleb Benenoch, Texans hosted him. 49ers are hosting OT Sam Young today.... there's plenty of need for an All-Pro like TW.... The iron is blazing hot. (but we are stupid)
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    LONG time ES member here. I faded off the boards back in the late 2000's. I only post a few times per year nowadays... I remember having some spirited debate with skins fans (SoCal, TK, Bubba, SlinginSammy, etc) about Jason Campbell and the team back then under Gibbs, and Zorn (ugh what a shytshow that was... anyone remember the swinging gate?)... and some memorable Eagle fans (shout-out to Westbrook36... if I can recall his handle correctly.) Apathy is definitely palpable. I live out of the market, but the few skins games I have attended have felt like away games (Steelers and Cowboy fans travel well.) Now I just stream on my digital scrip on Sunday ticket. I find myself following my fantasy teams more than the Skins these days. I can't tell you the last time I bought merch. Until they put a better product on the field, this apathy will continue. Concerning this year, we need Williams back at work, and Keenum should be benched. Not sure how he missed so many open receivers on Sunday... MIND BOGGLING.
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    WTF do they feed that thing steaks every night?
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    Namely, the Vikings & Broncos.
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    Think for a moment on all of the things that one is required to repeat, on a daily basis, in order to be a member of Team R. And then ask yourself: Does any Republican have any self worth?
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    There's absolutely no use in bringing in top flight talent if the coaches aren't going to use those guys in a way that fully utilizes that talent. Too many times, we've drafted or picked up a guy in FA, only to ask him to do things that were counter to the reasons why he was a coveted player. We can't get out of our own way.
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    I'm on record in this thread saying that Case would make a bunch of mistakes and lose us games by turning the ball over and betraying our top 10 defense. I could not have been more wrong about the whole thing.
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    Start looking for ex Tampa coaches/assistants who are available.
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    Dont think im gonna watch MNF. I watched maybe half of the games last year and half the year before that. Eventually you want to spend the little bit of time you actually have, doing stuff you enjoy.
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