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    The Caps winning and getting over the hump in '18 meant so much to everyone in this town. We hadn't seen anything like it since 1991 (with exception for the DCU titles, which do count but didn't have the regional sale) The Caps run broke the stupid 20 year; can't get to the league final 4 ridiculous curse and had a legend hoist the Cup. This run so far is great and I know I'll be excited if we are in the WS, but its not nearly at the "juice" level for me. I am still riding the high from the Caps winning the Cup
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    49ers 31 Skins 3 Haskins plays in second half. Dan runs out of Crown Royal by 4th quarter.
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    But we don't know if the team does lose that Bruce will be fired. Bruce doing the stadium thing probably means he is safe regardless of the outcome of this year. So I am not even thinking about what is going to happen in the FO.
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    You realize that was their FIRST game with the new coach. AP was the difference and the penalties were down too...hmmmmm
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    I've worked on both sides of things like this. I've worked with public officials who have tried to hide from the public so to speak like Dan and also worked for outfits trying to influence. It's never been my primary job but I've done it enough in the mix I think to have a decent feel for it. This type of thing can work if other things are cooking at the same time that are moving the ball forward. And that certainly seems to be the case now. And heck sometimes it takes 2-3 mega shots at the well before the dam breaks In short, A. it usually gets the right people's attention if enough people participate B. So volume is more important than content C. if you get the media's attention its a mega bonus D. Sometimes it takes multiple tries The whole Dan hasn't changed, yet or the league hasn't acted yet so why would they now? This is sports so obviously not serious like political events -- yet human nature applies to everything. The difference now versus before is the consistent no shows at the stadium, declining TV ratings and growing national attention on that the Redskin fans are checking out. I don't recall 10 years ago or whenever articles about the league office being concerned that its a struggling franchise which is losing ground in the DMV. The narrative was more about Dan being an impetuous young owner finding his way. Every public official type has their own unique personality. My best guess about Dan based on what I read is he really likes to be insulated and sheltered from the bad stuff. Most public officials I've worked for ditto. But Dan I think would really be like this big time I'd guess because of his supposed awkwardness around people. He likes dudes like Vinny and Bruce in part because they make him feel comfortable. According to some who know Dan (its come out in different radio interviews from people who have asked) he isn't comfortable with that many people. So I am thinking anything he can't easily hide from works. So billboards, newspaper ads, etc I think work. The reason why I like emails to the league office is they go outside his purview and it's a unique gesture. When people call Redskins Park or write letters, he controls the narrative so to speak. He can keep the letter or discard them. That's not the case if its an ad in the WP or a billboard outside of Fedex. My mind keeps changing but my current favorite idea is to duplicate the thing near Fedex that the dude did with the banner over Hard Rock stadium but focus on Dan. A billboard near Fedex would be killer. All @Renegade7's idea of protests at the stadium are great IMO as long as the media is alerted so you get coverage. I can tell you from my experience the best friend of people like Dan are two things: A. People saying it won't work so they don't even try B. Some of the public officials I've worked with -- hope that people will just tire from doing it and eventually give up. There are organizations that pay big bucks just to harass public officials on policy. They pay by letter and phone call. And no they aren't doing it because they think it doesn't work. I know there are some differences between what i mention and sports but I do think it has plenty in common in that we are looking to get people's attention to bring change that the powers that be normally wouldn't want to do.
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    Its a credit to how bad we are, that Miami actually had to alter their play call to lose to us. You almost cannot make this stuff up.
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    False. Things are either true or they aren't.
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    Man.... Long live Predator. People will still be getting to dee choppa in 2100. Matter of fact, if mutated fish people go on an archaeological hunt in 5,000 years, and happen across a then underwater military bunker, I want Predator to be our Dead Sea scrolls
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    * More seriously, Atl should have traded Ryan, Brady ... I’ll not get into, Rivers should have been traded... what has he done for SD? The concept of team is lost easily, these teams all play well led by Kyle Allen, Bridgewater, *any of the 8 guys Pitt has played, Jacoby, Trubisky/Daniels/etc. Matt Stafford, doesn’t matter. He’s gifted, he’s not making up for the deficiencies his contract creates in a league of parity & massive injures. Paying these guys is ridiculous. I’d pay Watson & Mahomes... but to make someone the highest paid QB in the nfl, you take so much off of your 53 man roster, it’s just not worth it. Flacco is a bum & always has been, just play QBs on rookie contracts & move them when some GM thinks they’re awesome. They’re all talented, but they’re all just guys who can only function as part of 53... lessen that 53 for the QB & you’re just following the herd. Why pay Kirk or Goff, what is wrong with people. They’re fine, for 10 million, they’re crippling, for 30 million. Look at how many injuries we see every week, you just can’t toss 1/7th of your cap to a guy who isn’t able to do *more than any Xs & Os can. All of these coaches know the same things, it comes down to health, lines, special teams and depth. Eli was never good & Peyton won when he was no longer even average. Control the ball, control the clock, win games. Backs & WRs who can win one v one every time, like Thompson & Terry, are the guys who make a QB look good ...& almost every QB can get those guys the ball.
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    Yeah but what coach haven't we got that narrative on? Even Zorn was doing it the "right way" in theory when he came. Every new approach is hyped. It's just tough for me to believe that Jay was running practices like he was a baboon and Callahan has gotten it all right now -- and if that is the case it doesn't speak much for Bruce-Dan who supposedly are at almost every practice let alone giving him a 10 million dollar extension. Yep but his dad was famous for doing it with no name types.
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    Anybody though could come at their passion in their own unique way and their opinion is valid from their own perspective. The opposite of love is indifference. Some think hating Dan and refusing to run with his new version of selling new beginnings -- is being loyal to the winning Redskins brand they grew up with. They see Dan as a loser and aren't buying the new soup he's peddling. Some think they can eventually shame Dan into eventually changing -- like the dude who spent $1600 of his own money to run the banner above Hard Rock stadium. If I recall correctly from another post you've made on this point, you don't believe in that. If so, that's cool. But there are some who do believe in it. Some think Dan will never change so lets ride with what's he got because that's what we are stuck with. And you got other variations of this, too. It's about whatever angle you got on it.
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    i dunno, am I even allowed to criticize the thread/comment (there's more rules here than a stripclub). this thread topic is idiotic. Even if it were true that Quinn "is terrible" the play of Tre Quinn ranks around 534th on my list of problems with the Redskins. The Redskins are the Titanic, there is a gigantic gaping hole in the ship, it's going down, and you're in the dining hall of the ship complaining to anyone around you that there's a fly in your soup. Who gives a flying F about that minor problem that I'm not even sure is as bad as you describe it.
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    I'll let Warren Sharpe Speak for me: I think you're being overly ambitious.
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    I don't think its about hating Snyder more than loving the team or vice versa. Dan for 20 years has been selling some type of new beginnings and they've all failed. I don't think the dude can successfully run a lemonade stand let alone an organization like this successfully. Every new coach has brought some new sell with them. We forget over time because we get distracted by the new toy. Marty -- old school, tough guy, toughen the team. Spurrier -- fun and gun, will take over the NFL with his modern NFL offense Gibbs: bring back the glory years Zorn: Unconventional-out of the box style will turn Campbell into a franchise QB. Shanny: offensive legend Jay: will turn RG3 into the WCO QB that he aspires to be Callahan: bringing the hammer back I am sure the next guy in January will have a new "exciting" narrative. My only hope is that Kyle Smith just loads this team with so much talent that they can override Bruce-Dan's dysfunctional organization. This isn't me hitting Callahan, its that he is working in a dysfunctional organization that doesn't bring out the best in any HC IMO.
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    The best guard in the land, Sir Trey of Knoxvillia.
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    Trent and Norman for DeAndre Hopkins...
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    They'd all be on the bus. Sitting next to thebluefood. How come my phone insists on capitalizing the word "hope", but not "Amazon"?
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    The 49ers D made Jared Goff look like a high school quarterback facing an NFL defense. This will be Case Keenum this Sunday:
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    No one, but only because sheep can't talk. #brucifer #bruceallenpreferssheep #firebruceallen
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    If the individual franchises are taking signs, I don’t think it’s because individual franchises are making decisions about China. It’s because the while league is making decisions about China, and individual franchises are making individual decisions about how to deal with it. It’s still a league wide issue. Their interest in China is not new or unknown to anyone who follows the nba. I barely follow it at all and I know about it. im skeptical about the boycotting. I’ll believe it when I see orgs apologize and people refuse to accept it. This isn’t an apology matter. If you put money over human rights that’s a intrinsic trait about you and you’re never going to fix it. You might accidentally reveal it, and then try to cover it up and apologize to save yourself, but fundamentally nothing’s changed. Likely you’ll just be more carful going forward. Do people care more about holding someone accountable for profiting at the expense of horrid human rights violations? We’ll see. My money is on no.
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