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    I did and I threw up after I chugged 3 quarters of it LOL.
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    The corner blitz v Purdue is a miscommunication at the line, the read is Campbell but they needed an automatic that had PC stay at the kind for a quick toss, that was likely a broken play DH stuck with, but he saw it & that’s where you go with it. How well the Buckeyes RBs block is unbelievable. You notice OSU rarely protects with fewer than 6, and often 7. We need to do the same. Haskins has a long way to go & he can’t get there without time to set himself & read what’s in front of him... that’s difficult already, particularly with only 14 starts on the youngsters resume. I love that video httr, though I disagree with most of what the gentleman says, it opens great discussion.... few things better than breaking down plays, particularly from the perspective of the QB. On the flat footed out DH hit v PSU, it showed a ton of talent, but his read on that is the RB. Little things, but his talent won’t get that ball there in the NFL. OSU runs complicated assignments & reads with ty their backs, they have a lot of responsibility, especially compared to nearly any other college.
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    Soto was on his fastball that whole AB. He's really locked in this past week. Looking like his rookie year. Hey look. It's almost as if Doolittle has been overused and his stuff isn't as good as it should be. Weird.
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    Just finished watching this breakdown. This might be the best one I've seen so far. Love how willing he is to show Haskins' negative plays, while still giving him a lot of praise for his good ones. Something new I learned from this video was how much Haskins needs to improve on identifying and reacting to corner blitzes. I never really noticed that before when I watched him play, nor have I seen it mentioned anywhere else. Luckily, this is something that can be improved with experience. The guy who made the breakdown is a huge Redskins fan by the way, but this video was made long before the draft.
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    Owners of replica of Noah’s Ark sue insurers for rain damage: https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.courier-journal.com/amp/1220627001
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    Theres an entire floor in the Native American museum in DC dedicated to all the broken promises and treaties we made to them. Theres no dollar amount that can make up for everything this country has done to everyone. I wouldnt want a red cent as some form of apology. What I want is the funding for public schools matched from one location to the next based on higher value areas using property tax to have better schools. Theres no making up for what was done, the focus needs to be on what's holding back black people today and that's access to quality education so they can join the work force with everyone else. Insist on universal pre-k and FFS stop having so many black kids drinking lead tainted water. The first thing any red state will do is say the repirations are done and feel no reason at all to look out for all their citizens instead of jus some of them. They had slaves building the White House, theres no way to make up for that, imo.
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    I'm strapped in and ready to go. It's been too quiet around here, LETS GET SOME DRAMA GOING!
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    LOL, Riverdale is sort of fun to watch in a MST3K way at this point. (it seems like each season gets more ridiculous and stupid, along with the characters) It is entertaining though.
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    It is an nice breakdown. Regarding Wirfs, Volsmet has been crushing on him for a while and posted vids. I believe he is expected to be a RT. I have seen him go between the mid first round to the third in mocks, so probably the second.
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    Nice breakdowns. I like that Wyatt focused on that Iowa game where someone opined that he didn't play well, addressed the concept and not the commenter. Iowa's O line is no joke, WE draft outta there, right? And correct me if I'm wrong, but Wirfs? Haven't I been hearing that name mentioned as a top prospect for next year? But yeah, it's hard to watch college play and prognosticate on how it translates in the pros. One thing I keep seeing is that Sweat stays aware of the play, I see him breaking off a block to pop a RB, stagger step on PA to follow the ball, that kind of situational awareness where he isn't just intent on being driven around the play by being too tunnel-vision about the man in front of him. Wyatt makes a good point vis-a-vis the way his play allows teammates to get there, as opposed to the fantasy football tards that only see the individual stats and then want to regale others with their prescience.
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    good for him. Alex Smith makes an appearance during the Redskins' third day of OTAs https://www.nbcsports.com/washington/redskins/photos-alex-smith-makes-appearance-during-redskins-third-day-otas
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    It's not just what he says here. It's how he says it. He's not tryin to look cute or act tough. He is cold-blooded, dead serious.
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    So if Martin starts, does everyone realize that would mean all 5 OL were drafted by the skins, as well as our 3 interior DL and both of our edges? Wow.
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