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    with a fire axe? i mean if it were a video game.
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    Good job everybody. Thanks to @COWBOY-KILLA- and @goskins10 for commissioning. Keep me updated if we are doing a 2.0.
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    Some of y'all need to stay in quarantine after this is over, apparently.
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    This is exactly the thing. If you are between the ages of 35 and 45, you ****ing love Brosnan entirely because GoldenEye on N64 was groundbreaking. His movies were somewhere between decent (Goldeneye) and hot garbage. The World is Not Enough was so bad that Denise Richards soaking wet for nearly the entire film couldn’t save it. Edit: PB is drinking and has opinions.
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    if you can go from Bernie to Trump, you're looking for a cult leader, not a president
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    I’m a nuclear physicist!
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    Or a round yellow virus could methodically gobble him up. Or, for the really old, maybe two paddles could just bop him back and forth.
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    Second that. Helluva job fellas!
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    I tried to post a pole, but it didn't work.
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    Bardem’s performance is garbage. If you’re gonna be Camp, be Camp. If you’re gonna be gritty, be gritty. Bardem in Skyfall was the equivalent of dropping Danny DeVito’s Penguin into The French Connection. Howlingly, embarrassingly bad.
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    You can pump them if you like. Personally, I'm hittin' the gas. Zero to sixty.
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    I think you draft Chase. If not, then you draft Chase. If you can't do that, you draft Chase. If that's not available and someone will give you an RGIII type draft haul (IE three number ones plus) then you trade the pick. Tua is not an option especially in these coronavirus days where you can't your own trainers to test him out or get you own doctors to study him. Edit: That's the problem with young men today. All talk, no poll.
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    This thing ate up a ****load of my quarters as a kid lol...worth it, though. Line 'em up on the top of the dresser in my bedroom and feel like a 9-yr-old badass.... And that was just last Tuesday.
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    If Rivera wanted a clear starter familiar with his system there is a guy called Cam Newton available. That he has said there was no interest in bringing Cam in and that the expectation is Haskins enters camp as the starter should tell you were things stand right now. Now if Haskins does not perform then things can change - but it’s Haskins job to lose.
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    how else am I supposed to sow the seeds of chaos?
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