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    I liked it. Am grateful that I lived to see the end. Outstanding TV series over 10 years. I am happy with the ending. I think it's because I watched and didn't project my own storytelling into it. A little more about me. Since my stroke, I haven't read nearly as much as I used to. So TV and movies are the most meaningful now. I loved this show.
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    Tyrion really went from hand of the queen to condemned prisoner to hand of the king in 15 minutes
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    Regardless of how I feel about the ending (Bran?!?!), I think they needed way more episodes to flesh out the story. It felt like a cliff notes version.
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    Just checking in to see how GOT personally ruined your life. It was an ok ending. Glad that Danny got it. Was hoping for others to get it too but I wasn’t completely disappointed.
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    Arya spent all that time learning the dark arts and only used it once what a waste
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    How come ep 5 it looked like the entire Red Keep came down on Jaime and Cersei. Then Tyrion takes a nice leisurely stroll down there. And the only pile of rocks was the one Jaime and Cersei were under.....
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    holding his hand in their what ?
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    Trump loves biting the hand that feeds him, doesnt he...
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    Speaking of Ryan Kerrigan, it’s pretty amazing what he has done so late in his career. 8 years in the league averaging 10 sacks per year and 3 forced fumbles avg each year. Just finished a 13 sack year. He’s not pretty or sexy like the bigger names out there but the guy is good. Maybe not elite (I don’t know) but he is damn good.
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    https://www.profootballfocus.com/news/draft-jalen-reagor-jerry-jeudy-highlight-a-wr-class-that-should-break-the-2020-nfl-draft The link above is must see. Reagor would look great on the Skins, but I think Jeudy is worth a trade up if we aren't high enough to draft him. He's Desean Jackson combined with Marvin Harrison. A generational talent.
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    When did Gasol decide he never wanted to have to comb his hair again and just buzz cut it? I’m guessing he got married.
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    "a replacement for Scherff The Great" That's a stretch and I'm not saying you believe this though. Hail Em Up!
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    Personally, I think Jay is much closer to the bottom of the league than the middle when it comes to in-game play calling. He's ludicrously predictable, has no killer instinct, seems to coach scared, and appears completely incapable of making adjustments when necessary (otherwise known as "pretty much every game" in the NFL). His whole spiel not long ago about being fine with winning close games and being built that way was a testament to that. Unless he has a truly elite overall level of talent on his team, that kind of coach is going to consistently get you to a 7-9 to 9-7 record with a smattering of a couple more wins or losses, depending mostly on luck and schedule. At least in THIS day's NFL. That sort of thing worked fine in the 80s but not now.
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    It just hit me for some reason that Jay now has a QB who profiles extremely similarly to Jared Goff as a prospect, who just had an MVP caliber season with Sean McVay calling plays for him. -Both were far from mobile coming out (Goff had negative 114 rushing yards in his college career). -Both displayed elite short/intermediate accuracy in school -Both were considered “rhythm passers” -Both were very good at climbing the pocket and making subtle moves to avoid pressure within the pocket -Both were adept at reading defenses and manipulating defenders with their eyes -Both of their accuracy percentages dropped off at a pretty significant rate when throwing with pressure in their face Have to believe that if Sean could make it work with Goff at QB in his system, Jay can make it work with Haskins.
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    I’m typically in agreement with your disagreement; take the stud. It depends on the grades of course, but a top guard, who has proven himself in the NFL, opens so much for Haskins. I’ve watched Haskins v PSU, with multiple humans who do this professionally, & their concerns have me more bullish on a guard than I typically am... and I was already bigger proponent of emphasizing that position than 99.9999% of the humans. If we can move to 11, get a guard, and grab a guy with an elite grade, and another pick... that’s tough for me to pass on with Haskins at QB & a draft class as loaded as next years. If we prove fine protecting QB in 2019, then I’m probably taking the most gutted talent available. I’ve seen Haskins criticized harshly for staying on his first read too long, but his biggest strength, imo, is how quickly his eyes progress, even if his feet/hips don’t always get there, his eyes do, and that’s a special quality with that arm. He has 14 starts, or so, he is unlikely to get comfortable in the NFL if he’s not kept clean as a youngster imo.
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    the Texans put Watt and Clowney in on some of their offenses and not every 3-4 team rushes both OLB
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    Next years draft looks pretty loaded especially with some quality QB's and WR's, like were not in this years draft. There will be numerous teams wanting to move up. If we are a top 5 pick there should be opportunity to drop back some while still grabbing a dynamic player at a need position and gaining valuable other picks to make up for the lack of a 2nd. This was been to FO's MO. If we selected between 6-15 next year it appears the top OT's and CB's would still be there along with some of the WR's (which I am not a big fan of drafting early)
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    I can’t believe you have the nerve to suggest Settle has a higher ceiling than Anderson after digesting Koolblue’s artful dismantling of such a suggestion. I fear for you, but envy the onions. *I’ll take the belly rub, I don’t want to seem dismissive of that. PM sent.
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    On another note: Proof that 3-4 vs 4-3 arguments are becoming more and more pointless.
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    McGee, McClain, and Hood, so gross, just threw up in my mouth. A short time ago we had overpaid camp fodder starting along our DL. Now we haveAllen, Payne, Ion, Settle, Brantley; all five guys are startable and when healthy this is one of the best DLs in the league. I have never been high on Preston Smith, so letting him walk and bringing in Sweat is a huge upgrade. It's all paper and potential right now, but unless Sweat's heart condition proves to be a real problem, I'm confident our starting OLB situation is improved. Rueben Foster > Zach Brown. It's a shame that he didn't pan out here, many of us, including myself were high on him. Unfortunately his freak ability couldn't overcome his lack of football IQ. Would love to see SDH, JHC, or Holcomb overthrow Mason and walk his ass out of town. But for now, he's the only weak link the front seven. Barring injuries, if the defense isn't top 10, it will be the secondary to blame.
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    So, some of you just can’t let the car thing. Makes zero sense to me but to each their own. There is is an article posted in BHRBN about how tight a family he has and they support system he has around him. He he is well educated, comes from at least some money, handles himself professionally, and it appears he has some decent football ability. His is buying a nice car for himself and his mom with his $8.5M signing bonus should not raise any flags unless you are just looking for something to be concerned about.
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