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    You assume this administration hasn't altered/destroyed said evidence. While I'm not sure of this administration's ability to do so competently, I am absolutely certain they have/will attempt it.
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    Yes, it's hard for me to believe (I'm 31). It would feel like bizarro world to take a time machine back to 1986 or something and see them going toe to toe with Montana and the 49ers, or watching the news in '91 "As the Redskins just keep on rolling, blowing out yet another team, poised for as another Super Bowl run" Literally all I have to hold on to is a botched snap, 5-0 or we dont go, and RGIII. How ****ing embarrassing is that.
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    Wizards are just as bad?! Look I realize the wizards aren’t contenders but lets not get carried away. The Wizards have won a playoff series in three of the last six seasons. The last time the redskins won a playoff game was 2005. Back when the wizards were this:
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    No random thought thread available. Dozens of random exoplanet threads buried. Not space travel related. #Cosmicchinmusic
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    Because given the choice, so many of the other Qbs would actually choose to be the leader of the leagues largest dumpster fire. Wake up buddy!! In reality NOBODY WANTS TO ****ING BE HERE!!! Kirk just happened to be the one with the lottery ticket issued to him by OUR morons.
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    Buying this on day 1. I've always wanted to ride a shape and now I can roll up in a triangle.
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    How moronic that move was and the years of the Cerrato suffering, only to be repeated with this Allen fiasco and more years of torture and the complete destruction of the franchise. Great "culture" Allen, we are so proud. I only wish the media would continually emphasize daily, the catastrophe created by Allen and Snyder. I wish they would name every TV highlight of all sports mishaps and bad plays from all pro and college sports teams as "Snydered" or "Bruced"....much like the highlight "You got Mossed" with Randy Moss. I want it rubbed in until Snyder takes notice since he could care less about the fans opinions.
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    Why does it look like that? Did Elon lose a bet or is he trying to win one?
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    I think I've seen him on the golf course...$100 bucks says he eats it...
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    If you want a graphic illustration of the difference between Trump and Obama, look at Trump's notes from yesterday as compared to a similar picture of Obama's notes when he was president: Trump probably needs glasses but is too vain to wear them, and then secondly is barely literate.
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    Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahaha hahahahahahahahahahahahaahahshahahahahahahahsha
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    I'd argue that GOPers like Hurd are actually worse than Nunes and Jordan in some ways. He has a reputation for at least some amount of independent thought and gravitas. Anyone who doesn't spend the majority of their day on Breitbart and InfoWars knows that Nunes and Jordan came straight out of a broken down clown car. But with a guy like Hurd lending credence to their stupid conspiracy theories and inane defenses of Trump, it makes things that much worse because it can make it almost seem potentially legit. He can **** right off with that noise.
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    No one buying it. Tap dance your ass out of here.
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    I was just listening to Chris Russell who has been on fire for years (after a rough patch) about getting things right about the FO. He just shared three things. A. He heard that Dan is very aware of the fan unrest and is bothered by it. (he didn't say though when he became aware) B. His revenue has dependance on both local TV ratings and concession sales/parking so what's going on he feels. It's not just all about the shared national TV revenue. C. The league is very concerned about what's going on with the Redskins.
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    This article resonates with me so much. I am 37 and Redskins games were a family event in our house in the 80s, 90s, and hell even up through '12 It was a bond in our family. Now I feel like I would be a terrible parent if I passed this on to my twin girls (they have championship onesies from the Caps and Nationals though). What sucks is how good it was. Even in 2005, this town went nuts when Sean Taylor returned that fumble for a TD against the Bucs. I am not sure that a random 10-6 playoff year brings people back now. It is going to have to be something completely 180 from the last 20 years
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    He was hurt personally and cant allow himself to love again. Give him a break
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    Kirk probably thanks God every day for what Dan/Bruce did for him. God is Good!
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    I guarantee that the coaching staff had a lot more Confidence in Case. The play calling was still horrendous even with him as the starter. I'm really looking forward to a new coaching staff all together. Of course it really won't matter if Bruce is back though.
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    Seriously, the Nats have been nothing but great for me as a fan. Since 2014, I've seen four postseason appearances and a championship in six seasons. It's not exactly the Patriots, but you can't ask for much more from your team. Mike Rizzo is a DC sports legend and the day he is no longer with the team will be a dark one.
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    The term "erosion" seems far too gradual and geological for what has happened this year. Maybe change the thread title to "Implosion Of The Redskins Fanbase"?
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