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    If you have to hire a PR firm in order to release your version of what happened, then that already doesn't look good as far as offering up a so-called accurate statement Now, even if the boy's account of the entire situation is mostly accurate, I would still say where the entire thing could have been avoided is when he claims they asked their teacher or chaperone or whoever was in charge of them if they could start doing their school chant to drown out the black Israelites. The adult in the situation probably should have said no, and corralled the students away from the area as far as possible to where they could still be waiting for the bus.
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    What's his face that just got the HC gig in Cinci is trying to get Callahan to join him there as Callahan was his college coach. Also hearing rumblings that Tomsula may just say ****it & retire because his family is down in Florida.
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    I can't believe how close Lock is to Tua here. Funny that Lock rates better than Fromm, but people on the board would rather have Fromm than Haskins. I Regarding Grier, someone here stated that he hasn't had to throw into tight windows. I think Grier has been good at throwing players open, and dropping the ball in the bucket on those long passes, but the biggest difference between Grier and Haskins, other than arm strength and the fact that Haskins has been in much more of a pro-style system, is that Haskins has shown a proficiency to completing passes to WR's that are well covered. In the NFL, difference may be magnified. I was thinking about our FO this evening, and I think they might be more patient than a lot of us were thinking. If they are capable of playing the long game and realizing that you build a team with draft picks, allowing players to leave and mostly signing FA's that were released and don't count against our comp picks, I think they are capable of rolling with Colt and whoever and planning to take another shot at QB in 2020. Also, Hockenson would be a great first round pick. I don't know if I see him falling to us. I also still really like Byron Murphy and Jachai Polite at that spot. I also still think there is some chance that Devin White falls. Devin White and Reuben Foster, behind Payne and Allen and Ioannidis, would be fierce.
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    We need more of that everywheres.
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    So the lights are on but nobody's home?
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    Didn't he lose his job because of his lack of understanding the word "no"?
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    i wish i could take the rule we have of "no politics or religion in the stadium" and apply it to all of humanity
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    Uh, Bill? I'm pretty sure that for Supreme Court nominees, a Senate confirmation vote (in which senators are allowed to vote "no". Based solely on whether said senator believes the nominee deserves a lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court.) is due process.
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    Aikman was the best in the business for a long time until Collinsworth got SNF. Now it’s Romo’s world. Thats a really solid crew for Fox, NBC and CBS. ESPN has the weakest crew but even then, Booger will say something that makes me laugh at least once a game. He’s entertaining. Espn should just put Stephen A in the booth, turn him up to 11 and watch the ratings pour in. I’d love it
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    Goff threw some dimes when it mattered -- that bomb at the end of the half. Wow. And his calm roll out under pressure and then throw to Everett was huge. Kid is barely 24. Playing in the hardest place to play in football. How many times have we seen veteran proven "franchise QBs" fail at that place? When the Rams needed him -- when Gurley was nowhere to be seen -- Goff came up big. For whatever reason people don't like giving him credit. Maybe it's because he looks more like a surfer -- a skinny one -- than a stud QB. Or because everyone thinks McVay just tells him what to do. But compare him to someone like Cousins -- who time and time again wilted in big moments.
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    I saw this thread bumped and thought Witten was leaving MNF. I was getting excited for a moment. I’m still holding out hope as that whole crew is awful.
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    It was too cold for me to try to get the moon. So here are a couple others. The second pic is from the Truman coming home. And yes, I got permission from them.
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    I don't really get the hate for the Patriots. They're in the AFC, aka the conference I don't really care about. If this was Dallas being this good for this long, I'd probably feel differently, but probably partially out of jealousy that the Redskins can't be that good. I'm sure the Dolphins fans are sick of them. I get people that are tired of them, that's fine. But to see a team sustain excellence for the number of years they have in a league where the deck is stacked against you in order to be that good for that long, it's amazing. I like seeing teams dominate, I like seeing sustained excellence, I like being able to say I saw someone like Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods or Tom Brady take on all comers for years and years. I'm not rooting for them (go McVay!) but if they win I won't hate it.
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    Love Grier and watched him play most all of his games as I live in WV. I think #15 is a little high for him but we'll see how he does before the draft at workouts. I'd like to see us trade down in the 1st acquire an extra pick or two and then select him between #20-25.
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    The problem is the SnyderAllen “Braintrust” will spit up and chew out even Mike Shanahan, so a young coach with zero juice won’t make even the most minor dent in it. The moment fans started to believe in Brian LeFemina more than Brucie, Brucie turned into Petty White without a Snickers and had Snyder boot him. Same with McLovin. The dude had warts and really have an issue with booze, but Brucie’s ego couldn’t take the fan base having more faith in McLovin than in him. if a young coach does come along and the fans get a whif or him, Brucie will have his head cut. If I believed in black heliocopters, I’d think he even coined the term “Wrong Play” McVay.
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    Some from a recent "work" trip to San Diego...
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    What a shame...to think what could have been..it was rocky the first 6 weeks..his play that being but I guess we'll never know what could have developed.
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