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    I thought he would’ve been ok with just a couple extra million added on, not a FULL new contract. He thinks he deserves a brand new contract after sitting out this season? No. **** him. He can go somewhere else
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    Is that why Alex Smith, Colt McCoy, and Case Keenum Looked so much better?
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    He's an aging player who can't stay healthy a whole season. He just missed a whole year. Time to move on. Trade him and use the pick to draft his replacement. Hopefully, we can get a couple of 2nd rounders for him. Con some team.
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    The team was toxic for so many years, the media is still just as bad, if not worse. They like to pat themselves on the back and call themselves "reporters" but really they're just pimping salacious headlines in the hopes of getting clicks. It's really disgusting what the media as a whole does to people and calls it "news". Instead of facts, the media deals in innuendo and rumors, dragging people through the mud, and they're NEVER held accountable for it.
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    Somehow most will be perplexed why Haskins will be short with the media in the future lol These stories and reports are out of control. This dude is being drug around back and forth. The fan in me just hopes he’s built for it all, but it’s on an extreme level.
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    I think I'm done visiting this thread for the time being. While being knowledgeable about a topic is very helpful in dictating smart choices, you reach a point where information stops being helpful and comes more of a mental and physical hindrance. I've been knee deep in COVID-19 reports, literature and thinkpieces for nearly a week now and I definitely think the influx of information has made me sicker both mentally and physically. I know a lot more, but beyond what I learned days ago, it's mostly been stoking idle, unproductive fear. While all of this is going down, please be aware of your mental health. After years of dealing with anxiety and depression, I know where my breaking point is and I'm already becoming less productive and experiencing guilt about doing normal, everyday things because there's something "more important" going on. That isn't OK. So for now, I'm done reading this thread, Reddit and other stories about the virus to the best of my ability. The virus is here and it could shut down my city very soon. At this point, any new information is superfluous. Time to stock up, stay clean and go about my life until I'm told otherwise. Good luck to everyone in here and many thanks to visionary for his tireless updates.
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    I hope Trautman's 4.8 drops him to us in the 3rd
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    I love it and had a pretty good idea that this would happen. The front office is causing a stir with the Skins potentially going after a QB. I'll come back and own it if I am wrong but the Skins have zero interest in taking a QB this year. They are trying to fleece someone into jumping in front of them. I am praying for picking up a pick or two and still getting Young.
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    Trade Trent. Need a better RT if our QB is gonna be a lefty
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    I don't know how you can't like Chase Young. That adds to his appeal. He just seems to have his **** together. He'd be fun to have in DC.
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    My theory is teams don't want him to actually play WR for them, but they want to see him run WR routes here, to see how versatile he is. The RB groups catch passes but it's not like this, and they can see his fluidity (especially more downfield) matched up right next to all the actual, natural WR's.
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    People Jones looked like an athletic freak on the field, wished I saw though more production. But he deserves a break I presume because of the wretched QB play he was subjected to. I haven't watched Chase Claypool but now i must, he's killing it. Kmet is having himself a combine among others. Sullivan, too.
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    Gandy-Golden 4.6, 4.62, I guessed that one somewhat correctly. Some draft geeks said he's fast, some said on the slower side. He struck me on the slower side. Not that 4.6 is that bad but it doesn't make him the size-speed freak that some draft geeks depicted him being.
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    Haskins was a top student in HS and college. People with dyslexia rarely excel in traditional academics, unless it's identified and addressed early on. I have mild dyslexia (didn't find out until much later) and even that caused me plenty of grief during HS and college. People with more severe cases struggle mightily just to keep up, let alone get good grades.
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    When is the ES combine? Will there be wiffle ball?
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    I think that's incredibly speculative. It would either require Miami give us an absolute haul and we stay at 5 and miss out on Chase Young or having some complicated trade scenario where we move back up to 3 with Detroit. Also...why would Detroit agree to that anyway? They'd have a generational pass rushing prospect sitting in their lap, which is probably the biggest need on their defense...their pass rush was terrible. They'd probably tell us to either pound sand if we wanted to move back up or they'd tell us they wanted 2 1sts, 2 2nds, and 2 3rds or something like that. Same as we'd be asking for if someone wanted us to give up a Chase Young level talent to move back. So we'd have to give up everything we got from Miami to move back up. It would be ludicrous and pointless. The only way any of this makes any sense is if the FO of both MIami and Detroit are literally filled up with people from the movie Idiocracy.
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    He played the part of the victim admirably, but the truth always comes out.
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    Curious if it was the old front office trying to stir things up. And for the record, even if you don't like a guy, you don't do that to him. Integrity is important, and submarining a dude's career is the lowest form of low. Now I kinda want to see him succeed more, just to shove it in whoever's face that released that. That's bad form, man.
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    I am going to be sick if we don't draft Young and revert to form and take a past injured player in Tua. I don't give a **** what bill of health he is given, you don't take him and hope he does not get hurt in the NFL. We have seen this act from this play over and over again. Just NO!
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    Of all the things I read today, the fact that the White House staff has to treat the president like a toddler when it comes to food is the funniest. Apparently they've tried to "make the ice cream less accessible" and "hide cauliflower in his mashed potatoes" to help him lose weight, and it didn't work.
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