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    No, not all Trump supporters (semantics but approve and support are not one and the same) are horrible people. Look, I don't give a **** about politics. I don't care who likes donkeys or whose favorite color is red. Somebody asked me the other day, "What are your political views?" and I'm like, "what the **** does that mean? Give me an issue and I'll tell you what I think." I'm not going to say "well I'm a conservative" or "well I'm a democrat" and magically I happen to agree with whatever my political party tells me to think 100% of the time. That's for people who can't think for themselves. No, not everyone who approves of Trump is a horrible person. Some of them just aren't paying attention. A lot of them are easily misled (the nicest way I could describe it). I'm curious, have you felt the need to lecture any right leaning folk about how half of the country is not their enemy and how 150 million people who disagree with them can't all be idiots (both true statements by the way) at any point in the last decade as the GOP devolved into a party based entirely on hate and fear? Just in like, the last month I remember Donald Trump calling democrats anti-semitic, the party of crime, an entire party of radicals, un-American, and treasonous. Other bad guys according to Trump -John McCain -Robert Mueller -People protesting racial injustice -Any media that doesn't pretend he isn't a lying sack of **** -Immigrants and Muslims Trump's good guys -Russian Autocrats who attack America -Torturous North Korean dictators -Syrian crown princes who murder US Journalists -Nazis -Media who does pretend that he isn't a lying sack of **** (even if they also say that the parents of the 1st graders who were murdered in Sandy Hook are actors and liars) -Racist sherrifs -Conspirators against the United States who don't flip on him More of the world according to Trump What Obama got right: NOTHING What he's gotten right: EVERYTHING What he's responsible for: EVERYTHING GOOD Not responsible for: ANYTHING BAD Things that are real: ANYTHING POSITIVE ABOUT HIM (also, anything negative about Hillary, Obama etc) Things that are fake: ANYTHING NEGATIVE ABOUT HIM (vice versa of above) Lastly, let's take a look at all the **** that's been thrown out there about Trump... from Russia to the porn star to him not being a self-made man as he claims, to his non-profit stealing charitable donations and funneling them to his businesses and on and on and on... Let's eliminate stuff that is still up in the air. **** that has stuck: I mean, all of it. **** that has been proven false: I can't think of anything. Literally every bit of "Fake News" that has been confirmed one way or another has turned out to be real.
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    It’s a schtick. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sealioning
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    https://projects.fivethirtyeight.com/trump-approval-ratings/ You are wrong. Please don't spread false information.
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    Well, it's not just that you picked the most Trump friendly pollster to make your argument with, it's ALSO that you're citing old Rasmussen numbers. 538 does a nice job compiling polls (https://projects.fivethirtyeight.com/trump-approval-ratings/), and Rasmussen is easily the most pro-Trump pollster. Now, sure it's possible that Rasmussen is right and everyone else is wrong, BUT, considering the mid-terms, that's highly unlikely. But even beyond that, the most recent Rasmussen numbers aren't 52% approval for Trump, but rather 48%. http://www.rasmussenreports.com/public_content/politics/political_updates/prez_track_mar15 The Rasmussen poll that had him at 52% was from Feb 6-10 and is the 9th most recent Rasmussen poll. So it's cherry-picked not once, but twice.
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    Well, in Trump World facts apparently don't matter: It’s easy to fact check Trump’s lies. He tells the same ones all the time. So we shouldn't be surprised that his supporters don't care about them.
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    You made a specific claim, that over half of the country support Trump. That claim is wrong. If it didn't matter, why did you make it? And why can't you admit you were wrong, rather than retreating to "It doesn't matter, the point still holds". Facts do matter. If someone said Trump had a 10 percent approval rating, I'd correct them as well, but no one other than you is presenting false information right now in this thread. Get your facts straight before you make a claim.
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    Once again your math is off. His approval rating is 39%, not 52%: https://news.gallup.com/poll/203198/presidential-approval-ratings-donald-trump.aspx Further, the US population is 308 million. Only 78% of which are old enough to vote (over 18). That means at a 39% approval rating only 94 million adults support Trump, not the 150 million you claim.
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    The problem is, you're not showing the whole picture. You're comparing the Browns and Redskins situations as if they're even remotely similar. And then bringing the 2012 Redskins into it as well for some reason, but I'm willing to leave that tangent behind if you are. It seems I misunderstood your reasons for bringing it up. If the Redskins had done the same... While going into year two with a #1 overall stud QB... And hiring the mind behind the offense that clicked with him as the new HC... While being loaded down with picks and cap space all over... And trading for impact players to add to a deep pool of drafted young talent... Yeah, they'd be seen as "winning the offseason" and nobody would be laughing at them. Problem is, we aren't anywhere close to where the Browns are as a roster or an organization right now. Not in the FO, not in the coaches offices, not in the QB room, or really anywhere else either. So...it's not comparable. At all. Which is why I still don't understand the point you were trying to make.
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    Surf guitar music is my favorite and Dick Dale was the father of surf guitar. RIP Dick.
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    I want to agree with you, I'm just going to continue to preach "vote to make sure". We still have electoral college to worry about. Maybey memory deceives me, but that wasn't expected to be a close Hillary win it was supposed to be a blow out. It wasn't.
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    Yeah, though I agree with your assessment on CM. Wakanda and the Snap is a tough act to follow. That may be the apex of the MCU, and I remember saying as much last summer. But yeah, done with the Netflix stuff. Always two villains (one slightly overshadowing the other). Everyone is either mentally ill or somehow involved with the military (which is why I thoroughly enjoyed S1 of Jessica Jones , incorporating less of that than the other shows. It all just kinda got repetitive. ........ @Chew you should check out Castlevania while you're at it. Deep, for a videogame adaptation, and surprisingly brutal in it's delivery.
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    Rasmussen is widely considered a very very far right poster insofar as Trump approval is concerned. Their methods are highly suspect and citing to them only demonstrates a lack of willingness to accept the obvious; that Donald Trump is very unpopular.
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    It’s like you all went to the same “how to fight structured arguments” course
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    He thinks something bad (for him) is coming. But what? New NK weapons tests? Meuler got indictments against Junior and Kush? The Saudi check was refused? There's just so many of Trump's schemes that could (and should) explode on him.
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    The whole conversation is needed to understand. CONNSKINS is compartmentalizing. I don’t think the two situations are similar, but the love affair with the Browns by multiple people doesn’t make sense. The comparison was made to show that a small sample size isn’t enough to show the whole picture. Browns turned a 4th place schedule into 7-8-1, overhauled their entire coaching staff, and now “won the off-season.” If the Redskins had done the same everyone would be laughing at them.
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    I don't know. There has to be a specific Levitre who would be better than the others.
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    This is what so many people miss or just plain ignore. It's like if every signing for the 90 man roster is not a ****ing probowler it's a monumental disaster. Bringing Flowers is for OTAs and TC hurts nothing. And the argument that it takes away a spot for someone else is not valid unless you can find another 1st rd draft pick that's 24 y/o and could maybe at least provide depth at a position of major need. Granted the Giants reached, he was probably a mid to late 2nd based on the draft analysis but that's not really the point. Not seeing why this would be such a bad thing.
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    CP has talked him out of wearing 21.
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    I never get upset over low-priced vets being signed to come in for OTAs/minicamps/training camp...gives you some up-close opportunities to see if a player with previous starting experience might have anything to offer or are salvageable, and can be cut and replaced with relative ease if you're not seeing it.
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