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    I really respect your opinions. I always appreciate your input on the various topics we all kick around. Figured i'd say so. John
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    I'd like to order two cans of Scott-away. Just in case.
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    Great post. I really feel your frustration. I grew up being a Skins fan, because it was a way to bond with my Dad. What Snyder/Allen have done to this franchise makes me so sad; at least my Dad isn't here to see what they've done. I knew we were going to get blown out by Atlanta, and didn't even watch. I have NFL replay and will watch soon; but I already know that Alex Smith was nowhere near as accurate in passing as the spin-masters would like us to believe. He's got 2 more games to show something, or I'm going to really call him out anyway I can. (That's sad,because he really is a somewhat likeable guy!)
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    Yeah, the Conservativism thread's a bit of a let down. I've had much more interesting and substantive conversations with you. I've actually enjoyed several of our discussions, even when we're on very different sides. Anyway, didn't want to really pollute the thread with that thought and don't want to beat up on B&G. It is tough though staking out a position where you are trying to have it both ways.
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    Hi If you want a closer station to the game - wembley park, is the closest approx 10 mins walk from stadium I am told. It were i am going to om Sunday
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    Prayers and good thoughts to everyone affected by Breast Cancer. Best wishes and hope for a full recovery.
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    Good Morning, Lasr year I wrote to you lamenting the inability to us breaking news via IOS/I-pad applications. I am writing to thank you for the update to the site that now allows me to browse articles via IOS! Thanks and great job, Bill Guinard (Blanford)
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