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    Need to keep both of those guys, bottom line who in here is comfortable with Jones being available for all 16 games. I am not. Honestly Jones has showed us nothing as exciting as Kelly and Brown this offseason.
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    If you think that's something, check the blog out every morning this week at 7am EST as there's two entries you're used to seeing (What to watch for & League Leaders) & two new entries that I haven't really tried here before. Those of you that really get into stats n stuff get ready to have your head spinning.
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    I can't remember what cologne it was, but he smelled like he was out for a night at the Jersey shore
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    I think he needed a wetnap a couple of times.
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    I'll wait until we screw up to tell everyone I was right all along... In all seriousness, you can't fix everything in one off-season. The pass rush was supposed to blethal, but no one saw Galette tearing his other Achilles. What you like, is that we are better equipped more than ever, to withstand the freakish, devastating injuries that in years past would cripple us. Preston Smith has all the makings of a future multi-pro bowler, and though our pass rush was weakened, I still thi k those guys can hold up their end of the bargain. I have my reservations about the running g game and how that was handled this off-season, but again, no one saw Jones going down in a heap after like 5 carries (okay, maybe some did:) ), but fortunately, the Skins have a guy in Kelley who appears to be adequate running the ball, and good at blitz pickup. Plus our strength is the passing game, for now. Running the ball will be a changeup more than anything else. I wouldn't be shocked if some were concerned, but all things considered, I think we are in a good place.
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    Well if my airfare was able to be moved, my plan was upon landing, taking the seatback flotation device with me.
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    Happy with initial start of Atlanta game both offense and defense, but the secondary looked like it was being coached by Haslett et.al.after that. Little worried this year as Norman's strength was from how well the Panthers secondary worked together. Will be interested to see how well our secondary plays by the 1st game of the season and boy you couldn't ask for a better test than Antonio Brown and the Steelers passing game. Like I said, I am a little worried especially with our schedule this year. Having incurable cancer (multiple myeloma) that I have been fighting for 7 years, I pray to see another Super Bowl but I'm running out of time. Went to every game from 1961 to 2001 and FINALLY we have a great GM who will build this team like Bobby Beatherd (sp?) did. I hope I'm around for a couple of years to see the fruits of his labor. No more Shanahan and it takes 5 years to build a team attitude. Scotty is a guru when it comes to judging talent and he knows what it takes to win All Super Bowl teams have a great defense and monster offensive linemen. The Lombardi trophy comes from the trenches. Rypien wasn't a great QB, but the O-Line was tops and there is a good example. You are right about Scherff....and Scotty The Skins will get better every year.
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    It would have been nice to see improvement in the running game, but I'm holding all judgments until the regular season starts and rosters are finalized. There's no need to get our panties in a bunch over preseason. We talkin bout practice.
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    For the record... I've only carried Murf's bags. TK snores too loud. I can't do favors for him in good conscience.
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    Fetch me an omelette with everything. Also so the best thing about having a non senior coverage guy is they get to carry your bags. @themurf @JimmiJo @Spaceman SpiffYou guys would love this.
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    It was fantastic because free. Thanks! It was the greatest football weekend of my life. Ever. I'm so grateful to have been able to do this!!! Couple of times per minute, you mean.
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    From the sidelines today, the Skins just looked overmatched and out of it compared to Dallas who looked like an overall solid unit. When Dallas was marching down the field in the 2nd quarter and in the red zone, IIRC, they lined up a trips left with Elliott out wide and it totally threw off the Skins defense resulting in us having to take a time out. I might have the personnel that Dallas lined up wrong but I could tell that the defense had no idea what to do to cover it. Anything remotely exotic or out of the box, our guys were looking at the sidelines for instructions like they were lost. Cousins can't throw the back shoulder fade. It's just not gonna work. Not targeting Reed much in the red zone. Pretty sad overall. 0-2 and I'm not sure how our defense is going to cover Beckham, Shepard and Cruz next week.
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    Witten is one of those guys who's always given us fits. I agree, that won't change. Not worried about Dez as Breeland has always defended him well. Dallas had a hard time getting Elliott started, Alf was the most effective guy they had. For all their talk of such a dominant offensive line, I don't believe the hype. I think we sacked Kellen Moore 4 or 5 times on the last game of the season and they couldn't run it against us. I agree with Hap, Alf is hard to bring down. Outside of Witten, he's the one that scares me the most. I think it'll be a close game. Maybe a low scoring, boring affair but I think we come out on top in a squeaker.
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    Almo scares me, he has the tools, and a good line in front of him. Hard dude to bring down. I hope they run Prescott, to be honest he didn't look all that good. That or the Giants have really upgraded for their $100 mil plus.
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    I'd summarize the naysayers on this point as: A. How come the running game and D line hasn't been fixed? My general response to this is: 1. Some are assuming failure at these positions but lets see it play out before crying wolf. 2. I never expected for all weaknesses to be fixed overnight -- what is there maybe 3-5 teams in the league without a glaring weakness, if that? We will get there, give him another off season or two. It took about 3 in Seattle. B. Scot is supposed to be this genius but see point A above and look at this FA signing who failed and this draft pick. The dude isn't flawless or above reproach. My response: Scot has done well so far in the draft. Yeah he isn't the first GM in history to strike gold with EVERY pick. There have been studies on this posted in the draft thread -- if I recall on average it was 90% of 5th rounders aren't successes in this league, and we are giving him a hard time for Ioannidis starting on the practice squad? The IR guys aren't busts -- they are open ended questions. Look at Spaight. To some it looked like a missed pick last year, now you have some saying he was one of the top 5 players in camp. And we all know hardly any 7th rounders make it in this league. But to play along, if Scot fails with a 7th rounder but then succeeds with a Dunbar, or Lanier, or R. Kelly -- what's the difference? As for FA, Scot himself has said free agency isn't the way to build a team and it has many pitfalls. We can hit him on this guy and that guy -- but he's had some solid hits: M. Foster, D. Hopkins, Blackmon, Nsekhe, J. Francois -- and some guys looking good so far in training camp: Toler, V. Davis J. Norman, Z. Hood. But yeah Belichick had plenty of bombs among his successes, ditto R. Wolf, J. Schneider, B. Beathard -- name that GM. So I don't quite understand the harping on what Scot got wrong? He got some wrong, he will get things wrong I bet every off season. But so what? He's bringing a philosophy that some are debating which is: A. do we go BPA in the draft? B. Is FA a good fix for improving a position both in the short and long term? If the answers to question A. is No and for B. Yes. I think Scot will have some critics here because he's been very upfront on both of these questions and has been walking his talk.
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    Awesome blog. Pretty much said everything that needed to be said. I'm not so sure how our fanbase got so impatient or expected a SB contender in 2 years. He's building us for the long haul, not just a one and done.
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    Scot knocked it out of the park last year, no doubt. Maybe we should realize that not every draft class is going to be as good/productive as 2015. Scherff, Preston Smith, Matt Jones, Crowder, Kouandijo, Spaight, Jarrett, Tevin Mitchell, Evan Spencer and Austin Reiter. That's pretty damn good. A starting offensive lineman who looks like he could be a stalwart, a beast LB who was in double digit sacks, an arguable 1st string running back, a rookie WR who set the rookie pass catching record for us....Kouandijo has been looked at as someone who could be a contributor, Spaight looks like he's going to pay big dividends this year and Jarrett contributed largely last year, probably would have made the team this year if it wasn't for the injury. It's not always going to be that good. From that list, I count 5 guys that could be long term significant contributors to this team and if you wanted to count Jarrett it could have been six. And I'm not even counting Kouandijo. I think part of the reason people may be disgruntled is because Scot set the bar so high in year one.
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    Well doofus you just outed yourself. Until then it was simply an inside joke.
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    Excelent breakdown *applause*...that Niles Paul whiff was baaad lol...I imagine that's how I would look if they put me out there for a play
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    I love these. Thanks. Things you don't see while watching the game.
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    Spiff and TSO, our new pro bowlers of game coverage Awesome pictures and write up guys
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    I don't care about pre-season. If I see, in the regular season, running on 70% or more first downs while averaging less than 2 yards a carry on first down runs, I'm going to lose my ****. I know that I annoyed a lot of people the last 2 years in the gameday threads by predicting and then commenting on every 2-yard or less run on first down. 2nd and 8+ is a crappy place to be 90% of the time. If that's going to be the results, just throw the damn ball on 1st down. If you complete 67% of your throws, then statistically you're in a better spot more often than banging your head against the wall. I also never understood why it seemed that they were allergic to passing on first down and running on second. Sheesh. For the Jets, I think it will be a little better, because I think they're going to "try harder" (ie: a little more game-planning) to run the ball a little better, just so they have something positive to point to.
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    Gruden after today's practice: You can find the rest HERE.
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    Allow me to re-write part of your post lol... "Let's start with Pierre Garcon has to catch that ball! The entire complexion of the game and Griffin's performance changes if he does. Second, and I am not sure why this is so hard to grasp this - McCoy did what he did against guys that will be bagging groceries in a few weeks and Griffin has already had some success in the NFL." -2015, 1st preseason game Allow me to re-write it again lol... "Let's start with Adrick Robinson has to catch that ball! The entire complexion of the game and Griffin's performance changes if he does. Second, and I am not sure why this is so hard to grasp this - McCoy did what he did against guys that will be bagging groceries in a few weeks and Griffin has already had some success in the NFL. " -2014, 1st preseason game And for ****s and giggles, once more lol... "Second, and I am not sure why this is so hard to grasp this - Colt Brennan did what he did against guys that will be bagging groceries in a few weeks and Campbell has already had some success in the NFL. " 2008, 1st preseason game So, you see, overreacting to performances in preseason games is tradition around these parts lol *thumbsup*
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