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    Where the magic happened.
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    It's with regret that I'm announcing the passing of my father Arthur A. Haszard III. Know here on Extremeskins as Haphaszard AKA the news hound. He passed suddenly on Sunday January 28th in the early evening. We don't know the cause of death, however we do know that he went quickly and did not suffer. Since the early days of this site he has been a member and later part of the operation of the Breaking News. He was close with a lot of the fellow members of the board and considered a lot of you close personal friends. To him you guys were a second family. Dad was born in Kenova West Virginia on December 19th 1943. He grew up in Centerville Virginia and that's where his love of the Redskins began. He graduated High School from Fairfax High School in 1961. He studied drafting for two years and worked for a steel company doing detailing. Deciding on a carrier change he joined the Air Force and was stationed in Texas. In Texas he received his technical training and was assigned to the Pentagon where he worked as a crypto. tech. on classified communications equipment. It's in the DC area he met and married my mother in 1967. In 1968 he was hired by IBM where he repaired various types of equipment. Mostly IBM Selectric type writers. In his years with IBM he lived and worked in Landover MD, Seattle WA, Manassas VA, Owego NY, and Cartersville GA, finally retiring in Ormond Beach FL. His heart however, never left Washington D.C., or his beloved Redskins. All his life my Dad loved to read and he could put down novels like Dexter Put Down Quarterbacks. Reading was a passion with him, and not just novels. Every morning he would drink his coffee and read the sports page. With a technical background he was on the ground floor of the personal computer and internet boom, not just with his job but in his free time. This allowed him to read sports articles from anywhere, and wherever he was. My father always loved to take in information. He would find a subject that he was interested in and learn as much as he could. This was everything from stamp collecting to woodcarving. But his favorite subject was always the Redskins. I'm not sure when he discovered the extremeskins site or when he became involved with the News but for him it was a good fit. And so were all of you, his friends. He would often talk about the people he knew here on extremeskins. And many of the people in the media and Redskins organization that he met. Name dropping was one of his favorite things to do in conversation. We are going to hold a small memorial this Saturday for him here in Ormond Beach, Fl and will likely have him interned at a later date. Possibly at a national cemetery because of his military service, but we are not sure at this time. The suddenness of his passing has caught us a little off guard. I'll try to have more information on this later. I got this up as soon as I could so I'm sorry for the delay. If you have anything you wish to say please add it to this string. Your kind words will help us and especially our mother in the healing process. Thanks everyone, Arthur Alex Haszard IV Haszard4 Dad will have a small memorial service this Saturday Feb 3 starting between 1 and 2 PM Lohman Funeral Home 733 W. Granada Blvd Ormond Beach, Fl 32174 In lieu of flowers we are asking that you make a donation in Dad's name to "The Wounded Warrior Project" You can go through the funeral homes website to make the donation. www.lohmanfuneralhomes.com
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    This is not hard, people. The question is WHY was the monument erected, and what does it stand for? Thomas Jefferson has monuments because he was one of the primary Fathers of the Country. He has monuments because of the Declaration of Independence. He does not have monuments BECAUSE he was a slaveholder, or because he took advantage of Sally Heming. We honor his accomplishments in creating this country, while hopefully not forgetting his flaws as a human being. Same with George Washington, and FDR, and all of the rest of the red herringse that people are throwing in here. They all have monuments because their accomplishments on behalf of this country were notable and positive, even though they were flawed as individuals. Now ask yourself - WHY is there a monument to Robert E. Lee anywhere? Was it because of his impeccable beard? Was it because his horse won the Kentucky Derby? Or, just perhaps, was it because Robert E Lee was the primary military leader for the Confederacy, a bunch of traitors who attempted to tear the country apart in order to protect slavery, and whose very constitution was based on the principle of white supremacy? Was it because he is the symbol of the Confederacy, and are the statues a means to try and whitewash the absolute indefensible horror that the Confederacy really represents? You all know the answer already. Lee has statutes because people want to continue to glorify and mythologize that bullcrap. If you can't grasp that distinction, screw you. And if you try to weasel around that distinction, screw you. And if you keep playing "whatabboutism" and "slippery slope" baloney with this stuff, screw you. This stuff is important. This goes to the core of what we aspire to be as a country. Some of you are better than that. Maybe some of you aren't.
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    I haven't felt this way very often at all since before I could drive a car. For the record, I just turned 40, so this statement dates me back to 1991-1992. At no point over these past 25 years have I ever wavered on my passion for the Redskins. At no point have not been able to find the joy in following the team. Even through the painful games/seasons, I have always found it worth my time. But one thing I had more or less forgotten is how different it is to watch the Redskins while simultaneously being hopeful AND confident. Sometimes they haven't really allowed for either. Most of the time, I can conjure the hope. Rarely have I been able to say the same about the confidence. And that is what changed for me on Monday Night. First of all, I don't come from this at the same angle as many of you do. My stance stayed firm all off-season: This is the best roster from a pure talent standpoint the Redskins have had since 1991. I felt that strongly. I still do. This roster is more or less stacked with quality players. Now, that doesn't always equal big success. Lots of things can deter that-- organizational chaos, coaching, injuries, luck, etc... But speaking strictly on talent I entered the season fairly confident that we had the ability to be a good team. Week one shook the confidence in that, no doubt. We didn't looked terrible, but we certainly looked shaky. But over these past three weeks, the Redskins have begun to appear as I envisioned them over the summer. The thing about confidence is that you can't fake it. It is either there or it isn't. You can lie about it of course (to others or yourself) but deep down you know the truth. Since 1992 (when I still had strong faith that that 9-7 team could get back to the Super Bowl) my moments of true confidence have been fleeting. Towards the end of 2005 was likely my most confident. During that three game run against the other East teams to end the season, I felt great about the team. Felt we could beat anyone. Had strong confidence we would beat Tampa in the wild card game. I knew Seattle was tough, but I felt we were right there with them. Came up short that day, but going in I felt good-- and sort of subconsciously that made it more enjoyable. 2012 would be the other example. But that happens REALLY late for me. It was until we were up 14-0 on Seattle that I started to get a swagger. Prior to that I felt we were just on a hot streak and I was waiting for it to implode. Of course, it DID implode like three minutes later, but that is neither here nor there. Those were the two teams in 25 years I truly and honestly felt CONFIDENT that the Redskins could go to a Super Bowl. Hopeful a few other teams here and there? Sure, but hope is where it ended. This team feels so incredibly different to me. I don't think they've arrived yet and we are relying on a lot of youth (especially on D) which could equal a few more bumps in road. But through four games, I LOVE watching this team. First of all, the defense is LAYING PEOPLE OUT. We are absolutely destroying people physically out there. Our interior DL has been stellar -- Allen and Ioannadis are a menace. And we are popping people all over the field on all levels. The scheme also appears to be sound. Chiefs are as frustrating to stop as it gets- I credit them for finding little gaps against us to keep drives alive-- and for sure the injuries hurt us Monday-- I definitely think it contributed to a partial wear down. But we have ballers everywhere. Offensively, we are still very good. And you can just see greatness there as soon as Pryor and Doc settle in and become a bit more reliable and efficient. But we are close. During that final drive, I felt supremely confident. We already saw a drive like that once in Los Angeles and I felt it was coming again. The timeout by Jay was a mistake, no doubt. That frustrated me when it happened and it still bugs me. Mistake on his part. But the next play was right there. I don't think it was a choke-- it was a near miss. It is certainly a play you need to make if you want to be a Super Bowl caliber team-- but it's OK to miss that play in week 4 and use it as a tool and motivation to get better. We had em. We went toe to toe with arguably the best team in the league in their house on Monday Night. And it didn't come off as fluky or lucky. If anything, Lady Luck worked against a bit-- the up for grabs ball on the Chiefs second to last drive, and a few of the more iffy penalties come to mind. Glass is half empty person might say, "yeah, same old story-- Skins close but no cigar, find a way to lose." But the thing is, this ISN'T the same old story. We HAVEN'T shown up in games of that caliber to that level all that often. For three straight weeks now, we have played VERY VERY well overall. That ISN'T something we've been able to say a whole lot. You can sense it too. They were mad after the game. I think they felt they should have won because they think they are better than the Chiefs. That may or may not be true, but it's nice that it's debatable at least. I am a huge Gruden fan. Like all fans, I have some minutia issues with him that bother me, but big picture stuff with him-- I think he's a winner. I think he's changed the culture within the organization-- or at least on the sidelines. He needed more talent and a better scheme on defense in order to take another step. He got it. That's clear as day. I could still be wrong of course and/or injures could derail things. But it appears as if we've dodged any major issues in that regard despite all the hobbled dudes. And yes, if we go out and lay an egg against the Niners and fall to 2-3, then yeah, we undo a whole bunch, if not all, of the good we've shown thus far. But I don't think that's going to happen. I have confidence this team will be ready to play and ready to respond. Read to take on the rest of the season and make a real run at the division and perhaps beyond. It's really nice to feel this way. I have zero dread of the remainder of the season. Only excitement.
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    I used to have a Cousins jersey, but it tended to unravel during high pressure situations.
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    The Thursday before July 4th weekend, I came home so full of myself. I had a long weekend ahead of me, was going out to play racquetball, cornhole, and drinking with my buddies. Great night to be sure. Got home to see my 20 year old daughter weeping on our front steps (I figured it was a problem with her boyfriend), but she looked up at me and said the 3 words that changed my life - "Mom's got cancer". I felt like I just got punched in my gut. Diagnosis was a lump in her left breast and testing on the right. The next week we were told they found cancer in the right side too. Not very common. Talked to doctors and decided on double mastectomy, with earliest surgery on August 24. Yes, this summer has sucked as we waited and waited. Seemed to be longest summer of our lives. Last week she went in and right side went great, but left side showed trace in lymph node. They took rest out and put them in for biopsy. Take a week to get results. That was the worst week of my life. Got the call last night and it was NEGATIVE!!!! May still need some local radiation treatment, but this was the best possible result. I finally feel like a great weight was lifted off my chest. Now I'm on a crusade. Do NOT let your doctor tell you that your wife/sister/daughter/etc can skip a year without having a mammogram (and ask for the 3-D). If they are like my wife and have "dense breast tissues" - means they have non-cancerous fibers - make sure they do additional testing on any lump you feel. Even one year can mean the difference between large surgery and easy treatment. Don't wait too long, it's not worth it, trust me. Save the Ta-Ta's!!!
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    Go and sit in a corner and think about what you just said. Come back when you are ready to say sorry. And no iPad.
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    Because he’s one of the few normal people in that building who aren’t petty as crap? Exactly. It reminds me of this weird grocery shopping philosophy my wife has. Sometimes she comes home with the groceries and it’s missing a solid assortment of fruits. When I ask why, she says they were “too expensive today”. Now, just for added context, we’re fortunate enough to where we aren’t strapped for cash or anything. No budget on groceries. So it blows my mind when she says this. I tell her, that’s nice that you’re trying to save where you can and not be wasteful, but why didn’t you apply that thinking on the junk food and all the other nonsense you brought home in those bags instead? You’re choosing to save on the healthy stuff that’s going to benefit us the most? She laughs. And then she pulls that **** again, every time fruit prices go up or something. I swear it’s the only price differential she notices. Oh my God, I just realized I’m married to Bruce Allen.
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    Well I'm not impressed with their phones, but their bigger screen 4K TVs look really nice. Though I'm still sticking with Samsung for my TVs. So as far as what to do with LG, maybe just get them to drop their line up of phones & really focus on the TVs.
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    The Browns have had the courage to defer a total rebuild to one draft. Something several of us have been begging for for years and years on this forum. (Instead of a first round pick in 2009, 2010, 2011.... go for 3 first round picks in 2012 and an additional 3 2nd round picks that you got in a trade., e.g.) 1. The Browns have 12 picks in this years draft. 5 in the first 2 rounds. 1 and 4, overall 2. The Browns hired a non football guy to run their operations. In this case, Paul DePodesta who you all know from Jonah Hills character in Moneyball 3. The Browns invested in the best GM they could find in John Dorsey, who in turn is investing in more front office talent, poaching Alonzo Highsmith from the Packers 4. Projected $118 million in cap space The Browns have the best upcoming draft position in the history of the league, the most talented front office in the league, and a non football ivy league economist running the show and looking for value in systems that by and large are being built by aging ex jocks and assorted dumbos. He wont have a hard time, especially with $118 million in cap space What a time to be a Browns fan. I would take 1-31 in a second to be where they are. After all, they have as much to show for it as we do. This is what the Redskins have needed since 2006. Two straight years of SUCK with a front office smart enough to leverage that suckage into future value. Instead, we are on the perpetual 7-9 merry go round, always with limited cap space, always putting another band aid on the terminal patient.
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    My preference is still for him to sell the team.
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    Are you ready for some football mockery? First up in 2018 - the Arizona Cardinals. Let's start off with an old favorite:: QB Sam Bradford
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    You don't convert the first team All Pro LT to guard just because you have a hole at guard. Our back up tackles are good, but far lesser players. If any tackle is to make the switch to guard, it should be one of them.
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    Love it. With all the energy I put into this thread pumping Richardson up and defending him. I got to get that dude's jersey now.
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    Nazis: We want genocide Antifa: What the? We will oppose you. BLM: Please stop killing us. White Suburban Centrist Voters: I cannot see any difference between these scary groups.
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    Here's some other photos of counter-protesters being violent against these people. Here's the leader of the counter demonstrators instigating his followers to violence against these people and what they believe. Here we see an armed African American threatening obviously peaceful demonstrators. This photo clearly shows that the counter protesters came agitated and spoiling for trouble. Here one of the counter protesters has injured himself by attacking what had been a peaceful Atlantic wall And here are a bunch of counter protesters who liked the French oceanside so much they never left. ~Bang
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    I know this is my first post, but i come in peace. Im a known vegas gambler, and i have correctly predicted the last 3 NFL Superbowls, well last year i was wrong on one of the teams. I had pats vs. vikings( so i was wrong on that) But i know for a fact that the skins will make the playoffs this year and either reach the nfc championship game or superbowl You dont have to believe me, but i would NOT make an account to troll. Just dont be shocked when you're skins are in the the superbowl, and that superbowl will be Brady's last game
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    Checked The Tape‏ @Bucket_HTTR How Twitter GM's see Adrian Peterson #Redskins
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    Got to go to Guice and Payne's First Press Conference at Fedex field during the draft day party thanks to the Redskins Rewards program. He was very nice to meet in person. At one point he picked up my daughter, totally didn't get my camera out quick enough.
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    This thread is getting off topic..... For those of us that use this thread to get updated on the free agency news, sifting through all the random thoughts makes it difficult. Can we please keep it to FA news. Random thoughts, and temper tantrums about our FO have their own threads. Thanks HTTR!
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    Figure having 1 place to report cuts would be a good idea. I will do my best to keep a running list of REDSKINS cuts here to keep track. I am at work so please bear with me. Shout out to SemperFi for this link in case you want to see what other teams are doing http://nfltraderumors.co/2018-nfl-roster-cuts-tracker/ 34,846 posts Report post Posted 26 minutes ago For Immediate Release September 1, 2018 REDSKINS MAKE ROSTER MOVES LOUDOUN COUNTY, Va. – The Washington Redskins announced today that they have made the following roster moves: The Redskins released the following players: RB Kapri Bibbs DL Phil Taylor, Sr. WR Brian Quick C Demetrius Rhaney The Redskins waived the following players: DB Fish Smithson DB Kenny Ladler DB Prince Charles Iworah DB Quin Blanding DB Ranthony Texada T John Kling T Kendall Calhoun T Timon Parris T T.J. Clemmings WR Daniel Williams III WR Darvin Kidsey WR Simmie Cobbs, Jr. WR Shay Fields LB Cassanova McKinzy LB Dadi Nicolas LB Jerod Fernandez LB Martrell Spaight LB Pete Robertson LB Vontae Diggs QB Connor Jessop QB Kevin Hogan TE J.P. Holtz TE Garrett Hudson TE Matt Flanagan G Isaiah Williams G Kyle Kalis NT Ondre Pipkins DE Dante Sawyer RB De'Veon Smith DT JoJo Wicker The Redskins placed the following player on their Reserve/Injured list: G Tyler Catalina` The Redskins placed the following player on the Active/Physically Unable to Perform list: DE Stacy McGee The Redskins placed the following player on the Active/Non-Football Injury list: DB Joshua Holsey With the moves, the Redskins’ active roster now stands at 53 players.
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    Wife went into labor on Labor Day. Newest member of the RTT mob, Ethan. The humbling is real.
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