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    This is not hard, people. The question is WHY was the monument erected, and what does it stand for? Thomas Jefferson has monuments because he was one of the primary Fathers of the Country. He has monuments because of the Declaration of Independence. He does not have monuments BECAUSE he was a slaveholder, or because he took advantage of Sally Heming. We honor his accomplishments in creating this country, while hopefully not forgetting his flaws as a human being. Same with George Washington, and FDR, and all of the rest of the red herringse that people are throwing in here. They all have monuments because their accomplishments on behalf of this country were notable and positive, even though they were flawed as individuals. Now ask yourself - WHY is there a monument to Robert E. Lee anywhere? Was it because of his impeccable beard? Was it because his horse won the Kentucky Derby? Or, just perhaps, was it because Robert E Lee was the primary military leader for the Confederacy, a bunch of traitors who attempted to tear the country apart in order to protect slavery, and whose very constitution was based on the principle of white supremacy? Was it because he is the symbol of the Confederacy, and are the statues a means to try and whitewash the absolute indefensible horror that the Confederacy really represents? You all know the answer already. Lee has statutes because people want to continue to glorify and mythologize that bullcrap. If you can't grasp that distinction, screw you. And if you try to weasel around that distinction, screw you. And if you keep playing "whatabboutism" and "slippery slope" baloney with this stuff, screw you. This stuff is important. This goes to the core of what we aspire to be as a country. Some of you are better than that. Maybe some of you aren't.
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    They would have arrested HaHa as well, but every time he swung he took a bad angle and missed.
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    NEW BANG CARTOON! "Giant Shoes" The New York Giants have drafted a new QB, and Eli is going to show him how to be a pro And for the picky, the Redskins make an appearance. Have fun! Share and subscribe. ~Bang
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    For Immediate Release August 8, 2019 STATEMENT BY SONNY JURGENSEN ON RETIREMENT: "I've decided to hang up my headphones and my clipboard. It's been a great 55 years in Washington. I want to thank our Redskin fans for being so generous to me and our teams, we owe it all to you. I've had so many wonderful memories of thousands of teammates I've played with and talked about during my years in radio and television in Washington D.C. The relationships with coaches and executives over the 50 years like Bill McPeak, Otto Graham, Edward Bennett Williams, Vince Lombardi, Jack Kent Cooke, Joe Gibbs, Bobby Beathard, Bruce Allen and Dan Snyder have been special. My special broadcast partners such as Sam Huff and Frank Herzog and later with Larry Michael, Chris Cooley and Doc Walker on radio and the great TV talents such as Glenn Brenner and George Michael. We lived through the glory years together -- the NFC East championships and five Super Bowls, all great memories. And I would be remiss if I failed to mention my good friend Andy Ockershausen who was responsible for bringing together the original broadcast team of Sonny, Sam and Frank. After 62 years in professional football, I still have my health and wonderful family with a special thanks to my beautiful wife Margo for letting me work the weekends for all those years. I'll always be a fan of professional football and appreciative of all that it has done for me, my family and our city. I'll leave you with these word, Hail to the Redskins!"
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    Bad luck. Trading for McNabb only to go back to the same source where you failed the first time and trade for Alex Smith while signing them both to extensions. Bad luck Ignoring the rest of ownership and summarily getting fined 36 mil in cap space. Bad luck. Trading the farm and getting a supremely talented QB with a terrible attitude; then allowing your owner and head coach run him into the ground. Bad luck. Getting a serviceable QB in the same draft and escorting him out of town through sheer ignorance. Bad luck. 4 major attempts to solve the QB position with multiple draft picks and a ton of cash involved only to be behind square one and in cap Hell. Bad luck. Hiring a drunk to manage your draft and see him keep drinking and then scape-goating him so you can fire him. Bad luck. Consistently signing and drafting players cheap because most of them are injury prone/have an injury history and having 2 straight years of being the most injured team in the NFL. Bad luck. Winning off the field. Bad luck. ”Kurt” Cousins. Bad luck. Harvest Fest and Homecoming. Bad luck. Richmond. Bad luck. Having your head coach call out players and being candid about when they whine about practice while cutting a player for doing the same thing. Bad luck. Making a Redskins legend be your mouth piece and watch him fumble the ball multiple times in interviews. Bad luck. Hiring a highly reputable PR firm and then an NFL PR guru and clashing with both just to send them away. Bad luck. Poor Dan and Bruce. Just a ton of bad luck. I would’ve dissected more, but I came up with this many off the top of my head. I figured this was sufficient.
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    Callhan will have to really work on his pad level in the run game. I think he gets excited and trusts his upper body strength too much. He wants to bury his man and you can't always do that. Watch the film again. Note that on a lot of run plays his helmet is higher than his opponent. Ok for a tackle. Not good for a guard. A good guard is a knee bender. I tell my guard's that if they can't see the defender's chin strap then they're playing too high. If he tries that vs Ionnaidas, Payne, Allen, or even Settle he's going to be knocked on his ass. Hopefully that will happen early on so he'll realize what he needs to do. (He should watch film of Brandon Scherff; who almost always has his helmet below his opponent - hence the reason he's one of the best guards in the NFL.) It can definitely be fixed though and I attribute his bad habit to his aggressive mentality. I think he gets excited and wants to big boy his man. He has a good first step to cut off back side 1 tech; gets his helmet between the defender and the ball and gets that second power step up-field in a hurry. That's not an easy thing to do and too often we've seen our LG miss and the poor RB wondering how in the hell he got hit from behind so quickly on an outside zone run. On play side he does a good job on combos. Not super athletic in the open field but really in today's scheme you'd rather for your lineman to get in the way of defenders and impede their progress. Pancakes are nice but it's more important to screen the defender and let the RB read it out. I really like his mental acuity and footwork in pass pro. He maintains a wide base and, iIronically, he does get his butt down in pass pro after he anchors. (He'll need to anchor sooner tho vs NFL talent and I'm sure he'll realize that in training camp). He does a really good job of recognizing stunts and passing off his man. He stays active and doesn't just guard grass. He looks for work. Overall, I like the kid and not having seen Flowers play guard yet I'd give him the edge (based on potential) to be the week 1 starting LG. P.S. Watch his hand placement. Experts talk so much about it for defenders but really it's just as important for offense. He does an excellent job of keeping his hands in the chest. Which will negate a lot of holding calls and will help him to maintain control of his man. He does a good job of mirroring with his feet too.
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    So what I'm reading is that he hasn't allowed any sacks or pressures at guard. I like it.
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    Someone tell this guy that if he wants to be taken seriously he needs to say more than just "mod edit" in every post.
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    You don't convert the first team All Pro LT to guard just because you have a hole at guard. Our back up tackles are good, but far lesser players. If any tackle is to make the switch to guard, it should be one of them.
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    Nazis: We want genocide Antifa: What the? We will oppose you. BLM: Please stop killing us. White Suburban Centrist Voters: I cannot see any difference between these scary groups.
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    Here's some other photos of counter-protesters being violent against these people. Here's the leader of the counter demonstrators instigating his followers to violence against these people and what they believe. Here we see an armed African American threatening obviously peaceful demonstrators. This photo clearly shows that the counter protesters came agitated and spoiling for trouble. Here one of the counter protesters has injured himself by attacking what had been a peaceful Atlantic wall And here are a bunch of counter protesters who liked the French oceanside so much they never left. ~Bang
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    #1 draft pick in 2020. Trade down to get LT, C, RG, LG, RT, WR, TE, DT, DE, NT, CB, ILB, Coach, Owner, GM, Medical Staff, Marketing Dept,
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    Hello, Dum dums. I don't post as much these days. because come on. Talking about a terrible team on 1998 web tech makes my already sad existence all the worse. But this Guice thing has momentarily allowed me to shake the ennui and state a few things. I would say that for nearly all of Snyder's tenure - but especially during the Allen Era - we have tried to out-clever the league. We absolutely love signing other teams #1 picks who have flamed out. We love drafting dudes with an injury history who can be all-pros if they can just stay healthy. Way back in time, Vinny Cerrato's favorite thing to do was draft players "graded as a first round talent" in the third round - without ever seemingly asking why someone with that grade fell to the third round in the first place. Guice is an all-world talent. But he slipped to late in the second round because he was hurt his junior year and because he was apparently seen as "extremely sketch" as the kids probably never said. Then he got hurt. Now he's hurt again. At this point, his entire life since his junior year in college is question of "can he stay healthy?" and "can he stay out of trouble?" I think a team can take chances with one of those two questions. The Skins take chances on both of those questions constantly - often in tandem. Do I think the medical staff is bad? Yes. Why? Because everything on the Skins is broken. Snyder has created a Synergy of Suck. We take extremely risky players. And then put them in the worst possible environment with the least support possible. I don't really want to rehash the RGIII saga, but it really lays this out beautifully, and it explains how nothing ever truly changes. RGIII was legitimately a once in a generation NFL talent. But our head coach at the time probably never really wanted him. He made that pretty clear by drafting another young QB in the same draft even with the organization sacrificing a ton of its future draft capital to get RGIII in the first place. Then he had that year. That year was probably a bit of smoke and mirrors thanks to a really bizarre and likely unsustainable offense. But regardless. That year. Anyway, the coach was always unsure on him, but the owner adored him. This happens over and over and over again here by the way. RGIII gets hurt, and our sketchy medical staff throws him back on the sketchy field because our sketchy grounds crew can't keep our sketchy stadium functioning. And our sketchy coach doesn't really protect him. And he gets really hurt. Since the Skins are a marketing company disguised as a football team, RGIII's rehab is turned into a reality show. And guess what? it totally doesn't work. Who saw that coming? And he leaves here in the ugliest manner possible which triggers into Shanahan leaving in the ugliest manner possible which eventually leads to us hiring a really sketchy guy as a GM who is incredible as long as he's not drunk. Lo and behold, he's drunk. Who could have seen that coming? I'm not going to rehash Snyder's catalogue of horrors. But everything bad here elevates all the other bad stuff. Maybe we could take headcases and injury-prone dudes if our coaches, front office, and medical staff worked in perfect tandem. Maybe we wouldn't have knee injuries galore if our facilities weren't 25 years behind the times. Maybe our coaches and medical team could make better decisions if the owner didn't constantly buddy up to players and empower them to make decisions that may not necessarily be in their or the team's best interest. As I said, it's a synergy of suck. And we live in the middle of it. If I was Om (memba him?), this is where I hit my signature sign-off of Hail. But I already have a signature intro that none of you even know is my signature intro. Because I don't write much. Because you don't deserve me. Anyway, beat the Cowboys.
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    Checked The Tape‏ @Bucket_HTTR How Twitter GM's see Adrian Peterson #Redskins
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    Got to go to Guice and Payne's First Press Conference at Fedex field during the draft day party thanks to the Redskins Rewards program. He was very nice to meet in person. At one point he picked up my daughter, totally didn't get my camera out quick enough.
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    Wife went into labor on Labor Day. Newest member of the RTT mob, Ethan. The humbling is real.
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