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    Where the magic happened.
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    It's with regret that I'm announcing the passing of my father Arthur A. Haszard III. Know here on Extremeskins as Haphaszard AKA the news hound. He passed suddenly on Sunday January 28th in the early evening. We don't know the cause of death, however we do know that he went quickly and did not suffer. Since the early days of this site he has been a member and later part of the operation of the Breaking News. He was close with a lot of the fellow members of the board and considered a lot of you close personal friends. To him you guys were a second family. Dad was born in Kenova West Virginia on December 19th 1943. He grew up in Centerville Virginia and that's where his love of the Redskins began. He graduated High School from Fairfax High School in 1961. He studied drafting for two years and worked for a steel company doing detailing. Deciding on a carrier change he joined the Air Force and was stationed in Texas. In Texas he received his technical training and was assigned to the Pentagon where he worked as a crypto. tech. on classified communications equipment. It's in the DC area he met and married my mother in 1967. In 1968 he was hired by IBM where he repaired various types of equipment. Mostly IBM Selectric type writers. In his years with IBM he lived and worked in Landover MD, Seattle WA, Manassas VA, Owego NY, and Cartersville GA, finally retiring in Ormond Beach FL. His heart however, never left Washington D.C., or his beloved Redskins. All his life my Dad loved to read and he could put down novels like Dexter Put Down Quarterbacks. Reading was a passion with him, and not just novels. Every morning he would drink his coffee and read the sports page. With a technical background he was on the ground floor of the personal computer and internet boom, not just with his job but in his free time. This allowed him to read sports articles from anywhere, and wherever he was. My father always loved to take in information. He would find a subject that he was interested in and learn as much as he could. This was everything from stamp collecting to woodcarving. But his favorite subject was always the Redskins. I'm not sure when he discovered the extremeskins site or when he became involved with the News but for him it was a good fit. And so were all of you, his friends. He would often talk about the people he knew here on extremeskins. And many of the people in the media and Redskins organization that he met. Name dropping was one of his favorite things to do in conversation. We are going to hold a small memorial this Saturday for him here in Ormond Beach, Fl and will likely have him interned at a later date. Possibly at a national cemetery because of his military service, but we are not sure at this time. The suddenness of his passing has caught us a little off guard. I'll try to have more information on this later. I got this up as soon as I could so I'm sorry for the delay. If you have anything you wish to say please add it to this string. Your kind words will help us and especially our mother in the healing process. Thanks everyone, Arthur Alex Haszard IV Haszard4 Dad will have a small memorial service this Saturday Feb 3 starting between 1 and 2 PM Lohman Funeral Home 733 W. Granada Blvd Ormond Beach, Fl 32174 In lieu of flowers we are asking that you make a donation in Dad's name to "The Wounded Warrior Project" You can go through the funeral homes website to make the donation. www.lohmanfuneralhomes.com
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    This is not hard, people. The question is WHY was the monument erected, and what does it stand for? Thomas Jefferson has monuments because he was one of the primary Fathers of the Country. He has monuments because of the Declaration of Independence. He does not have monuments BECAUSE he was a slaveholder, or because he took advantage of Sally Heming. We honor his accomplishments in creating this country, while hopefully not forgetting his flaws as a human being. Same with George Washington, and FDR, and all of the rest of the red herringse that people are throwing in here. They all have monuments because their accomplishments on behalf of this country were notable and positive, even though they were flawed as individuals. Now ask yourself - WHY is there a monument to Robert E. Lee anywhere? Was it because of his impeccable beard? Was it because his horse won the Kentucky Derby? Or, just perhaps, was it because Robert E Lee was the primary military leader for the Confederacy, a bunch of traitors who attempted to tear the country apart in order to protect slavery, and whose very constitution was based on the principle of white supremacy? Was it because he is the symbol of the Confederacy, and are the statues a means to try and whitewash the absolute indefensible horror that the Confederacy really represents? You all know the answer already. Lee has statutes because people want to continue to glorify and mythologize that bullcrap. If you can't grasp that distinction, screw you. And if you try to weasel around that distinction, screw you. And if you keep playing "whatabboutism" and "slippery slope" baloney with this stuff, screw you. This stuff is important. This goes to the core of what we aspire to be as a country. Some of you are better than that. Maybe some of you aren't.
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    Stupid, stupid move. He was one of our best defensive players. I get that he was crossing the line calling out coaches, but if you really want him gone with only one game left in the season, make him inactive for the last game with a paid one game suspension for conduct detrimental to the team. That will send your message. It also allows the the team to retain his rights and trade him during the off-season. With the way he was playing and the affordable contract, we could've gotten a midround pick for him. Just plain stupid.
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    Redskins have a garbage fan base. If you boo your team, you're an asshole. The ****ing browns got more respect from their fans in a winless season than the division leading skins do during a victory.
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    Mason Foster says **** this team and the Redskins get his back. Swearenger calls out the coach and he gets cut. Redskins get a guy on waiver wire who is allegedly a woman beater. This team is all over the ****ing place and has no clue wtf to do.
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    I think I'm on Norman's side here. So far, every time this season I enter ES after a victory it feels like a loss. There's nothing but ****ing and complaining. There's almost not a shred of happiness. It's all handwringing and focus on the bad. The negativism and determination to "keep it real" is insane. There's a segment of the fan base determined to be miserable and poke holes in every half full glass. If I didn't watch the games and know the standings, I'd swear we were a one win team this year based on the tenor and nonstop misery. Sure, fans have had a tough history with this team. My faith that the Redskins will continue succeeding is about as fragile as crepe paper during a tsunami, but we're 6-3, finally have a defense that is not losing every lead, and an offense that is letting the other team make the fatal mistake! I don't know that we should feel good about this team. I don't know that we should be leading parades, but I do think we should be high fiving and sharing a beer instead of crying into them. Right now, the fanbase sucks. It's the teams fault, but our fanbase deserves a round of boos.
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    They would have arrested HaHa as well, but every time he swung he took a bad angle and missed.
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    Go and sit in a corner and think about what you just said. Come back when you are ready to say sorry. And no iPad.
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    Because he’s one of the few normal people in that building who aren’t petty as crap? Exactly. It reminds me of this weird grocery shopping philosophy my wife has. Sometimes she comes home with the groceries and it’s missing a solid assortment of fruits. When I ask why, she says they were “too expensive today”. Now, just for added context, we’re fortunate enough to where we aren’t strapped for cash or anything. No budget on groceries. So it blows my mind when she says this. I tell her, that’s nice that you’re trying to save where you can and not be wasteful, but why didn’t you apply that thinking on the junk food and all the other nonsense you brought home in those bags instead? You’re choosing to save on the healthy stuff that’s going to benefit us the most? She laughs. And then she pulls that **** again, every time fruit prices go up or something. I swear it’s the only price differential she notices. Oh my God, I just realized I’m married to Bruce Allen.
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    Enough is enough. After over 40 years of fandom, I’m leaving the team that I have loved. The disfunction and disease that Daniel Snyder has inflicted upon this team has no cure. Until Dan sells the team, there will be no pride, no culture of winning, and no joy for the Redkins organization or their fans. It’s time to let go. I started rooting for the Redskins back in 1976, as a 6 year old kid. I’ve lived through the good and bad days of this team many times over. I’ve invested a lot of time, money, and love into this team and I just can’t do it anymore. At one time in my life, I lived in San Francisco and had Dream Seat season tickets. I flew out for every home game and always went to Dallas for the Dallas game. Went to Seattle for the playoff game up there and Philip Daniels gave me one of his gloves while walking off the field following the loss. I have so many memories of this team and it’s taken a lot to get me to this point. The Redskins have killed football for me. It’s no fun to watch, it’s not fun to follow. It’s just pain and frustration week in and week out. I’ll be 50 years old in a couple of years and I need to start focusing on the things that make me happy. I thought I was done last season. Hot off the heels of having to defend the name and the RGII situation, the Scot debacle coupled with the slow moving train wreck that was the Kirk Cousins soap opera had largely done me in. I was a big fan of Kirk’s (still am) and had thought that I was going to change my fandom from following a team to following a player. I had thought I was going to follow Kirk wherever he went. I was fine with San Francisco, I was fine with Minnesota. I left the door open because if he went to Cleveland….let’s just say I wasn’t about to jump from the frying pan into the fire. My lovely wife, however, told me that I couldn’t leave the Skins. I’d been a fan for so long and last year wasn’t *that* bad and with the Kirk situation getting settled that I had to give them the chance to right the ship. Then we drafted Guice and I decided I’d stick it out. The Skins drafted well and picked up Alex…I was optimistic that this could turn around. I was loving it this year and happy I had stayed. I wasn’t even bothered that much when Alex broke his leg. He had been struggling all season and I thought Colt might give us the change of pace we needed to succeed. Then they signed Foster. That was a tough one to swallow. Then they refuse to bring in Kaepernick for so much as a workout and instead go after the butt fumbler and Josh Johnson. They gave a bull**** excuse on why they didn’t so much as talk to Kaep and that’s when I knew the drama-Skins were coming back in full force. Then the Mason incident. Then the handling of DJ. You all know the story. It’s a complete dumpster fire and between Alex’s cap hit and our lack at about every position on the field, you’d be lucky if the Redskins announced a rebuild but that’s not going to happen. After this season they’ll say “but injuries” and go into the off season thinking they’re a player or two from a deep post season run. I can’t go through that again. It’s with a heavy heart that I say goodbye to the Extreme Skins community. I know I didn’t post much but I did hang with a group of Chicago-based fans here for a few years who were on the board. I’ve loved reading all the posts and feel like I know a lot of you just based on reading your words. I hope everyone here and all of Redskins Nation can one day feel good about the team…maybe go to the big dance again. You all deserve it after what you’ve lived through. As for me, I’m not going to follow Kirk and root for Minnesota…a lot of the reason is that I couldn’t find a decent online community that was even close to what Extreme Skins is to Redskins fans. I strongly considered following Sean McVay to LA since my brother lives out there and I’ve lived in LA a few times in my life. In the end, however, I’ve decided to stick with the home team and I’ll be a Bears fan from here on out. Since moving to Chicago 8 years ago, I was drawn in to being both a Cubs and a Blackhawks fan. I was never a fan of either sport, really, until I got here. This city has some mad love for their sports teams and it’s hard to resist. Rooting for the Bears with the rest of the city will restore my love for the game and I’m very excited for that to happen. Much love to you all. Have a fantastic 2019 and Hail to the Redskins. See you all at Soldier Field sometime! sparkosaurus
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    Snyder has to be one of the all time great hucksters of his era. He's one lucky SOB to have gotten the money he did, when he did. Let's be honest, making multiple hundreds of millions of dollars in the late 90s through selling a telemarketing company is the 18th century equivalent of becoming king of england by selling water divining rods, or the old west equivalent of becoming president by selling immortality elixir. I once read that he at one time was leasing jets which were sending college spring breakers down to florida, etc. That's his target audience, frat boys with Dad's money. He's one of those insidious marketing leeches who insinuates himself in-between drunk-ass, or drunk craving, people trying to get somewhere for a blowout party, who have loose wallets and lessened inhibitions. He doesn't actually provide anything of substance, didn't build the planes, didn't fly the planes, didn't build the resorts, didn't maintain the resorts, he just got himself in-between two willing partners and somehow got some money. He's a sidler. He probably kicks himself for not creating 'girls gone wild' himself. He basically speculated with other people's money and unapologetically "marketed" bull****, that of which I can't even decipher looking back at it today, until someone was dumb enough to pay him a ****ton of money believing that his company was actually based in something real. Guy was a con artist who struck it big on a fluke market that was all speculation and no substance. I guess some people were ****ing confused about what the internet really was and what telemarketing really was. He was smart enough though to parlay his money into buying the washington team rather than sit on the money he got, just to wait for the people who he burned to eventually figure out telemarketing was all a scam and eventually sue him. For the first time he seemed to get a hold of a business with a tangible product. But he's squandered the opportunity, ruined the organization, because of who he is at his core. Whoever the hell it was that paid Snyder those multiple millions of dollars must have been the biggest horse's ass of the century.
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    Bad luck. Trading for McNabb only to go back to the same source where you failed the first time and trade for Alex Smith while signing them both to extensions. Bad luck Ignoring the rest of ownership and summarily getting fined 36 mil in cap space. Bad luck. Trading the farm and getting a supremely talented QB with a terrible attitude; then allowing your owner and head coach run him into the ground. Bad luck. Getting a serviceable QB in the same draft and escorting him out of town through sheer ignorance. Bad luck. 4 major attempts to solve the QB position with multiple draft picks and a ton of cash involved only to be behind square one and in cap Hell. Bad luck. Hiring a drunk to manage your draft and see him keep drinking and then scape-goating him so you can fire him. Bad luck. Consistently signing and drafting players cheap because most of them are injury prone/have an injury history and having 2 straight years of being the most injured team in the NFL. Bad luck. Winning off the field. Bad luck. ”Kurt” Cousins. Bad luck. Harvest Fest and Homecoming. Bad luck. Richmond. Bad luck. Having your head coach call out players and being candid about when they whine about practice while cutting a player for doing the same thing. Bad luck. Making a Redskins legend be your mouth piece and watch him fumble the ball multiple times in interviews. Bad luck. Hiring a highly reputable PR firm and then an NFL PR guru and clashing with both just to send them away. Bad luck. Poor Dan and Bruce. Just a ton of bad luck. I would’ve dissected more, but I came up with this many off the top of my head. I figured this was sufficient.
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    You don't convert the first team All Pro LT to guard just because you have a hole at guard. Our back up tackles are good, but far lesser players. If any tackle is to make the switch to guard, it should be one of them.
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    Love it. With all the energy I put into this thread pumping Richardson up and defending him. I got to get that dude's jersey now.
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    Nazis: We want genocide Antifa: What the? We will oppose you. BLM: Please stop killing us. White Suburban Centrist Voters: I cannot see any difference between these scary groups.
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    Here's some other photos of counter-protesters being violent against these people. Here's the leader of the counter demonstrators instigating his followers to violence against these people and what they believe. Here we see an armed African American threatening obviously peaceful demonstrators. This photo clearly shows that the counter protesters came agitated and spoiling for trouble. Here one of the counter protesters has injured himself by attacking what had been a peaceful Atlantic wall And here are a bunch of counter protesters who liked the French oceanside so much they never left. ~Bang
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    I know this is my first post, but i come in peace. Im a known vegas gambler, and i have correctly predicted the last 3 NFL Superbowls, well last year i was wrong on one of the teams. I had pats vs. vikings( so i was wrong on that) But i know for a fact that the skins will make the playoffs this year and either reach the nfc championship game or superbowl You dont have to believe me, but i would NOT make an account to troll. Just dont be shocked when you're skins are in the the superbowl, and that superbowl will be Brady's last game
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    I know a few of you differ from the mindset I’m talking about here, but the majority of you will be in the same boat. For me, as a sports fan I’ve always found it a necessary survival mechanism to separate what I THINK will happen from what I HOPE will happen. Meaning, if I spent my sports fan-life only really being interested when I had a deep belief there was gold at the end of the rainbow, well, maybe I’d be more stable, but I’d also be far more bored. So for me it’s all about the technical possibility. In 1992 I had very, very little hope we could beat the Cowboys in a potential NFC Championship game in Dallas... I am quite sure we would have gotten slaughtered in that game. However, that didn’t matter to me— I was (and remain) crushed we didn’t get the opportunity when we fumbled away the 49ers game. In the Norv years I knew the odds of wining in the playoffs wer gonna be REALLY slim, but I still wanted to get there... You get my point. So here we sit at 5-3 at the midway point of the season. First place in division. And I think the WORST grade you could give the Redskins for the first half is a solid B. And that’s the WORST grade you give give them. In other words, we’ve played half a season and the results have been quite positive. Now, the path they’ve taken to get to 5-3 is far from pretty... but I’ve seen 3-5 enough to know that 5-3 is ALWAYS better, period. And now the crushing news about the crazy injuries and signing half an OL off the street. It’s really frustrating and deflating. Of course my head is telling me we are in big trouble and our first place status won’t last much longer. But here’s the deal. As long as the games matter when they kickoff, they will still matter to me. Consider this: let’s say we hit rock bottom and this one game losing streak turns into a four game losing streak. Yep, let’s say we lose to Tampa, Houston, and Dallas. And let’s say the Eagles WIN two out of three... The reality is that our game on MNF in Philly would STILL be for first place in the division that night. Yeah sure, if we do lose four in a row to fall to 5-6 will there be a feeling of impending doom heading to Philly? Yeah, no doubt. But at the same time I’m a Redskins fan. And if the Redskins are playing a game in December for first place in the division I am GOING to care no matter how much my brain tells me not to. And understand I’ve laid out what is likely the worst case scenario (this is also assuming Dallas isn’t running the table at the same time). In other words, there is really no escaping this season as a fan at this point. It’s probably going to take a five game losing streak to do that. Especially when you consider things are setting up much more likely this year that at least one 9-7 team gets in the NFC playoffs. So, while it might be nice to say “eh, we’re screwed” and check out for the year, I certainly can’t do that. The whole “well we’d be one and done in playoffs anyway” mentality has always been crap to me. Always felt those dudes must be a blast at parties. So here we sit in an odd position as Redskins fans: The Curse of First Place.
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    Checked The Tape‏ @Bucket_HTTR How Twitter GM's see Adrian Peterson #Redskins
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    Got to go to Guice and Payne's First Press Conference at Fedex field during the draft day party thanks to the Redskins Rewards program. He was very nice to meet in person. At one point he picked up my daughter, totally didn't get my camera out quick enough.
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    This thread is getting off topic..... For those of us that use this thread to get updated on the free agency news, sifting through all the random thoughts makes it difficult. Can we please keep it to FA news. Random thoughts, and temper tantrums about our FO have their own threads. Thanks HTTR!
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    Wife went into labor on Labor Day. Newest member of the RTT mob, Ethan. The humbling is real.
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