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    Empty stadiums. i heard the Redskins will be well prepared to play in such an environment.
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    I haven't been posting in this thread the past few days, but I wanted to give you guys an update on how the situation is indirectly affecting me. Just gonna cut right to the chase: I had a nervous breakdown today. There was about an hour there when I wanted to kill myself. I haven't been sleeping much and I was rejected for a job that I was really counting on. I'm 29 years old, very educated and qualified, but I can't seem to land a teaching job. I was so proud of myself for going to that interview and I thought I did very well, but it just wasn't enough. No idea why. I couldn't handle that news today for myriad reasons. I feel like a loser because I put too much stock in the lack of money I make when I'm actually trying very hard and the news was such a hard blow to the gut that I lost it. I really need to sleep. My wife called off work so she could look after our daughter. I called the suicide hotline, texted with some friends, called another, called my parents. Everyone I could think of. They all told me that I was valuable, to keep trying, that they loved me and to get some sleep. I'm feeling better now. How does this relate to coronavirus? I've been going into serious hypochondria mode lately, like many people. But at some point after the break I had, I realized that I hadn't been thinking about how my throat felt, whether or not I had been coughing, what my temperature was, etc. I stopped caring. I truly didn't care if I got coronavirus and died. The mind prioritizes challenges by importance and all of a sudden the background noise of my life dissipated. The moment I walked back into my apartment, there was a story about coronavirus on the TV and I cringed. I saw it completely differently. It's poison, all of it. I'm not saying that it's not important to be aware, that it isn't important to be hygienic for ourselves and others. But goodness ****ing gracious this constant onslaught of information is something to treat with as much respect as the virus itself. Just speaking for myself, this media cycle is like alcohol to an alcoholic and it wasn't until I went up to the ledge that I saw how much it needed to be removed from my life. Please, everyone, if you're feeling overwhelmed by the news, put your phones away for a while and decompress. If you can go outside for a while, do it. Spend time with loved ones and talk about nothing. Sleep. Don't do what I did to get to this point. What I learned from this horrible ****ing day is that coronavirus, while legitimately scary, is much scarier if I allow it to be a constant presence in my mind.
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    What the hell kind of musical chairs did you play as a kid?!?!...
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    HI Guys & Gals... Wishing everyone the best and be safe. I try not to post about my profession for a number of reasons. I am a hospitalist, basically a doctor in the hospital. Yes, I'm smack dab in it. Been on the board for over 15 years. Really just want to thank everyone for posting relevant links. I have used this site to inform myself with such fluid and dynamic changes. Please respect the situation. We're all hoping for the best, but seemingly have to expect an impact very shortly. All I want to share is to practice STRICT social isolation and distancing. I understand the challenges of all the workers. But, take personal responsibility and limit all interactions (especially in hot spot areas, but everywhere). Share this with everyone. Please don't PM, not because I don't want to answer, I simply am swamped. Take care, maintain balance and as always HTTR
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    I'm a geneticist. Good luck to anyone I have to intubate. It won't go well...
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    Respectfully disagree sir. We have a solid base of talent/draft capital that ... imo ... has not been maximized. Not even close. I blame coaching ... which is why I'm extremely excited about the new staff ... specifically JDR. Scherff. Allen. Payne. Ioannidis. Sweat. McLaurin. Collins. 6 positions/7 players solid/well above average/young - ProBowl caliber. 27% of starters. Haskins. Sims Jr. Roullier. Dunbar. Martin. Holcomb. 6 positions projected at least average - slightly above average/young. 27% of starters. So 54% of probable young starters ... average to slightly above average to well above average/ProBowl types. Not including Kerrigan ... Williams and Peterson. 3 positions average to ProBowl talent. Now up to 68% of starters. Add in Moreau. Harmon. SDH. 3 young with potential for at least average contributors. And Guice. Love. Foster. Injured but above average/ProBowl type talented. And now filling in blanks thru FA with character/work ethic types. And not including a projected generational talent. The cupboard is not as bare as is perpetuated.
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    Many thanks to ES fam for reaching out in this thread and through PMs. I don't have the energy to answer every post, I've been going on 2-3 hours of sleep all week, but I want you all to know that I read them and stored them away in my head for the next wall I run into. If there's anything positive I've taken out of the pandemic, it's that humanity is still capable of working together for a common good when it's under threat. I feel a kinship with people I'll never know because of the fear surrounding this virus.
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    This is a full blown crises at this point. I cannot believe that we are facing a growing pandemic and a global financial meltdown simultaneously with Donald Trump leading the charge. **** you to everyone who voted for him.
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    For Immediate Release March 12, 2020 STATEMENT FROM WASHINGTON REDSKINS OWNER DAN SNYDER: “Due to health and travel concerns surrounding COVID-19, we have informed all of our scouts and coaches that they must return to their home bases and travel will be suspended until further notice. The health and safety of our staff and players is our number one priority and we feel that these are the necessary precautions given the current circumstances.”
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    if Trent ends up netting us a 1st on top of getting Bruce Allen fired then we should retire his number.
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    It's really, really not a pain to "deal with" these guys if they stick around, in football terms. It's normal football stuff. And it hasn't become "cancerous" yet. People's perceptions are skewed because of social media and the 24 hour news cycle, never-ending speculation, and easy accessibility no matter where we are. It's exhausting on our end because there's nothing else going on with the team, but the team doesn't feel the same way. This is business. Teams much better than us have malcontents--yes, even SB teams! You don't just cut them because fan and media speculation about trades gets annoying. They are assets, and when the season starts they get in line because they're still playing for contracts. You don't just cut a guy like Dunbar who is a starting outside DB because he's getting annoying on Twitter. That's asinine. If you can't trade him for something worthwhile you make him earn that next contract in his contact year and you use that. Same with Trent--it's much less common to see posters call for just straight cutting him, but I have seen that here. And it's too stupid to even address here beyond pointing out the embarrassing fact that the sentiment does exist. Yeah yeah, the culture change. I know. It's not good for a culture change for guys to think they can just complain their way off the roster if they're making a few million per year less than someone they just watched sign a deal in FA, either. That's toxic. These guys need to be dealt for close to the worth they have to us, or they need to earn that next contract on the field for us, and net us a potential comp pick on the way out. They don't get to just dictate their own unexpected FA. People exhausted by their own social media feeds and checking this site every hour need to get a handle on their own impatience--I'm sure it doesn't impact our FO at all, but damn it's agitating to read lol.
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    i'm just a little shy of 66 so over the line but just barely in that risk column, but have been hospitalized twice in my life for pneumonia (two decades apart) and had other serious respiratory/pulmonary issues over time (and pretty much recovered but still effects left) and usually get flu/cold symptoms in a normal season...yay added suspense i don't like the die-by-disease in a hospital or bedroom delaio cuz if it was to be a disease i always wanted it to be one where a doc tells you how long you have to live approx. and then you can use the remaining time to go take out a nest of militia-men or ms-13'ers or some crankster biker gang as a social service on your way out
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    Say what now? I mean ... c’mon man.
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