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  1. The finalists for the 2020 Hugo Awards (top prize in science fiction and fantasy) were announced yesterday and Nerds of a Feather, a journal I contributed an article to, got the nod. I contacted NoF about it and they said I was definitely part of their 2020 writing crew. So, while I may not be the captain of the ship or first mate... I'll take honor as a deckhand. Kinda cool.
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  2. Keim said on his podcast that Scherff turned down an offer that would have made him the league's highest paid guard. This, despite his injury history. I mean, we don't know the details of that contract, but on the surface, it seems absurd to turn down an offer like that. If it doesn't work out, nobody can say we didn't try to take care of our own. Moreover, if BS is really playing hardball like this, I'd rather see him traded and get a 2nd rounder in return. I don't want this to turn into another Cousins situation.
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  3. 6. Do not attempt to circumvent the profanity filters.
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  4. Two days from my second Pfizer shot, I had very mild side effects and feel great today. My arm isn't sore at all and I don't have a bruise from the shot like with the first one. I definitely feel better knowing that I got the vaccine while still taking all precautions in 100% open Texas.
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  5. Well you see Poker, when a mommy dog and daddy turtle love each other very much... Their offspring will have genetic similarities of both parents: Its just science really .
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  6. First Moderna is in the ol' veins! They even said they'd let me back for the second dose in spite of the fact that I moaned "deeper" when the nurse put it in me. On a completely unrelated note, it might take a while to get re-acclimated to polite society. ...not sure why I use "re" before acclimated there...
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  7. Just got second dose of Pfizer today!
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  9. Got my first shot today, super excited about it!
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  11. Just got scheduled for my first dose, Tuesday. My hands are shaking.
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  12. Ah. Sorry for the jargon. Let me explain (because it is cool): In the diseases I take care of, patients are missing a gene that produces an enzyme (protein machine) that breaks down a particular molecule. We want to restore that missing function to keep them healthy. One idea is to give them the mRNA (which is transcribed a gene and is the template from for a protein) for the gene they are missing. This works great initially, but the mRNA itself and the protein it produces are both viewed as foreign by the patient and they mount a big immune system reaction. This means antibo
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  13. Look for Reyes to draw interest from several NFL teams. Transforming basketball players to tight ends has proven to be a successful process in the NFL and teams are always on the lookout for players with Reyes’s athleticism and work ethic. The post quoted above was written by me over a month ago. A few members read it at the time and laughed mockingly at me from the safety of their computer screens. While others actually threw peanuts, raw eggs, and rott
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  14. I’ve said this before, but Americans in general are too accepting of cops pointing a guns at people. If you have a thousand frightened cops pointing their guns at a thousand frightened people... you’re going to end up with people shot, that shouldn’t have been shot. There’s no way around this. No politics are necessary. It’s just math and predictable results. Once the guns are out and aimed at a human being things get really dangerous. The fact that many police encounters reach this point almost immediately, no doubt results in a lot of shootings that didn’t need to happen. Ther
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  15. Well got the wife to get it and thank goodness it was Pfizer. She might have walked on Moderna. She went back to work. Sore arm and she said her hands were red. But at least she got it.
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  16. Smoked a Prime rib, grilled some asparagus and fried cheesy bacon cheddar grits. Bourbon and a cigar for dessert. It's been a very good day.
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