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    Tagging your wife in a weight post. This should be good.
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    Suck it up buttercups: Scherff Flowers Chase Catalina Moses Fantasy Land: Trent Martin Chase Scherff Moses Realistic: Catalina Flowers Chase Scherff Moses Week 10: Wallace Foster Pierschbacher Sprinkle Bergy
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    I would refer you to the part 'FU'.
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    I wrote this like 7 years ago, maybe?...After all the Scot M/Kirk C/DJ Swear/Doug W/ Reuben F debates over the last few years, I thought it was appropriate now as well. Feel free to add to the list lol... ************************** With so many threads and posts dedicated to debating free agency, the draft, the QB position and too many other things to mention, I thought it would be a good idea to help my fellow ES members in their quest to carve out an Extremeskins debating style. So in that vein, here is a list of common ES debating styles to consider the next time you find yourself discussing RG3 Dwayne Haskins, Kyle Shanahan Bruce Allen, or Daniel Snyder Daniel Snyder: The Statistician Characteristics: Believes everything can be proven or disproven using stats; has numerous NFL stat websites bookmarked and at the ready; will use stats to prove that Snyder probably hates asparagus; posts tend to be about as interesting as reading computer binary code. Commonly used phrase: “Numbers don’t lie.” Tips to remember: Leave out any stats that start to disprove your point; claim that the numbers need to be broken down to an infinitesimal level in order to “really” understand what they’re saying; have several calculators nearby; quit your job. The Ultra-Perceptive Characteristics: Believes their personal perceptions are far more valid than anyone else’s and definitely more valid than any stats; claims to know what’s going on inside the minds of coaches just by looking at their facial expressions; sees everyone who disagrees as either “homers” or “haters”. Commonly used phrase: "Doesn't pass the eye test" and “Just watch the games!” Tips to remember: Keep repeating your perceptions as carved-in-stone fact even when others have disproved your statements; claim that “90%” of GMs/coaches/scouts agree with you; stock up on blinders. The Overly-Sensitive Characteristics: Can’t understand why anyone would voice their disagreement with one of their posts; takes debates personally; treats threads like their own personal diary entries; inability to grow thick skin. Commonly used phrase: “Let’s just agree to disagree” Tips to remember: Become highly insulted when anyone tells you they think you’re wrong; Constantly PM board members to ask “What’s your problem?”; use “Ignore” feature a lot. The Mini-Mod Characteristics: 87% of their posts concern the correct formatting of thread titles; breaks out in a cold sweat when a thread is created in the wrong forum; agrees with site moderators on everything; posts in the Feedback and Tech Support forum as much as in the Stadium. Commonly used phrase: “Why is this a thread?” Tips to remember: Everyone loves to be corrected over and over again by an anonymous stranger with no authority whatsoever; chicks dig guys with knowledge of the TOS rules; have delusions of grandeur. The Dissector Characteristics: Can debate other board members into a coma; responds to each sentence individually in a post; has problems limiting thoughts to less than 5,000 word essays; thinks no aspect of someone’s post is too small to argue. Commonly used phrase: “I’ll respond when I have more time…” and "To make a long story short..." Tips to remember: Convince yourself that your words have elegance and importance; view anal-retentiveness as sexy; enjoy listening to yourself talk. The Schizophrenic Characteristics: Rarely stays on the same point in a debate; changes viewpoint on a dime to avoid being proven wrong; makes incredibly illogical connections between facts and reaches baffling conclusions as a result; can never remember who is and who isn’t a moderator. Commonly used phrase: “That’s not what I said…” Tips to remember: practice spinning your viewpoints so that your words can take on several different meanings; apply conspiracy theories to other people’s motives; have short-term memory loss. The Insulter Characteristics: spends more time forming insults than forming intelligent retorts; feels condescension is an adequate rebuttal for any argument; is the reason profanity filter was installed; gets banned a lot. Commonly used phrase: “*******!!” and "*****!!" Tips to remember: Use the anonymity of the internet to make yourself seem tougher than you really are; believe that a well-thought-out, intelligent post can be rendered invalid by a really cool put down; create multiple accounts to deal with the inevitable bans. The Armchair GM - via @corrupt3d Characteristics: Believes their knowledge of the inner-workings of professional football teams to be over the average posters. Understands every facet of building a team and uses said knowledge to argue with other posters, showing them that they know nothing about judging talent, the draft, or building a team. Commonly used phrases: “Colt Brennan Colt McCoy is a winner”, "Anthony Mix Robert Davis solves our receiver issues", "If we cut Jason Campbell Mason Foster he's out of the league and won't get a starting spot, let along a backup job, anywhere." Tips to remember: Building a winner in Madden 2012 2019, or in your head, transfers directly to building a team in the NFL. There is absolutely no difference whatsoever. The Lurker Characteristics: Has posted two times in the last 7 years; mostly sticks to the Bubba9497 & HapHaszard's Redskins Breaking News forum; can’t remember their password. Commonly used phrase: “What’s my password again?” Tips to remember: Don’t log in. I hope this helps you in forming your ES debating style
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    Trump didn’t do this. Denial of reality has been a staple of conservative politics going back to Nixon. You don’t get enormous tax cuts for the wealthy funded through deficits, birtherism, climate change denial etc etc unless the people voting for you are sufficiently detached from reality. All Trump has done is recognize that this country has a rather high percentage of low information voters and exploit this phenomena to its absolute maximum. This problem doesn’t go away when he leaves office either. The American public at large has a very poor understanding of the basic civic and economic structure of this country. As such, most of our politics can be easily reduced to empty sloganeering that appeals to a poorly educated populations base emotions.
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    See heres the thing: Trump is affecting your life whether you choose to see it or not, and its disingenuous to think that just because your life hasnt changed physically ( or monetarily) in the past 2 years, that nothing is wrong or that you and your family arent affected. We are all affected, whether we are part of the 1% or not. 1. Removing the balances of law and order affects everyone 2. The humanitarian crisis at the border is directly caused by Trump and the repercussions will be felt from every single one of those children for the next century. These children will not ever forget what happened here. 3. The very air you breathe and water you drink will be affected. When countries like China invest TRILLIONS in green energy to fix its poisonous reliance on coal, then perhaps reverting back to coal is a bad decision. The fires are real. The heat waves and mild winters are not a one-off occurrence. Every single EPA roll back should have you furious. Climate change is real, and there isnt much more time to take part in addressing it. 4. The tariffs already affected you in the form of increased cost on supplies. 5. Costs already affect you in the price of housing, tuition, educational books, medical supplies, internet, cable, etc. 6. For profit prison systems institutionalizes a large percentage of the country. 7. On a world scale we are quickly losing our strongest defense: allied strength. Every word out of Trump's mouth pushes our allies further away, and sells out this very country. 8. Free speech affects everyone and prevents catastrophes like Tienanmen from happening. 9. Cyber security is the most important defense that we as a country can control, and Trump is divesting from upgrading. Literally everything in the world is connected through a computer system now, including water and power plants, election systems, and electric grids and the limits of their securities have been tested by foreign agents in the past 5 years. Its maddening to see otherwise intelligent people turn their head to the winds of change because they arent directly affected right now, cant root against their "team", and cant see how causing multiple humanitarian crisis might possibly have a negative affect on our country. Its why I no longer have the sentiment that its ok to have a different opinion on politics right now. There is no way to softly remove a cancer, and you cant just remove part of it.
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    We interred my grandmother's ashes in Arlington National Cemetery yesterday. She was one of the first women to serve in the US Navy, as part of the Women Accepted for Volunteer Emergency Services (WAVES) during WWII.
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    My last call of the day was pushed back 90min. So, I had some time for Photoshop Fun. See if you can find all my little laughs. I call this "The Battle of Trump Bedminster Gold Club"
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    she’s right. Being cruel isn’t a funding problem. this country needs some sort of nationwide law enforcement licensing. That way, when these ghouls are dragged out into the sunlight, this license can be stripped and they never serve in any form of law enforcement again. Not even as a contractor. That would create some real accountability.
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    I really don't care what the **** we call it. Call it Donny's Fun Camp. I don't care. What pisses me off is all the people arguing over what is an appropriate term for it instead of doing something about what is going on there.
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    Yesterday. Oldest son got hitched. Wedding turned out great and kudos to her parents for pulling this one off. I was "forbidden" by said oldest son from bringing my camera. Yeah right.
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    Lol, why are you getting defensive and posting Obama and Hillary pics with Weinstein? Why wouldn’t you just post the stuff related to Bill Clinton allegedly joining in these parties with Epstein? Come on snowflake this isn’t about sides, if your a ****ing child rapist you need to get arrested and that includes Trump and the Clinton’s if they were involved and anyone else regardless of political persuasion. Everyone needs to be held accountable.
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    WTF are talking about? Is this based on your vast experience serving in the military?
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    Ivanka is butting in everywhere... (More at #unwantedivnaka)
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    that free agent that went to Philly didn't make it? hate to see it
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    Safeway, you say? Be right back, gonna make a trip at to the grocery store.
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    Ugh, kids these days doing dumb little dances after they shoot somebody instead of teabagging their victims like a normal person.
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    You know what I love about this thread?...I can remove myself from it for weeks on end, and when I return not one single fact has been added to the discussion lol...there's no catching up to do. It's like I never left.
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    You start off your post as if things are so obvious only a moron would not understand and then you went full QAnon on us. Your theory could be right but saying that the team lied to the player just so he would stay on the field is quite an accusation without any facts to back it up. If that did happen he will most certainly never play here again and I would expect to see a grievance filed and we will probably lose a draft pick or suffer some sort of consequences as a team. You could probably even make an argument for criminal charges to be filed against the team for the cover-up. That would be a scandal of epic proportions, maybe we should wait for some facts before we get too crazy.
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