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    Either you suck at math or you''re holding the camera.
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    Restructure. Give him more guaranteed money, keep him around for three years with a low out in year three. It’s not my money and once we clear Norman, Smith and Reed off the books we’ll be in ok salary shape. Keeping Haskins upright and confident is key so we need our LT.
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    My thoughts: -You don't wake up overnight and decide, after being around all off-season, that you're now upset with the way the team handled your medical situation during the 2018/19 season. -Trent waited to say anything for leverage. This could be due to any number of reasons: 1) He really wants out unless they show him the money, 2) He wants to make a point about the team's medical staff, but he doesn't really want out, so he waited until the team would have a hard time replacing him to release this (and wants more money, too), 3) He wanted this to really hurt and he really does want out. Not sure which, if any of those it is, those are early thoughts. -If Trent REALLY is upset with the team to such a high degree, moving on from him is much better than having a negative presence in the locker room. This team, of all teams, doesn't need that. Not with a rookie QB in the fold. Yes, whoever we replace him with is going to be a piss poor replacement. But the TEAM and FUTURE may be better without Williams if he is really that upset. -We don't know much at this point. But the team needs to be highly invested in this and make the best decision for the team.
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    I was an elementary school PE teacher for 12 years and I always had the kids play dodgeball. Whites vs blacks.
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    The greatest Invincible story was NOT Vince Papale, it was our own Herb Mul-key. Not even close. Contrary to what you saw in the movie, Papale had played professional football before, in the WFL. He had a rather average career in the NFL. Mul-key had no football experience. He had to borrow money to pay for the bus fare to attend open tryouts. The first time he touched the ball in the NFL in his first preseason game, he ran back a kickoff for a TD. His second year in the league he made the probowl as a kick returner. His only start at RB, he gained 100+ yards against Dallas. Unfortunately, Hollywood had already seen a successful movie about a white jock in Philly beating the odds, and Vermeil by that time was more well-known than George Allen. Whenever someone brings up Papale, ALWAYS SAY "Meh, he was no Herb Mul-key."
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    Speed ... glorious speed in DC, oh how we’ve missed you.
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    Ok so basically nobody here really knows anything at all...nothing whatsoever...right? Just checking lol...because from reading the posts it sounds like a lot of you feel you know all you need to know. No additional info needed...
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    I am all about bashing Bruce and company, however the narrative that they don't address the OL and DL are both out of date and tired at this point. The 'Skins DID actually draft a couple of OL in THIS draft, but it was the back part of the draft. They also drafted OL in the last several drafts. In fact, the entire OL has been drafted at this point assuming Martin starts at LG, which seems to be the plan:: Williams, Martin, Rouille, Scherff and Moses. Also, none of them except for Williams is over 30. I think this is just picking at something to pick at something. There are plenty of things to fault management for, this doesn't seem to be one of them.
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    While we're at it, algebra is a tool of oppression against the un-mathletic.
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    This farming village is nestled in the crater of Vucan Pululahua which is an active volcano! Tortuga Bay This is a volcanic vent from what I was told was the second largest caldera in the world. This is actually a posed shot. It's in a tortoise reserve. The tortoise started well to the left of me and I hoped we could get a shot. Then, it decided to march right on by. One of my tour group got a video of the whole thing. This is Quito Ecuador. The statue of the Madonna is huge. This was an alpha male sea lion. Bugger chased me for about a 100 meters before giving up. It was funny as hell and one of the highlights for the whole group. Possibly the only grumpy sea lion in the whole of the Galapagos.
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    Scherff was a good pick regardless. It was reported that we tried to trade back, but there were no takers. So we picked the best OL in the draft. Have people taken the time to look at how the players selected after him have fared in the league? L Williams - hasn’t exactly been setting the league on fire like many expected. He has 7 sacks and 89 tackles in the last two years, in 32 games. Jonathan Allen, who plays the same position, has 9 sacks and 71 tackles in 21 games. Kevin White - Bust Vic Beasley - Started off hot with a lot of clean up sacks, but has been pretty bad since, especially against the run Ereck Flowers - Lol Todd Gurley - if healthy, he probably should have been the pick. But he was coming off a torn ACL, so I could see why we didn’t pull the trigger at 5. And it’s been reported he may have arthritis in that same knee, which explains his lack of usage in the playoffs last year. It seems like a lingering issue, and it came the year after they just gave him a massive record-setting RB contract. We may have come out ahead here by not drafting him. Trae Waynes - JAG Danny Shelton - just signed a contract with the Patriots for $750k guaranteed lol Andreus Peat - good pick, but a guard. Scherff is better. Devante Parker - bust. Doctson before Doctson was a thing Melvin Gordon - Good RB, but RBs are more devalued even more than guards so would be hypocritical to think we should have picked him The picks after that are either mostly busts or players that had no chance of going top 10. I think Scherff was the right pick. I don’t think we draft Allen if we take L Williams. And I don’t think we have a good RG if we don’t take Scherff.
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    I love ES... its great comic relief that follows 4 season: 1. Summer - unbridled and unwarranted optimism claiming "we will go 12-4 and deep in to the playoffs because we are way better then any team in the NFC" 2. Fall - feel good stories from training camp bring optimism to new highs... strong start to a season bring new "fans" out of the woodwork 3. Winter - injuries pile up, team gets blown out a few times and the realization that all those roster holes that were discussed before are still there. Fast start turns in to a bad 2nd half. "we are the worst team in the NFL! Fire everyone! I hate my life!" 4. Spring - New Hope - true we finished last season at 7-9 but there is 'potential' and hey... "look at our draft grades!" it's a vicious cycle
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    Yes, his bust is between Robert McCune and Taylor Jacobs...
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    Who cares? Why as a fan are you worried about their PR, unless you're Wylie? If they prove to be buffoons even after meticulous HBO/NFL editing meant to hype the product, it should be exposed and it would be yet another silver lining. Mark my words, while they may hint at some controversy or show some behind the scenes drama, it will be superficial. This show is meant to hype up the NFL product, personalities, and season. It will be about whether Gruden and Haskins are up to the task of restoring a legendary but failing franchise to glory. Hell I can practically hear Liev Schreiber talk about it during the intro as the classic Hard Knocks music soars now. It will be a massive PR bump for the team due to the roster having some interesting young talent in an extremely popular division, and they need that badly. It will help make them relevant again outside the direct Redskins fanbase, and if they think they smashed the Haskins pick out of the park, it's an even better showcase of the future.
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    Please football gods let it be us. Have hoped for this look behind the scenes forever, and that was when we had a much more boring team than we have now. We've got some great leaders, personalities, and blue collar badasses right now. Especially on defense. And a QB competition. And a few really highly respected position coaches, whatever you may think of Gruden himself. And I really want a look into that room where they make the cuts at the end of camp. Could really take or leave the inevitable focus on the roster bubble UDFA's who happen to be funny, have a good story, and have a hot girlfriend. That will be interesting, of course, just like every other Hard Knocks season. But I want the look behind the scenes in terms of decision making, the look at Haskins breaking down tape in the QB room, the commentary at the coaches meetings, etc. It's a rare chance to get a look at the team that doesn't come around often.
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    Loved Guice, he was one of my guys well before we took him. We gushed about Barkley on the draft thread aplenty. Some thought Guice among others could be in a similar sphere of Barkley albeit perhaps not as good. It was a deep draft for RB -- Barkley, Guice, Michel, Chubb, etc. You might be thinking of some draft geeks like Ledyard who thought Guice would be better but they were a small minority. Playing along on riding with your point though its not like that chapter is closed and done -- we haven't even seen Guice play yet. As for the Giants under Mara just field winners. It's not 2011 anymore. The Mara's just win hasn't been the story for quite some time. They've finished last twice in a row. Had losing records in 5 out of the last 6 seasons. They haven't won the division in 8 years. I read the NY papers almost every day and nope the Mara's aren't revered like they were back then. It's a soap opera like organization these days with all sorts of back stories about dysfunction in FO among other narratives. There was a whole behind the scenes story about the NY Giants FO about a week ago that smacks eerily similar to the stories under Dan. As for Daniel Jones, I spent a lot of time watching him before the draft as I did other QBs coming out of this draft. So did plenty of others on the draft thread. We aren't draft experts to say the least but we form our own opinions and stick our neck out on them for better or worse. A bunch of us were down on Daniel Jones well before the Giants took him. We were relieved the Giants took him. Could we be wrong? Sure, why not. I don't think we'd be made fools if so. Otherwise every fan or for that matter personnel guy would be a fool because everyone gets it wrong on players. We all know it's not a perfect science. But if you can't ride on an opinion before things play out -- then there isn't much to talk about on threads like this. Almost every point we make centers on projecting something. We don't know. But we guess. The main outcry about Daniel Jones its not really so much centered on other teams fan reactions to the pick but instead its about the Giants fans reaction to the pick. They above all would know Mara and his track record well -- with that in mind a whole bunch of Giants fans I gather aren't so trusting of the Mara just fields winners narrative.
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