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    In theory, you 2 oughta get along great. No other 2 things complement each other quite so well. One of you represents cheese. The other one represents potatos. Really, what's better than cheese-covered-fries ?! What a perfect dish for some Redskins' football.
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    I envy you, with my wife I'm like wth hell did you just say? the body used to make up for it, but time and pork rinds.....
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    7 days fresh out of the psych ward. Feels good.
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    Translated: "The rich are taken care of so nothing to worry about."
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    Well that would be very stupid. Seeing as he would get no in game reps before going against the Eagles.
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    yeah ...Jay is truly genius.. he is going to replace one average QB with an injury prone below average QB.. that will really throw Eagles for a loop
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    GF's accent can make anything sound sexy and she loves when I play with her about it "I have to go to Mary-Lánd tomorrow." "Thats sounds exotic, wheres that?" *Laughs "im breaking up with you." "Sounds hot, when and where?"
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    Anyone ride the metro in DC area see the gifs with that "a loof" guy? That's Doc all day
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    Probably a couple months away from "His dick has gotten bigger too."
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    On twitter there are just a ****load of tweets about injured WRs on a bunch of different teams...and none of them are named the Redskins.
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    Either way there's a place in my heart for colt for beating the the cowboys on a monday night.
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    He's on the last year of his deal, plus as a veteran he's gets all his money guaranteed once the season starts. There would be no incentive to cut him during the season unless one really, really, really needed a roster spot. The other problem, which addresses the original post, is you can't cut a guy that's injured. So it seems to be a generally moot point. Unless McCoy gets radically healthy in the next couple weeks, he's either on the roster or on IR.
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    Jay is just lulling the rest of the world into a false sense of security. Soon he will be throwing the ball and completing 99-yard TD's on first down from his own 1 yard line. And the genius thing is he's got the timing down perfect. Because right about now, all other teams are set in their "lull", while Jay is ready to unveil the QB with the arm strength to complete that 99-yarder, and the receiver in McLaurin with the speed to do it as well.
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    Cinci may let go of a LB struggling with coverage assignments... he’d look nice next to Reuben a year from now after being coached up by Rob Ryan. Malik & Reuben ... chasing down Zeke & Barkley... oh how sweet it would be.
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    Like "Trump said it was okay, but now that I know he has dementia maybe I shouldnt of taken him seriously"? Your more likely for people jus come clean on why they really did it, whether it was because he gave them what they wanted or gave them what they wanted. Ever since Charlottesville and people walking around with no hoods on, my hope has been been that we are all finally honest with ourselves as a country, jus admit who we really are, end the facade, and finally have the conversation about what to do about it going forward. What do we really want to be versus what we afraid to be.
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    he would get nabbed off his college tape and he would not be snatched off out PS, he would be picked up off the waiver wire when we tried to put him down there. Remember every team doesn't dress six players every single game. And no Penn is not awful old for a tackle these days, there are multiple tackles in the NFL older than him, two of them made the Pro Bowl last year
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    I don't think Miller is so much a warmonger (at least not from what I've read). He just racist as hell and really really REALLY hates immigrants (well, at least the dark skinned ones). Oh and he also happens to look like a worm that died and was then brought back to life via some sort of black magic that only half worked.
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    Personally, I would strongly discourage using the Russia's propaganda arm RT to post material on Extremeskins, or anywhere for that matter.
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    I really can't stand Jason LaCanfora. The team's "Ham handed approach" What are they supposed to do? Give in to demands immediately? Fire the training staff in July? What would LaCanfora expect any team to do in this situation? ~Bang
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