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    Yes, trump could be leading it.
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    You must be young. Hooters were a big deal for about two years, late 80s. The main guy, Eric Bazillian...real name!...went on to write a ton of hits in the 90s. Anyway...Metallica ‘89. Posers and scrubs...get wrecked! #httr
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    I said I'd wait for it to bake in the oven a bit more, I'd say it got baked enough in Miami now. Terry McLauren is the real deal. He is the first WR we've drafted in all the time I've been watching that turned out to be legit. I feel like I'm watching history lol
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    Yeah he has 5 TD's in 5 games. We missed him badly in that Giants game. The offense couldn't get anything going in that game, he's the safety blanket for the QB.
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    We're only 2 games back in the division. lol
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    Tomlin would be an absolute disaster in DC.
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    I don't think I've ever been more wrong on a player than I was on Terry McLaurin. Holy crap. Dude's gonna be a perennial Pro Bowler for the next decade.
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    If Haskins legit develops and McLaurin keeps developing....
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    He's everything I've ever wanted to see from Desmond Howard, Michael Westbrook, Rod Gardner, Devin Thomas, and Josh Doctson. I hope we don't waste his talent and end up losing him after the rookie contract is over.
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    I'm happy a player like McLaurin saw his 2 TD performance go towards a win...first time in his career he actually goes home with a W. I'll worry about the draft after the season is over.
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    Fire Bruce Allen isn’t enough. I wish people would just go straight to the point and instead start calling for Snyder to sell the team. The fans hate him and it’s obvious he has no love for the fan base. How long can an owner stay silent if the entire fan base has only one demand: for you to gtfo?
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    Plane today at the stadium in FL (I believe) was flying a banner saying some variation of Fire Bruce Allen. We need more of this Here it is. Awesome.
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    Yankee hits homerun. Player rounds third base. Third base coach and player jump up simultaneously and touch each other’s nuts. Awkward.
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    All of you assholes still supporting this? Hope you die in a fire. ~Bang
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    buy that lady all the drinks
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    Went to Hollywood Disney on Tuesday. Got a couple of nice pics: Also, got a pic of the Millennium Falcon: There's was also a show where some of the Star Wars stars were performing. That's on my Camera, but when I upload those; will post those here also.
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    Shawn Springs DHall Swearinger (play-wise) Ryan Clark Matt Bowen Sam Shade
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    I advocated cutting Norman this offseason, as his massive salary is a waste and our #3 corner can do about the same job. Then we would have a bunch of extra cap space next season. As always the team is 1-2 years too late on every move.
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    I may be wrong here, but I am beginning to believe you are not a fan of Abrams?
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