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    Callhan will have to really work on his pad level in the run game. I think he gets excited and trusts his upper body strength too much. He wants to bury his man and you can't always do that. Watch the film again. Note that on a lot of run plays his helmet is higher than his opponent. Ok for a tackle. Not good for a guard. A good guard is a knee bender. I tell my guard's that if they can't see the defender's chin strap then they're playing too high. If he tries that vs Ionnaidas, Payne, Allen, or even Settle he's going to be knocked on his ass. Hopefully that will happen early on so he'll realize what he needs to do. (He should watch film of Brandon Scherff; who almost always has his helmet below his opponent - hence the reason he's one of the best guards in the NFL.) It can definitely be fixed though and I attribute his bad habit to his aggressive mentality. I think he gets excited and wants to big boy his man. He has a good first step to cut off back side 1 tech; gets his helmet between the defender and the ball and gets that second power step up-field in a hurry. That's not an easy thing to do and too often we've seen our LG miss and the poor RB wondering how in the hell he got hit from behind so quickly on an outside zone run. On play side he does a good job on combos. Not super athletic in the open field but really in today's scheme you'd rather for your lineman to get in the way of defenders and impede their progress. Pancakes are nice but it's more important to screen the defender and let the RB read it out. I really like his mental acuity and footwork in pass pro. He maintains a wide base and, iIronically, he does get his butt down in pass pro after he anchors. (He'll need to anchor sooner tho vs NFL talent and I'm sure he'll realize that in training camp). He does a really good job of recognizing stunts and passing off his man. He stays active and doesn't just guard grass. He looks for work. Overall, I like the kid and not having seen Flowers play guard yet I'd give him the edge (based on potential) to be the week 1 starting LG. P.S. Watch his hand placement. Experts talk so much about it for defenders but really it's just as important for offense. He does an excellent job of keeping his hands in the chest. Which will negate a lot of holding calls and will help him to maintain control of his man. He does a good job of mirroring with his feet too.
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    We traded for Keenum because both our qbs suffered broken legs. Smith isn’t coming back. He’s a cap penalty and assistant qb coach until he retires. Unless Keenum completely falls apart, Colt is gone. Its actually highly probable that Jay is here in 2020. Injuries happen and we’re overdue for a bit of good fortune there. Even so, we are now deeper and more talented along the OL than we were last year and we have an excellent OL coach. Our run game will not suck. There is no scenario where we trade Haskins next April. Leave Ramsey and RG out of this. They’re completely irrelevant.
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    A Letter to NFL GMs Dear NFL GMs, My name is Bryce Love, and I’m the best running back in this draft. You might know me from 2017. From this: Or this: Or this: [...]I know that some people are wondering about my durability, but let’s dig in and really examine that. In four seasons at Stanford, I only missed four games total. I tore my ACL in the very last game of my collegiate career, giving everything I could to score and help my team defeat our biggest rival. That desire to win is coming with me to whichever franchise drafts me. [...]Those videos up above, don’t get me wrong … they’re exciting. It’s great to run fast, hurdle defenders, break tackles and stiff-arm dudes on your way to the end zone. But here’s what I’m talking about right now. Keep an eye on the middle linebacker coming in hot. Pass protection, man. It’s so important — crucial really. And I’m all about it at this point. It may not be sexy. And it doesn’t end up with a cool celebration in the end zone, but if you want to be considered a top-flight back in the league you better know how to protect your franchise quarterback. You better be able to pick up blitzes, and stand up linebackers, and pretty much have eyes in the back of your head. I honestly believe that pass protection has now become one of the things I’m best at. And I take immense pride in that — in keeping my quarterback clean. [...]I can still take it to the house and do everything you’d expect out of a great runner, and do damage catching the ball out of the backfield. But now I can also be relied on to keep the pocket clean so the offense can connect on that deep shot to the post. ********************* There's a ****load more here lol... https://www.theplayerstribune.com/en-us/articles/bryce-love-nfl-draft
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    Live look-in at @Warhead36's draft room
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    And I'm sure he was pissed about the Giants taking Daniel Jones ahead of him. The Giants really screwed up. Just ask their fans NSFW:
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    I like the pick better than Rosen. Either that, or his 40 yard dash was a mis-sprint.
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    Enjoyed watching the draft with you losers. See y'all at TC.
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    For the first time since 2013, a NEW BANG CARTOON! For those who don't know, i used to make these things between 2003 and 2012.. before there was any "Gridiron Heights", there was bang cartoons making fun of the NFL. I made over 150 of them using Flash and into a format that nothing uses anymore and was notoriously hard to convert, but even without using youtube, they got millions of views over the years just travelling across message boards. ES was the home of them for a good long while. So now i am back to making them. I finally got the old ones converted in a format that youtube likes AND looks acceptable.. so there are a lot up in the archives. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1_1zUR8G9cD_fM1w8G_IIw Watch 'em! they're fun, and, i need to get 4,000 hours of viewing and a thousand subscribers before youtube will allow ads.. at an average of 3 and a half minutes each.. So watch 'em! thanks! and as always, HAVE FUN ~Bang
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    OMG I had him rated as a 6th round talent and Skins take him in the 5th?!?!???? Can Bruce be any more stupider?!???
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    You're all wrong. What's amusing is cats riding roombas.
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    https://corner.bigblueinteractive.com/index.php?mode=2&thread=579222 " There's very good reason that Martin has drawn such attention. In 2017, among the 298 major college offensive guards to start at least five games, only the Hoosier and Notre Dame's Quenton Nelson did not allow their quarterback to get sacked. Martin accomplished that feat while being on the field for 569 pass snaps. Nelson only appeared in 352 aerial plays. Martin was also the only offensive lineman to not allow a tackle-for-loss, nor any quarterback pressures, among the sixty-plus starters along the front walls for Big Ten Conference teams. " "Has the second-highest blocking grade the last 4 years among OGs & benches 510. He has not let up a sack in three years at the center position, is a former High School National Champion at wrestling "
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    Always amusing to watch people getting butt hurt over day 3 picks. ”They Just blew that 6th round pick! I had 5 guys at the same position ranked higher! What were they thinking!”
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    Head-scratcher pick for me. Why Love in the 4th? With FS Dionte Thompson, OG Ross Pierschbacher and WR Kelvin Harmon all still on the board and they go small, injured RB in the 4th? Yuck. First pick I hate by the Redskins so far.
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    You all remind me of the Iggle fans when they drafted McNabb. We got the best QB in this years draft, didnt have to trade up for him AND we desperately need a franchise QB. He play big time for a big school in a big conference. We have a chance to have the best QB we have ever had. Totally stoked and im a Michigan fan.
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    I'm not fond of this pick but as always I'll hope for the best.
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    Say what you want to say, but NO ONE can say the Redskins didn't realize, as an organization, they were super slow on the field. Ignore the offensive linemen and Haskins who don't HAVE to be fast. The team clearly weighed "speed" relative to the position as an immense benefit in this draft. Speed, relative to the position, is the key thing you are seeing here for us for sure. This guy is an inside backer who is way too small, like Hamilton, but unlike Hamilton, has high level speed and burst at the position. The Redskins realize they lack team speed and are doing their best effort to increase that with each pick it seems.
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    Jesus. No matter what picks we make that we needed someone will come on and complain we didn't address a different hole. It's uncanny.
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    Again, Cowboys fans reactions lol... "Crap, McLaurin to Washington " "Redskins fans had no idea who they picked." "Skins crushing this draft" "Skins draft Haskins college teammate. Smart." "The kid can play. Speed, selfless, amazing special teamer. Steal pick"
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