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    Yes. I watch to see how badly they can be beaten. I have big plans for the Pats game.
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    #1 draft pick in 2020. Trade down to get LT, C, RG, LG, RT, WR, TE, DT, DE, NT, CB, ILB, Coach, Owner, GM, Medical Staff, Marketing Dept,
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    Pre-Draft: I don’t want Haskins Post-Draft: Anyone not pulling for Haskins is an embarrassment to humanity. He’s a great young guy, he works hard, he is a *Redskin. httr
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    Well...he is used to working with Bruce Allen...
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    I don't believe, honestly, that hiring a new head coach or coaches is the answer. Until the root of the problem is removed, there will always be bits and pieces, here and there, which will be absolute head scratchers or flat-out bad hires, who would inevitably undermine any coach who comes here. Bruce feels it is his burden and choice to insert 'X' whenever and where ever he thinks it should go, and whoever the people are, will side with him over a coach in a situation; call it selective job security. It would create an " us vs them " inside the organization, and that will never ever ever EVER work. The absolute #1 priority, job 1, is to remove the feeding tube of failure known as Bruce Allen. He should be the main and only focus at this point. It is and has been Bruce since he first stepped into the doors of Redskin Park. No one else should be wasted time on, at least for now. Replacing Gruden and/or Manusky will never solve the problem as long as Bruce Allen is still with this organization. He needs to be removed, fired, and given a court-ordered declaration that he cannot be within 500 yds of the team, organization or faculty. There IS no other viable choice. Bruce Allen must be fired. Anything less is peeing in the wind...
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    Someone's gotta pay the price for the showing against the Giants. Cutting those practice squad players is going to send the message loud and clear!
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    How are you feeling now? From 2009: https://es.redskins.com/topic/298835-bruce-allen-to-the-skins-49ers-hiring-mike-nolan/ Excerpt from my post: Under the guidance of GM Rich McKay, the Bucs were one of the best teams of the 90s. They made excellent draft choices like Warren Sapp, John Lynch and Booger McFarland, establishing the best defense of the decade. Gruden walked into a Superbowl caliber team, much like Seifert in SF. McKay left for Atlanta, and Bruce Allen came in. Our beloved Doug Williams was given a job as Director of Pro Personnel. The result - the Bucs are the worst team in the NFL. It's hard to think of a GM not named Millen who did a worst job with the draft during Allen's tenure at TB. But, he's the son of the man who once turned our franchise around.... Now I know many of you are spitting at your monitors "Hey jackhole, Chucky made those picks!" Even if that's true, that's hardly comforting. It means that the GM title bestowed upon Allen here is a ruse, a mere sop given to quiet the angry mob, and his job will be nothing more than what Cerrato was doing - organizing charts, video, etc., and deferring the decisions to others. "La plus ca change..." What we really have here is no revolution, no Beathard/Gibbs model, but rather a continuation of the same dysfunctional structure that has left us floundering in mediocrity since the Generalissimo took over the team, or more accurately, since the reins passed from our last genuine GM Beathard to the incompetent Casserly. I'm relieved as anyone that the Cerrato era is over, but not convinced in the slightest that we've turned any corners.
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    The GOOD, The BAD, and the UGLYBears editionWhew. What a mess. But in and among it all there was some good, a lot of bad, and mostly ugly.THE GOOD. 1. Chase Roullier His jersey stayed tucked in all night. Credit should be given, this is hard to accomplish when you're getting your ass kicked for several hours like that. 2. Honoring Lyndon Felcher at halftime. Lyndon works in a concessions stand on the main concourse, and has shown throughout his career to possess an outstanding ability to keep a straight face as he charges a customer $39 for two bottles of water and a hot dog. Not sure he should be on the Ring of Honor , but hey, it ain't my stadium. Also, nice of London Fletcher to show up for Lyndon's ceremony. Classy guy. 3. Traffic Flow. The Redskins have mastered the ability to get the crowd to leave the stadium throughout the game, insuring a steady flow of traffic away from Fedex Field, resulting in less time in those aggravating traffic jams that happen when games are competitive to the end. 4. Chase Roullier. Did I mention his jersey? I did? About it staying tucked..? OK. 5. I got an annoying little popcorn shell out from between my teeth in the 3rd quarter. The damn thing was bothering the hell out of me. i couldn't get it with a brush, a pick, or floss. Finally I managed to work it out with one of those little rubber nipply things on the end of the toothbrush. And with all of that good, there is THE BAD 1. The Game. Overall, it was just atrocious. (Other than Roullier's shirt, of course) 2. The Coaching Again, a complete inability to adjust to discovering they are playing in a football game, and not whatever the hell they thought it was going to be. 3. The Playing. Hot on the heels of the coaching comes the playing. The Redskins were once again underprepared, except Chase Roullier, who has revealed that he wore garters attached from his socks to his jersey to keep it tucked in and looking sharp. 4. The first half Awful, the Redskins look like they aren't even playing the same sport. 5. The second half Awful. The Redskins look like they aren't even playing the same sport. And finally... THE UGLY 1. Everything Except Chase Roullier. Man, he did look nice. ~Bang ~Bang
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    We'll be okay after the halftime adjustments guys
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    We're going to still suck as an organization. The End.
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    Sounds like a perfect fit schematically for Greg Manusky's defense.
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    CNN making sure we all stay updated.
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    You guys are literally watching this situation play out with Williams and you’re still baffled that the organization can do stubborn and stupid things?
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    I have a question. Do we try Trump as an adult?
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    Terry is like the the one kid at Burger King who is busting his ass working the fry stand , flipping the burgers and bagging your food all while the other 12 dope's hang out in the back and bull****. You say to yourself, " this kid deserves better then to work here.
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    1: Marty Schottenheimer knows how to win, and that's what Redskins fans demand in a coach. Daniel Snyder 2: "Steve Spurrier will bring a supercharged, exciting and dynamic brand of football to our great fans. His ability to energize players and teams is unprecedented. The Redskins deserve to be back at the Super Bowl and I am immensely confident that Steve is the coach to get us there." Dan Snyder 3:Gibbs helped define what the Washington Redskins stand for - integrity, hard work, determination, winning and championships. Daniel Snyder 4: "We knew of Jim's stellar offensive reputation, so we hired him as coordinator, but we also suspected he would be a strong candidate for head coach," Snyder told reporters Saturday. "After our first six-hour interview with him, I told Joe [former coach Joe Gibbs], 'This guy would make a terrific head coach.' 5: "We've got the foundation here now ... with Bruce, and coach Shanahan is our leader," Snyder said. "They're going to be a great team." 6: "I think terrific," Snyder said when asked how good Gruden's background is for Griffin. "Terrific. As someone who plays that position and understands it as well as he does, it's going to be a lot of fun." "If you look at his experience and what he's done over the length of his career, it's really diverse," Snyder said. "He understands the quarterback position. He understands offense. He's been a head coach [in the Arena League]. He's someone that really understands the game from every facet." Dan Snyder What's next?
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