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    Redskins have a garbage fan base. If you boo your team, you're an asshole. The ****ing browns got more respect from their fans in a winless season than the division leading skins do during a victory.
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    I think I'm on Norman's side here. So far, every time this season I enter ES after a victory it feels like a loss. There's nothing but ****ing and complaining. There's almost not a shred of happiness. It's all handwringing and focus on the bad. The negativism and determination to "keep it real" is insane. There's a segment of the fan base determined to be miserable and poke holes in every half full glass. If I didn't watch the games and know the standings, I'd swear we were a one win team this year based on the tenor and nonstop misery. Sure, fans have had a tough history with this team. My faith that the Redskins will continue succeeding is about as fragile as crepe paper during a tsunami, but we're 6-3, finally have a defense that is not losing every lead, and an offense that is letting the other team make the fatal mistake! I don't know that we should feel good about this team. I don't know that we should be leading parades, but I do think we should be high fiving and sharing a beer instead of crying into them. Right now, the fanbase sucks. It's the teams fault, but our fanbase deserves a round of boos.
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    Bill O'Brien's chin a rabbit's nose
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    he can move the sticks. He can throw on time. He knows this offense much better than Smith, knows the guys much better than Smith and he can move around the pocket. I see an upgrade to what we had with Smith.
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    a visual representation of Otto during the drama
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    I think 10 days of prep and practice vs 2 days of walkthroughs will result in a much better performance from Colt next Monday. Call me naive...
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    When was the last time we won a game on a bad call and afterwards the league apologized to the other team? The 33nd of Neveruary, 1877?
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    I just heart the title. Being a Redskins fan---ain't nothing like it, eh? Over half a century here. I changed marriages that were actually much less disappointing in far less time.
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    Spent about 3 1/2 hours at in Santa Fe two weeks ago. It's hard to describe. To call it a multi-media, multi-sensory, interactive art exhibit doesn't do it justice. There's a Victorian house inside a dark building. It looks like a regular house... almost. That's really the floor and wall of the bathroom: Different pathways... through closets, unmarked doors, walls, lead to an alternate reality: The back story is that strange things happened to the family that lived there. I opened the refrigerator in the kitchen and it led to a tunnel into a different world: THAT was fun. No psychotropic drugs involved.
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    None of this will matter with no QB, players who can’t stay healthy and awful coaching. Just rearranging deck chairs on the titanic
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    (@Skinsinparadise Going to piggy back off your recent post while responding to this here from NoCalMike...) Which makes the trade that much more of a travesty in terms of resource management. The big sell was that we gave up what we did, and that we just HAD to do it, BECAUSE Alex was a super smart 13 year vet who would come in, learn everything right away, and “we wouldn’t miss a beat” regarding the only consistent strength we had as a team. That was presented as the worst case scenario, with tons of talk about how we may have even upgraded! Except, guess what? Every single aspect of the team improved (rushing attack, defense, ST) and only THAT PART of it, which was our only consistent strength before, regressed. Bruce. Friggin. Allen. And before anyone gets ridiculous and tries to make Alex’s play the reason itself those phases improved or even a big reason, for God’s sake, think of the children! Alex didn’t draft Daron Payne and keep Jon Allen healthy, which is the biggest reason we’ve improved our rush defense. Alex didn’t teach Tress Way how to punt and have a career year; again, the biggest reason our ST play has improved. Not to mention, Alex didn’t remove Crowder and his 8,000 fumbles last year from that equation, either. Alex didn’t sign Peterson, who ended up being an absolute freak at his age and is the biggest factor in why our rushing attack improved. Sure, his lack of turnovers and general conservative play helped some with field position, but his lack of scoring equally hurt and kept putting the defense on the field with little margin for error. By the way, how many sacks did Alex take when we were in FG range that knocked us out of it this year? That sure got ignored a lot. He is/was a liability. It’s not his fault Bruce executed what is arguably the worst resource management we’ve ever seen, but his play came nowhere near matching it. It’s a minor miracle we have a season right now, as the majority of teams would struggle to overcome the handicap that type of extremely wasteful negligence causes. Now we’re hampered with that travesty of a contract while that player, who severely underperformed as it was, might never recover. Bruce should’ve been done after the first franchise tag if Dan had any sense. If he’s not stripped of his title now, I don’t know if Dan will ever grasp the concept of team-building, proper organizational structure and whom/how to hire. I’m just so sick and tired of seeing the top brass of other organizations give their staff a considerable amount of tools to succeed, while ours continuously handcuffs them instead. It’s maddening, really. We had so much going for us offensively by 2016. Any half-decent executive would’ve built upon that, instead it was completely torn down and we’ve witnessed nothing but regression there personnel-wise. All we had to do was maintain it somewhat while the rest of the team improved, and the ability to do so wasn’t difficult. The cherry on top is if Colt actually plays well, we might not even be able to afford to keep him because of the Alex contract. You can’t make this stuff up.
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    This is a revolt. If Beal gets Ernie fired I will love him forever.
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    He shouldn't have said it. He's right, but he shouldn't have said it.
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    As I said in another thread, QBs off the bench almost always provide a spark, and I like Colt a lot. But I remember when he was our starter a few years back, and he seemed to get worse with each passing week. Great game in Dallas that year, but not so great as the season progressed. Once teams start preparing for him, it'll be a lot tougher than it was today. Hoping he can squeeze out a win next week, though. And of course if he DOES exceed expectations for us, the obvious question will be why we brought in Smith at all.
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    It is not impressive in the least that only 6 NFL teams have drafted more current NFL players than the Redskin have? Another way to look at it is 25 teams have drafted fewer current NFL players than the Redskins have. Not only have the Redskins become more draft centric, but the quality of the players they drafted is good enough that even if they do not make it here, get traded, etc., they end up on another roster. The Redskins are in the top quarter of the league when it comes to draft picks landing on a roster. I had no idea that was the case and am a little impressed by it.
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    QB coach Sean Ryan That's gold, Jerry, gold!
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    Yesterday Murf & I spent the day in 110 degree field tempure watching three of the most boring quarters of ugly football in recent memory. Here's our images from the Redskins road win. See if you can spot Florida Man in the stands.
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    I’m behind them. Love this defense and the defensive line. Matt ionionidis is quietly one of the best 3-4 De’s in football with 7.5 sacks. Josh and Dj playing opportunistic football. Plenty of heart and these guys are obsessed with forcing turnovers(sometimes to a fault). Plenty of knee jerk reactions after both the saints and falcons game and our team followed up with solid wins. The Offense is miserable but we dont turn the ball over. This team is UGLY, but we win. Get hot at the right time, and we could surprise. I feel like “the stadium” could lump about a dozen threads together into “ultimate chicken little thread”. Httr
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    I'll be happy when that putrid stadium property becomes some kind of business park, outlet mall or other complex and the team moves back to DC where it belongs. Can't go back in time, but I've been to RFK and I've been to Fed Ex. No comparison in terms of the fan experience or the ratio of Skins fans to opposing team fans. Part of it has to do with the terrible teams/coaches/mgmt we've had (each a function of the other elements).......but Norman is not saying something here that I haven't heard a lot of fans say, and that hasn't been said on this forum many, many times by frustrated fans who get sick and tired of going to a home game and seeing other fans, especially those damn Eagles, coloring our stadium with their jerseys. And a lot of the players feel the exact same way. But after a victory, don't ask the man that question. And to Norman, don't answer the question that way after a victory. And just to put a little perspective on it: Reporters have a narrative whenever they interview somebody. They already know what they want to write or broadcast, and they're just looking for you to support that narrative. Just can't fall for the bait.
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