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  1. We’re still doing this? Absolutely! Despite all the compelling reasons to just let everyone go home and enjoy and extended offseason, this is not an option. The games must be played, and therefore we the long-suffering fans will feel compelled to watch. Even games no reasonable football fan would choose to watch like, for example, today’s Redskins Jets game. Today’s convergence of sadness features the 30th ranked scoring offense (Jets 14.4 ppg) versus the 32nd (Redskins 12.0 ppg). The first team to 15 wins! With no playoff aspirations the compelling story lines for this game a
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  2. Good afternoon Redskins fans! I have once again been invited to sit in the relative comfort of the press box and shout my thoughts into the void via this blog. As you watch the game today and see the rain pour relentlessly from the heavens, know that I am safe and dry. Know also that @Spaceman Spiff is out there somewhere, cold and unappreciated, rolling around in the muck trying to capture that perfect picture. Maybe say a little prayer for his health (or laugh, whatever, I’m not judging you). Also, be sure not to miss the pictures he posts on this site after each game. Be
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  3. I'm sitting here in the press box with a personal conflict. I want us to win, yes. But I want us to win a Super Bowl. This year, unless we have a Gibbs-like turnaround or 2012 going from 3-6 to 10-6, ain't that year. We had high hopes out of the gate, the offseason seemed to be drama-free for the most part, it looks like we got something special in Scary Terry, and for the most part the draft seemed serviceable at least. Of course we started off with our starter-by-salary-only hurt, but at least we had McCoy with the steady hand. Oh, wait, he's still hurt? Um, okay, who do we have n
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