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    I know, I know, that's a terrible title. However, I've only been to one game here at the Linc, and we won. Division championship in 2015, a thing of beauty. I'm also 2-0 while writing these things. At the same time, I was at the Monday Night Massacre/McNabb's Payday, so don't get too ****y. Philly has been fun-ish. We went to Geno's to get some world famous cheesesteaks Steak-Ums. More overrated than any free agent signing we've had since, well, you know. No matter what this turns out to be, it'll be a nice break from all of the distractions off the field. #yourenotwinningoffthefieldbruce It's been something that's divided us intensely, and I'm glad that we can all agree that we're scared ****less about the ramifications of this game. A few weeks ago we are two games up, Dallas is faltering, Philly is doing poorly, and Giants gonna Giants. Now? With a loss today, we're in third place in the division. I mean, that's, ouch. Some of us can see the bright side in the deepest cavern, and others of us only see shadows while staring at the Sun (I happen to fall into the latter category). This game means everything. It's not a tone-setter, it's as Code Red as Tampa three years ago. It's definitely nice to see Thompson and Crowder back. I hope that Stroman can defend Wentz, because he's gonna get picked on all day. And that #86, you gotta cover him. As @TK said, that number is dangerous for both sides. A big problem is actually following through on that. We knew that Cooper was going to get the ball, but our safeties (I love ya, DJ, but ugh on Thanksgiving) were more like safety valves. We cannot let that happen, even once, against this Eagles team that has Sproles returning. As you've already read, Inactives: Sudfield Maddox Mills Hicks Warmack Mailata Pryor Quinn (ugh!) Dunbar Perine (forgot he was on the team) Marshall Howard Ioannidis So some hits on both sides. Both secondaries need to really bolt down to give their respective teams a chance (don't worry, I didn't tell Philly that). Oh, and then there's that Colt McCoy guy. With a non-zero number of practices with the ones, hopefully he can actually do something. With 38 minutes to go, it's not looking much better than FedEx. I even heard cheers when our boys ran out. Well, that's it for pregame unless something else happens. With 13 minutes to go, the stands are maybe half full? Nothing to Josh Norman's standards for sure. With three minutes to go, we are at about 2/3 capacity. All levels on the home side look full, but other than that it's not impressive. FIRST QUARTER 7:31 Zach Ertz with the insane false start. Except not. So touchdown. Well, looked like typical Redskins. A little help from the refs for the Eagles touchdown and then for two straight, and wasted, first downs. But Doctson did something. So at lest we have that. SECOND QUARTER McCoy hurt. Sanchez in. Peace out, season. And I'm wrong. Colt's first play after coming in, touchdown. Sanchez's first play after coming in, touchdown. Longest run in Redskins history. At 4:03 - And a fourth down stop? Sanchez with a nine-play, 40-something drive ending in three points. At the half, the team is showing some grit. Two bad calls by the refs led to 14 Philly points, the non-call on Ertz on their first touchdown and the ticky-tack roughing the passer by Stroman. Moreau looking very, very good today, which is a relief. Josh Norman needs to tackle, not strip. It's costing us yards and on the Sproles run cost us seven. Overall we're doing better than I thought we would. THIRD QUARTER Off to a bad start. McCoy out for the year. The rest of the third was also bad. Another injured lineman, down to zero reserves. Moreau injured after being awesome all game. This isn't going to end in a win for us, unfortunately. FOURTH QUARTER: And it just keeps getting worse. Sanchez, Sanchez, Sanchez. That was awful. In all ways. I don't know how it could've been worse. I'll finish this up later, emotions are too high in being too low.
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    Greetings from yet another Thanksgiving at AT&T Stadium. Feels like this is starting to become an annual thing playing here in Dallas. Though last year the team stayed home & beat the Giants on Thanksgiving. Personally I wish the League would take off this schedule as it makes the holiday more enjoyable without having to worry about a game. And what a game this could be. The Redskins are still looking for their 600th franchise win. They also come into this one a game ahead in the Division with a chance to sweep the Cowturkeys. “Wait.” You’re saying to yourself. ‘Did he just use the word “Cowturkeys”?’ Yes. Yes I did. Think of it as a Turducken, but with red meat. Anywho, this game will also see Texas legend Colt McCoy take his first start in nearly two years due to Game Manager Alex Smith going down to injury last week & having his season ended after managing to help get the team to a 6-3 record. When McCoy took over last week, you instantly see a change in how the offense worked. They were faster. There was a sense of urgency. And McCoy gave more guys opportunities. He even gave Doctson three opportunities on go balls. While most will say McCoy just doesn’t have that canon arm that fans love to see fire off the deep ball, they’d be wrong. You see, McCoy has been building his arm back up again. He suffered a shoulder injury in the National Championship Game back in 2010 & a neck injury in 2014. During the last four seasons, he’s been following his shoulder exercises, but the team has also worked with him to compact his throwing motion. That said, with McCoy behind the wheel, the car will go faster, sound meaner, & take more off the line then the Smith driven to perfection luxury grandpa machine ever thought about doing. McCoy will get you pulled over once in a while, Smith is the guy in the right lane with the blinker on for the last five miles. Expect a ticket, maybe even a reckless driving charge from McCoy today as it’s all on the line. The franchise’s 600th win. First place in the Division. And a two game lead on that same First Place before heading into an ECW street fight in Philly next Monday night.
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    Good afternoon Redskins nation! I’m in beautiful Landover, MD with Spaceman Spiff who has been pulled away from Instagram models and tailgating and sent down to the field to do what he does best (roll around in the mud). Let’s get down to business... Can we block them? There are other story lines entering into this game but worrying about them feels largely academic. The Texans have two terrifying pass rushers and the Redskins intend to block them with optimism and underdog stories. Alex Smith isn’t a statue but he does take time in making decisions and getting the ball out. This combination looks disastrous. The sort of thing that has us all after the game consoling each other with things like “well, it was just a bad matchup" and “we caught them at the worst possible time.” Or... we could walk away wondering just how the heck this team managed to pull off another improbable win. Last week the gave up something like twelve thousand yards of offense to the Bucs, I’ll have to check those numbers to be sure, but only three points. That’s not supposed to happen. Maybe we can enjoy an outrageously unlikely result again. Not probably, not likely, but you know... maybe. I’m saying there’s a chance. I’m here for that chance. (and you know... the free food and climate controlled free seats) 1st Quarter Update Redskins are running their bend and break defense, and I’m not sure a little over three quarters is enough time for the Redskins offense to close a 10-point gap. I’m having flash backs of week nine, but having human emotions is considered “disruptive behavior.” I'm fine. Everything is fine. That Quinn celebration, whatever that was, was the highlight of the 1st quarter. 2nd Quarter Update Is there a better way to start a quarter than by scoring a touchdown? There is, if you follow that TD drive with a forced turnover on defense. Things are looking good! So much for that. A great start was quickly ended up canceled out by the Redskins offense. With a chance to take a lead Alex Smith throws a pick six in the red zone and takes the air out of the stadium. He followed that up by throwing another interception on the very next drive. Alex Smith almost made me forget about Vernon Davis dropping that pass. Almost. Texans missed a field goal attempt and the lead remains frozen at 10. This quarter feels like a giant blown opportunity. Halftime Update. I should have stopped at one hotdog. I deserve this. 3rd Quarter Update You know the feeling where you say and think all these bad things about a player and then he breaks his leg and you immediately feel bad about it? I live there now. Colt McCoy has freed me from that place of sadness! As much as I love this defense, they have to start forcing teams to punt at some point. Is there a stat for defense tha thas forced the fewest punts? We have to be near the top of that list. Texans have punted just once today. Holding them to three was good, though. The lead is down to six and Colt McCoy has arrived to save us. (Please let that be true.) Personal Note: Someone just stomped, loudly, out of the press area like a while muttering at his phone. Laughter and comparisons to toddlers followed him. The media's laugh is an evil laugh! Good times. 4th Quarter Update Colt has brought us back. Welcome to the first lead change of the season, Redskins fans. You like that?! (Yeesh, was that always so lame?) I guess you could say Adrian Peterson contributed by actually scoring the touchdown. I bet Colt told him to score though, so you have to factor leadership into things. Once again, the defense cannot force a punt, hard to feel great about holding a team to a field goal when that field goal gives them the lead in the 4th quarter Remember that whole "can we block them" thing? The answer was absolutely not on the Redskins 2nd drive of the 4th quarter. Watt and Clowney each sacked our man Colt, and ended that drive before it really had a chance to begin. Horrible, no good, very bad holding called on Norman gifting Houston a first down at the worst possible time for it. Colt chooses to throw deep at an inopportune moment resulting in a 60+ yard attempt for an injured kicker. Heartbreaking end to a game that cost this team entirely too much (via injury) yet still seemed to be within reach several times. I'm off to the post game press conference and locker room, check back later for updates. Final Thoughts I’ve always found it preferable to watch my favorite team simply get destroyed, than to feel that they were the better team and still managed to lose. The Redskins gave this game away with mistakes in the 2nd quarter. Fred Davis makes a routine catch and Alex Smith doesn’t throw a pick six, and the scoreboard shows at least 7 fewer points for the Texans. Even if the Redskins had settled for field goals, that’s a 13 point swing in 2 point game. Losing the game wasn’t even the worst part. Losing Alex Smith, for at least the remainder of the season, is likely enough to push the Redskins past the point where they can continue toughing their way through key injuries. We'll all feel better after a win against the Cowboys next week.
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