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    Any non delusional Redskin fan that's been watching this team for any period of time has the absolute clarity that most other fans don't. And that is THIS REDSKIN TEAM AND EVERY REDSKIN TEAM IN THE FUTURE WILL SUCK as long as Daniel Snyder is the owner. The fish stinks from the head down and the ONLY CONSISTENT ELEMENT in the 2 DECADES OF LOSING that the Redskins are under from coach after coach, GM after GM, star player after star player is the DECISIONS MADE BY DANIEL SNYDER. One immutable fact: the decision making process on what players/coaches are capable of winning is a fact that STILL escapes DANIEL SNYDER. Pure and simple.
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    Snyder and Bruce Allen. Vinny Cerrato act 2. This is as bad as our corrupt and dysfunctional political circus. You have got to be worse than a moron to not see that the FO decisions are wrong and often repeated many times. The fan base has dwindled and rightly so. Die hards have died away. You have played Preston Smith to the point he gained experience and then let him walk for 2 2nd rd picks. In the meantime, Preston gets more sacks with his new team than our entire team had after 3 games...plus a forced fumble and an interception. And you complain about having "new players". What is going on after all these years? Is this being done on purpose as it is past being outright stupid. Bruce should have been fired after the Shanahass debacle. Same excuses year after year along with the preseason hype. The next wreck this year will be Gruden winning a few meaningless games late in the season to ruin a high draft pick. All I can say is Please Miami, Jets, Bengals, and Denver...win some games. Gruden, don't you dare beat Miami and the Jets. Do something good for the Redskins for once and lose those 2 games. Its the only thing we have to look forward to. We are already the laughingstock. Please get Mike Holmgren out of retirement to run this team.
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