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    At some point they need to stop making excuses and start making adjustments. Joe Gibbs teams always adjusted their scheme to their talent. Pats do that better than anyone now. It's not rocket science.
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    Also, the Nationals have a big series this weekend with the Braves, so some indirect competition there. The Sunday afternoon game of that series a 1:35 start. But you're right, many are skeptical, particularly after that second half meltdown vs. Philly. I, too, am projecting roughly a 60-40 Dallas crowd, but would DEARLY love to be proven wrong.
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    Yeah, but all of which were absent last week. Tickets are still available for Dallas. DALLAS! It blows my mind.
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    "The Redskins make it their 4th consecutive road game opener. " Nowhere in there does it say they'll win lol...so that's what I voted for.
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    Is that what the kids are calling it these days?
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