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    Don't pretend your dislike for O'Connell isn't about your dumb take on Haskins. You've got a weird thing about the kid. He triggers you and you've invested yourself in his failure. It's led you to a bunch of bad takes that turn the threads you post in to a slog. O'Connell is a talented young coach and that is obvious to anyone who has listened to him talk for ten minutes. It shouldn't shock anyone if he's a head coach one day. But apparently you can't see how smart he is because he seems to have a good relationship with the kid you want to fail.
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    At some point this becomes spam and by that definition trolling, right? Just ignore this SoCal guy, folks.
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    All you need to know is he can do this when he gets home every evening.
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    Interesting thread - surprised it's lived on but glad it has. For those who came in with the - color shouldn't matter, you just look at qualifications - that is a dog whistle statement for those that either choose to ignore there is a racism problem or are blind to it based on their own privilege. It's easy to say - let's all just be equal when in fact all the advantages point to you. By pushing this claim you are advocating for the status quo which is rife with inequality. Or your personal situation is not impacted so you choose to ignore the reality that the minority feel. I am sure your response will be something along the lines of - well shouldn't that be the goal? Yes, of course. But it very far from the reality. And continuing to ignore the reality will not make it go away. We need to understand the issue, confront it and work towards an equitable set of solutions. Just saying it is not enough. For those saying he has been a HC for a long time so what's the big deal - please read the OP more closely. This is about him coming to the Redskins and the Redskins making progress as an organization. Having said that, I think this would be more ground breaking strictly from a minority hiring standpoint had the job gone to someone not already in the coaching fraternity. In reality no one else was even considered. And there are a whole bunch of minority candidates that are qualified and deserve a chance. I watched a segment on First Take (yes it was a very slow day!). They lured me by the title saying they would discuss the Redskins hiring Ron R but it was really all about the Rooney Rule. The one thing they said that made sense is that until you have owners that are person's of color there is little chance the executive positions on teams will be filled by people of color. Until then it will be very small steps like this one. This hiring should not be that big a deal - don't get me wrong i agree it's a huge deal. But it really should not be. But as evidenced by the people claiming they don't see skin color, just qualifications, we are very far away from the maturity level needed to realize that type of equality.
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    We traded down for quantity in 2011. Give me J.J. Watt then and with hindsight. Let's not overcomplicate this.
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    When ron rivera is your head coach and jack del rio is your defensive coordinator you can bring in pee wee herman as your linebackers coach and it won't make any difference. I promise the linebackers will be well coached.
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    People must be bored... letting this troll trigger them.
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    Everything else aside, Dan deserves great credit for his pursuit of Rivera.
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    It's gonna be Cinny Verrato
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    Once we see this Del Rio coached D we are all going to be even more angry that we were subjected to the Haslett, Barry, and Manuski trio all these years. It's really unforgivable.
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    I keep seeing people say that...there’s one problem though. The cap penalty given by the maras. If not for those jerks giving us that bogus penalty, we would have been able to. Does nobody remember that’s the reason we couldn’t keep him??
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    Sidebar here on the Cowboys. As i suspected and whined about it when Lewis looked to be a candidate here -- Garafalo goes that Hue Jackson and Marvin are a package and if he coaches, Jackson is the play caller. Great go get the tandem Dallas!
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    Before they hired Ron Rivera as their new head coach this past week, the Washington Redskins came close to hiring former Houston Texans general manager Rick Smith as their president to run the team, league sources told ESPN. Smith and Redskins owner Daniel Snyder had multiple meetings in the Bahamas, formulating a vision for the struggling franchise, according to sources. Sources familiar with the situation expected a deal to get done and Smith to be in charge of the Redskins. But Snyder ultimately opted to run his franchise through his head coach instead of a president, bestowing the power to Rivera, who was officially hired Wednesday. The meetings in the Bahamas also proved that Smith is ready to return to the NFL at a time when some wondered when or whether he would, with good reason. Smith has spent the past year out of football, tending to his three children after his wife, Tiffany, died of cancer Jan. 31. Smith got far along in his talks with Washington, and one source predicted it won't be long before he returns to a prominent position in the NFL.
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    And that is why i am not losing it about hiring a HC before the GM. The process could take you out of the running of getting your guy.
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    Yep. Eff Mara's cheating ass. Congrats OMG on a fantastic career. You're missed around these parts.
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    Let's get this thread back on track folks. Start posting some graphs, charts ... protractors ... anything that can be useful.
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    You are still making things up. You've created a narrative that you allow to make you upset and then aren't able to think things through and feel your posts are more important than others. It happens to all of us.
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    Watching the Clemson tape it really shows Chase Young's impact on the game.On the play Trevor Lawrence stays down Chase was chipped than doubled and still gets to him.Wow that is impressive.Clemson game plan was clearly designed to limit Chase Young's impact on the game quick passes ,double team and move the pocket.He dictates what offenses can do period.
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    In the middle of watching stack linebackers and not sure if I like or dislike Chris Orr. He's a very odd player. Manifestly good downhill thumper and weakside blitzer who spends a lot of his time in various difficult coverages. Doesn't look like a particularly good or coordinated coverage player, but he has ball skills and produces and he doesn't crap his pants when he's got a difficult assignment. He's super confident in his coverages even though it's very seat of his pants stuff. It's like he just refuses to acknowledge he's not good at it and somehow gets it done. Closes like a freight train when he gets the right read, but the processing looks pretty slow at times, and he gets fooled more than you expect from a guy who is a star on a super highly ranked defense. He is an absolute pitbull in scrummage situations. He's the teammate you want to come back you up when you get stood up by a ball carrier and are hanging on for your life. And he tangles with climbing guards who look twice as big as him and wins! He's got a weird body for the position. Reminds me of the build that Steven Daniels had when we drafted him out of Boston College. Very compact. Very long armed. No neck. He's from the London Fletcher school at the position, except that he doesn't have anything close to London's HoF caliber instincts. I think he'll go in the sixth or seventh round if he gets drafted. He'll get chances because he can play all three linebacker spots. I could see a broad range of outcomes for him at the next level. He's either going to find a way to be a good cog for a creative 4-3 team that heavily utilizes his skill as a blitzer. I could see him being one of those late round gems the Ravens always seem to dig up out of nowhere. Or he'll be out of the league in two seasons, much like Steven Daniels was. Clearly Malik Harrison and Micah Parsons are a lot cleaner and better prospects than him. Something about him though. He's a testament to value of heart in football. On the other hand from Orr, I know I don't really like Troy Dye. He's a great athlete and a very aggressive player and a leader, and he's made a ton of plays in the passing game, but I think he's got too many flaws to be worthy of the third round projection that most places seem to be giving him. The play strength is a serious detriment. If he gets blocked, the gap is lost. He can't get off of blocks by tight ends. And his pursuit and fit angles just aren't good enough. I don't think he sees the field well and an under-strength chase and hit WILL like him has got to see where the blocks are setting up and keep himself clean as he works to the ball. He definitely can't be effective on the strong side, and most 3-4 teams aren't really going to want him. So he's a pure 4-3 WILL. But a 4-3 WILL with messy play recognition? That's late round value. I think he's going to get over-drafted due to his height and speed. He has good special teams potential though.
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    Yeah, I'm not clicking on that website. Not surprising you linking to it. Instead of some kooky website maybe actually post this Reuters piece.
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